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    i really don't know that much just heard a dr on t.v. say that fibro could be a results of the polo vaccines so i looked up monkey virus 40.and i knew that i was in that time frame to have received the sugar cube and i remember taking it.its kind of scary but if we could learn something it would be worth it. Sixtyslady
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    hey wakemeup.
    I really don"t know the one article I read said that no one will admit to this but how would this Dr on t.v. know about it .I think its sort of like the gulf war thing nobody wants to address this.but would"t it be great if someone would and then maybe there would be some attention brought to fbro,and cfs and the like.would't it be great if the medical profession could find something to help us.I feel like we where all gunie pigs I know the thought was to keep us from getting polo but we where just kids and now I wonder about the shots I let my children have I have a daughter that had invasive cancer at the age of 30. and Praise God she"s been cancer free for 4 yrs now.But three other girls that where raised on the same block that we lived on, all grew up to have the same kind of cancer.It just makes me wonder. Sixtyslady
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    My FM came from a rubella vaccine.
    I had a reaction to R.Vaccine 17 eyars ago after my last child was born, sending me into full blown messels, and leaving me with FM.
    I don't trust vaccinations, they are saying that the mmrs are causeing autisum in children and I beleive it.

    I saw a docomentry on a child that had the polio vaccine and the father wiped the childs mouth, and some how touched his own later, and it gave him polio.

    so many things the pharmacutical companies and the government , hide from us.

    The blood tests I've had shows the rubella messels live in my joints in the sonovial fluid .
    and I'm not supose to give blood.

    they say I'm not contagous, but whos to say I'm not?

    I'm always careful around people when I have fevers, and rashes just in case the DR.s are wrong.

    The worst part of it is being left with FM, this is a night mare.

    I know that vaccines are nessesary,
    But so many children and adults have problems with them.

    If I could go back in time I would have refused the vaccine I took.

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