Poll: How many use heating pads on a daily basis?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Debgene56, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Debgene56

    Debgene56 New Member

    I have to use when everynight, or I would never settle down to try and sleep. Dose anyone know where I can buy a cloth one that is stitched between the elements and is long enough to go from my butt to my neck? I have found vinyl ones that are 12 by 24 but they fill up with air if you lay on them. Is there some valid reason why you can't lay on a pad, if your circulation, is alright and you know you won't burn and you have a timer on it? Thanks and hugs. Still feeling bad. Deb
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  2. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    I manage to burn out an average of 4 a year. I buy the 12 x 24 so I can maneuver them onto the areas that hurt the worst.
  3. tsj62301

    tsj62301 New Member

    I use to have a heating pad on me whenever I was sitting still. Now i've switched to a queen size heating blanket on my bed to sleep with. and A heated throw for around the house. The only thing that i've heard negative is from my accupuncturist/chiropracter he says it is messing with my magnetic energy?! Oh well is all I have to say it makes me feel better. Good luck. Tess
  4. suziieq

    suziieq New Member

    I am one of those who can't take pain meds. My heating pad is my very best friend...lol. I don't know what I would do without it. I figure the meds can do alot of damage, this couldn't possibly do anything worse.

  5. painin

    painin New Member

    with me all the time! every day! Can't do without it or the meds. Have to have both.
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  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I use one almost every day, or my heated buckwheat bag that I microwave. Mine is sometimes for pain, but more often for cold extremities. I never put it directly against my skin-----good warning from the person who responded above about burning!

    Others above also had good ideas, like that Sunbeam bag.

    Couldn't survive without my warm bathtub & heating pad!!

  7. aprilhuque

    aprilhuque New Member

    I use the Sunbeam Dry/Moist King Size Soft Touch. The Soft touch one is the key--ok, it doesn't get super super hot, which is what I prefer, but I like to sleep with it because it stays the same temp throughout, (no flaming patches like with others), and I never burn with it.

    Check it out!

    Love you all,
  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I use mine every day!! And I go thru them to fast too!!I've been thru at least 4 so far in 8 years!! Man!can't they make em any better!! I use a rice bag heated for my feet too!! My man thinks i'm wacked!! lol

  9. Debgene56

    Debgene56 New Member

    I have the 12 by 14 size and I love it. But I can't find the bigger one. Love, Deb
  10. allyoop_58

    allyoop_58 New Member

    Can't do without my heating pad! I would love to have one of the larger ones like I've been reading about here. For my neck & legs (and any other place it might work!) I have a home-made - get a thick sock and fill with rice, leaving more than enough room at the end to tie a knot. Microwave 1-2 min. on high - this makes moist heat, which is "OH SO GOOOOOD"! Good idea on using it for our feet too! LOL! Mine stay sooooo cold!

    HUGS :) allyoop
  11. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I recommend you get a heated mattress pad. There is no reason to put it on top of the sheets like someone else mentioned. It doesn't need to be moved around, it fits like a regular mattress pad, but it has heat controls. Mine doesn't get hot enough to burn, but it is nice and warm and I sleep much better with it.

    I have a friend who was sleeping with a heating pad and got a huge burn on her leg. That was the beginning of about a year and a half of medical nightmares for her. I would never sleep with one after that happened to her.

  12. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    Heating pad daily (every evening) is a MUST for me. I also sleep on a heated matress pad and use the bean filled bag you heat up in microwave. I camped out at my Mom's last night with my daughters but forgot my jewels! I am paying the price today..
  13. fallingapart

    fallingapart New Member

    I use a sunbeam soft heating pad that also has vibrate...yummy!! I also have many sizes of rice bags I have made out my daughters old velvet christmas dresses......very yummy!!Plus with the rice bags you can add your vavorite sent (vanila for me!!)Just spray on and heat....heaven!!
  14. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    Can't go without for my lower and upper back....I am also using heatable gel packs for my tummy & knees.

    I also go thru heating pads...since my favorite old "Sparky" (as my husband called it) burned out a few years ago...I haven't been able to find one I like.

    I thought that one with the auto control was going to be the answer, but it kept squishing up into a roll and I kept having to fight with it to get it to straighten out....finally I got so mad I threw it in the trash!
    (that's pretty darn desperate when you throw your heating pad away!!)

    I'm wondering if it was that SunBeam ya'll are talking about. I need a new one desperately, I WANT OLD SPARKY BACK!! LOL!!! I agree with everyone the BIG ones are the way to go....i'm using a small square one right now and it DOESN"T cut it!

  15. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

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  16. ebrbetty

    ebrbetty New Member

    I use mine everyday, I have the Homedics heat and massage cushion. The only problem is they burn out every 5 months or so,but so far I've bought all 5 of mine at yard sales. brand new for $5.00 each. no bad, huh!
    P.S. just wanted to say I just found you guys,you all seem so nice. It looks like a great place.
    Take Care, Betty
  17. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    The microwavable herbal packs are what I use every day, and also at night, They eventually cool off, so muscles are not exposed to heat for a long period of time. My husband calls the packs "my buddies."
  18. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    I sleep with mine every night. I had a cheap one that burnt me quite badly on my backside. I threw it away and bought the king size moist/dry Sunbeam. Haven't had a problem. I have it encased in the cover it came with and I also have put 2 pillowcases on it as well. I also sleep in a t-shirt and shorts for further protection. Once in a blue moon, I can fall asleep without it, but for the most part, I use it 98 out of 100 times...
  19. schnoodle

    schnoodle New Member

    I loved the one about Old Sparky! Very funny. Anyways, wanted to pass my information on to you. I just got one made by Thermotex. You will have to look on the internet for this information. It works with infrared heat and is healing. I love it. I use it all of the time during the day or in the evening. Then at night, I need to switch beds because my husband is the biggest snorer and I can't sleep anyways, so I move to the extra bedroom (which makes me sad, but I MUST SLEEP), where I have a regular heating pad with a timer so that I can fall asleep and it will turn off by itself. I don't remember the brand name. I think I got it at Sears. I also put an extra cover on it because even the low heat gets too hot. But the infrared one is great, but expensive. I was able to get a prescription for it from my doctor because it is FDA approved and workers comp had to pay me back. Happy Days! Just wanted to pass my information along. And may Old Sparky rest in peace.
  20. Tattoopixie

    Tattoopixie New Member

    If you search for 'relax a sac' you will find an 18X20 back/shoulder natural filled microwaveable heat pad. I do not own one yet, but would love to have one. If you prefer a conventional electric heating pad search for 'pain management technologies' & you will find 'thermotech' heat pads - which is a cheaper version of the 'thermophore' type. They do not say how large their 'king size' heat pad is but they have a toll-free number that you can call to ask. They also sell the water pillows that someone else had mentioned for good sleep. Hope this helps!
    Duh- I forgot to say that I use a heating pad on my back/shoulder & a bed buddy around my neck when I am in pain. I also use a heated blanket on my bed-sometimes I lay on top of it for a full body heat pad, but it does not get very hot.
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