POLL- How Many Began FMS after 9/11??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. kmelodyg

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    I just realized the other day that my symptoms of FMS/CFS came into full force (reared its ugly head) after the horrible tragedy of 9/11. I am 25 now, and since I was a teenager I have had chronic pelvic pain, back pain, anxiety, and depression. But after 9/11, I developed IBS, sleeping disorders, widespread uncontrollable pain, dizziness, tremors, weakness, sensitivity to light and sound, increased depression and anxiety, sexual disfunction, urinary problems, etc. etc. etc.

    During 9/11, I was living in the Catskill Mountains of NY. I had been there for about 3 years, and absolutly loved it. Then the tragedy happened and I felt a strong urge to move back to my hometown of Syracuse, NY. I am so glad I did. I began to get very sick right about that time. All of my symptoms became very strong, but I had my family around to help me.

    Has anyone else gone through this too? If not, when 9/11 happened, did it cause you to flare more than usual? Just curious....

    Lots of love,
  2. babyblues68

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    Now that I think about it....it was around that time! I had a bad bout w/kidneystones, (8/26)lithrotripsy, and no pain control during that time (long story). The worst pain I've ever gone thru. From there my pain has just spread and stayed with me. Depression diagnosed in Oct/Nov 01. IBS and a whole list of other crap since then. I didn't have this before the terroist stuff. Interesting never thought about the stress of 9/11 and my FM. I'm sure some other things are to blame...I guess I've just given up on where it came from and trying to find out how can I get better.

  3. kmelodyg

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    Thanks for your response Baby Blue. It is just a theory that I have. I wonder how many others began having symptoms after that, or another traumatic experience. Thanks!

  4. 2girls

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    I woke up one morning in April 2001 and my lower back was locked, lots of pain. Turns out I herniated a disk shovelling snow. I spent the summer making progress in physiotherapy, but toward the end of August came down with a bout of labrynthitis. I do recall most FM symptoms starting after that horrible day so it's hard to say. I do not know a living sole that wasn't affected by this horrendous event, and since FMsers are very sensitive people I am sure most of us were also affected physically.

  5. zggygirl

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    Yup, I have thought there was a connection to 9-11 and the onset of a full blown DD within a month. But I also was emotionally and physically exhausted due to a job and a unnamed virus in October that lasted 2 months.
  6. klarry

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    I live in the DC area and had two loved ones (husband and son) downtown near the White House at the time of the attack. That was a horrible day for us all. Cell phones were no use, and the traffic was horrible. That said I do not think that the horrible events of that day made me any worse than I was before. I admit to being very stressed and nervous, much more than usual, for some time. And I am sure that there were subtle effects on my body. The fact that our world changed from that day on is probably not good for anyone with FM since we are usually super sensitive to everything.
  7. Chelz

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    Kathryn, 9/11 was obviously a bad time for everyone. My FMS became much worse for two reasons. First, both of my elderly parents were in Europe at the time. They left on September the 4th. All of my relatives are in Slovenia and Italy. The extreme anxiety of just knowing my parents were going to have to fly back on 3 different planes put me in a HORRIBLE flare. I called my sister about 3 days after the attack, and asked her if I could stay with her, I was experiencing an extreme anxiety attack she had to literally calm me down on the phone before I could drive over there. Secondly, the company I worked for at the time decided to cut hours right after 9/11. I honestly think they used this horrible tragedy as an excuse to cut payroll. Believe me I know how nasty the company could be. Both incidents put my FMS over the edge. My parents returned home safely on October 8th, but, the time in between sparked a 4 month flare that was awful. Hugs, Chelz.