Poll: How do you feel first thing in the morning?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onedaymagpie, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. onedaymagpie

    onedaymagpie New Member

    Good morning all!

    I was wondering how others feel when they first wake up.

    No matter how much or how little I have slept, I wake up in a complete fog and completely exhausted. I don't want to get out of bed and don't. I usually stay in bed 1-2 hours in the morning watching a favority TV show (something mindless to lounge about to) - or if up to it, do a little reading, usually something light like the paper. This feels like heaven to compared to the idea of getting up right away.

    Then after a while, I feel a little better and finally get up. In fact, I hate those morning where I have to be somewhere at a certain time and can't just lounge.

    Any other morning loungers? Or are there those who get out of bed right away and get going? What is your wake up morning like? Do you have any special routines?

    Thanks, and hugs to all

  2. barbinindiana

    barbinindiana New Member

    more tired than when I went to bed no matter how little or much I've slept. It's weird but the closer to bedtime it gets the better I feel. I've heard this same story from others with CFS. I can be dragging all day, and not allow myself a nap for fear it will be even harder to sleep at night, but still will feel better at bedtime and have trouble sleeping. Go figure.
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  3. ClasiAnFun1

    ClasiAnFun1 New Member

    Most mornings I wake & can NOT bend my knees or ankles or arms & am stiff like I'm paralysed (sp) One day last week if my son had not been here to help me up, I would have laid there all day. The pain is impossible to describe. I take my meds & wait about 1-2 hours before I can get up...Ruff when you have to go potty LOL
  4. kbak

    kbak Member

    Not a morning person!!

    I've never been a morning person and now with this DD I'm less so. I do wake up with pain and exhaustion. That does improve after I'm up for a couple hrs. with a very hot shower behind me.

    I have made good headway with my illness, but I don't think mornings will ever be something that improve for me.

  5. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    like road kill.

    Ggiggi......do you mind sharing the name of the energy/brain medication that you say has HELPED with your morning condition?
  6. rigby

    rigby New Member

    Like I have been hit by a 18 wheeler. It's hard to explain to people who can just hop up and go. Sharon
  7. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I have never been a morning person, but I feel just awful in the morning, exhausted, headache, stiff and sore

    I usally force myself to get out of bed at about 9:00

    I make my coffee and eat and watch Regis and Kelly, check emails and try to ease into the days

    I NEVER make appointments in the morning

  8. cymbeline

    cymbeline New Member

    I feel like i haven't been to sleep although i have been asleep all night. I ache and feel heavy and just can't get out of bed.
    I also feel much better in the evening, usually just before i go to bed. Sometimes i feel like staying awake just because i know i will feel so much worse when i wake up.
    I have been making myself get up and go to bed at a regular time for some weeks now. Although this means being physically lifted out of bed some mornings by my partner it does seem to be making a difference. Hopefully soon i will always be able to get myself up.
  9. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Our alarm goes off at 4:15.

    I start work at 6:00 am

    I don't expect to feel great in the morning, do try to get to bed early, the falling asleep part is hard.

  10. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    I am not crazy about them but what are you going to do?

    I make myself get up and get moving (slowly)I feel worse if I do not move. I drink my water and take my Levoxyl then into a nice hot shower to help my muscles...aaahhh :)

    Some gentle stretching after shower to further loosen me up and help get me ready for the day although this week has been hard I have been in a pretty bad flare and have laxed a lot on the stretching.

    Then off to work on the days I work or house work and studying on days off. Saturday and Sunday are my couch spud and laundry days.


    Karen :)
  11. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    I cant find your answer to your wake me up meds..sure would like to know them...I take stacker 3 to get me going from walmart...

  12. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I feel absolutely rotten when I wake up.

    And I also lay in bed for about an hour until I can get moving and shake off some cob webs, and I never schedule anything for the morning.

    I have to eat to take my med, so sometimes I stagger downstairs, nuke some oatmeal, grab the paper and bring it all back up to my room.

    Thank goodness I work from home, I dont think I could ever get up and get ready to go out to a job.

    Sue in Ontario
  13. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Like many, I feel bad in the morning. Usually I drink my coffee in bed, eat a banana with my pills, and watch a bit of TV. Then I get up to my desk and into my chair with a heating pad. I check my email and play on the computer until I begin to feel human. Then I begin my to-do list, slow with lots of rest breaks.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  14. onedaymagpie

    onedaymagpie New Member

    Hi everyone:

    Who would have ever thought? I could have never imagined how bad mornings could be before this DD (as if the days are not bad enough, sometimes I just feel like I am waiting through the day for bed time.)

    When I finally feel up to it, I do the - fix a quick cup of tea and grab the paper from outside and head back to bed - known around this house as "B to B" - Back to Bed!
  15. Rose73

    Rose73 New Member

    Mornings are awful. I am so stiff and it is even hard to roll over so that I can get out of bed. I usually end up laying there for about an hour after the alarm goes off. Some mornings I am better of getting up closer to the time of the alarm. I move slowly to make bed, get dressed, fix breakfast, feed my cats and fish, and spend some time online. Then I read the newspaper, and get ready for the day.

    I do like to schedule appts. in the morning. I have to drive to town 20 miles for them and like to get it over with so I can come home. I loosen up as I move, Oh forgot, Have coffee, lots of coffee.

  16. jole

    jole Member

    Up at 6, work at 8 with a 25 minute drive. Every morning my husband makes the coffee while I "try" getting from bed to kitchen. I take my pills, drink 1/2 cup of coffee, and sit at the table to watch the news for 20 minutes. Then it's to the shower to take the edge off the pain and fatigue.

    Some mornings I know even before my shower that I won't be making it to work, i.e. waking up with a migraine or so off balance that I hit the door, wall and the kitchen table before getting sat down. Or so foggy I don't know what day it is or quite who the guy with the coffee is LOL:)

    No one at work understands that if my cognitive skills or balance is off I can't drive, and if the pain is severe I can't think either. I always feel that they think I'm using this as an excuse to be home...believe me, I would much rather be making money than spending the day in pain with nothing to show for it!!

    I also wish they knew how hard it is to even decide what to wear, much less get dressed when the pain is so bad all I can see is that empty bed! Or how much it hurts to lift my arms to try and dry and curl my hair. I HATE comments about how someone's hair is a mess, because I know mine is and there's nothing I can do about it.

    I have been in the ditch more than once to/from work because of "fog" and feeling like I've never driven before in my life. None of this is any fun, and it is getting worse, but I simply can't quit yet. Have cut down a day thinking it would help, but my body just does not cooperate with my schedule.

    Friends - Jole
  17. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    sometimes i get right up and sometimes i cant wake up with out feeling so exhasted... i think it depends on my sleep levels through the night
  18. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I used to be a morning person--one of those people who bounced out of bed raring to go and disgustingly cheerful. Boy, was that a long time ago or what? I can't say I am exactly miserable when I wake up, but neither do I have much energy. I never schedule morning appointments if I can help it. Often I have to go back to bed after breakfast, or at least flop down on the sofa for awhile. I ought to apologize to all the people I used to irritate with my morning cheerfulness. :)
  19. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I used to be a morning person but since my first cervical surgery, it's never been the same.

    When I first wake up, I slowly but as fast as I can, (I know; doesn't make sense) get to the coffee pot and turn on and back to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

    This is so strange but I feel like I have a hangover EVERY morning but Have to get up and brush teeth. If I don't, I'll get sick. Strange, huh? I wish there were an explanation to this.

    Then, wobble back to kitchen; get 1 cup reg. coffee, sit in my recliner and take my meds, as quickly as I can get them into my system. There is NO way I can lay in the bed in the mornings anymore; at that point, I am "recliner bound" for quite some time. Have NO energy and don't get going till around lunch time. (I don't eat breakfast either).

    Forgot to tell you, my wakeup time is usually around 4:30 am each morning. (I have Dr. appt. Tuesday and will ask about this). I don't go to bed at night until 12:30 or 1am.
    Not enough sleep. By that time, I am feeling as normal as I am going to get.

    Gosh, I hope Dr. can do something; been going through this long time now; tried ambien, makes headache worse; just don't know.

    Those of you who do not want to get out of bed are probably more fortunate than you realize. (Of course that goes along with the statement, "there's always someone somewhere worse off than me").


    Oh, what about the "energy pill"?????
  20. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I would have to say that 99% of the time I feel awful. Most mornings I keep my cane by the bed because I don't know if I can trust my feet and legs to walk. I take morning pain meds, if necessary.

    I go to the bathroom and piddle (too much info?)and brush my teeth. I hobble to the coffee maker and hope that by then my honey has put on our pot of decaf. Drink a glass of water with AM Probiotic.I grab my coffee and then head out to the deck. I take a deep breath of fresh air and thank God for a new day. I sit and watch all the morning activity...squirrels, lots of birds. Walk (hobble)through the garden, do some stretches.

    Usually by then my body is awake. I find that most mornings if I move, muscles feel better and then I'll have breakfast...pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs (hahaha...gotcha!!! only kidding) more like Streusli with yogurt and fresh fruit or boiled eggs and canadian bacon. Some mornings, nothing helps and I go back to bed until I feel better.

    Thats's my morning.


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