POLL: How long have you had Lyme ??

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    Also, if you are in treatment, please say how long you are/were getting treatment and how much you improved.

    I had the Classic Bulls Eye Rash in 1996 - was treated for 1 1/2 weeks with Doxy and then re-infected in 2001, was treated with the same abx and time frame. SO for me, I was NOT treated in my opinion. I have an appointment in May for a real LLMD.. thank goodness. I hope he helps me somehow, now I am having trouble with my kidneys and am scared it is too far gone.

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    I am the other twin of the previous poster. We dont' know when we contracted Lyme as she stated already. But you had the classic bulls eye and everything! And only 10 days of doxy!!! That's such a shame.

    Good luck with your new LLMD. I've heard that much of the damage from this illness is reversable. Not sure about kidney. I believe I've had this much longer than mid 90's, without major reversable damage, so hopefully you'll be OK.

    Take care,
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    Thanks my twin friends! Am so glad you all are getting help. I am very much looking forward to it. Did you have alot of herxing?

    I was sooo interested in the types and dosages of antibiotics that they put us on. Thank you so much for providing that info to me.

    Wow - you all had it for quite some time too!! When you say you sleep alot now and stay at home,is that because of the treatment? Are you feeling worse? What improvements have you seen so far since being treated? How long do they say you will have to be in treatment?

    Sorry so many questions... I was so happy someone answered since this board moves so slow. You all are a BIG BIG help!

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    I can only speak about my son who has been dx'd by Western Blot, positive by CDC tracing standards... I think the first symptom was when he was 12, showed up neurologically in him first, he really had a rough ride thru adolescence before the physical symptoms became major enough to be obvious.

    When he was tested almost 2 years ago, that band (sorry don't remember which # it is) that shows certain DNA changes was positive, and we were told it meant he'd had it at least 2 years altho of course he could've and probably did have it a lot longer... symptom-wise, I figure for 7 years before being diagnosed, now 9 years!

    no bulls-eye rashes or odd flu illnesses or crashes etc... for all I know he contracted it from me, altho I've never been tested... so still a mystery!


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    Some days I'm in bed more than awake! It's part of herxing but then I had lots of days like this before abx and lyme diagnosis as well.

    Have a great day!