Poll-How many have won SSDI cases- how many times id it take

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  1. ckball

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    I am new here and read many threads. I like the format where they are all on one page. I am curious as to how many have won their SSDI cases and what you had to do to get it. I have filed and filled out all the forms, took me 5 days. Tommorrow I see the state shrink. My Internist says I am disabled, my rheumy says I have fibro & RA but won't help other that that. I also have a litter from the pain clinic about back problems and to continue on my percocet and vicodan. In Ky EVERYONE that wants pain meds must go to the pain clinic first. KY has very strong laws about narcartics.

    I just want to other peoples storys.
    Thanks for playing!
  2. beh43

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    Hi ckball,

    Keep getting more medical reports and hang in there. If you really need disability your records will prove it. The judge will be able to see what you have been through and grant you disability. With luck you may get it without going before the judge.

    Good Luck,
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    I applied for disability in May '01. After 2 denials I obtained a lawyer and we had to appear before a judge on Sept.11,'02. I received a favorable ruling from him at the end of Nov. I just got my year of back pay last week and regular payments should start next month. It is a long haul, a lot of stress and takes patience. The whole thing is a big game. Good luck-the key to this process is to not ever give up!
    Best Wishes,
  4. Billie

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    It took about 1 1/2- 2 years total. I was denied twice and then had a hearing before a judge. My husbands testimony was really key to my case I think. The judge commented on how credible he was. My advice is to get a judge and be patient. Just be as honest as you can, and pray for victory. Good luck to you........Billie
  5. Rene

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    was very easy though hearing all the bad things on SS was nerve racking. I had no lawyer and saw no SS doctor and got it on the first try. I did it all by mail and phone. I had a check in less then a yr. Also another gal I had met with CFS got hers too on the first try and she is taking 5 classes at the university. Remember your allowed to make at least $700 a month and get SSD. Well I hope the process goes good for you as it did for me. Good Luck.
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    Hi, I applied back in July 2002. I have have been out of work since May,2001. I have chronic depression, severe osteoarthritis, which has went into my spine and narrowing it and has caused severe nerve damage. I have IBS and other things and I received a denial this past Friday. It was ludicrous turn down letter. It said I could work for 2 hrs a day and I did have severe pain but there were meds to control it. Duh, when I take them I'm so woozy I can't drive. They also said due to my age 56, and my education that I could find different field. Can you believe that. I can't concentrate on new or even old things very long. They agreed that I couldn't climb ladders or stand very long but could work 2 hrs a day. Who's going to hire someone with these problems,I know I wouldn't. I now have an appt with a lawyer on the 31st and he has 25 yrs experience doing this so let him sock it to them. I have worked 25 yrs and I know there are some that get it without needing it but my Dads last words to me were fight for what you know is right so I will keep on trying. Sorry for such a long story but it made me so mad when I read that letter that it fills good just to let it out here. Terri
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    I applied after being sick with CFS for 6 months. Up until then I was hoping to get back to work, and was receiving full pay on short-term disability.

    I applied in November 2001, and after taking a couple of months for them to send out requests for more info from my docs, they denied me. They stated that since I seemed to be able to "get up and about", I should be able to work. I never saw any SSDI doc, nor was asked to see one.

    I sent in the "request for reconsideration" the end of January, along with a strong letter from my husband disputing the "up and about" statement, explaining that he was my full time caregiver, and that I do not "get up and about" without his assistance. He then explained a typical day for me and reviewed my symptoms and how they disabled me.

    They again sent for updated info from my doctors, who also strongly disputed their opinion. One doctor wrote a 7-page letter!

    I was approved in May, 2002 :)

    I was lucky that I didn't have to get a lawyer. I had a pretty strong team fighting for me!

    Fighting for my long-term disability insurance was a bit more difficult. It took a few more months for them to give in, but it was great to receive all of that backpay! Now I receive that in addition to the SSDI to equal most of my salary.

    Good luck,

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  8. Combatmedic

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    I was not even diagnosed yet. I had an attorney, but, he did not have to do a thing! (and he STILL got 25 percent! lol).
    I was 24 when I won disability. I believe part of the reason I won is because my case was sent to Chicago from Indianapolis. My attorney had said he HATED the Indianapolis board because they turned EVERYONE down---including a quadraplegic, people who were missing limbs, people with MS....etc!
    I believe my military health records helped me out. They showed that I had become disabled while I was still in basic training! I had physical therapy, 5 days a week while I was stationed for my career training (combat medic) and I was on crutches nearly the entire time!

  9. virgomrs

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    I first applied for SSDI in July 2002. I have FMS, depression and long term back problems (3 surgeries)
    I contacted Scott Davis, the attorney whose articles are so helpful on this website. He guided me through all the steps necessary and I was approved on the first try. I had my first check by Nov. 2002. (Yes I was amazed!) I am 53 years old and live in Florida.
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    Hello ckball:

    I applied for my disability once and they turned me down and so I reapplied again using the same thing again but on new forms but I made sure that I said the same thing again and I didn't change anything.So months went by and I didn't hear from them and then they sent me another paper to fill out and I did and sent it back.

    One day I was checking my banking account and it was more money than was suppose to be and I ask them what or did some one put money in my account and who and she told my Social Security and I never recieved a letter saying that I had been approved and I called them and they final sent me a letter.