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  1. lilhobo2us

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    hey,has anyone heard of polymyalgia rheumatica?thats what the dr says i have.had blood work done.my sed rate was high.its really hurts at times all over.dr says poly is in the big joints.really like to hear from anyone.thanks
  2. Mikie

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    Who have had this. Be sure your doc is knowledgeable about this and make sure you do not have giant cell arteritis.

    Do a search in Title here on Polymyalgia and it will bring up our posts on the subject. It was just discussed. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. angellady

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    Yes! I was diagnosed in October but I didn't start prendisone until December. They still keep saying I am too young and fit but guess what? It looks like I have it. Yes the pain is horrible and the fatigue is awful.
    Now that I am well into prendisone I'm feeling better. Less pain now but I'm still a little sore and tired at times.
    The prendisone really works but now they have to slowly get me down to a maintenance dose. This must be done very gradually and over a long period of time.
    Remember it won't last forever but while its there is awful. I have also put myself on a fruit and veg and low fat meat diet. Don't touch bananas- they seem to make me worse
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    Hi Lilhobo2us.... I had PMR for over a year. I was on Prednisone for over a year while they checked my SED rate on a monthly basis.

    If you click on my name over to the left... my profile will come up and you will see I have posted many times in the past about PMR.

    Currently my SED rate is back to normal and I have not had to go back o Prednisone. BUT IS IS VERY IMPORTANT, LIKE MIKIE SAID TO GET CHECKED FOR GIANT CELL ARTERITUS!!

    PMR can (in rare cases) cause blindness if you get Giant Cell Arteritus... so if you doctor puts you on a steroid, definately take it cause the Prednisone prevents PMR from causing Giant Cell Arteritus!! You don't want to risk blindness!! Also the steroids help alot with pain and the jelling you have in your joints! A word of caution... make sure you s-l-o-w-l-y withdraw off the steroids... it can be very hard on you to drop down too fast. I mean you need to drop by 1/2 mg. per week!

    Anyway, either do a subject search or check some of my past posts and you will find out more about PMR. Also, the FM/CFS showed up after the PMR.... not sure if there is a connection or not.

    Hope this helps... CarolK
  5. lilhobo2us

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    what are the signs of giant cell arteritus?how do they check for it.what are the tests.thank you for replying on this polymyalgiai really still dont understand it.would reall like help on it.
  6. CarolK

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    I think your best information on this would be to ask your doctor or do a "google search" on this subject.

    I've not had it... but there should be some good information available on the internet.

    So ask lots of questions and take some notes for yourself on your next dr. appointment. The more you know the better you will understand and make wise choices.

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    I do not have this nor do I know a lot about it, but here is good article (I learned a lot from it). Just copy and paste.


    Best of luck to you,