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    Has anybody ever tried poppy seed tea? I have - with decent results. I suppose it is a rather controvsial concept. Basicly, some of the stuff that is in opium is left on the seeds....the manufactors/harvesters whathaveyou...only rinse the seeds. The way I feel about it is that, what is the big difference when your on opiates. Well, there is a difference...there is a danger involved because the dosing is practically inpossible to be as accurate as a prescribed medication but,it is not illegal and I feel not inmoral. The first time I tried a cup of poppy seed tea (regular poppy seeds bought at the grocery store)I made it a wee bit too strong - two sips and my head was spinning. Not what I was working for however, it did prove that the tea is not a urban myth. I played around with the recipe and have gotten it to the point where I do not feel high at all but, am basicly pain free. Pretty cool and for me a great alterative when between prescribtions refills. I am not saying anyone should try this method....like I said it is something one should be very very careful about.....just wondering if anybody else has tried this with success. From what I hear you can also get good results by eating an entire loft of poppy seed cake...says my MS friend...however, I would rather not get any fatter!
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    Interesting... It can cause a skewed drug test for morphine, I just checked on snopes:

    As little as one poppy seed-covered bagel showed up as morphine on a drug test... of course I know drug tests are getting extremely sensitive as well.

    How much do you use per cup of water/how do you measure? How long do you experience a positive effect?


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    If you google poppy seed tea, you will see the poppyseedtea website first; the parents of a teen-aged son who OD'd on it apparently authored the site. This is their info regarding it:

    This site is dedicated to the memory of our beloved late son, who died at the age of 17 from an overdose of poppy seed tea.

    Poppy seed tea contains different opiates in various concentrations. Typically morphine and codeine are the main ones. Morphine is recognized as one of the most addictive substances known to man and is, for this reason, also one of the most tightly controlled.

    Overdoses of morphine can be lethal. The main cause of death for morphine overdose is pulmonary edema, where the lungs fill with fluid passed from the blood stream through the alveoli in the lungs. That was the case with our son.

    The dosage problem

    The morphine content in poppy seeds can vary enormously depending on many factors: the exact type of seeds, the harvesting time (even seeds picked a few weeks apart), and others.

    Poppy seeds sold in bulk in supermarkets are not controlled for the amount of opiates in them, but rather for their flavor and appearance, as they are meant to be used for baking.

    When you make an infusion from these seeds, there is no telling how much opiates your solution will contain. You are truly playing a potentially deadly game of Russian roulette.

    A recorded case: our son
    He had taken poppy seed tea several times, always using the exact same amount of seeds and same preparation. . .

    You can read more at their site. It does make it scary, I don't doubt different growing and harvesting conditions would make a difference, just like it does, for instance, as to how hot jalapeno peppers are. Seriously something to consider...


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    Well, like I said it is not a tried and true method. I use about 4 - 8 oz. of seeds w/ approx. a quart and a half of water. Lots of sugar, if anybody does try this ....when you think you have enough sugar add more. The tea tastes like pills...if anyone has had the lovely experience of vomiting up meds. - thats what it tastes like! If ya try looking up the topic you will find a lot of info on it and recipes....remember though, your seeking pain relief and MOST are seeking a high.

    I too ran across the info about the boy who died. Tragic! I will say this however, that is the only known death from it. The time I made it too strong...I could even drink one cup....you will know pretty much right away...you will feel it. If it is too intense - just stop. And if it is not strong enough then wait about a half hour and then have another cup.

    I have also heard about smoking it - not sure smoke is ever healthy for anyone.

    I am gratful everyone has been open to this topic. It is certainly is interesting no matter where you stand on the issue....but, just in case someone missed it - THERE CAN BE A DANGER INVOLVED HERE!

    Oh- one last thing the 1st time I did it - when it was too intense, I thought it was all in my head. Pyschosmatic so I asked my husband to have a wee bit...he looked at me and said he already did when I steped away and said he was high as heck! And because we did feel funny but, only had a small amount that,"high," lasted about 20 mins. So, if ya hate the opium like effect but, only had a 1/2 cup- a full ....should wear off quick so don't panic. I would say that my lesser dosage recipe lasted about 5 - 6 hours. Like taking tylenol - when it use to work before this DD.
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    I do remember those posts! Maybe that is what promted by research and discovery into the poppy world. I believe there is very little opiates within the seeds - that is why you need a lot of them. Some sites suggest a full pound before seeing results.
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    poppy seeds and chocolate... that could be downright addicting! Not meaning to make light of possible dangers at all, but seriously! If a poppy seeded bagel can cause a drug test to be skewed...

    I DEFINITELY understand the difference between using something for pain vs recreationally for a high. When anything is used for a painkiller vs a high, there usually isn't a craving for most. Sadly this is something that doesn't seem to be understood by many doctors and/or it's difficult as to who's doing what for what reason.

    And obviously if this is something that is used regularly, you may find at a point you may need to wean yourself off it in order to use something else or even have surgery. Just something to be aware of...