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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by wld285, May 13, 2008.

  1. wld285

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    Hi all...Just wondering if everyone could tell me what antibiotics you are on now, or have been on. Just to let me know what to expect. Since the doc I have been going to told me doxy was the only oral that helped Lyme!!!

    Thank you thank you.

  2. wld285

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    Yes, I have seen yours, and also know you have babeseia(?), which would make it different. Thanks for your posts!

    Dr. H is the one who worked with all those kids a few yrs. back from N.J. My girlfriend in LI sent me a newspaper clipping about him she had saved. He is suppossed to be one of the best and is actually the closest one to me.

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  3. wld285

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    It will be interesting to see what he puts me on. I have enough doxy to take till I see him.
  4. wld285

    wld285 New Member

    I know I have had Lyme for many, many yrs. so no dougt he will put me on something else. I just figure taking the doxy till my appoint. is better than nothing.

  5. highcotton

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    You could supplement the doxy with the buhner core protocol if you want to get a jump on things. That's what i did prior to treatment, and i believe it helped
  6. munch1958

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    I think Buhner helped me too.

    I tried a few of the liquid tinctures but I find I'd rather swallow a pill. I just don't like the taste of the alcohol in the liquids.

    Somedays I think I have gelatin capsule poisoning. I take so many supplements that sometimes I burp the capsules.
    Good thing my fish oil is strawberry flavored.

  7. erica741

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    I was diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago and am taking zithromax and minocycline. One of them is supposed to be for babesia.

    I've wondered why everyone else seems to be on Doxy? And why I'm on minoncycline because is seems much less common? I'm guessing that's the combo my LLMD prefers for treating lyme and babesia.
  8. wld285

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    I don't have babesia that I know of. I think I've read mino is also given for Lyme. I'm not too experienced, so don't quote me.
  9. mollystwin

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    I started with Doxy which really worked well for me. But last summer and this my dr switched me to zithro to avoid sunburn issues. Zithro works well for me too.

  10. hi all,

    im on a antibiotic nasal cream.im on day two,of a five day course,of


    today that drunk feeling in my head has gone away,and ive had no heart flutters what so ever.thats a first for me.

    im coughing up jelly from my lungs,and it seems to have mold spores in it.

    the spores are coming out of my body too,while im on pumpkin seeds.

    im rinsing my body,after washing,with a bucket full of warm water,containg 1 capfull of dettol antibacterial disenfectant.

    the above antibiotic is the clear a external,and internal (in nose)blisters,that i caught in hospital in 1988.

    love fran
  11. brainfoggy

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    Was just diagnosed with lyme today. Dr prescribed biaxin, omnicef, and genifloxacin. Has anyone even heard of these abx for treating lyme????