poor circulation, trouble standing still, etc

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    hi there,

    appologies in advance my mind isnt working too good at the moment. i was diagnosed with ME/cfs almost 12 years ago but going to see a LLMD next month to see what he thinks.

    anyway i was wondering if some of you guys have poor circulation generally when standing, like in the shower id notice it.

    you know how some people thing there is a heart connection with cfs and heart problems, do you think the same applies to alot of people with lyme ?

    thanks :)
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    thanks for the quick reply.

    i just notice my hands and feet look alot darker than normal like blood isnt getting around properly. no dizyness there , but i do sometimes get that if i stand up to fast or if i have done too much..walking to much etc. never any tingling.weak legs in shower, yes.

    brain fog is a very strong symptom for me and all that goes along with it. muscle aches and feeling like i have no energy at all. neck always feels stiff. my heartdeems beating faster after walking up stairs or walking a short distance. im not over weight but obviously not in peek fittness anymore lol. sometiems a sharp pain in what feels like the very core of my joints but it doesnt last long. the aches and shooting pains can be either side of the body.

    sometimes night sweats but again not all the time. mild fevers again not all the time. sleep cycle is all over the place. sometimes insomnia.

    anixiety but i think its probably just because of the other symptoms.

    digestive problems too again not all the time. food sensitivities.

    theres probably more than i cant remember.

    taking coq 10 100mgs a day has seemed to help a bit, im also taking other mito supplements but co q 10 seems to be helping the most.
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    very intresting, thank you!

    i thought with all the talk on the forums about lyme recently i should get it checked out properly but i didnt know about the heart/circulation side of things. it does make sense people being misdiagnosed with so much cross over of symptoms.

    the LLMD is supposed to be good, so heres hoping.