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  1. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I had to stop taking Guai. last week because of pain and fibro-fog. Has anyone else had to stop the medication because of this???
  2. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I'm getting ready to start taking guai, but I have read that in the beginning you will have a major flare. If you don't then it's not working and maybe you have to increase your dosage. You just have to get through the major pain in the beginning.

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If the Guai flare is too painful and goes on too long, you need to cut down on the dosage. Some are very sensitive. Don't give up altogether; it will get better. Try just taking your morning dose for a while. Play around with it.

    When I went from 1200 mgs. to 1800 mgs., I flared so badly that I had to go back to the 1200 for a while. I tried again later and was successful.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Hippo

    Hippo New Member

    I stopped taking guai temporarily because of a horrible rash I developed on my face. I will try again at a lower dose after I have seen a dermatologist.

  5. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I have been on Guai for a couple of months now and the pain can be unbearable but since I have been off the medicine the last couple of days the pain is unbearable. Last night the bottom of my feet hurt so bad, it hurts to walk on them. I am so confused about what to do?? I was only taking 300 mgs 2 x a day.
    Any suggestion would be helpful.
    Thanks, Vicky
    PS Don't know that I am up for this therapy right now, maybe I should try again in a couple of months??
  6. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I could not tell if it was the Guai or Neurontin, since I started them at the same time.
    Logically, it should have been the Guai causing the pain, but my gut told me it was the Neurontin, and I'm glad I listened to it, since I was right. I've been off Guai for over a week and still have the pain. Raising the Neurontin dose raised the pain, and lowering it lessened the pain. It made me a zombie and I gained 4 lbs. last week, despite sticking to my strict diet. So...I am now going through supervised Neurontin withdrawl, and will be starting all over again with the Guai in two weeks.
    Stick with it, since the pain means it's working. Knowing their is possible health at the end of the pain makes it worth it. I'd walk on a bed of nails if it would make me well.
  7. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I decided to go back on Guai. today 150 mgs x 2 day. I also stopped taking Neurotin-side effects are awful. I am going to try Nortriptyline 5 mgs tonight for sleep. I have got to get some good sleep!!
  8. Dayle

    Dayle New Member

    Hi Vickie, How long had you been on guai? I started Dec. 20th. & had a strong reaction (all carbs made me very sick) as I've stuck to a low-carb diet things have improved. But I am still waiting for those few great days which are suppost to start. I don't think that going off guai is an option for me. I was sick before & I'm sick now at least I feel that my muscles are softer. I saw my Doc & my map has improved. Dont give up completely, find a doc that will help you. goodluck D.
  9. jeanann

    jeanann New Member

    guai becuase fbeing salycitate ffree was a challenge and I could not take many of the supplements and vitamines without worrying about blocking. I want a healthy lifestyle and fwhile on guai it was a challenge for me.
    However, when i was on it I was clearing quite a bit out of my mucels. I went to a rolfer on a fweekly basis and he mapped me and saw improvement. The probflem fwith guai is fyou have to stay on it for flife. Now I do water aerobics, supplements, vitamines, wieght management and fyoga to stretch. i feel pretty good these days.
    Gaui fis an ok thing f, jfust a hassel.

    Love ya
    Jean Ann
  10. Anita B.

    Anita B. New Member

    I took guai for 8 months and was doing my best to avoid all salicylates but it didn't work. I didn't have any flares due to the guai - if the guai had caused a flare, I would have known it was working! I was taking 3600 mg per day, but then backed down to 3000 mg because the extra 600 bothered my tummy a little.
  11. Fibromiester

    Fibromiester New Member

    After years of 600mg. 2x a day, because I'm getting more painful, I think it was upsetting my stomach, and I wanted to start drinking Aloe Vera Juice with my Candida diet- & Aloe blocks Guai...