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    I went to the Google search engine. Alot of things came up that pertain to granuloma. There are several types of it. So, just put it in your search engine and go for it. Good luck. dolsgirl

    What is a “granuloma?”

    A granuloma is a solid grouping of inflammatory cells coming together in a lump or solid structure.
    This next part I took from a site that came up as Chorus on my Google search.
    eosinophilic granuloma


    60-80% of histiocytosis X
    age 5 - 10 yrs
    presentation: bone pain, local swelling, irritability

    50 - 75% solitary / monostotic
    skull/mandible (50%): "punched-out" lucencies, "hole within a hole", "button sequestrum", "floating teeth"
    spine/pelvis (25%): vertebra plana (most common pediatric cause)
    long bones (15%): medullary lucency +/- thin sclerotic rim

    involved in <10%, signals worse prognosis
    apical reticulonodular infiltrates
    honeycomb lung

    Charles E. Kahn, Jr., MD - 2 February 1995
    Last updated 14 March 2001