polymyositis,prednisone ,methotrexate w/NIDDM = danger

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    Mom took her dx as a death sentence..then the prednisone just disrupted her very well managed blood sugar and fluid levels confirming her first impression..no telling how the rheumy gave her that bit of news. Well, one month later she is unable to respond in ICU, hours away from a respirator.Hospitalized the nite she buried my dad - possibly because he feared living w/o her and couldn't take her (possibly-prednisone influenced) altered mental status. I'm left wondering if the Jacob Teitelbaum Mg-malic acid formula that eases my autoimmune thyroid sore muscles could have worked for Mom...perhaps they'd still be well,self sufficient, retirees enjoying life like they were one very long month ago. OH, I found levoxyl samples from 1990 in her room when assessing the 20 !!! rx's she was taking--But her primary never knew she'd had a thyroid dx.. Did a misdiagnosis destroy my parents ? We were planning their 50th wedding anniversary for summer :<{ Has anyone been down this path? Sorry I'm new & needed to vent. Shorter next time.
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