Polycystic ovaries

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenunsa, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. jenunsa

    jenunsa New Member

    Anyone have PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

    How did you treat it? Was the treatment successful?

    I have PCOS and my right ovary is enlarged and currently has 2 cysts, each has a diameter of about an inch. (I also have endometriosis) I'm tired of the pain it causes on top of the FMS.
    Not sure if I should have another laparoscopy to treat the endometriosis and drain the cysts, or try to balance my hormones...
    Or wondering if I can have the ovary removed since the cysts are mainly in the right one and that's where I always get the pain.

    Anybody have advice, experience, good results, horror stories???
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i know what you mean, i nevewr had a regular period. then i went to have surgery when i was 15 years old and the dr. told my mom and i my preganancy test came out positive, but on the ultrasound it appeared to by a cycst, it was only the size of a grapefuit. so any ways had the hernia repaired after i had my first gyno to make sure i'm really not pregnant at the time.

    blood tests were negative and the urine tests would say im otherwise. so i had laproscopy in the month of nov. then december i has an ovarian wedge re-section. cutting off some ovary and the cyst. oh we tried bith control but it didn't hlep me. so i had surgery two more times. because of scare tissue and more systs. he said next time i get demoral in e.r and he will put me out and basically pundh me hard in the gut. and he told me i would have adifficult time w/preganancy and getting pregnant. well the getting preganant part was easy the keeping part and the the pre-eclampsia,

    now i-m 40 going on 41 years soon. so now i already had polps removed in the uterus. bu t that is hormonal as well.

    good luck
  3. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    I was diagnosed with pcos--- they had me try a bunch of different hormones, to try and stop the 24-7 period I've had. None of them worked longer than a week or a few days, and they had ugly side effects so I figured I'd rather live with a period all the time.

    The gyno said that I could try a round of birth control followed by fertility drugs to make me ovulate normally, but I don't want to risk a pregnancy, let alone a multiple pregnancy while my body is this sick.

    He said I wouldn't die and that I just have to make sure I have my regular paps to check for cancer. Also, I probably won't be able to just get pregnant without fertility drugs at least.

    I gave up on dealing with it-- Having a period all the dang time sucks and I'm really sad about the pregnancy thing but frankly the Fibro is a much more pressing issue to me. PAIN insists on being dealt with first.

    I'm pretty foggy-- hope this made sense. I'm sorry I couldn't help with info... just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Good luck!
  4. jenunsa

    jenunsa New Member

    It sounds like there can be varying symptoms from PCOS. I have not had the frequent bleeding, and, in fact, am bleeding less and less each time I get my period. But the pain from the cysts is always there and depending on my posture or movement it can feel like someone is reaching into my abdomen and pinching me with pliers. And there is always that soreness and aching. And *bad* PMS.

    Well, I just went to a gyno/endo doctor at a fertility clinic (ironic because I don't want kids, but no other doctor would discuss the hormone issues) and he did another ultrasound and besides the big cyst on my ovary, he found, get this, a "mass" in my uterus. Great. One more thing to worry about. He said I shouldn't be worried, but come on!
    Anyway, I have to go back and get another ultrasound done (yippee!) after I bleed so that he can see the lining of the uterus better. I have this feeling he'll see it and decide it's nothing and not want to do anything about it.

    Meanwhile I'm in pain with crazy unbalanced hormones. He wants me to go on BCPs again to try to bring the hormones into even-ness where they won't be fluctuating, but I've tried this and it didn't work. So not sure what to do now. Guess I should find out about the "mass" first, then decide.

    I wonder what these docs would do if they got giant painful golfball-sized cysts on their testicals. They'd probably be in the emergency room demanding treatment and freaking out. grrrrrrr.

    Anyway...me and my "mass" just needed to vent a bit....
    Anyone else had a similar experience? Advice?
  5. intrigue

    intrigue New Member

    I also have PCOS, and also not trying to conceive.

    For me, controlling PCOS has been all about diet and weight management.

    I went through the routine about 5 years ago. I have NEVER had normal periods, and I had all kinds of problems with cramps and abdominal pains. I, like you, wanted to find out what the heck was going on with me. I went to my obgyn, who did the ultrasound and gave me the diagnosis of PCOS. It was then that I learned that really the only "treatment" for PCOS was either birth control pills or drugs like metformin. I only know of surgery being necessary when you are trying to get pregnant. Otherwise, they tell you to control your weight, and cut down on sugar. My doctor put me on Yasmin (BCP)

    I did some reading on my own, and found that the best treatment for PCOS is a low sugar diet. There is supposed to be a connection to our bodies making too much insulin when we eat something sweet (which contributes to why many people with pcos are overweight).

    I went on a low carb diet and lost about 60 pounds. My periods normalized, my pain decreased, and life was good! I went to see an endocrinogologist AFTER i'd lost the weight, and he said no additional treatment was needed. I stopped taking BCP and was still able to control the pcos.

    THEN ... all of sudden I got sick with what was diagnosed as Epstein Barr ... 2 years ago, and never got better. I have since gained 80 pounds back (AACK!), and PCOS is again a problem. My PCP tried putting me on Metformin, but I could not tolerate it.

    NOW ... I am again back on the low carb diet, seeking help with my fibro from the FFC centers, and trying to control the pcos with diet. Though, because of whatever the heck is the matter with me causing the fibro has made weight management extremely challenging.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Rene

    Rene New Member

    I may have it too. I have one grapefruit size on EACH ovary!! Plus two quarter size as well! I went to oncology and he said maybe its PCOC. I thing I'm gonna go to endocrinologist.

    As for you Mass in your Uterus its probably just a fibroid. I have a large on and got the UAE which was just an overnight stay where they cut off the blood supply. My bleeding has cut down by 70%. Condaleeza rice had this done too.

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