Poll: Nurses ... do you or have you disclosed your FM/CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TNhayley, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. TNhayley

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    How many nurses have disclosed or not disclosed your conditions at work? If so, has it been a positive experience or negative experience? If not, what was/is your reasoning for keeping it to yourselves? Thanks for any and all replies! Hugs,
  2. dojomo

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    Absolutely not !!!!!!!!!.... My reason is, while working in the ER... anytime a patient came in with CFS or FMS as preexisting condition, Everyone just rolled their eyes and said "another nut"........ The medical community is still stuck in the eighties............Sad but true. DJ
  3. elaine_p

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    or even in the medical field. But everything I've seen here says don't do it. They seem to treat coworkers with FM/CFS worse than laypeople treat their coworkers with FM/CFS!!!

    Um, except if it impacts your job in some way, like you need to leave early or something, it may be good to let your boss know, but ONLY your boss.
  4. fibrojewel

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    for the longest time, untill one of the doctors noticed the rash on the palms of my hands. She started asking me questions, and really is the one that helped me get into see the right doctors for a dx and help. However when I had a really bad flare after my appendectomy last year, everyone kinda found out.

    There were alot of other nurses who had friends or family with FM, so they "kinda" understood. It was the doctors, and they ALL had a "treatment plan" for me! Oh brother!

    It was the pathetic looks and talking behind my back that bugged me. I eventually had to quit, couldn't keep up with the 12 hour shift, and the appendectomy made recovery even slower.

    I am a lactation consultant and do home visits when I can, if not they come to my home office. I won't ever tell anyone I work for or with again!

  5. TNhayley

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    That's what I've kinda thought. I've done some searching on some nursing boards and it seems like the only ones who talked about it have had negative experiences, been treated poorly by their peers, or resented by any accomodations they had gotten.

    My doctor has FM and I asked him if he would appear on a local "medical" show on our public station. It's hosted by a very well known and respected doctor. This well known guy had a rheumy on his show to talk about FM and the rheumy was so far behind I was outraged. But my doc just laughed and said absolutely NOT ... it would be professional suicide. <sigh>

    Thanks guys for your candid answers! Warmest regards,
  6. Iggy_RN

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    and I will not talk about it, but I do have one small problem. THis hospital where I will do my clinicals is the same place I have visited for ER visits and it is on record that I have FM and mycos. Oh well, I really dont care about these guys, cuz I will specialize in home care ASAP w/hospice, etc... Just my opinion though. God bless, Iggy
  7. TNhayley

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    Thanks for your reply. I'm going to start nursing school next year (got some pre-req's to do this year part time). I've been wondering "can I do it" ... I think I can, though. Glad to know you *are* doing it. Good luck ... and I'd love to hear of your progress and experiences. My email is in my bio. Hugs,