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    This is what the lawyers say for the costs of my case for them. I know nothing of what court cases involve......and I am wondering if this a normal fee for lawsuits. Would you know because of the cases you have been through so far?

    Fee will be 40% of total settlement "IF" obtained.
    If case proceeds to litigation is will be 30% of any retroactive benefits and future benefits owing, plus (100%)of any Court Awarded fees or any fees paid by defendent pursuant to post-litigation settlement.
    Also another blurb in the letter says this.........

    You have also agreed to be responsible for all costs incurred in this firms representation of you which may include , but not limited to, travel, messenger, filing fees, retention of experts or mediators, and or other such costs.

    I would appreciate any you have for me. I need to get this going.

    Thank you for your time,
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