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  1. shari1677

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    What does a typical day look like for you - activity wise - 24 hours.

    I'll go first:

    I work third shift so my day starts about 5 p.m.
    1: My daughter and I eat dinner (which I prepared the night before while I was working - I am fortunate enough to work at home).
    2: I watch TV.
    3: I work from 9P to 1A (I try to get some laundry done and picking up around the house - quick shower).
    4: I sleep from 1A to 4A.
    5: I work from 4A to 8A (at which time I make dinner for that evening).
    6: I sleep from 9A to 5P.

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  2. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    I am mostly home bound. I have learned to pace.

    I get up and feed the cat and dog and make coffee.
    Sit for 30 minutes in recliner
    I put a load of clothes in washer and tidy up for a total of 20 min
    Sit in recliner for 30 minutes
    I work slowly in my ebay room for 20 minutes
    I sit in recliner 30 min
    I put in another load of clothes or what ever needs doing .I can do this about 20 min

    and on it goes....do what needs doing for 20 min, recline for 30 min and REPEAT all day long.

    That is the way I can manage.

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