POLL-How many people were on long term antibiotics before fms?

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  1. VickyB

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    I used Tetracycline as a teenager and young adult for acne problems. I used antibiotics for years and was just wondering how many others have done this too? Please let me know how many of you took long term antibiotics before DD.
    Thanks, Sleeper01
  2. j-bearmama

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    Drs. spent from 9th grade til actually after I graduated giving me antibiotics for first strep throat then later UTI and kidney infections, bladder infections.

    It got to the point where we were able to call pharmacist and they'd just GIVE them to us, without a rx. we'd tell them it's back and dr. is out of office for weekend and they'd sell us just what we needed til dr. was in on monday.
    Isn't that the craziest thing ever?????

    I know I can't have erythramycin (SP?) it eats a hole in my gut. allergic to ammoxocilin, pennicilin I dont recall ever having. there was another one, that made be feel pukey too.

    I forget now. was SO long ago.

    I know Ceflex was the only one I cold take. but i always got sick immediately after taking it.
    dr. used to give me 20 days instead of 10 days worth.

    2 days off it and WHAM.

    It got so bad at one point that dr. did urine test and actually SHOWED me that my pee was as thick as a milkshake.
    no WONDER it hurt.

    so now I have worhtless kidneys and bladder. (PLEASE don't make me laugh cough or sneeze!)

    I also had severly swollen glands in my neck those 4 yeras.
    dr. tested for mono a million times and found nothing.
    ( duh, if I had mono wouldn't my friends, family and especially boyfriend be sick???)

    he suspected EB virus. but never confirmed it. Late 80's early 90's it was not that well known.

    also my sr. year in high school they remodelled the WHOLE school.
    so we had LOTs of asbestos dust, the stench of dry wall, and dry wall putty, paint, and the WORST> new carpet.

    nothing like 1000 kids and teachers sick for a whole year. all had stomach and headache trouble. highest absentee rate EVER. also lowest net grades ever.
    I was an a/b student. as were the vast majority of the kids.
    (very high nerd content in our schools.LOL)

    but for A students who USED to get 96% they were getting more like 93% etc.
    it was enough of a difference to raise eyebrows.

    with illness, and the NOISE, so darn much NOISE it was very hard to learn.

    When we graduated and were away from the school so many many of my friends were mysteriously sick.

    flu like achey, anxiety, stress, IBS you name it.
    Even had several teachers very ill.
    teachers were in their rooms most of the time. so they did not ingest the dusts as much as the kids did.

    Only time will tell what REALLY happened.
    But I do know 3 teachers were DX with CFS within a couple years of my graduation.

    And the incidence of having a hard time getting pregnat for the girls who are NOW married and actually waited is high.

    those who grad in 91,92,93 ( who were all in the building that year.) have an excessive ratio to other former and newer "classmates" to systemic diseases.

    but boy did they school board shut them out fast.
    there was talk of a law suit.
    when the board "hired" an EPA agent to test the air quality it all came back as "within exceptable levels".
    what they DIDN"T say the tests showed is that the "exceptable levels" are for a SHORT period of time.
    not spending ALl day there for 9 months.

    kids who took certainclasses also had verying illness.

    all depends on what area of building they were working on and if you were in those class rooms.

    although I can't STAND the guy. there is a 91 graduate that is a trial lawyer.

    I'm quite confident he's crooked enough to wina class action suit.

    How many lawyers to you know that have been busted for drugs several times ( as a kid!!!!!!! not talking about now.)
    he was a real pot head then. guess he either got it together or is still crooked. hard to tell now.

    Guess I'll have to go to next reunion to find out.

    my my. I have rambled again. so sorry,

  3. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    Thanks for the reply!! I cannot believe what we have done to our bodies without even knowing it. My son has grey permenant teeth because I was taking Tetracycline the first trimester of my pregnancy when I didn't know I was pregnant. Talk about guilt!! The dentist says there is nothing we can do about it. I know that he is teased at school and he is always holding his hand to his mouth so people won't see. Kids also ask him if he brushes his teeth because of the gray color-we have tried everything-all the whitening strips everything but nothing helps!!
    There is nothing worse than knowing that you caused something to hurt your child!!

    Thanks again, Vicky
    PS: Does anyone know of anything else to try for my little guy's teeth?? And please reply if you have been on long term antibiotics before diagnosed with DD.
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  4. Pat UK

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    on antibiotics for 7 years for repeated urine infections, I was given these every few weeks, I think they have played a big part in my developing cfs.
  5. layinglow

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    I have been on antibiotics every 2-3 months from the time I was 13-through adulthood. Then the last few years was on a daily dose of antibiotics. I am 44, now. These were all prescribed for recurrent bladder and kidney infections. On the average bladder infections every 2-3 months, with 1-2 kidney infections per year. Have been on keflex, cephlexin, macrobid, sulfa, gentamycin, cipro....and on and on....since my teens.

    May 2002, I was hospitalized, septic, with a kidney infection, 104.7 degree temp. for four days, put on gentamycin IV. Upon discharge from the hospital is when the onset of FMS/CFS took over--with awful pain!

    I have since discontinued antibiotics---and use mannose, berberine, and grapefruit seed extract for prevention.

    I am treating the candidiasis as well.

    I had another kidney infection New Years this year, and had to take a course of Cipro. This one was brought about again, by a blocked ureter. Stone finally passed, and I have restarted my preventative, and probiotic regime. Ultrasounded stone free, now!!! Hooray! Doing all the preventatives for stone formation---and hoping NEVER to have to take antibiotics again, lol.
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  6. Mikie

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    I developed a severe case of acne in my 30's along my chin line. The doc put me on antibiotics and I stayed on them for a couple of years.

    Love, Mikie
  7. ckball

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    but you may be on to something! When I was 13 i was very ill with bronchitis, then averaged it once a year from then on. I feel like my fibro is chemo related, I recently found out the name of the drug I was given 7 years ago for rectal cancer. I had hemmeroid surgery but was really a tumor. I have been researching it, very scary stuff. I guess that is why I avoided it for many years, it didn't save my life- just gave me a different one. Anyway, I have had my share of anitbiotics over the years. I was dx with fibro 3 years ago, then RA 6 months ago,. I hope this helps.