Polynoid Edema

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    Hi everyone,I have been loseing my voice.I sound like I have laryngitis.I have been experiencing this for about 6 or so months. I went to an ENT doc yesterday and he put a scope up my nose and down my throat and I was able to see inside my vocal cords.It was quite COOL to see that but not to get the dx:pOLYNOID EDEMA on left vocal cord.Now when I hear edema I immediately think not good.Has anybody had this and if so what happened,what did you end up doing.You see I have no insurance and am unemployed so I have to pay cash for everything.It kinda sucks because after he had done this now my voice is very,very hoarse and if I talk for more than 10 to 15 minutes I completely loose my voice.I have to limit my talking.He was not as worried as I was but he wants me to come in for F/U appt in 3 months.I quit smoking ASAP,I drink tea because my throat is irritated and I have a stuffed up nose all the time.Boy getting old is not a happy thing.I seem to have to much going on in my body and with no insurance I can't afford to do anything.He told me it could be the smoking or my spinal fusion that I have because of a drunck driver.Thanks for letting me vent...bookitty123