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    Haven't been on message board since before Christmas since

    I have been busy. Missed hearing about everyone. Also,

    seeing many doctors and tests, c-scope, Liver Dr for

    elevated liver enzymes, rheumy, gyne, pain clinic dr,

    etc. Just love to can all the drs and feel well.

    Have fibro for 7+ years. Now also diagnosed with

    polymyalgia (high sed rate and cpk). Anyone else have

    both? Now on prednisone which has helped with the

    neck,shoulder and hip pain-but the fibro pain remains

    elsewhere. Everytime I turn around it's something new!

    Sorry that I got off on my woes, just wanted some personal

    info on anyone having or knowing about polymyalgia.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I replied to you on your message about esr. Here's what I

    wrote, hope it helps.

    My ESR(sed rate) has also been elevated which is

    indicative of an autoimmune disorder such as Lupus,

    Rhematoid arthritis, chrohns, colitis. After testin for

    these diseases and others such as thyroid disorders which

    came up negative, I was put on 5 days of 15mg prednisone

    daily to see if the severe neck, shoulder, and hip pain

    and stiffness would get better. Almost immediately I saw

    improvement. Repeated the ESR which is now normal coming

    up with the diagnosis of polymyalgia rhematica. I now

    started the prednisone daily and am hoping that the pain

    stays away. I still have fibro and other discomforts and

    the other things like IBS, fatique but the pain and

    stiffness in my shoulders,neck and hips is much improved.

    With the polymyalgia one can also have giant cell

    arteritis which causes headaches and other complications.

    I haven't been tested for that as yet. Don't know if this

    has helped or if any of this applies to any of you. If

    any one else has any further info, please reply.