Polluted foods [[[[[[[[[[ No wonder we are sick

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    I have been reading and hearing about the tainted pet foods.
    Supposed to be from Melamine (SP?) that the Chinese use in their fertilizer. We use what they supply from a corn product that is turned into a gluten, a food filler. Melamine is a Nitrogen for the fertilizer they make. Melamine
    is used to make Formica counter tops, seats in cars, and many different products. Sounds yummy?

    OK.....why are we importing it, don't we grow enough corn? Lets grow more. Well we will be for our new form of fuel for our vehicles.

    If accepted as a food product then it makes sense that it is in much of our processed foods, that is prepared for human consumption? Frozen, boxed, baked, etc.

    Now our 130 lb. body (or much more or less) can tolerate much more than our 3 lb. dog. Are we gradually poisoning ourselves? Look at the growth, the world is experiencing of many illnesses including Autism.

    "They" first blamed it on rat poison, in the pet food. But now they are saying it is that ground up plastic in the fertlizer. Ships bringing cargo are loaded and a powder form of rat posion is sprinkled around. It then produces a gas in the hold. Doesn't that get into the containers of what is being shipped?

    I also have heard that some organic farmers buy produce when needed from non-organic farmers and sell it along with their produce. Everyone makes more money this way. Of course I am sure there is some that do not do this. Just something else to be aware of. Scary.

    No wonder we are sick! Maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. But it is something we need to

    Blessings............to all of us.............Susan
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    I still have the 130 lb. body.....it is hiding somehwere under the rest of the Wt. I have gainned.......

    Actually I am anorexic......but I am hiding the fact under
    the fat on my bod!!!! Thank Goodness we are not know on this board and I could confess that.......whew......

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    And where does the pet food ingredients and human foods crossover? Wheat is wheat....and I agree why in the world are we importing wheat from china?

    Sunday my sister called, her neighbor is a baker for Safeway...a grocery chain. Seems they told him not to come in to work, they were going to outsource baking the breads until they checked out the source of the wheat gluten they got because they suspected it was the same supplier as the pet food recall.
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    I get so sick of that one commercial where this woman says ... look at me! I am in a size 2! I do not feel self conscious in a bikini ... blah blah blah ... Why don't you go for size 0? lol What was she before? a size 6????
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    The contaminated pet food was made in Canada, one of the world’s largest producers of wheat. I would assume that they were importing the wheat gluten from China because it was cheaper. If it is cheaper for a Canadian company to pay to import Chinese wheat rather than use Canadian wheat, what does that suggest about the quality of the wheat used?

    I am currently doing a liver detox and one of the food’s that is suggested is spinach. Spinach is also one of the foods that often has a high pesticide residue. Something is wrong when we have to weight the healthful benefits of our food against it’s harmful aspects.

    Congratulations on hiding the fact that your are anorexic. I have had a couple of friends who were obvious anorexics and I can guarantee you that you would not want to be like them. Actuarial studies have shown that being underweight is worse for your health than being overweight.