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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mike, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Mike

    Mike New Member

    I am interested in finding out which medication (including dosage) that has helped to lift the fatigue in CFS suffers. I am only interested in medications that helped to reduce fatigue and not medications for sleep, pains, etc.
  2. Mike

    Mike New Member

    I am interested in finding out which medication (including dosage) that has helped to lift the fatigue in CFS suffers. I am only interested in medications that helped to reduce fatigue and not medications for sleep, pains, etc.
  3. marinemom

    marinemom New Member

    I, too, would like to know if there is anything out there. I have tried the B vitamin complex and such as that, but didn't work.

  4. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    Have just started the coral calcium for about two months..B complex..juice plus..Willards water and grapeseed extract...

    I take more supps..but this is just what I take for the fatigue. But in my mind..and what a scary place to be!..I had to address my sleep..quantity and quality..before I could do anything else for my fatigue. The coral calcium and a joint compound that I am on has really helped me out on getting a good nights sleep. And for the most part..I wake up feeling like I have slept instead of feeling like I need to go lay down before I get my day even started...does that make sense to ya? I hope so. I know taking magnesium right before bedtime helps alot of people too.
    Hope this helps..if you have questions..I will gladly try to answer..but know in advance..that so far .. I am only a supplement person.
    Oh..I cannot say enough about exercise. If you can stand it at this time in your disease..moving as much as possible has really helped me. Trust me..I do not mean that I am doing jumping jacks and/or lifting weights..yet..I just mean I move around more..

    This is just what I have found helps my body combat fatigue..not a cure..but a big help to me. GOOD LUCK!!

    PS..Whoops!! I forgot two of the most important things..#1..I pray about this ..alot. #2..I try to drink as much water as I can hold..the more water I drink..the better I feel. I could just kick myself...because I get lax and sluff off of what makes me feel good..then I get a major flare and have to dig myself back outta the basement..right now..I am on the basement stairs heading up.[This Message was Edited on 10/23/2002]
  5. SharonR

    SharonR New Member

    Am using Provigil, one tablet in the morning, and I see a signifigant change in my daily energy levels.
    I hate to take meds but I need to function with a clear head. And I hate staring blankly at people when they ask me a question, like a slow reel in an old movie theater, my mind takes a while to process things I have known all my life.
    It does help me, individually.
  6. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    I take more supplements than is sane! I think the overall combination has worked so well in helping me regain my life, but if I have to tell you the two most important things in decreasing my fatigue they would be Armour thyroid, and alpha lipoic acid.

    I could go on and on about the two, but with too low a dose of Armour I am fatigued; with 1.5-2.0 grains a day I'm on top of the world (I like 1.5 grains with cytomel, but my dr. said my T3 is now a little too high, so I am going back to 1.0 grain of Armour, 2x/day). With ALA, I felt good on 200 mgs/day, but OMG the energy is unbelieveable at 500 mgs/day. My dr. said 500 was safe, and she told me the maximum amount, but since it a bit higher than what I was taking, I mentally dismissed it....in other words I forgot lol.

    Good luck on the fatigue,
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  7. Mike

    Mike New Member


    Do you take Armour thyroid due to an underactive thyroid or was it prescribed as a guess that it may help to lift the fatigue? Also, how come your doctor prescribed an anabolic steroid? My doctor(s) don't prescribe anything. I have to push them and show them documentation before they will even consider prescribing a drug.

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  8. AnnetteP

    AnnetteP New Member

    I have an underative thyroid, but the test that most dr.s do would suggest a lower dose of medication would be adequate for me. My dr. looks at a variety of thyroid factors and prescribes based on those values. For years I have been on thyroid medication (synthryoid for about 10 years) and NEVER did I get much relief, certainly not in the way of fatigue.

    I had to seek out this kind of dr. who treats not only my thyroid, but everything else. So, outside of doing what you are doing: bringing documentation to your dr., about the only other thing you can do is look elsewhere for another dr. This isn't always feasible, so in that case you are doing the right thing.

    I suggested a couple of books the other day, that I think provide information you can take to your dr. Among my favorites are "Thyroid Power" and "From Fatigued to Fantastic." The protocol my dr. has me on is similar to what these two books suggest; mine is just tailored to my specific needs. I think one, or both, of these books discusses going beyond the normal values in determining prescription strength. There are instances where the values are normal, but when a low dose of thyroid medication is prescribed the patient experiences amazing results.

    From all I've read, when I hear a person's symptoms and they tell me the thyroid test was normal, I tend to think they need to get informed and make their dr.s informed because so often this is the case: people with low thyroid function are inadequately tested and therefore diagnosed as normal.

    BTW, I'm not on any steroids...cytomel is a T3 and alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant.

    Hope this helps,
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  9. Mike

    Mike New Member


    I think my situation is quite different from yours. I've been using 10 mg of Elavil per day (any larger dose is disasterous) for the past three years for fatigue. However the dosing of it has been very difficult (sometimes I use it for two weeks and off for two weeks). Also I think my situation is different from many with CFS since all sympthoms (joint pain, post exertional malise, etc.) except the fatigue and intollerance to medications have disappeared after the 1st year. I can now jog or do any physical exercise that I wish without any side effects.

    I've tried other brain meds such as Pamelor, Wellbutrin, Adrafinil (European equivalent of Provigil) without success. I've also tried about every non prescription medication available without success. My current doctor is very anti SSRIs and stimulants so I'm in the process of changing doctors to try to find something better.

    When I started taking Elavil, most CFS web sites stated that Tricyclics would help with fatigue and SSRIs were only good for depressions. Now the opinion has reversed stating that Tricyclics are only good for sleep and pain and SSRIs can be benificial (however it doesn't state for what).

    So when I started this thread, I was interested in seeing if anyone is being helped in reducing fatigue by using Tricyclics, SSRIs, stimulants, or other medications so that I could try to direct my new doctor in the correct direction.

    I've read many posts but most people don't say why they are using certain medications (fatigue, pain, etc.)



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  10. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I realize that some people do not like to take meds, but without them, I would not be able to function whatsoever. Since I am on Celexa (40mg) and Ritalin during the day, I seem to get through the day much easier and can do things, which were absolutely not possible before and have a little fun too.
  11. TiredbutWired

    TiredbutWired New Member

    I take phentermine and provigil.Not together of course,I alternate between them but mostly take the phentermine once a day.It has helped me so much I feel like I have a life again.I can now work out everyday.It does seem to make me think clearer also.Tracey
  12. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Do you take both the Celexa along with Ritalin for fatigue or is the Celexa taken for something other than for fatigue?

    Thanks Mike
  13. Mike

    Mike New Member

    I tried phentermine but the positive effects disappeared after 3 days. I also tried Adrafinil (European equivalent of Provigil) but this drug did not have any effect.

    Thanks Mike
  14. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    You said you take Coral Calcium? How much do you take per day? When do you take it, and does it have any negative effect on the stomach?

    I bought it, but have not tried it as yet. I would love to hear about your experience.

    I also mainly take supplements, except for a 0.25 milligram of Xanax at six pm for my 'racing brain' problem. I also take ZMA by SNAC for sleep along with Melatonin(3 milligrams).

    Will be glad to hear about the Coral Calcium. I have been hesitant in taking it as I have a super sensitive stomach (IBS), so would like to know all you have to say!

    I bought the whole package, books, tape and three months supply of the supplement. But I have been too ill to read all the information. I have most of the Fibro under control, but the fatigue is a problem. I can't seem to get an edge on. Most stuff does not agree with me.

    By the way, welcome to the board!

    Shalom, Shirl
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  15. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I have only been taking it for two months Shirl..but I sure will share. I am thinking that I am using the same formula that you have.I am so overly sensitive..I always take the low dose route..even with my supps and I might add that calcium has never been very kind to me either! I started taking one in the morning and one right before bed. I just this week started taking one at noon also. I do not have stomach upset with it and I do not have constipation with it(which is ALWAYS what happens to me with calcium)<G>

    As for the positives..I have not been sleeping as much during the day..big plus for me..and I am sleeping like a rock at night..actually get up feeling ready to face the day..been years since I have slept like that! I have to be honest here Shirl..at just about the same time..my right knee blew big time. My chiro is trying to help me through this..he put me on something called Omni Joint TLC..it has glucosamine/choondrotin/msm in it with Hydrolyzed Collagen. Okay..#1..I have tried similar things before..my stomach could not take it. But this joint supplement does not bother me, another first for me. So I do not know if my great nights sleep is from the combo or what. I also had to tell the chiro that when I stop and think about what I felt like two months ago and now..I have to admit my overall body pain is waaaaay down. And my fatigue is lessening. These are the only two things I am doing different.

    My Mom will soon be 70..she is hell on wheels..she just never stops..until this summer..she just kept saying that she did not feel bad..she was just fatigues. She started taking the coral calcium after I did. She went to the GP yesterday as she had made an appointment when she was feeling so fatigued..she laughed..and said that she should have cancelled it because she was no longer fatigued. Her Doc was very interested in the coral calcium and asked her to send her more info on it. So I do not know..it appears..so far..that there may be something to it. Me...I usually try to be faithful to these things anywhere from 3 months to a year..

    I am sorry to be so windy..the fibro does not slow my mouth down! I should have mentioned..Mom takes no meds and this is the only supp that she changed in this period of time. Hope this helps..if you have a question..please ask..I will definitely try to keep the answer shorter!

    Hoping for you a good day...still
  16. RoseKate

    RoseKate New Member

    Has anyone tried glutathione cream? Dr. N. Perricone states in his book "The Perricone Prescription" that it is a significant breakthrough in raising energy levels and he has witnessed improvements in patients with CFS in as little as four days thanks to this powerful rejuvenator.

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  17. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Wow! I email your reply to myself, will need to read it slowly to get it all in my weak mind.

    Thanks so much for the reply, one thing that stood out, and that is it does not upset your stomach. That is my biggest worry about anything new.

    Hay, maybe we need to 'drink' the same water your Mom does! Thats wonderful that she is so healthy.

    Thanks for all the information, my husband says the same thing about me, there is nothing wrong with my mouth, it never stops.

    Shalom, Shirl
  18. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    you will not believe this..Mom drinks willard water..I am starting it again too..the difference cannot be explained by me..but it works on the energy for both of us.
  19. TracyV

    TracyV New Member

    wilard water?
  20. lea

    lea Member

    Wondering if he states in his book the dosage?
    thank you in advance