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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by birdkeeper, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. birdkeeper

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    I am interested in knowing how some of you are being treated in your place of employment. I work for a very popular,large company that is very well known and you would think they would know how to treat someone that has a disibility. But because myself and other are not in wheelchairs or visually impared we are getting treated differently or should I say not being treated fair. We are made to feel like we are just trying to get something for nothing, if you know what I mean. I drive 2 hrs a day to get to and from this place and sit for 8.5 hrs giving this company everything I got but they just can not seem to be professional enough to consider we may be suffering too. Even though I have an ADA (America's Disibility Act) in place Im treated like dirt. I have FM and it is just killing me. But like most I have to work regardless.
  2. birdkeeper

    birdkeeper New Member

    Thanks for you imput I would really like to find an artical that would get there attention and change the way people with FM are treated. I'm going to work on this, it's making me sad thinking about it.
  3. saddlebred

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    I have the same problem. My employer expects me to work ten hours a day. I just had a phone message saying we were going to mandatory 60 hours a week. I work for a large company that ships items to customers. I have to do repetative pulling and lifting for 10 hours a day. I was hired to do a different job there because it just required a lot of walking and I knew I could do that. I tried to explain about FM. They don't seem to care.

    My husband is in the same boat. He is a diabetic. He's had problems lately with his sugar running HIGH (350 & up). His employer wants a letter form his dc saying his sugar is under control and it will never get high again. We've tried to explain that a dc is NOT going to state that. Of course the stress they are putting him in because of the dc statement isn't helping his stress or his sugar either.

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