Poll/ who dreads going to doc and then feels worse after?

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    I probably know the answer but would like to hear your stories. It takes so much energy sometimes just to get ready then never know what to expect,or maybe I do. Just a few of my experiences. My rhume said to me I do not fit the profile, I always dress well and told him about my businesses etc. Guess I was to take his next comment as a compliment. He believes people with fm are usually low class people, that I was one of the few that did not fit his profile. He belives malic acid and mag.,he sells in office is the cure and nothing else. Only 1 I have on my list to go to. I go because I know P.A. and she tries to help me,what he allows anyway. I just happenned to get a cluster headache last time there,never had this where someone saw how God awful painful they are. P.A. was trying everything but I was point of know return. He walks by chewing on a candy and said I do not belong there,that was his help. These headaches are known as suicide headaches they started again after last whiplash. I wont` go into all the rest. I went to pain management doc when he saw fm on paperwork, he totally dismissed me, I asked if he could just give me some injections for cervical pain etc. I did not care if it was saline needed to break up huge lumps. I said you don`t believe in lyme,fm.or epstein barr,he never came in room all the way and asked me to leave he can not help people with these suppossed ailments. Only pain management guy on my list. My primary just wants to talk about my cholesteral and won`t even look at me or touch me when I want to speak of my illness. I brought him info from this site and said do not beieve what you read,people are in it for the business. I believe the saying is only beieve half of what you read, oh well. Only doc I have that excepts fm pts. He is still better than some, as many I could go on and on. Besides for being so exhausted physically just to go to doc, I fell like cr-p after. Sometimes I don`t know whether to get angry,laugh or cry but usually too fatigued to figure it out,lol. I as mentioned know better because I have worked with so many chronically in pain people. Yet, one can`t help but say HELP,what is wrong with you professionals, guess that is why I changed from nursing to P.A. For the most part I have always been treated much better. I have been told by 3 diff. doc`s they have no idea how I get out of bed and do all I have done. I had one doc he had cfids and now had to quit but what a difference when you go to someone who actually cares. I`ve had pts. tell me they went out in parking lot and wept. Really sad, I feel one day I want to run into one of these docs in a restaurant, and do and say what Bea Arthur did on the golden girls. Did they forget how long m.s. was dismissed,because mostly women had it. That they just realized parkinsons is a neurotransmitter disorder. On&on we have soooo much to learn and there will always be a new disease, why do they not think about that????? Sorry like some of you I could go on for days on this issue. So let me give you your time. I have one easy question to ask them, Why would anyone want to live like this???? Lose and waste what little money is left, loss of friends and everything that really means anything,most of all Like Your Health.I watch these old folks in fl. doing 10 times more than I am able to. My Love and blessings go to all of you who have been dished by the very system we depend on..... HUGsssss Thanks
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    So glad some people get help finally. I lost my good docs 1 to cfids, as I mentioned and the rest left my insurance program and this is the only program just about left. I have spent all my $$$ on trying to get better. Now I am down to food and shelter. I get in less than $400.00 mo.and live alone. My meds, herbs, and vitamins come to over 2 times what I get in. So I am stuck.. I am from oHIo so hello fellow ohioan. You know either the armpit of U.S. or what I call the friendly state. oHIo. Do you remember Hoolihan, what a nut, now he preaches religion in fl.
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    Yes, I dread going to the doctor. I`m so sick of the way they treat us. Someone that stubs their toe would get more treatment and understanding then we do. I always get the impression they think we`re just these depressed, neurotic people and its our own fault we`re not well. That we want to be sick. The pain specialist I went to a month ago just seem to insist that I was just depressed and needed to get a job and I would feel better. She didn`t show one ounce of compassion.

    Its amazing that we all keep our sanity and keep hanging in there. I have to say, we`re an amazing ,strong bunch to endure so much! We should all be very proud of ourselves!!

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    I have said this many times, well put....
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    and they'd all be jumping thru hoops for a cure! I've had some real crappy docs too but if you can somehow find a better one, it will do wonders for your depression. I luckily have found one rheumy who is pretty ok and will listen to my suggestions without getting defensive. My primary doc is a good example of needing to get a clue...she used to call me her mystery patient because she couldn't figure out why I had so many weird symptoms that didn't check out as what she'd consider real problems. Then when I got dx with FM from another doc she tells me oh yeah, that makes sense...I just wanted to yell "well, dah why didn't you think of it."

    When I first saw your post I thought you were talking about how bad you can feel physically after an exam, how painful it can be just to be examined is overwhelming at times and no one but us understands that. I'm dreading a eval exam with my orthopedic doc next week who will be doing his report for workers comp so I hopefully can finally get my case settled, but he is not gentle with his exams (which really irritates me too) and I know I shouldn't take too many pain meds just so he can see how really bad I am but yet I want to be drugged so it doesn't hurt so much...what a dilemma!

    BTW: If you are hurting for meds and can't afford them, check out needymeds site for low income folks. I just called the number and they approved me over the phone to go get meds with only $5 co-pay. They send you application that needs your doctor to sign and proof of income and that's it. I was so happy to find that because some of my meds are not covered by any insurance as I have no benefits except thru workers comp for now and I'm waiting on state disability to kick in since all workers comp funds have run out. They said they would give me six months worth of my Mirapex for restless leg and then they send another application to renew.

    Blessings to you to find a doc who makes you feel better.
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    Ok- am tired & kind of foggy- did you say this is the only dr you can go to on your insurance? If so call insurance & tell them that you want a 2nd opinion. If I understand correctly I think that they have to allow you to go to a different dr for that. I was shocked when my PCP of 8yrs+ told me that she 'won't give pain meds' if I had FMS... I dropped her that day & got on the phone til I found a dr who believed in & treated FMS. Then I lost my job & my insurance & had to run the gauntlet again- luckily I struck gold & got a dr listed in the fibromyalgia network list of good drs. I did however get such a crummy counselor to see that I dumped him. He thought my pain depended on my depression & I told him it's kinda the other way around...
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    I am on ssd medicare hmo plan. Almost every rheume left the plans in this area. They had sort of a union. I liked my previous rheume, but he is off all medicare choice plans. I go to this one mainly to see P.A. I worked with she gives me my neurontin and anything she can give to help. Dr. is the one, my point on him is he has alot of fm. pts. and when he makes a statement only low class people have fm.,etc. I know many professinal like myself,have fm, even though he said I don`t fit the profile. Just tells you where his mindset is. He told my friend her father most have molested her,she was very close to him and he died at a very early age, she was so angry she walked out. I have alist of only a few primaries,they will not allow me to use out of their plan. He is not the worst I just want him to look at me and stop talking about my cholesterol, I am on a strict diet and have had this since my 20`s I know all about it. My mom`s is over 300 on meds it,non of us heavy, is just inherited. She was the one who watched her diet too. My da said, bull on that stuff ate every high cholestol food you could imagine and his cholest. was low. Anyway my true point is I am inbarrassed some times to say I was in this unfeeling field. I did work ups in a clinic,that was feeling,what a diff. for pts., and just felt so for all the people 5+ yrs of turndowns when they are already sick. The look on their faces when they were finally acknowledged was priceless!!! If a doc would just look a pt. in the eye and say, (I don`t know,but help teach me,that the med. field has so much to learn.) There is one thing I know if a dr. does listen a patient they will prob. tell the dr. what is wrong with them. I have been told I have lyme there is only one dr. here that will help, but He wants all money up front,no ins. If I knew he would cure me I would put it on my card,then go back to work. I have so many things wrong now I am not sure if he can cure me, I have been there done that and my wallet is empty,like many of us. I say to docs. re read your oath. Did you get your disability another chore for people who are so fatigued? I hope you did? How do you like Az? Thanks, and hugs!!!.( P.S. I am trying for the med programs I own too much so far. Used to have the big house,boat etc. But my investments I had been living on are depleting fast especially with our econimy,thanks though.)