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    Hi, I haven't posted in a very long time. But I often look at posts and thanks all for valuable info. My question is...Has any one here also been diagnosed with polymyalgia also???? I recently went to a new rheumy...because of change of insurance..anyway after initial testing of blood and x-rays, which were normal, she said my lasted symptoms were probaly polymyalgia! The only difference this time with my symptoms was pain in wrists, arms etc but worse pain than I have ever had in the 20 years since I was diagnosed with FMS.
    She gave me a cotisone shot and told me to come back in a week. It actually made the pain much better. It's still there but not quite as severe. Has this happenned to anyone else. I think she will put me on pregnisone next. I guess I'd rather be fatter but in less pain. Supposedly this works for polymyalgia.....Thanks for any info
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    My mom has polymyalgia and her symptoms are very similar to my FMS - stiffness, pain, fatigue.....only thing is she tends to run a fever with it.

    A good rheumatogist should be able to help you with your symptoms

    My mom has taken prednisone in the past, although she does not like to take it because of all the side effects
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    my friends mother has had it for years. The pain is worse than fibro from what Ive heard as it affects nerves. She is on prednisone and does well on it. She is not overweight.
    hugs poodlemum
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    Dear Najerry

    my friend was diagnosed with polymyalgia two weeks ago and I posted request for information - received some good info. back. Check by title or check my post name. Symptoms are not "probably polymyalgia" because there is a definite blood test they can do which can confirm not only the existence of p. but also the severity. Get a second opinion, as I would question the competence of a rheumy who made such a diagnosis without evidence from test results. If your test results were normal, either she did not carry out the right test or you do not have polymyalgia. Good luck. Hope it is not polymyalgia.