poll how many feel their completly disabled by pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onnaroll, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. onnaroll

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    just wanted to know your thoughts on this . And how it trully is for you living with this dd?

    I know for me its been a life altoring nightmare of chronic pain. and ive cried almost every day with it, its changed my whole life.
    and this flare im having on my right side of my back is so inflammed with pain i could just scream. not to mention the horrible spasms that shot through this already sore swollen area. my back is gone, I know after having this this long its macanical for me . meaning the more i do the more i hurt. its like big sore on all the muscles ouchy!!!!
  2. lovethesun

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    I can't relly do much without me setting it off.I can smile and get on with my life the best I can.It beats thinking about it all the time.I guess I'm good at pushing it out of my concious thought.Have a wonderful day.Linda
  3. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    thanks linda

    I hope i have your luck as well. I called my doctors office and the nurse said they would get back to me tomorrow. hope its good news, and they can give me something more . the past three weeks have been horrible on me, its like im not taking anything. specialy those spasms their worse wene i ride in a car.I just hate this dd i dont want to be crying on christmas in front of my parents. so fare ive been able to keep most of this from them. I WOULD HATE FOR THEM TO KNOW HOW IM REALLY FEELING. HAVE A GOOD DAY..=)
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    Today is a pretty bad day with it being so cold outside. The pain has gotten past the point that I can stand so I had to taken a vicodin and will be taking another in the next couple of hrs. Yes this pain is disabling all the time but I try not to think of it. When it really gets bad my only option is to take the pain meds and sleep if I can. Sometimes you wander how it can be so bad when you can't even move. I always look forward to tomorrow saying it will be better than today, for without tomorrow what would we have to look forward to.

  5. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    guess im just trying to find out who been most effected by this. after all the test ive been through i sure hope that what this is..lol thats another reason i guess i posted this wanted to know how many suffer like me..
    I did call doctor their supposted to get back to me by tomorrow, so will see. Take care all
    and yes i use heat sometimes wet heat and ice thanks[This Message was Edited on 12/20/2005]
  6. grandmasheri

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    I have more bad days than good. days when i cry and can barly function from the pain. so far i haven't been able to pinpoint what causes a good day. if only we could!!! i do very little from my "old" life.
  7. lin-z

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    this is a very bad time of year ...and its only the first year i have been diagnosed...getting in and out of the car is almost comical...people look at me and cant believe it takes so long to get out of the car and then another couple minutes to get the legs doing what they are supposed to. grrrrr... my dtr and i did a few errands today and you would think i ran a marathon....yuk "all i want for christmas is a frickin cure"...everyone sing!!!
  8. hartogold

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    Well, I try to use positive thinking every day...that I'm not going to let this DD get me down, but it only works mayb 20% of the time..the days when my pain level is below a 6.

    The hardest thing is not knowing what to expect from your body every day. I know what my mind wants...it's my body that disagrees with my mind a lot!

    There are some days when I'm 20% disabled and days when I'm 80%. And the time expended trying to find out what makes you feel better and the next week it doesn't work any more.

    And God forbid you have something else going on besides FMS at the same time. I had a surgeon say he didn't think his skill set wouldn't allow him to do the surgery I need on my shoulder (it's pretty torn up). He also said he didn't think I could stand the pain of FMS comgined with the pain and rehab from the surgery because it's a painful surgery.

    I don't even want to think what this would feel like without my meds. as they only take me down to a 5 or 6. So, yes it is a debilitating disease or whatever they're calling it today.

    Hope you'll have a few good days through the hollydaze.
  9. jake123

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    If it hurts bad enough that all you want to do is curl up in your bed, I guess that is disabling. It isn't every day. If I have a day of complete rest and a long nights sleep, then I can usually do something the next day, then the cycle starts all over again.
    It is not a normal life. I work with teenagers who have alot of problems with drugs, the law, as in theft, felonies, like stealing cars, computers, truancies, arson and such so my days are very active. Some days I have to come home and just go to bed.
    I use to be able to go to the store and buy food and cook supper, no more. Maybe once or twice a week I can go and get something easy like a frozen pasta thing.
    I can't shop at the mall.
    How can I relate this to my doctor and MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND that I need some pain medication????? I need to shop for Christmas and next Saturday, I need to cook.
  10. Musica

    Musica New Member

    Onnaroll, don't assume and especially don't let the docs assume that everything is FM related. People who deal with chronic pain can try to brave things through that others wouldn't, only to find there was a more serious condition going on. I hope you find relief for your back pain, and for the holidays, too.

    I am not disabled by my pain, just to get the other side on the record here. I consider myself very fortunate that tramadol helps; maybe not the first dose of the day, but the second usually does. I can't imagine having pain like some of you do, and my hat's off to you in great respect. I also consider that I have God's grace right now because I hardly had ANY pain, illness (not even a cold), etc. for the first 48 years of my life, so I am not used to dealing with pain. So, I tend to grouse in situations that you would probably be able to smile gracefully through, because this whole pain thing - not to mention having 4 chronic problems come up in about a year - is so new to me.
  11. JLH

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    I KNOW that I am completely disabled by pain.

    However, all my pain is not from my fibro. I have a lot of pain-related health problems, such as:

    * fibro
    * cfs
    * systemic lupus
    * severe arthritis all over my body
    * osteoporosis in my spine and knee
    * a really bad knee (arthritis, osteoporotic, & torn cartlidge)
    * back problems, which include: Cervical Spine: degenerative disks, bulging disks, thecal sac effacement, bone spurs, paramedian disk herniation, moderate spinal canal stenosis, compression of exiting nerve root, severe cervical spondylosis, and facet arthropathy; Thoracic Spine: bone spurs, arthritis; Lumbar Spine: pinched nerve between L4-L5 & S1, degenerative disk disease, spinal canal stenosis, impingement in anterior subarachnoid space, and severe degenerative osteoarthritis of facet joints.
    * the pinched nerve in my back also causes spasms which make my right leg and foot go numb, and the pain is absolutely horrific--absolutely debilitating!!
    * diabetic neuropathy in my feet

    These are just the "pain related" problems of mine. My heart problems, and other health issues, also cause me to not feel well on a daily basis.

    So, I am totally, 100% disabled. I am to the point that I am about 95% housebound, too.

    I am getting pretty depressed about all of my health problems and what I can not do. I guess the holiday time does not help. I am used to shopping a lot, when I want to, where I want to, etc. Now I can't shop at all. I've done most of mine this year through online orders and catalog orders. Someone has taken me out in my wheelchair only twice to shop.

    I used to be this superwoman who worked long hours for 30 years, very agressive, independent, the leader-type, now I am waiting on everyone else to wait on me. Depressing.

    Holiday Hugs,
  12. natrlvr2

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    Even thoughI am in pain 24/7,I cannot just lay in bed or on the couch and feel miserable. I am a single mom and I have to do,what I have to do every day. When my son is in school,that does not mean I can lay around and do nothing.Chronic fatigue is a big battle also.The thing is,being in pain is'normal' for me.So when I am busy,I rarely think about it.I do have to say,when I moved to this house last month,I suffered terribley.(physically/mentally)
    Even though I no longer can work,I am always busy around here. I dohave to take ALOT of short breaks though or my legs/back will give out.
  13. onnaroll

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    well my nurse called and they want me to up my effexer and see if this will help NOT!
    But all do it for the three weeks like she suggested, then give them another call.
    Their got to be a better way to treat all my back pain ive had to suffer with for almost five years ughhhhhhhh!!
    like the patch or something? hmmmm hopefully if im right and this doesnt help me, they will have more options .
    Im so tired of being the tough one with this ! geez guess this is never going to end i hate it!
    But i will continue to be strong in spite of all this damn pain. seems like these dd like to strick the strongest people. guess we are the only ones that would be able to handle it.lol LUCKY US
    hopefully some day we will all get the treatment we deserve!!
  14. onnaroll

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  15. jaltair

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    Still work full-time, but in a postion that isn't physically taxing.

    I'd say that my CFS (fatigue) and changes in mental status are more of a problem than the pain, but I have a lot of pain and in different areas, it seems, every day. Spots that start hurting like I've been hit but haven't, etc.

    My neck and upper back pain are related to the myofascial problems as well as having C-4 and 5 problems with pain and numbness in right arm. Also have lower back pain with sciatic on left side at times.

    It's becoming more and more difficult to get through the day, and I rely on my medications for pain control to be able to continue to work. I'm hoping to make it another 2 years now and then retire (time gets stretched out more and more!).

    I also believe that people with FMS have other types of pain that aren't caused by the FMS but attribute the pain to the FMS. There are no two people alike on this Board as far as pain. Pain is just too subjective.
  16. Musica

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    Call earlier and make an appointment for just after the 3 weeks. Otherwise, with people catching up after the holidays and all, there might be a delay in getting an appointment. You want one as soon after the 3 weeks as you can get it. Then you'll have satisfied the 3 week trial and let them know immediately after that you need to be on something else!
  17. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    your right i will. thanks roll
  18. onnaroll

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  19. tandy

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    I am disabled by FM.
    I have a few other things thrown in to add to the discomfort to. In the early yrs,... I would still have some decent days. Days where I felt well enough to work part time. And I could go shopping or visit friends for a couple hrs.
    Not anymore.
    I still have no choice but to get grocerys once a week,but it wrecks me!!
    For 1-2 days afterwards I can do basically nothing around the house. Every inch on me aches like heck.
    I feel like I was used as a punching bag by 8 big burley men! only NO bruises to prove my pains.
    My skin even hurts.
    this is a rotten disease guys.
    the tears roll when I write about it.
    I just feel so misunderstood by the whole medical field.
    Kinda like a freak.

    not a good day for me.
    hugs anyway,
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