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    i have a lot of wax drainage while I'm sleeping but lately I hear a lot of popping noises from the one ear , does anyone else have this? also my neck cracks a lot and hurts all the time .
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    Ive had popping in my ears for as long as I can remember (I'm only 27) I have seen 3 different ENTs.The first ENT wanted me to take steroids, I didnt like him or taking steroids. Ive had allergy testing thinking it might have something to do with that per the ENT (2nd) who was also an Allergist. I had to get 2 shots once a week and I went for almost a year, no change occured so I decided to go to a just a specialized Allergist which also tested me and told me the complete opposite of the previous Dr. in-regards to the allergies, he stated I didnt need the shots. I finally went to another ENT(3rd) he statated I had fluid in my eustachian tube and of course with the past visits he put tubes in my ear, It will be almost a year and it hasnt helped. I also had my PCP review this problem, still nothing. Ive had the pressure in my ears checked numerous times and it always come out ok. Ive also had hearing tests done and they always came back fine intill I got the tubes in and then it was worse. The last ENT I saw who put the tubes in said there was nothing else I could do...I hope you have better luck and for now I just deal with the popping and now worse hearing..