Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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    To the ladies :)

    I was diagnosed with this several years ago before any of the other symptoms of CFS became apparent. I always thought this hormonal imbalance where my body produces too much testotrone was odd; nobody else in my family has this to my knowledge. I take birth control daily to regular my menstral cycle and if I stop taking it, I don't get my period at all. I've missed it for as long as a year (some people might think I'm crazy for taking medication to make me have that dreaded cycle! LOL)

    In all seriousness, just out of curiousity because I wonder if having that has anything to do with CFS - I saw people on here also have GERD(which I also have severely, I take Nexium everyday, can't eat without it).

    Thank you for reading. :)
  2. I dont know if there is a connection but around the time when I was diagnosed w. CFIDS/Me (also FMS) I was also diagnosed with Polycistic ovary syndrome. I know that my bodies hormonal system was totally out of whack I was also diagnosed w. something called late onset adrenal hyperplasia (which effects the entire endochrine system)

    Possible that CFIDs has some kind of connection to hormones and the endochrine system. But w. CFIDs there seems to be way more questions than answers.

    I have also seen a connection to CFiDs, FMS and Endometriosis.
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    I just wanted to bump this thread while I'm still in the midst of trying to solve this whole thing.

    My appointment with the Infectious Disease Specialist is in 2 weeks. I really am starting to believe that my original dx 2 years ago of CFS is correct - but I never believed it due to my misconception.

    But, 2 years later as new symptoms surface and I try to piece together everything it's becoming more and more apparent. Just curious about the PCOS since I also have GERD and a lot of people with CFS seem to have GERD. :)

    Thanks for listening!