poor work preformance I'm not ready to quit!!!

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    Well today I went back to work as a teacher and the first thing I got was a message to see the program director and my supervisor. I was told they were not as happy with my preformance as the school wanted to provide for their students. It was all very positive except they wanted me to improve, do more, be more productive. A person would describe me as intelligent, poised and confident. I went to school full time, had three children and worked part time. I then only worked part time to be a full time mother. Know fifteen years later I,m finally teaching full time. With hopes of a nice second income and money to spend. (PAY OFF DEBT) haha. Now my future is so unsure. I feel crippled and lost. What more can I do? I thought I was doing well and no one noticed the few quirky problems. (Didn't know I had FM). I not all that sick I think. Yes I,m very tired and have a headake all the time, (I had a head ake for two months didn't know it was ah infection tell I went to the dentist because I thought I had a brken tooth), TMJ, neak, back pain etc. But I thought I could do it anyway. I love the kids and they love me and I was hopping for a career. (To many sick days, FM FOG!!!!!!! ( Abesent minded professor). I,m not ready to give in yet. What do I do? I felt like this job was a gift from God. Sooooo discouraged. I asked why they didn't let me go after last year and they responeded that that I waaas doing well and improving on skills whenever I was instructed but that I still was up to standard but they thought I would do better this year. How??? I gave it everything I had last year????????
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    I was once at a point where I thought I wouldn't be able to work anymore, but I'm back to being able to function (I do have my bad days, though, no doubt about it). If teaching is where God wants you to be, He will certainly see to it that you can teach. I'm reading a great book right now - Success God's Way - I can't remember the author's name, but I turned to it because I've been struggling over much the same issues. It's a great book. Anyway, there might be something you're missing that will make a big difference for you. For me it was wheat - I quit eating it ENTIRELY and it has made a HUGE difference. If you haven't tried it yet, do it for a week and see what happens. Meanwhile, I'll be praying for you!
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    I think they have to make allowances for your disability. I know somebody else on here knows more about workplace issues and can probably give you more detail.

    But, I did want to say, that the first year I worked after DX was very hard ... many a night home crying because I was sooo exhausted and had messed this or that up ... but it did get better as I became more confident and comfortable with the job. So, maybe this year will be better for you too!

    Don't forget to take good care of yourself, do some pampering on the weekends, use a little of that new cash to get an occassional massage ... anything to help you de-stress as much as possible! Warm hugs,
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    I am struggling with the same issues. I have always had excellent reviews and was very confident in my abilities. I told my employer about my Fibro and they made it so difficult for me to go to my doctor's appointments. Life was just a nightmare. I then go an upper respitory infection that was heading towards pnuemonia. My Dr. wanted me home and was talking about putting me in the hospital. I said no because I didn't want to lose my job. I still had sick and vacations days left. I was finally fired for having a bad attitude. Not more than 5 days earlier I had recieved a great review.

    I was able to find work with a company that I had been trying to get on with for years. I was so excited. After 2 months, they let me go because I wasn't qualified. I know that most of the problems that I had on this job were fibro related.

    So now I am job hunting again. No confidence, no money, no insurance. Even if the disabilities act covers you, if your employer wants to get out from under the burden of dealing with a sick employee, they just find ways around it.

    My advice would be to priortize your teaching duties. Delgate what you can. Can you use interns from the upper grades? It is better to one or two things well than have a lot of projects going ok?

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    Madwolf is correct use the ADA now! Go to JAN (job accomadation network) on the web and pull up a sample of the accomadation letter. Write one out for yourself stating your diagnosis, how it is hindering your performance and ask for a accomadation that would help you to deal with it.
    Get this in your file now before they let you go. I just wrote one to my employer along with a doctors letter confirming my diagnosis. I asked for afternoon working hours. Due to insomnia I was not handling getting up at 5am every morning. This would eventually have killed me. Do your homework and do it now!
    Good luck,
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    I am not able to work full-time because of my FM. Most days I am too exhausted and feel too weak to do much, but I know that I would be able to work at home on a part time basis. My field is in mental health counseling, and it is difficult to find a job related to my field that can be done at home (I used to be a child and family therapist).

    From this message board I found out about ADA and also about going to a vocational rehabilitation center, which helps people with disabilities find jobs that would be accommodating to them. I went to an orientation meeting and will be assigned a vocational rehab counselor soon. Maybe this is something you can look into. If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, you can look up some info on the web to find a center close to you. Good luck.

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    Lots of caring, informative posts for you....