Poll: What is the one thing you adore most about your DH or SO?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onedaymagpie, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. onedaymagpie

    onedaymagpie New Member

    Obviously this DD is difficult also on those in our lives. Our DH, DW and SO live this DD with us. So as a tribute to them, what is one thing you would say you adore most about that special someone. (I know, it is hard to just say one . .)

    For me right now, i adore DH's sense of humor and how he can make me laugh - invaluable

    How about you?
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Its the way he takes care of me.

    Today is our 5 th aniversary .We have no need for gifts .The love we share is enough.

    For Every Day A New Dawn Will Come........Sue
  3. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    The man simply cracks me up and I can have a conversation with him.


    Karen :)
  4. rigby

    rigby New Member

    After thirty years he still cares even if I can't do much and hurt. He once told me if he did not care if the house was perfect why do I make should a big deal, so relax and enjoy. Sharon
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    he usually is. Haha, that cracks me up.

  6. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I love his intelligence and wit. He is very kind and takes care of me on the days that I'm not well enough to take care of myself. After 17 years, we never fight or treat the other with anything but total respect. It's an awesome relationship and I thank God everyday for him.

    Anne Theresa
  7. karenreese

    karenreese New Member

  8. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    My hubby is the perfect mate for me in so many ways.

    - He reminds me to take my supplements and to eat sufficient protein

    - He give me space - understands when I've "hit the wall"

    - He takes care of all the bill-paying, throws out garbage

    - He finally understand that he can't "fix" my illness

    - I absolutely never feel guilty about laying in bed, not cooking dinner, taking care of me

    - He knows when to listen and just hold me.

    - Even though I know that he regrets that I cannot do the things I used to do, he never makes me feel guilty.

    I could go on and one. No, he is not perfect, but he is the perfect man for me. We are blessed to have each other for better or worse.

  9. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    I can't explain, but my DH is wonderful to me. He gives me hope, encouragement and tries to help me what he can... I just think he is amazing- he is very ill himself and the kindness and respect he gives me is truly one of a kind.

    I have to take care of him and times I am in so much pain, he tells me to go rest. We are best friends and just celebrated our 25th anniversay- we have each other and with Gods help we will get through this together. /we akso have our dogs- and that my friends is unconditional love.

    God, I just love the man
    Be Well
  10. onedaymagpie

    onedaymagpie New Member

    As you may have seen from my other post, things with DH and me are not all that great right now, but I love hearing these wonderful responses. The love just pours through the words that you have written

    Suzetal - Happy Anniversary - No 5 - that's a big one - I hope you have a nice celebration.

    Karen - yes, humor and communication - priceless

    Sharon - how sensitive and strong he sounds - 30 years, wow.

    GG - your words were really beautiful and inspiring. Boastful - no way! You for sure have a keeper.

    Honora - Funny, you got me on that one, but there is nothing like doggie love! Pure and real -- and unconditional! I love my doggies so much.

    Anne Theresa - what a pretty name. Sounds like real soul mates!

    Karen - yes, sanity is a good thing - too many men impair it rather than help keep it . . .

    Lolalee - oh, so great to hear; he sounds like a really special person - how lucky you are.

    Janet - 25 years! that is marvelous. You are indeed blessed.

  11. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    is on my side when it comes to his mom, or anyone for that matter. getting on me nagging me or being overbearing. all i have to do is hand him the phone he takes over and always backs me up
  12. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    but more than that, he is determined to find the cause and a cure for this condition.

    He has become an expert on every area of involement of CFS/FM.

    He know's more than my doctor.

    he want's to find a doctor that is interested research, to trade ideas, explore possible alternative avenues.

    This day and age you have to be your own doctor.

    My doctor is happy filling prescript's ( no narco's) but has no interest in studying possibles cause of this.

    His unconditional love and support.

    I am blessed.:)

    I pray you are as well.

  13. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    How tender and loving he is with his little girls, 8 1/2 and 18 months!!! I just melt everytime I see him with them.

    And he can make me laugh like a loon when no one else can!

    Madame Curie
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  14. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    He is so supportive, He has seen me go from who I was to who I am today and accepts and loves me unconditionally anyway,He accept each day as it comes along with me and thi DD..He's better than me at acceptance...He is wiling to do what ever he has to do wether its carrying me from place to place because I cant walk that day, making dinner, cleaning the house doing the laundry, playing with the kids even after he walks in the door after a very hard days work...and never once has complained.
    He goes to Drs appts. with me if need be for support or validation. He listens without judging me when I just need to vent,complain, scream or cry and doesnt hold it against me. He trys to help people understand when I cant keep a commitment or do more at church ect..he helps me to understand that I just CAN'T live up to others expectation because they dont understand how I can look soo good and feel soo bad "they just dont get it" he says but it'll be okay.
    He surpises me with flowers when Ive been having a long flair, or give me the newest dust mop just to make life easier,surprized me by ordering a thera cane and video to use, and both MFP books and tries really hard to message out my knots after studying the book.

    I know honestly,absolutely I would NOT be alive today without him LITERALLY. There have been many,many, days when I just couldnt take this pain anymore and the heartbreak of what it has done to our life and I didnt want to be here any more..and he was there.

    I am truely Blessed and very thankful. I hope you all are too. =]

    PS...Metallimom Im with ya on that one too. Great pain relieving benefits huh!!I let him know when I need his special therapy. HaHa

    Good topic.. sometimes I forget to count my blessing.
    ~~ Sally
  15. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    One of the reasons I married this guy is because he makes me laugh everyday. He's a kid at heart. He is very witty. He will sometimes say something funny at a solumn affair and makes me laugh but he won't laugh. And, he sings to me and acts like he is playing guitar. What a nut.

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  16. tomcollins

    tomcollins New Member

    she has taken on the world to make sure that I can have a little happiness and then she still makes time for us. You ever get to that point where saying, "I Love You." just doesn't describe the how wonderful someone makes you feel? I spend every day trying to show her how much she means to me.
  17. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    It has taken him a LONG time to come around to the understanding that I HURT. And now that he does he is moree concerned about me and the things that i do.

    HE will tell me not to over do it or I will get sick. He comes home from work and will stand behind me just rubbing my neck and shouldlers. He is more caring and kinder too. NO he is not perfect yet .But at least he is trying to understnad how badly I really do feel.

    He tells me more often that he loves me and that he appericates me for the house work that I do even when it is minor . My hubby is getting better at being more understanding . He is far moer gentler with me now than ever
    Sorry about all the whinning,

  18. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I have to say the one thing is that he is still here supporting me as much as he ever has..maybe even more since fibro dx was given.
    He isn't perfect..sometimes I still have to bop him on the head and tell him that he isn't paying attention...but he takes that bop on the head good naturedly..and tries to do better! It is not nearly as much fun being married to me these days...but we do still do our best to have fun together..and like I said...he is there for me..regardless of the need of the day..or the moment...He is just there!
  19. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    my one thing is his persistence to make me happy and in that there are hundreds of things he does right. :)

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