Poly cystic ovarian syndrome....PCOS

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    My daugther was just dx with this and I am very worried about her. She has twenty four spots on one ovary and twelve on the other. Doctor does not suggest to remove her ovaries and I just do not know if that is the right decesion or not. She is 31 and has her tubes tied as she has two childern and does not want any more.

    Anyone out there have any experience with the syndrome?

  2. carebelle

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    I know this can cause a lot of pain and other problems like weight gain ,usually its hard to get preg. with it.

    I would think it might be better to have them removed but she needs to talk to her doctor. That would mean early menopause and that has its own set of problems.

    I would sugest you let her desidewhats best for her you do not want blamed for any problems afterwards. Just be surportive of what she decides.

    2nd and 3rd opinions are good
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    since I was 26. I knew there was a problem at 17 when I started getting a little beard under my neck. Talk about self concious, I was and no one knew what was going on. Just hormones. It wasnt until I was older that a new OB/GYN doc came to town and was able to diagnose it. Today there are good books about the disease and control of it. I wish I had these before I developed Hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipedemia. Weight loss has been very difficult if not impossible for me but it is crucial to the control of the syndrome and advance of other diseases. Please go to amazon.com and look up polycystic ovarian syndrome and choose from the great offers. they are all very informative. I hope your daughter can get this under control and avoid many other problems. Good luck to her.
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    I have been scheduled 3 times for the test to detect this syndrome and Have not made it to the appt.....This test is sooooo painful to me....And now with this DD and spinal fusion less than a year ago...I am DREADING it...My GP thinks because of my weight gain and facial hair I might have this...I am 43 and have children already (4). Go figure...I am in no hurry to find out on top of everything else...L. If you search for healthboards you will find message boards that have alot of infor on this also..Peace L.