POLL WHo Working???

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  1. I am, Hubby can't RUthie
  2. cinnveet

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    It is killing me. I am getting so close to handing in the towel. Its the medical benifits that are keeping me there. If I was able to quit and file for ssi without waiting for 2 or more years to be approve and still keep my medical benifits I would leave in a heart beat.
  3. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    High stess job had to leave 2003. Hated to leave but could not walk anymore.

  4. libra55

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    Not since 1995. Worked at home. Loved it. Company moved out of state.

    I miss being productive. i feel like I have no brain left.

  5. andrea1459

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    The most frustrating symptom i have is the brain fog, so it is impossible for me..
  6. marilynb

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    I had to increase my hours at work up to 30 hours (from 20) in order to get medical benefits. My husband use to cover me, but changed jobs, so the coverage ended. I had no choice but to increase my hours so my employer would cover me. EVERYDAY is a struggle for me to get up & go to work.

  7. cbella

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    40 plus hours a week. Sometimes I don't know how I can get through the day- thank goodness I just started on Ultram ER and that gets me through the 8 hours fairly well. Standing on me feet almost all day as a nurse is not easy so I sit when ever I can. I need the income and the insurance, since my husband is self employed. :)cb
  8. IF you quit your job you will get medical through the state. RUhie
  9. bunnyfluff

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    40+ hrs a week, but mostly sitting quiet.

    It's still hard, I get tired. Need the $$ & health insurance, so I'll try to hang on for awhile longer. I think once I quit for good, my life will change dramatically, not sure I'm ready for that, either.
  10. penpardee

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    I am still working...at least going thru the motions. My co-workers are used to me not "being there"...if not physically, certainly mentally. Since the begining of 2006 I have NOT worked more than I have worked. I am 46 years old into my 27th year of service. I doubt I will be able to make it to age 55 for early retirement.
  11. kaiasmom

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    It is soooo hard though. We could never afford for me to stay home & it would take too long to get disability if I could. I'm only 26 & have 2 small kids though, so my situation may be different than others. Not necessarily easier, just different.

    I am lucky, I do sit behind a desk all day. The computer is very hard on my neck, shoulders & arms though. Those are my worst spots. Also my low back from sitting all day. Also, it is my brain that does the working, and the fog is getting pretty tough to cover up.

  12. marilynb

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    This year begins my 11th year at this job & I finally get 4 weeks vacation! That sure will help me this year, taking off. I will probably take a few days at a time, so my time will last longer. I am afraid if I take 2 weeks off at 1 time, it will be too hard to go back to work.

  13. Jgavi

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    No, and its awful being abnormal, looked at, poor, depressed, no hope....

    I recently told a new Dr when he asked me "what do you do all day?"

    I said "I try and find a way out of pain, that way i might be able to do a few things later in the day but some days the pain wont go away and i lay there, sit there..i am just there, but my biggest job is to find answers on getting better-"

    Also i look for a job i can do!
    There is nothing....i am glad so many people can work- i tried to hang onto my great job- i went from 60 hours a week, to 40, than 20 than 10 hours! That all went on for a two year period...I tell you, it was and still is hard to accept i cant work, TALK ABOUT AN OUTCAST...

    sorry for the long answer but i know so many can understand this.....jackson gavi
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  14. starmom

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    I am a stay at home mom. It started as a combo of losing work time through my health probs and from probs of an autistic child. I lost job after job. Then I had an evening inbound catalog job, on the phone. As long as I felt good I was fine. When I felt bad, it showed in my voice and I couldn't make quotas. Some days I couldn't even stand to sit at my desk for a 3 hour shift!

    Then we moved. And now we are in a town away from bus service, my hubby commutes 75 miles ONE way to work. If I had a job I could do I couldn't get there.

    My autistic child is much improved, mostly a normal teenager by sheer effort of finding effective therapies and forcing him into/through them. His illness is mild compared to most with it. He lives with my parents now, as they can give him an environment with less stimulation and more one on one attention. I have the 2 younger kids with hubby and I.

    At this point my health would not let me work. I can't think of anything I could reliably do day after day, even if I could get there. I do sell on Ebay sometimes for extra $$.

    We live as frugally as I can make our life. IF anyone needs tips on living cheaply, let me know.

  15. Im a waitress I can hardly carry those big trays anymore.I only carry like 3 plates instead of 4 or 5 I use to be so strong. Almost like I worked out i was so strong for a lady.Ruthie
  16. musikmaker

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    I have been getting progressivly worse and just left my job friday. I was in Information Management and the brain fog was making it impossible for me to continue. I have been in this field for 25 years. I'm sure this will be hard for me but it hasn't really registered yet.
  17. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    i just went to part time frome 40 hrs. i just could not do full time anymore. i am just going to have to cut back on things. but i am soooo glad to do that. glenda
  18. zion1971

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    i was a teacher. i became ill while in grad school fulltime. i had to quit two semesters before finishing. i had already finished 57 of the 66 sem. hours. never finished.

    i went back to teaching part-time. let someone talk me into teaching fulltime. then, i hit a wall. i was using all of my sick and personal days. then i started getting docked for days i missed. i finally resigned. no one really understood why i was "quitting." i could not get them to understand even with explanations.

    i recently got my real estate license. this allows me to make my own schedule. i get to take naps during the day when i need them. it is a blessing.
  19. leubie

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    The only way I can get by are the meds!______________________________-there -I said it -thats the thruth-------I use to be so out going-------------fibro and all that comes w/ it have really just ruined my life-------------im having a horrible 2 days----- i was off two days in a row---------but im to damn tired to do anything-----------im a failure as a mother now----------im sorry i cant finish thislaura
  20. jeanann

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    i am self employed. Work out of my home. i am so grateful. I got my masters degree before fibro hit me and got my own private practice doing vocational rehab. I work at home and mostly set my hours of when i see clients. Man if it werent for this I would be in big financial trouble.
    I feel for those who are having to work in pain. I feel for those who are living with a partner who is not understanding and cant get out because of finances. I think that type of stress really makes this thing worse.

    Jean Ann