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  1. kadywill

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    How many filed for SSDI using only FMS as your diagnosis and reason for disability??
    I have many different health issues and I am out of work due to spinal stenosis. I don't know what to do as far as using my other diagnoses as well when I apply for disability. Right now, I'm waiting to hear about my STD claim. I am OUT of funds and it's time to purchase meds!!!
    In appreciation,
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  2. kadywill

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    How many filed for SSDI using only FMS as your diagnosis and reason for disability??
    I have many different health issues and I am out of work due to spinal stenosis. I don't know what to do as far as using my other diagnoses as well when I apply for disability. Right now, I'm waiting to hear about my STD claim. I am OUT of funds and it's time to purchase meds!!!
    In appreciation,
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  3. allhart

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    i apllied for ssi in july of 2001 still havent got it
    i didnt just use fm because they tell you that even if 1 of your conditions may not be disabilling all your medical conditions together could be,there SUPPOSE to look at all your condition but so far they have just been braking my done and saying there not disabiling,even thow i have 2 differnt drs saying the fm and migrians are,
    the most important thing is to list the symtoms of the fm that are disabilling like the pain ,fatuigue and so on because thats what they do when determing a case aleast thats what my exsperance has been
    i listed fm,migrians scolosis,raynards,and all there symtoms,the judge did tell me at the hearing he wants my symtoms not my condtions,
    go to the ssa website and look under adult lisiting of impairments i think spinal stenosis was actually listed under muscleskatle but not sure,
    hope that helps alittle
  4. klutzo

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    Applied in Jan. of 1986 for SSDI, not SSI. Won my case 13 months later at the hearing level (3rd try) with an atty. I was one of 17 people in the US to win that year on FMS alone, and it was the first yr. anyone had ever won on FMS alone.
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    So much for By the People and for the People, as it says in the Constitution of the United States. I boils down to we’ll need Attorneys for everything. Just think if we had Doctors that were Attorneys as well we could fight a better fight maybe.
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    katy: The most important thing to remember is dont give up after you have applied. It took me 3 long years and would still be waiting if I had not called my Senator. Not only did he get the paperwork moving but wrote me a wonderful letter and apologized for the delay in benifits. Hire a attorney on the first turn down as you will need one down the road anyways.....and they can take the case on a percentage and if you do not get it they do not get paid. Best wishs to you and dont forget.....call your Senator and Representatives office and request help.
  7. teach6

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    When I filed my SSDI claim I included every current dx I have, CFS, FM, Type 2 Diabetes, hypothyroidism, neurally mediated hypotension, situational depression and anxiety. I've heard your chances are better if you list everything you are dealing with because sometimes the cumulative effect is what does you in. Also depresion seems to be a dx they will give you benefits for much more easily.

  8. nancyneptune

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    You need to list all things wrong with you, don't rely on FM. Mine was granted right away, didn't even need a lawyer. The first reason for granting me SSD was mood disorder. I have depression and panic disorder. The secondary reason was Fibro. So the both of them combined made it go through. N
  9. Dara

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    as my disability. I have been turned down at the first two steps, am now scheduled to go before the ALJ.

  10. kay

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    fIRSTOFF TRAMAR 47, i POSTED YOU, bEING FROM Tn. also. Hopefully you will get it before it gets to far! KADYWILL, I have been denied twice and now I have to go infront of a judge. Will be after the new year sometime??? Just what we need is more stress in our lives. worring about when we will be going in front of a judge and worring if we will even get dissability. If its not one thing, it's another!!! I have cfs & fm. My doctor is the one who told me to stop working due to stress. Well my letter from ss said they denied me on fm!! Thats all they looked at. CREEPS. Well When I got my second denial I called them up,I was soooo mad, and the I was crying. The lady I talked to was so nice and her friend has it also very bad,and she told me to get a lawyer also. I wish she was the one who was working with me from the start. Oh well only time will tell. I wish I would have found this sight before I even filled out the papers. Would have done it alot different! Linda

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  11. BonBons

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    I applied based on my multiple health problems, like Barbara did, listing everything. I now have an attorney (was denied once) and I'm hoping for the best. I have to say though, that having depression doesn't guarantee you'll get it at all (Barbara mentioned it). Good luck - just do it! It takes forever to go through as you have probably read in here. I applied first a year ago. BonBons
  12. dndoriginal

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    Hey Kady,
    I completely know how hard you are struggling, it took me over 2 years to win in the Appeals portion. I bombarded the Judge with tons of tests and xrays and my Doctor wrote a very compelling report describing how I had gone from pretty bad to permantly DISABLED.
    I advise you use everything that you suffer from. If you can prove it, get the tests to prove it. Make sure everythig is well documented. You probably have through some local program something called Social Services, in Nevada they get you medical coverage and throught probably the Hospital that doesnt turn people away is where you will have to have your scripts filled- FOR FREE, Once you are set up with social services they can also (here) help pay your rent. They exist to help you. Also keep all of the perscription and medical reciepts because 1. they prove ongoing treatment and 2. You may be reimbursed for at least 3 months (here) of all medical expences during that time. MY there is so much to tell you. I sincerely recommend that you look for somthing I found online called "THE BLUE BOOK" for SSA, SSI, the list of impairments. FM doesnt appear in that list but CFS does and probably a few other problems you may have. It's through Social Security ONLINE, none of the employees know it exists. I know you'll be glad you found it, it litterally walks you through everything. It had a great deal to do with me winning my case,along with a million other things. If you have trouble finding it email me and I'll try and locate my copy to let you know for sure where it is. It's there on the SSA site.
    I really do feel for you, I completely know what you're faced with. YOU CAN AND SHOULD FIGHT EVERY ROADBLOCK!!!!! IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO WIN.
    Hang in there and let me know if I can help. Never forget you deserve help, look for it it is out there. Never stop until you win, and unfortunately it is your battle.
    You are not alone, email anytime. I think I will be at my friends place through Christmas, I won't be homeless yet! :)
    Take care, I CARE!
    Deanna email me dndoriginal@email.com

    PS I still havent gotten my money and I won my case in August. AMAZING!
  13. kadywill

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    for all of this info...I WILL e-mail you. Are you married? Do you have ANY income? I know that David and I could NOT make it without some income from me. Do you have STD or LTD?? How in the world can you survive if you don't? My employer called again today and asked if I was still considering surgery! She has harassed me about this four times now during the three weeks I've been out and I am NOT going to have surgery. Allhart sent me some info earlier about a list of impairments accepted by Social Security and the diagnosis I was taken out of work for was there: Spinal Stenosis. It described the unrelenting pain and the fact that walking was just too painful. Any job requires walking to some extent just to get there and I just can't do it. Now, I go to the park and walk slowly and softly each day just so my muscles don't atrophy and it causes me a great deal of pain. I am on a lot of narcotic medicines and I could not possibly work while taking them. I hope I don't have to worry so much about this. I hate I have this spinal problem, but at least it IS something that is verified by an MRI and approved as a disability and I don't have to rely on the Lupus/FMS and all the other problems I have. I will use them, though! I am not a healthy woman, but I look like I am most of the time, except for my edema all over, which is bad most of the time unless I have complete bedrest and a lot of diuretics; then I suffer from a seriously low potassium level even while taking an Rx. supplement for this. I just have SO many problems and I have had for twenty-eight years now.(since I was 17!) I think I deserve to receive the benefits; after all, I have worked with these conditions (except the spinal stenosis) for many years and I just assumed I would always be in severe pain, so why not work and have an income??? Not gonna happen now...it is just impossible.
    I hope you'll get your money soon. Why is it taking so long. Can't you do anything about this? I know you'll get back-pay, but you've gotta live in the meantime! Did you say you have an attorney??
  14. northwoodssue

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    Hi Kadywill:
    I am awaiting a court date for fms only. I do get depressed, but hate to put that on my medical record. I guess that would help alot, but I just don't want to take that step. I think I will though. Can't get any worse. I was denied medical insurance because of fms and depression. Heck yes I was depressed. Couldn't work or do anything like I used to, anyone would be, even the attorneys and doctors!!!.
    anyway, good luck!
  15. lajek

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    I'm on social security disability & was advised during the claim process to use every possible diagnosis. The reason given was that along the way, if you hadn't listed as many as appropriate, new ones can't be introduced later (even if the condition exists). Apparently this way gives a better chance of something qualifying. Also, I used an approach that included having mulitiple problems contributed to my inability to CONSISTENTLY engage in gainful activity.
  16. darlamk

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    Hi Kady, I'm sorry your employer is calling already to question you - I know how frustrating and shaming this is for a care giver. Remember you are allowed a 12 week Family and Medical Leave of Absence by federal law. I went through the same thing - I was even told "your co workers are tired of picking up your shifts") They are under pressure too but statements like this don't help... Anyway as I recently posted, after applying in May 2001, I had a hearing on 9/11/02 and just found out I have been approved. My dx: fibromyalgia,cognitive thinking problems,plantaris fascitis, chondromalacia of knees, osteoarthritis, herniated cervical discs and spondylosis, several stress fractures of lower extremities, fatigue, constant severe pain in multiple areas, mobility limitations, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis in the hands and arms and depression. The decision states there is not always medical tests to back up my dx however what did was the disability rating given by the rehab Dr. and also a consultant (vocational expert) reviewed all my medical records and had a recommendation that I had a loss of 96% of income due to inabilty to work (rehab Dr. set limits on lifting and sitting/standing etc) In a nutshell it says I could work no longer than 2 hr @ a desk type job. Another emphasis was on my level of stamina (or lack of stamina) One thing you have going for you is your past work ethic and history. You sound like the type of person that has always worked and tried to overcome your health problems but now you have reached your limit. Remember: NEVER GIVE UP! They do not have all the guidelines in place for FMS so they just deny you but there are ways around it. I also had a compelling letter from my mental health therapist (an ex nurse that went back to school - she is wonderful) She verified my loss and grief due to inability to work.
    Good luck! Oh yeah - our credit cards are maxxed out to cover "life" so my year of back pay will be spent right away to pay them off!
    Best Wishes, Darla