Poll on whether you want a change in the CDC's CFS program leadership

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    From: ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Information Exchange Forum [mailto:CO-CURE@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU] On Behalf Of Tom Kindlon

    [Marly C. Silverman (of P.A.N.D.O.R.A., Inc. http://www.pandoranet.info/ ) asked me to post around a link to this poll so please forward it to other lists. She pointed out that a poll can be better than a petition (as all sides can express an opinion and one can see the breakdown). TK]

    Poll: "Do you want a leadership change and a new direction at the chronic
    fatigue syndrome (CFS) CDC program?"

    Vote/give your opinion at:
    [AOL: <a

    Or, if that breaks up, use http://tinyurl.com/onvslt
    [AOL: <a href="http://tinyurl.com/onvslt">Here</a>]

    If the links do not work, go to PANDORA Inc home facebook page and follow
    the link on June 5/6:

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    this one worked for me though in case others are having the same problem:

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    ok I'm lost. Computer newbie do u type all of that stuff in?

    possibly easier way?
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    You can just highlight-copy-then past the address into the address field. You don't need to re-type the whole thing-this should be easier for you
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    This is good to see. Thanks for posting.

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