POLL: How many with CFS have had pneumonia prior to CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. TerriM

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    Just curious . . . Paul Mark's statement about burning cough made me think back to my boughts with pneumonia. I had it twice . . . once as a child, once in college. Terri
  2. amilyne

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    hi terri, im almost 23 now and i believe ive had cfs since i was 16 and ive been dx with fms since may of 2002(imo-i have the fm from the cfs)..when i was about 4 years old i had pneumonia,shingles and an eye infection all at the same time..all i can remember is having about 5 nurses hold me down to start an iv..i know i was really sick..i dont know if thats too long ago to have started all this..but thats my answer, dont know if thats what you wanted.
  3. T-BO

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    I had hardcore pneumonia for a 2 week duration, 6 months before the onset of my CFS. I went to the doc after and he persrcibed my erythromycin. It worked. That was the only time in my life that I had it.
    I had bronchitis a couple of times when i was younger.

    Also, what i find to be unusual is that I have had 3 colds/ flus since I have gotten CFS (including onset) and have noticed that I never developed a cough diring any period of the sickness while when i was "healthy" and i would get a cold/flu, I would ALWAYS get a cough toward the end of the sickness. Pretty wierd in my opinion.

    I hope this helps!!

    God Bless!

  4. karen55

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    pneumonia twice, suspected pneumonia a third time, and mono once. I've had bronchitis probably twice a year, almost every year of my life, except this past one (knocking on wood!!!!).
  5. amilyne

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  6. bees

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    I've got CFS but have never had pneumonia.
  7. runningstream6

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    Yes I had pneumonia a year or two I think before getting cfs and after recovering from that also another virus.

  8. Tattoopixie

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    I had valley fever (alot like mono but lasted 6mo) when I was in my teens. I always felt that I never got my energy back full force after that illness.
    When I was in my 30's I had bronchitis for 6mos & then every year since then I got bronchitis & ear/sinus/throat infections almost every year for about 6-8 wks. This year I have been lucky enough not to catch it - I think it's because I don't work & so am not exposed to all the sick co-workers.
  9. niggley

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    l have always had a weakness but in 2001 had bad colds then turning to pneumonia..l had terrible care from my doctor and was hardly looked after ..it lasted about a month untill l returned to work but was very far from well...became very slow and weak and exhausted until july after about another 4 bugs l became too ill to work and believe that my M.E started back in february with the pneumonia...the symptoms l have now were present then and l still suffered with my chest and have been given inhalers to help....hope this info helps you ....peace and love niggley