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    just wonder how many of you are old enough to have had the polo vaccine before the 1960,s there was a dr on tv that mention that fibro and the like is from the early polo vaccine . so I looked up monkey virus 40.and I"m wondering if maybe this could have something to do with fibro.has anyone else heard about this. sixtyslady
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    Oh, I know about the polio scare and I got the vaccine and have fms and cfs..
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    Myself and 3 sons got the sugar cubes in early 1960s......I think their father did also.....we all went through the regime, including a shot later on....

    I have CFIDS and FIBRO..........

    But I had trouble with my legs as a youth......could not walk for a short while....Now days some says that I could of had a form of Polio.....
  4. yes i had the polio vaccine before 1960..i havent heard about any effects of the vaccine,but its possible that these sort of things could trigger something off i suppose.

    kind regards

    ps..when i gave birth to my youngest son in 1990,the doctor gave me a sort of medicine on a spoon that day.i asked him,what is it? he said we are giving new mums the polio vaccine... i said well i dont need that,ive already had that vaccine when i was a child.
    the doctor said to me,well we want you to take it now anyway.so i did.

    kind regards
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    There was a study which showed that those who received the oral polio vaccine every three months had no more cold sores. I worked at a large clinic and several of us were always getting these cold sores. The year that we did the polio vaccine, we had no more cold sores.

    I'm old enough that I must have had the sugar cube vaccine, but I don't remember it. I do remember my Mom giving thanks that there was finally a vaccine for Polio. Like parents everywhere, she worried every time I didn't feel well that I had Polio.

    With vaccines contaminated from diseased animal tissue, Mad Cow disease, and now bird flu, I have to wonder about how we use the animals in our environment.

    I do think that, at least in the beginning, those with Post Polio Syndrome are probably misdiagnosed with FMS/CFIDS.

    Love, Mikie
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    I had the polio vaccines started in the late 50's. The problem with the polio vaccine then, late 50's through the early 60's was it was contaminated with monkey virus (SV-40). It certainly has opened up for all of us who had that vaccine the possibility of many different illnesses.

    I have CFID. I am HHV-6 pos. HHV-6 has also been nicknamed AIDS lite. You can have CFS without being HHV-6 pos. So yes, I think you could have a polio like illness or anything else from the SV-40. We just don't fit under one unbrella. These are complex and varied illnesses.

    It's the very reason I will not take any vaccinatins of any kind anymore. They knew at the time that the polio vaccine was contaminated, and gave it anyhow.

  7. Mikie

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    Read "The Virus Within." Antivirals are not very effective against it. Transfer factors seem to work much better.

    It seems that the HHV-6 is fairly common in people with CFIDS and people with AIDS. The problem is that this scares people who believe that CFIDS can turn into AIDS or that they really have AIDS instead of CFIDS. This isn't true. HIV can turn into AIDS but one can be tested for HIV. Most docs do test for it to rule it out.

    The thing is that it is the HHV-6 which causes both those with AIDS and those with CFIDS to feel so lousy. If one treats the HHV-6, one will likely feel much better. I am getting better after using the transfer factor which targets both strains of HHV-6.

    Love, Mikie
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    thanks everyone for input on the polo vaccine issue I no longer will take vaccines also. also know a gal that had her first symtoms of fibro after flu shot. I try to stay with all natural remedies because meds usually make me feel worse. and even with natural I just add one at a time.sometimes I feel like a nut about these things but I"ve learned from past experience.I also wanted to pass on a good linimet that I just started using on my ankles. knees and elbows.you can get it at walmarts watkins pain relief spray, it takes the burning pain away and you can apply it yourself. have a good day all. Sixtyslady
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    My grandson is only getting those which could become a life and death issue and which contain no mercury. Also, he only gets one at a time, no combos.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have the book. In fact you can get it for like .37 cents used, from amazon. I'm not sure the book is for everyone. If your not a fairly secure person, you might get pretty freaked out by the book.

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    OK, let me know the skinny on this. We were in a poor area and our parents were just so happy that we were getting chosen to be the ones to get the first vaccines for polio back in the fifties.

    As usual, I'm out of the loop on this one and haven't kept up on what it's suppose to have done to us!