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  1. ForeverFlaring

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    Hi all.

    I have always been fascinated to hear HOW we all got this DD. Many seem to have contracted it after an injury or vehicle accident. Some have gotten it after surgery. I have seen very few posts with people who got it after a viral infection.

    I for one got chickenpox from my kids when I was 29 and life was never the same for me. I remember quite clearly that while I was in the tub soaking in an oatmeal bath to get rid of the itchies I noticed my left knee had swollen to almost the size of a volleyball. I could still walk on it and it hurt but it was HUGE. The knee swelling went down after a few days but the pain and aches never left, in fact they worsened after the chickenpox virus had run its complete course. Interestingly enough when I was able to work, my very last job I was able to work at, I was a nurses aide at a hospital. One day my nurse manager pulled me into her office and asked why I looked like I was going to cry all the time. She asked if I was unhappy because I always looked either very mad or very sad. I broke down and explained to her I had FM and the mad or sad grimaces were probably just when I was in considerable pain. I told her it all stemmed from me getting chickenpox a few years earlier. Her jaw dropped when I said this. She said she also had contracted chicken pox as an adult and for MONTHS after she had it she was like an addict taking her motrin and tylenol every 4 hours with her hands shaking as she opened the bottle because all her joints and muscles ached. One day it all miraculously disappeared. Then my jaw dropped. Well this was a bit more than coincidence for me. How did her body get rid of this and mine cant? She experienced it for months but I am on year 5 of it.

    I believe that there is more than one kind of FM out there. I mean I know we all have different symptoms than one another as well as we share many of the same general symptoms suchs as pain, fatigue, etc.

    I do think that it is a CNS illness, but we have had our CNS attacked in different ways.

    What I want to know is:

    Age when you feel you contracted this:
    Predisposing conditions:
    How long you have had it:
    First general signs and symptoms:
    Do you feel you contracted this after a viral infection?
    Do you feel you contracted this after an injury?
    Do you feel you contracted this in another manner?

    If you don;t want to do this, it's fine with me. I am just curious as to whether we are looking at possibly more than ONE main DD. I seriously think that there is more than one but it is all grouped into one diagnosis.

    Thanks for your time in advance!
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    Answers as follows - hope they are helpful.

    Age when you feel you contracted this: 29

    Predisposing conditions: None, previously veyr healthy and fairly fit

    How long you have had it: 2 years

    First general signs and symptoms: Discovered my partner of 5 years had been cheating on me for some time and we subsequently broke up. Felt a bit tired and sad (as you do). Then got whacked with a horrendous flu-type bug (never identified but not EBV or one of the usual) and was so ill I thought I was going to die. I spent a week in bed (unheard of for me) and then started to very slowly recover. Took a month for the 'flu symptoms to disappear but was left with fairly classic signs of CFS - aching, no stamina, short-breathed, no fitness, muscles wasted away, etc.

    Do you feel you contracted this after a viral infection? Yes, most definitely.
    Do you feel you contracted this after an injury? No
    Do you feel you contracted this in another manner? No


  3. ForeverFlaring

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    It's amazing how fast a post can make it to page three here.
    I am bumping this up in hopes of getting a bit more feedback.

  4. VickyB

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    I have CFS, FMS and PHN caused from Shingles. I gave my kids the chicken pox virus from the shingles (chicken pox revisited). I was 32 years old when I broke out with the shingles and I have suffered for 8 long years. I have only gotten worse and I have taken every vitamin, eat right, juice vegetables anything that might help. I hope that some day I might wake up and this terrible disease would just go away. I hope you have better luck than I have had with the chicken pox virus.
  5. Echos

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    Hi, Echos here. I was 29 in 1991 when diagnosed with fibro and 38 in 2002 when I was diagnosed with CFIDS. Mine first started after my son and daughter-in-law broke up. I took on her pain as my own. And I had cevical and ovarian cancer. I was so stressed from a law suit I was in the middle of as well. Then I got the flu/virus that lasted for months. I had severe fatigue, insomnia, swollen lymph nodes, pain in every part of my body, brain fog, and so weak with horrible migraines. I honestly thought I was dying and only I knew about it. I went from 109 pounds to 86 pounds in a matter of weeks. Now happy to say I have got myself up to 94 and still working on it. I definately feel that it was a combination of stress and the viral infection that I came down with.

  6. jstbrznby

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    Hi, I hope this makes some kind of sense to you.
    (before I put you thru this long explanation, the bottom line is I think I have had the Epson-Barr Virus for years and the physical and emotional stress from a work injury, at age 39, just blew it up big time so here I am, and thank you again for having me!)

    The major onset for me was 3 years ago
    I had a work related injury in 1995 ( I was 39) which set off a war zone of stress. Physically resulted in knee surgery (ACL), they fused my neck C 4-5 which was and still is the major source of pain for me and, then they did reconstructive surgery to my right shoulder. It's the result this mess had on my life that has been so hard. I loved what I did for a living(that is history), my husband left (he had his own battles to fight with alchahol and the pressure was too much for him,I guess) and the fall out of loosing my income with a teenager in high school just reduced my life to hell, for lack of a better word.
    Then the blackouts started, then 'episodes' of feeling to sick and weak to get out of bed. I thought I was going to die alone, it is the loneliest feeling in the world when this takes over. Everyone thought I was taking too many pain pills so they never really thought I might in fact be sick. I wrecked my car ironically on my way to a Dr. appt @ 10 am when I nodded out on the freeway and hit the center divider, rolled my horse trailer (needless to say I quit driving for quite a while), and the highlight of humiliation was passing out at Thanksgiving dinner in front of the entire family! I don't think I will ever get over that, they all thought I was on drugs and they were so disgusted with me.

    Anyway,( Sorry about this being so long), What is strang to me is when I was 13 I had a very bad bout with Mononucleosis, I was never diagnosed until it flared up so badly my entire body was coverd with water blisters. I don't think I was ever the same again. Six years later they diagnosed me with what they discribed as some kind of Epson-Barr Virus, no one acted like it was a big deal and I had forgot about it until all this mess surfaced. So I don't know but it all seems a little coincedental.

    Once again I apoligize for my long explanations! But thank you so much for being here! Hugs...JYN
  7. FrustratedSoprano

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    Age when you feel you contracted this: 20

    Predisposing conditions: had an ovarian cyst at 17 (really really bad periods before that as well, to the point I missed one day of school a month because of it at one point)
    possible gallbladder flare-up (they didn't see anything on the ultrasound but I certainly had pain...speaking of this, I don't suppose this could have to do with all this junk could it?? it happened right before I finally went to the doctor about this junk)

    How long you have had it: almost a year or so

    First general signs and symptoms: first just soreness, then pain in my legs, without really any reason...got more and more often til I realized, ok something isn't right with this

    Do you feel you contracted this after a viral infection? no
    Do you feel you contracted this after an injury? no

    Do you feel you contracted this in another manner? yes, because I don't fit into the other categories... perhaps stress brought it on??? I was having some symptoms before hand, but the big blossoming of having worse and more frequent happened within the first couple of months after my grandmother's death (I was very very close to my grandmother, used to spend school breaks driving her places and such because with her RA she couldn't drive very far anymore)
  8. IndigoSC

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    I think that my fibro started after a couple different bad car accidents.... I also had a really bad case of mononucleosis and I heard that can contribute to CFS.
  9. kellbear

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    Good Post

    I feel like I got this when I had MONO at age 18. I have since had Eppstein Barr too. I am 28 now and at times feel worse then when I had MOMO. Since Mono, I never felt right. Always got easily tired but always functioned very well. It wasnt until last summer when all the big symptoms hit. I had a VERY stressful summer.
  10. Achy-shaky

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    I'm glad to help with your questions & hope this helps answer your questions.

    Here are my answers:
    Age when you feel you contracted this: 51 is when the worst symtoms started
    Predisposing conditions: restless leg syndrome, arthritis
    How long you have had it: FM/CFS since 11/99 (3-1/2 yrs) not dx until 7/2002
    First general signs and symptoms: extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, joint and all over pain
    Do you feel you contracted this after a viral infection? it's possible - I had mild symptoms off/on after a bad case of the flu in 93
    Do you feel you contracted this after an injury? yes, most extreme symptoms started after a fall hitting head & injurying neck
    Do you feel you contracted this in another manner? I also believe if it runs in family, you have more chances of getting it - I'm sure my mom had it but never dx

    As you can see even though the worst started in 99, I think it started before that and if I had not had the injury I may have just continued to have mild symptoms. I know that it can go into remission so if your friend says it went away that doesn't mean it won't come back if something else happens to trigger it again. Everyone's system is different so you can't predict who will get better and who won't...all you can do is to do as much research as possible and try everything you can with the assistance of a good doctor.

    Hugs & Blessings to you.

  11. nct

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    Age when you feel you contracted this: 33--CFS

    Predisposing conditions: I think there were several, dating back many years-most folks who get mono/EBV have no symptoms at all, or if any, they are very mild and gone within a month. I think my immune system was already depressed, thus I couldn't handle the EBV.
    Second hand smoke from my parents, my whole life.
    Their deaths in August of 96 and August of 97-after that, I developed asthma and began getting bronchitis on a regular basis. Etc, Etc.

    How long you have had it: almost 2 years

    First general signs and symptoms: severe, severe fatigue; brain fog;

    Do you feel you contracted this after a viral infection? oh yeah.

  12. jadewomyn

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    I am working with two MD's. One is a orthodox doctor, sticks to regular prescriptions, tried and true. The other one is a Naturepath and Medical Doctor.

    The Naturepath MD told me two days ago that Epstin Barr virus is PART OF FMS. Just as there are 3 forms of Herpes virus that make up chicken pox, that lays dormant in our nerve endings and later comes back as shingles... Fibro and CFS are part combinations of other virus also.

    No blasted wonder its so hard to get a handle on medically, why our symptoms vary so much and why we are so hard to treat!

    This doc is moving his office and wont be taking appoinments till Mid April, but I PROMISE I will share every helpful tid-bit on this board. Stay tuned.
  13. Frackie11382

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    Hey Sandy,

    -Age when you feel you contracted this: 4
    -Predisposing conditions: Genetics, low immune system
    -How long you have had it: Almost 17 years.
    -First general signs and symptoms: Generalized fatigue, no interest in playing with friends, spats of pain in wrists/ankles/etc., unexplained chest pains, and many others too numerous to mention.
    -Do you feel you contracted this after a viral infection? Possibly, I had Roseola, a very severe case of Chicken Pox, Chronic Bronchitis, chronic sinus/inner ear infections, and every virus that went around.
    -Do you feel you contracted this after an injury? Most likely, I was in an accident that ruptured my liver at age 4. This put me in the PedICU for a week, having to have a blood transfusion, and in the regular Peds for another week.
    -Do you feel you contracted this in another manner? I think it was a combination of all the aforementioned factors.

    So you see, Sandy, it was a tough childhood for me. And life is still tough. I had a bad attack with an Epstein-Barr like virus (my doc said it was EBV, but none of the tests came back positive) my senior year in HS/freshman year in college. It took me almost a year to recover from this. Anyways, I figured I would let you know that I think mine was due to a lot of both.

    Thanks for the post!

    Friends in Fibro,

  14. camelgirl

    camelgirl New Member

    -i was between 14 and 18
    -not sure about predisposing conditions
    -close to 10 years
    -first signs are unclear because it took hindsight to realize i even had it
    -i had a bad infection in 1990 and a few months later came down with a rare kidney disease that took my kidneys within a year...i took high doses of immunosuppressants... i contracted EBV...i had a kidney transplant in 1994 which involved more immunosuppressants...i've had many blood transfusions...so, as you can see, the onset of this dd is unclear and could have come at any of these times.

    i hope i answered your questions...peace, hugs, god bless, camelgirl
  15. KDBBEV

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    I have always been in good health until 1998 when I was diagnosed with stage IIIa ovarian cancer.
    After surgery to remove it I had chemotherapy (Taxol & Carboplatin) 6 sessions. I was tramatized by the cancer but I always believed mine was caused by the chemo. That stuff does horriable stuff to your body.
    Age when you feel you contracted this: 45
    Predisposing conditions: none but cancer
    How long you have had it: 5 years