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    I am looking for a friend the very good doctor who specializes in polymyalgia. My friend is awoman, 78 years old who can absolutely not function. she took a lot of cortozone and got huge, is being told to take less and less and now sffers more and more, she needs help. Please, please contact me w/any information at [email address removed as per rules] thank you, thank you.
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    sweety i am sorry to hear your friend is having a bad time i know my grandad has really suffered with polymyalgia BUT there is good news for your friend,with fibromyalgia we are unlikely to get better completly it will always be lurking when we feel well but polymyalgia will go away!

    my gramps has been ok for a long time now and i do remember him not sleeping as it was in his back,he would sleep better on the floor but even then it wasnt hard enough for him so he got up one night and took his bedroom door apart and slept on that!

    another thing hon,please edit your post as we are not allowed to post our web address here, its like walking down the street yelling my telephone number is and i live at.

    gramps was give co-codamol i believe.isnt cortizone a steroid? why would steroids be expected to help?
    ask for a stage two pain killer,you will find info like that with the world health organisation (who) of which i think co-codamol belongs.stage one being paracetamol and ibuprofen if that gives you a bench mark.

    i hope this lot helps in anyway,good luck smiffy
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    The doc checks for giant cell arteritis as it can accompany PMR and it can cuase blindness. Most docs know this so it has probably already been done.

    Saying a little prayer.

    Love, Mikie
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