Poll: OxyContin doses and how long?

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  1. CyndeRN

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    Hi everyone :)!
    I am interested in what dosages of OxyContin others are taking and how long you've been taking it, and are you taking other narcotics as well for pain?
    Reason: I have been taking OxyContin for 13 months for fibromyalgia pain. (I really wish I did not have to take it, but that is another story) My OxyContin dose was increased 6 weeks ago from 20mg twice daily to 30mg twice daily. At that time I was also taking Vicodin, 2 tabs twice daily. My rheumatologist decreased the Vicodin to 1 tab twice daily when she increased the OxyContin to 30mg because "that is such a high dose of OxyContin". I asked today if I could go back to 2 Vicodin twice daily again, she said no for the same reasons. (I am still in a huge amount of pain) Anyway, I am just interested in knowing what other people are taking. Thanks, everyone :) cynde
  2. JP

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    It sounds like you are still in the type of pain that takes most of your attention. Finding the right pain control is important to the quality of our lives.

    If 30 isn't enough, try 40mg twice daily. You may even want to try another type of medicine. I was unable to use Oxycontin due to the side effects.

    There are lots of medications out there. It has taken me years of trying to manage my pain and I am still not so good at it. I use multiple types of medicine for pain control and have pretty good results. Like Vioxx for my arthritic pain, Elavil for nerve pain and other pain related side effects and Vicodin for overall pain management. I also use movement, stretching, exercise and you name it.

    It's really horrible living in chronic persistant pain. It's not good to always be fighting for pain relief...and I am preaching to the choir. It sounds like your doctor is not hearing what you are really saying. You live in your body, not your doctor. I wish you luck and 30mg 2X per day is not as high as your doctor is wanting you to believe.

    I hope you get the help you need...take care,

  3. kirchman

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    Just recently was changed from Norco as needed to Oxycontin 30mg twice daily - with the Norco for breakthrough pain and that seemed to do the trick - with the exception of recovering from gallbladder surgery I was feeling the best I'd felt in months/years I actually was doing housework/cooking dinner - things I used to enjoy 'fore the FM took a swat at me - I'm hoping to taper back down to 20mg twice daily after my body gets used to it's missing organ.
  4. CyndeRN

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    thanks for the reply, kirchman! By the way, what is norco? Sorry to hear about your surgery, prayers for a swift recovery :) cynde
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    for some reason it made me depressed. I was taking only 20mg per day. I now take about 30mg of oxycodone I have 5mg tabs. I can manage and control my pain better with this lower dose taking it more often. I am really having my doubts about being dependent on this stuff. I would so love to find a pain killer that I did not have to take everyday. If I try to skip a day I do get very anxious.
  6. Iggy_RN

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    I take it 2 x's a day, 20mg. I want my doc to up it soon, this is the only thing thats worked for me in a long time. God bless, Iggy
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    That's what I hear .
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    I take 10 mg of Oxycotin, 4 times a day, but 20 mg at bedtime., I take it every six hours. I started with taking it twice a day almost two years ago but then I hurt my back and he upped it. I wish he would give the the 20 mg but so far he just increased the number of tablets. It lessens the pain but doesn't do away with it.
  9. catgal

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    Hi Cynde~~I am 54 and was born with severe asthma/allergies and IBS. Have had FM/CFS since my teens. Later in life I developed osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Four years ago was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease with 3 completely degenerated discs, 2 herniated discs, 1 ruptured disc, a couple of shattered vertebrae, multiple back problems with long names plus disc & nerve damage in my neck/shoulder area.

    For the first 2 years, I tried all they had to offer in traditional & alternative approaches to dealing with the pain, but to no avail. I am allergic to steriods, so that treatment was out. Saw all kinds of Specialists. All agreed that my back was too messed up for surgery to be of any help.

    It got to the point I couldn't work my 3 days a week; couldn't get out of bed; couldn't function at all. The pain was excruciating, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't get comfortable no matter how I laid or sat up.

    Finally, my physician started me on 10mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day with 10mg percocet 3x's a day for breakthrough pain; soma 3x's a day for a muscle relaxer; 20mgs bextra 2x's a day as an anti-inflammatory, and 1mg klonopin at night for restless legs and sleep. This helped, but did not give me quality relief. After 2 years, he increased the oxycontin to 20mgs 3x's a day. Again, this helped, but did not do the trick. Then, he sent me to a Pain Specialist last week who looked over all my MRI's, x-rays, and other tests. He told me that I was not on a therapeutic dose of the oxycontin, and that I needed to be on at least 80mgs 3x's a day with 4 (instead of 3) 10mg percocets a day for breakthrough pain & flares.

    He said because the DEA is monitoring other providers so closely on the amount of certain drugs they prescribe such as oxycontin that these providers are way too conservative about the appropriate dosage to do any good, and he wondered how I was functioning at all much less working 3 days a week. He said the stress & duress from constant severe chronic pain can be more damaging to the body sometimes than the initial physical ailment.

    As I have not fully accepted having to take opioids several times a day--everyday--I was completely reluctant to let him raise the oxycontin from 20mgs 3x's a day to 80mgs 3x's a day--he said he understood my reluctance--so he said for the time being, we would raise my oxy to 40mgs 3x's a week and gradually work up to 80mgs 3x's a week and increase my 10mg percocets from 3 a day to 4. He said 80mgs 3x's a day would probably be my "therapeutic dose", and what most other providers didn't understand was that if you are going to use opioid therapy for pain management, it was essential to get the patient on a "therapeutic dose" or you weren't helping the patient manage the pain properly. That just giving out as few pills as possible was NOT pain management.

    I've been on the 40mgs 3x's a day now for a week, and I am still going through some adjustment--mostly sleepiness--but I confess that I am feeling much better and doing things I couldn't before. I can, however, tell (like he said) that I am not on a "therapeutic dose" because I still have pain and am still functionally limited. We will no doubt raise it again in November when I see him again and keep raising it until I reach my "therapeutic dose". But, I couldn't believe the difference in how I felt just raising it from 20mgs to 40mgs--and even though he increased the 10mg percocets from 3 to 4 a day....I have only had to use 2 a day.

    The Pain Specialist said that 120mgs a day of a drug like oxycontin was still a low dose. That regular physicians & other providers think it is a high dose because they do not understand the therapeutic ranges of medications like this--plus the fear of the DEA monitoring them so closely for these types of drugs. He said as 'Pain Specialists' that treating chronic pain with therapeutic doses of opioids and other medications is what they do--what they specialize in--so the DEA doesn't monitor or bother them much. He went on to say that most people who see regular physicians for chronic pain are grossly undermedicated and seldom ever put on the appropriate therapeutic dose for their particular medical problems, and so the patient continues to suffer, live in pain, have poor quality of sleep, limited lifestyle, and diminished quality of life--and that there was no reason for this. That their goal at his Pain Clinic was to assess, test, and evaluate the patient's medical condition and pain level--then to develop an individualized pain management program for that patient that included a "therapeutic dosage" of pain medication along with other treatments that benefit the patient. That they strive to get the patient back to living as good a quality of life as possible, and that they have had a very high success rate.

    Since I am not a candidate for any kind of surgery and am 54 years old, he talked to me for over an hour (even though he had a lobby filled with patients waiting) about my reluctance to take the opioids much less raise them. He made sense. And for the first time since I became so disabled with chronic pain--I left a doctor's office feeling good about my treatment and had a smile on my face.

    This whole chronic pain ordeal has been very difficult to adjust to--so many changes in my lifestyle, griefs & losses, changes in me personally.....and then having to take narcotic meds that I am physically dependent on just to keep going has been a real dilemma for me over the past 4 years. But after seeing this Pain Specialist and seeing such a difference in me this past week just by raising my oxy from 20 to 40mgs--I am starting to make peace with myself and choose whatever it takes to keep feeling better. And I now believe that when we do get me to my "therapeutic dose" that life will feel worth living again. I won't be spending each day STRUGGLING in pain just to get through it and spending every leisure moment I have off work bedridden.

    My mate noticed such a difference in me this week that he actually broke down crying from sheer happiness and said, "The girl I knew so long ago is coming back to me". And we hugged each other and had a good, long cry together, and he begged me to keep doing what this Pain Specialist is recommending.

    Cynde, as I have just learned myself from seeing this Pain Specialist, the reason you are still in such pain is because you are undermedicated and not at a "therapeutic dose". It was also unbeneficial to lower your vicodin for breakthrough pain. What does she expect you to do with recurrent flares, bad days, or times when you over-do it? After my Pain Specialist increased my oxy--he also increased my 10mg percocet from 3 to 4 a day and said just because we had raised the oxy didn't mean I wasn't going to have flares, bad days, or times when I over did it, and that I was going to need additional reinforcements during those times.

    I apologize for this response being so long, but I hate to see anyone suffer needlessly like I have over the past 4 years due to a doctor's inadequate knowledge about pain threshholds and therapeutic dosages. I would strongly encourage you to see a good Pain Specialist who is not afraid to give you the medical care you need. I wish I had gone to this Pain Specialist years ago....I could have saved myself 4 years of countless days & nights of pain and misery.

    I hope you get the pain relief you deserve soon. For I actually heard the sound of my own laughter this week, and God it felt GREAT! Blessings to you, Carol...

  10. kirchman

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    is the same as vicodin only less Acetominophen in it - My Dr. was concerned over the liver issues from long term acetominphen use - The Norco I take is 10mg/325mg hydrocodone/acetominphen
  11. achy

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    I stopped taking if for a while and went back to Ultram...I didn't want to be on such a strong med. Well...now I'm taking oxycodone 10mg 3X day (I up it to 20mg when it's really bad)
    Oxycondone is the same as OxyIR, but no Acetaminphen..and it's cheaper. I hate taking it, but I have no choice if I want to have anykind of life.

    Warm fuzzies
  12. LABullard1212

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    Hi. I've suffered from fibro, arthritis, and chronic fatigue for many years. It exploded after my breast cancer 5 years ago. My pain man. doctor tried me on several different meds. but I have a high tolerance, so we opted for oxycontin. At 40mg. 3 times a day, I felt no pain, but I began loosing my balance. falling, resulting in 3 concussions. I had backouts. still have amnesia from one. only vaguely remembered something happened when I felt the goose egg on the side of my head. It slowed my brain function. My daughters, ages 21 and 23 at the time couldn't stand to be around me. I knew I had to get off of it when I fixed myself Thanksgiving leftovers one evening. Luckily I was alone because I passed out, with my face going right into my food. That did it. I slowly went off of it by myself. Now have to find another Pain management doctor because mine up and left her practice without telling anyone.
    This is my story. wish I could take oxycontin,but can't take the chance... maybe when I find a new doctor, something else can help this unrelenting pain.

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    You mean to tell me that there are medications out there that WILL GET ME OUT OF PAIN???????????? The MS Contin (morphene) 60mg -2 x's a day and some anti-inflamatory for breakthrough pain and Soma DO NOT GET ME OUT OF PAIN! My life has been pure H... since the onset in Jan of 1999! I've been on MS Contin for a year now (I'm 46). I cannot see myself being in so much pain for the rest of my life. My husband feels helpless (although I question if he is taking some of my meds - I am continuously changing my hiding place - but I use a 7 day pill container and there always seem to be meds missing toward end of week) - I don't know for sure, for all I know it could be me when I am in excruciating pain and just don't remember.

    I go see my doctor next month and I am going to lay it on the line - I can not handle the pain ANYMORE!!! Please see what other medicine will work or that I can take more often and please give me a better breakthrough medicine.

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    }{onestly I'm starting to love _______more than my own children . << sigh >>