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    Hi vnr, symptoms with my fms are all the trigger point tenderness, on any given day could possibly find a new trigger point.....Insomieia. A few yrs ago i recieved trigger point injections mainly at that time my shoulders were really bothering me,which for me did not help.
    IBS, weight loss, restless leg synd, nausia, RA wich seems to be progressing , aust ar, memorie problems.
    DDD, DJD, iam currently going through meopause, somtimes i feel like a screamming meanie.

    Iam not really a meanie, just feel like one.lol

    Take care :)
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    Hi vnr27

    These are the symptoms I can remember off the top:

    fatigue, deranged body clock (I sleep in pieces and dont really fall asleep - I stay up til I almost pass out!), teeth grinding in sleep, generalized achiness, tender points, cognitive problems (trouble finding words or remembering things), cant sit in one place for long or I get really stiff, intolerance to the sun (15 min in the sun and I am good for a 3 hr nap!), eyesight is worse sometimes and at night its terrible, limbs sometimes feel too heavy to lift, weight gain but I am not a big eater, trouble multitasking ... those are the main things.
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    Here goes the list:

    fragmented sleep (wake up every hour)
    severe pain in neck, shoulders, and lower back
    irritable bowel syndrome
    chronic iritis (eye infections)
    sudden drain of energy (like "I have to lie down NOW before I fall down")
    plantar fascitis
    achilles tendonitis
    menstrual difficulties
    heaviness in legs

    There's probably a few more but can't think right now.

  5. GooGooGirl

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    Here are my symptoms:

    Upper arm pain - I always have this. The muscles in my upper arms are even sore to the touch. This was my first symptom.

    Pain that moves constantly from one place to another - right knee, left ankle, right elbow, left big toe, right shoulder, right thigh, left hand, right calf - I think you get what I mean. It just moves constantly.


    Sore butt cheeks

    Severe lower back pain, especially when I am standing or doing any type of cleaning.

    Hip pain, both sides.



    Neck Pain

    Heel pain

    Depression and Anxiety

    Heaviness in legs, hard to walk up incline or stairs.

    Irritable Bowel

    Sleeping problems

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    All of the above but I can describe my pain this way...I feel as if someone is pounding me with a baseball bat! That is the only way I can communicate how this pain feels all over!
  7. jdala

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    SEVERE neck and shoulder pain
    Lower back pain
    Numbness and tingling in arms and hands
    Quick total energy drain ( you know lay down or fall down)
    Can't concentrate
    Can't remember
    Can't find words
    Lose train of thought
    Can't focus
    Hip pain
    Can't sleep
    Sleep too much
    Knee and elbow pain
    Pain in shoulder cuffs
    Flue like symptoms sometimes
    Feel like I'm in a fog
    Cold hands, feet and butt
    Restless leg snydrom
    Chronic fatigue
    I feel like I've been run over by a big truck when I drag myself out of bed in the mornings.
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    Right now? It varies from week to week, sometimes day to day. But here are all the symptoms I have experienced over the years.

    Pain all over the body, varies, goes from place to place.
    Swelling in the legs.
    Cramping legs.
    IBS/Irritable bladder also.
    Ringing in the ears/Tinnitus..Sp.
    Skin rashes.
    Unrefreshed sleep/sleeping problems.
    Unable at times to stand for extended periods/Back and neck pain.
    Fevers come and go.

    Think that is it..
  9. IgotYou

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    My symptoms:

    all-over aches, especially in hands, shoulders, low back
    painful joints if bent too long
    brain fog
    tiredness/weepiness/emotional fragility
    itchy everywhere, particularly lower legs
    tickling on nose and chin
    hot face
    sinus pain
    sore throat
    dry mouth/dry eyes
    hair falling out
    poor nail growth
    chronic constipation
    numbness/tingling in thumbs, forefingers, and big toes
    sore muscles get VERY sore
    acid reflux
    sensitive to abrupt changes in light/sound
    easy bruising
    frequent urgent urination
    boils/pimples on arms/legs
    constant hunger
    wheat sensitivity (cannot eat it at all)
    muscle spasms
    don't sleep well - wake up still tired

    probably more, but I can't remember!
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  10. MissyTx

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    lower back aches/pains, electric shocks up the spine
    hip joint pains/aches (both of them)
    stumble around when walking
    mumble when talking, can't complete sentences most of time
    loss of concentration
    can't remember ANYTHING
    numbness in the leg with spasms that are very painful
    weight loss (force feed myself 90% of the time)
    blurred vision
    sinus infections
    very weak and tired all the time
    can't sleep no matter how tired I am
    pains in my left abdomen area (all the time practically)
    rash on back, shoulders, face and scalp
    This is all I can remember now...hope it helps you!
    God Bless!
  11. Mewsley

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    Here goes:
    dry eyes and mouth
    travelling aches and pains
    frequent urination
    sensitive teeth
    weight loss
    seasonal depression
    There is more depending on the day
  12. Kim

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    Depression - this one drives the severity of ALL the others.

    Anxiety - related to depression
    pain on neck and back
    Chemical sensitivities
    blurred vision

  13. rose38716

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    Seem to have different symptoms every day...

    severe fatigue
    severe pain in every joint and muscle
    panic attacks
    leg and foot cramps
    acid reflux
    painful hands
    overactive bladder
    losing hair by the handfulls
    when finally get to sleep can sleep 24 hours or more
    weight gain
    muscle spasms
    nervous eye tics
    oh well i guess thats enough ...Deb
  14. j9miller

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    These are some of the symptoms that FM has caused me to deal with ...

    - Pain that can be in the form of aching, throbbing, shooting, stabbing, gnawing, sharp, burning, numbing and unbearable
    - Pain that comes and goes or lasts ALL day
    - Occasional nausea
    - Constipation or diarrhea (IBS)
    - Tired all the time (just found out my TSH is 11.64 and that I am hypothyroid – will be seeing an endocrinologist soon for treatment – this should help a lot)
    - Itching (drives me nuts)
    - Numbness & Tingling in hands and feet
    - Cannot stay in any position for too long
    - sensitivity to light, sound, smell (varies, changes, annoying - weird. This bothers me alot and drives others just crazy)
    - Irritable bladder
    - Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus, is that the spelling?)
    - Night Sweats
    - Hot & Sweating (but still have those cold hands and feet)
    - Difficulty thinking
    - Insomnia (would love to get some actual sleep)
    - Mood changes (kids and husband miss those “happy” pills some days – Prozac)
    - Inability to concentrate
    - Inability to relate with others (usually just from being in pain and feeling lousy)
    - Flu like feeling
    - Overall achy feeling
    - Depression (not enough for meds but depressed over pain and feeling like garbage ALL the time – just sick of being sick)
    - Brittle nails that club (they seem to be breaking all the time now)
    - Impaired short term memory (this drives me crazy)
    - Anxiety
    - Anger issues (improving as I deal with being sick)
    - Twitching of muscles (hate the spasms)
    - Stiffness
    - Tender joints
    - Dizziness (drive very little anymore)
    - Headaches (improving with Topamax)
    - Sever TMJ (I have had two surgeries - partial joint replacement on the left side. I need another surgery but I keep putting it off because I dread recovery and pain meds barely work now, what will happen then?!)
    - Cramps
    - Foot Pain (heals)
    - Blurred vision (I wonder sometimes if my insulin resistance is turning into Diabetes ... I just dread having yet another illness to deal with)
    - Obesity (yet another thing to deal with. I have gained so much weight since getting sick. Between meds and inactivity I am "FAT". But I am exercising again so hopefully between this and thyroid treatment I will start seeing some weight loss. I do not eat a whole lot so it is hard to cut back there but I will try)
    - Allergies (some days worse than others)
    - Neck pain (horrible - my husband massages me and his hand hurts him I am so stiff and tight. I am getting trigger point injections on Sept 5 and I hope this will help)
    - Shoulder pain (horrible)
    - Low back pain (two ruptured discs in lower back and sciatica too)

    Uugh!!! Did not realize how much I had to write but stuff just kept coming as I thought about the last few years. Wow! How horrible this illness is.


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  15. Eve612

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    they are:
    Bone crushing fatigue
    short period of sleep
    dizziness upon rising sometimes
    upper back pain
    inability to lose weight
    thinning hair
    queasy stomach
    muscle weakness
    inflamation in right thumb & elbow
    I keep saying, if I could just sleep good & get some energy, I could handle the rest!

  16. jeanann

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    the very worst is the pain in my ribs. It interferes with breathing.
  17. marcus1243

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    Tho I think I've had most of them at some point or other. The most persistent and troublesome ones are:

    Muscle pain (legs, back, shoulders, neck)
    Muscle fatigue (legs, arms)
    Eye probs -- fatiguing eye muscles, flare & glare etc.

    No other major probs right now, but those 4 are anough to put me down and out most days.
  18. jyl

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    Cognitive Problems

    For the last couple of days I've had to work 12 hour days, I feel like a zombie. When I came in this morning someone asked if I felt as bad as I looked! Oh well, no choice but to continue on.

  19. beeleaf

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    Don't know for sure which "symptoms" go with which condition(COPD, arthritis, FM?), but these seem to fit:

    PAIN--from neck to toes on right side of body.
    Neck, shoulder, ribs on left

    Fatique that never seems to go away, but sometimes gets worse, esp after a day of activity that strays from my normal well-paced days.

    Trouble sleeping/never ever wake up feeling refreshed
    Multiple chemical sensitivity

    Suddenly, I have a rash or my lip swells up, with no known allergen nearby

    Occasional itching fits with no known allergen and no rash

    Sudden muscle pain/cramp/locked in place

    Inability to make muscles relax

    Sometimes feel like I'm "coming down with something" (mildly sore throat, sore muscles, tender glands, etc.) but don't actually get sick.

    LOL!!! Edited because I forgot to include the memory problems, brain fog, etc. Haha, thanks for the laugh, self.

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    Basically for the past 10 years, my primary symptoms have been FATIGUE,and BRAIN FOG/FEELING OF BEING OFF BALANCE/DISEQUILIBRIUM.

    Although in the early years of this i also had a lot of sore throats, swollen glands, chest pain, etc.....it seems to have settled into just the above ones,,,,,but these have been very, very difficult to overcome. I had my amalgams replaced in 15 molars two years, and hope that over time, i can move enough metals out of my body to get my health back...