poor circulation?

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    Hi everyone,

    Was wondering if anyone suffers from poor circulation in their arms and legs? I have been getting tingly arms, hadns, and toes, typically at night and when I wake up in morning. Also I've been getting heaviness in my legs and feet. It is botherssome. Any idea if this is poor circulation or restless leg or what? Is it related to fibromyalgia?? Should I be concerned? Thanks!

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    Us CFS/FM ppl also suffer from a depressed immune system. According to Dr. William Wong N.D., our immune system can't keep up so it clots up certain areas with a blood clotting factor called fibrin. Fibrin is a protien. Normally enzymes are used to break it down again, but if our systemic enzymes are low, these blockages "ischemic" can build up and cause pain and poor circulation.

    We get enzymes from uncooked fruits and vegetables, from our pancreas and from the healthy bacteria in our colon. Juicing vegetables has helped a lot of us since it releases lots of phytonutrient (plant nutrition) including enzymes. Careful when juicing fruits since without the fiber, the fruit sugar can surge in our system. Not good, since viruses breathe sugar.

    You can also take enzymes in a capsule form.

    My mom [71] has had great results with her FM using 6 caps/day.

    Also, probiotics (healthy bacteria) are available in capsule form. You can go the natural route:
    Buttermilk (lactobacillius)
    Yogurt (acidophillus)
    Sour cream (blend of several)
    Natural cheeses (depends on the cheese)

    Mercury toxicity can also cause paresthesia or tingling in the extremeties. I just sent in a hair sample to test for mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. Mercury can also weaken the immune system.