Polymyalgia Rheumatica...anyone ???????questions

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    In the few places i've searched this condition,2 of them have said one of its characteristics (among many)is..that it usually appears after or about the age of 50.
    So does that mean its not likely at all that someone younger could have this.What if a person has alot of the symptoms and is 4o yr old?? I have said recently that I now have a poss. low titer ana.....now today my drs. big concern is a sed rate of 46. She's sending me to a Neurologist. I have been feeling like I'm flaring.....alot of pain,aches,and my legs are really bothering me.They hurt/ache real bad when i'm on my feet for more than a half hr??? my dr. also got to see my mottled skin all over my belly and upper legs.(it comes and goes....but it was there in full force today at my appointment) I'm just trrying to figure all this out. since you all are quite knowledgable I figured i'd ask here for some help.
    About the possibility of PMR?? Something is going on with me.......need help please. Thanks :)
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    my husband had polymyalgia rheumatica several years ago. For him, it started in his neck and shoulders and spread all over. When he finally got a diagnosis, they gave him prednisone and pain cleared within about an hour after the first dose. However, he took prednisone - slowly decreasing it over a period of about 8 months. So far he has not had a reoccurance.
    If that is what you have, I feel for you as he was really miserable until "they" figured it out. He didn't have any rashes, just the unbearable pain.
    Hope you get relief soon.
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    this disease has been a thought of mine for a awhile(even once last yr)The only thing I don't meet on the list of symptoms is age.I have no doubt I'm dealing with fibro still.(i have had this for 11 years)I think something else is going on with it~ They tested for RA....I wonder if that test is accurate??That one was ok(I think it was the RA factor???) My mind is boggled!!! and foggy....and sleepy.I need some serious sleep~
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    any others know anything??