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    Hi friends! Have a few minutes this evening, along with a few brain cells actually "firing", so thought I would stop and chat a bit. I'll post this while I look for a porch pic, then come back.
    Found a pic...wonder if those hanging sofas are actually sturdy enough to hold someone without tipping?

    Did another laundry marathon today...two days in a row, and will probably fill the clothesline again on Thursday (going to the far away chiro tomorrow.) Wanted to wash everything since some of the kiddos were coughing and having runny noses, and the "blankies" were everywhere (on the floor, etc.) and probably picked up lots of dog hair, dust bunnies and germs.

    Once I get the house fairly back to normal, I need to start decluttering my parents' mobile home. We decided to put some of the extra lumber in there.... that is taking up space in the loft of the new house. Now that our company has come and gone, we can get back to work on the house...have lots of supplies that we already bought on hand so need to get them used up. I think it will be so much handier to move some of the
    activities upstairs next time we have a houseful, but got to get that fence put up first.

    Mikie and Sun...I'm so glad you both got to go on your trips and that you had a great time. Mikie, your DGS sounds like so much fun to be around...actually, your whole extended family does. Glad you got some "baby time" too. Hope you continue to get the rest you need in order to get over this crud you've had for so long. How are you liking the new dishwasher?

    Sun, that house sounds amazing! I'm so happy you got some time to yourself to paint. Blessed is the one who receives any of your creations.

    Duckie and Granni...I'm in awe of you both and your dedication to your music groups. I'm sure the audiences appreciate it so much. Granni, I hope if you do get together with your DCD that it goes well...but I would have your hopes up too much. Although things could change and she might be doing much better...

    Yes, Duckie, I also would love to see/hear if you find a facebook link. Do you have a recipe for sour dough starter? Would I need to buy some "starter" of some sort to even begin?

    Rock, I also have a bread machine somewhere...have no idea which building it's in, though. It only makes a one pound loaf...and it seems quicker to make it by hand, actually. I have a friend who sells things at the Farmer's Market who gets bread makers at thrift stores and uses them just to mix up the dough, then takes over by hand.

    Barry, I hope all is as well as can be in your neck of the woods. Hope you recover some energy...glad you have those entertaining fur babies to keep you company.

    Spring, that wedding sounds so extravagent...I can't even imagine. And that woman must be such an unhappy person, don't you think? Made me think back on our wedding...in the park across the street from our house (reception was in the shelter house.) Maybe 50 guests, my little brothers as ushers, a couple of Den's army buddies and two of my classmates to stand up with us...and that was over 42 years ago.

    Glad your daughter is doing well since coming back home. I always got culture shock when we returned from Belize...people in the States seemed so spoiled and took so much for granted. And the waste...so sad. Then as we got to know more and more people in Belize, I realized they are in many ways just the same. Yes, the people in the villages were very poor and had to do without so much, but the more well-to-do ones were also spoiled and started taking things for granted...people are the same the world over, it seems.

    Star, it's always good when we can impress our kids with our technology, lol! Hope you are getting used to your new phone and like it. The bird in the rafters is actually a metal wall sculpture that I found at one of our stores. I was so excited to find it, actually before we even moved in here.

    As we were building, and everything was open to the birds, animals, etc. we had sparrows building nests in the rafters. Of course, they had to be vacated when we got it all closed in and started living here.

    So the sculpture is in honor of all the bird families who got displaced because it is, after all, my house, lol! I am happy to say that the babies had hatched and flown the nests...so we just made sure all the adults were out before we actually closed things up. They definitely were not happy, and would sit on the bushes outside the windows for weeks, waiting for a chance to get back inside. Once in awhile they did, so we just left a window open and guided them back outside.

    I was getting a little paranoid about losing this long post, so I saved it...afraid I am forgetting someone. Of course, if Diane is reading...I hope you know we miss you!

    I have been wondering about Dar, and about Elaine. Anyone know anything about them? I used to see Goatwoman on facebook, but haven't for awhile. My brain is starting to shut down, so I'd better head on to bed. Need to leave around 7:00 am for the three hour drive. He told me the last time I was there that if he couldn't help my neck/shoulder/arm/hand pain and numbness...that I might need to see a surgeon as he's sure I have a disc problem in my neck. That is not anything I am looking forward to at all.

    Take care, everyone! Thinking of you all, even though I may have forgotten to mention someone this time.

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    Julie: Those swinging couches might be fun......or not....depending on who's on it with you. I always loved sitting on one of those gliders when I was young.

    I read up on making your own starter. It can be done but a lot of work, so you might just want to ask around. Maybe one of the Amish ladies might have it.

    I have stenosis in my neck and back. Pain almost continually, numbness at times too. Have you had an MRI or even xrays can show what's going on. Surgery is scary, many times you can become worse, so I am very very careful what I do. And I'm like you, have to keep busy!!!!!
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    I came in, was going to start a new porch, saw Julie was on it and went off to make DHs morning tea. And then chores started pilng up. It's afternoon now, hv put something on to cook so looking in while it does.

    That room is so cozy! What fun with the swinging sofas and all but I would be scared that the ceiling would fall on me. But the view with a water body outside and huge floor to ceiling windows...so lovely.

    Julie - I was laughing because the picture I posted in the previous porch could hv been of you and the kids in the kitchen. I was imagining something like that of you all when I posted it.

    Yes, Belize also seems to be having tourists visiting. My DDs classmates had planned a visit there during her senior year. She didn't go. She had been to Mexico previously and her those classmates were putting up in rather more expensive hotels than DD could afford. I think that lady hostess of the wedding, she is not a bad person but just thoughtless. She seems happy in her world. She gets lots of attention and respect and seems able to keep up with her social demands.

    Rock - listening to the sound of that French horn the lady played gave me a funny kind of ache deep within. It sounds very ancient. Mediavel times. I like it. I googled other utubes. They sound a little different.

    Sun - laughing at the sound of your DDs control freak MIL. having to surrender her kitchen. It's exactly what happened once at my DHs aunts place. Her DD forcibly put her in a chair and asked her to stay put and let her and her sister get on with the cooking.

    How exciting about the new house which came with all those household things. You should see here. When one rents a house, it comes bare. Nothing. Only four walls. Nowadays of course, the housing and upscale houses on rent hv furniture. But those renters stay for a year or so. Until their tenure of duty lasts at their overseas company.

    I see Mikies been in ....

    Mikie - I don't put anything under the sink. Its dark and attracts cockroaches. I've put pest killers or medicines for the dogs and forgotten about them there. Your house sounds light and cheery and you in control of most everywhere. I love different kind of ear rings. They're so handy to lift an outfit and brighten up a look. I don't seem to hv the inclination to get them out and wear them while going out, rather I'm always in a tearing hurry and no time but I grab DDs simpler ones, mostly little studs. She has a single wee pink pearl stud I always seem to be pinching.

    She had given me a Swarovski ear ring..as,a belated b day present..I chose it ..it's those ones with a piece on both ends in front and behind the ears. Front is square paste diamond and back white pearl. The pearl detaches so you can.put it on. I didn't quite like the.length of the wire they were pasted on so DD took it. I tried getting the wire cut but they couldn't do it. It's rodium or something.


    Ah..I see Rocks been.in and out too..yay..Porch is getting busy. I will look for the Dolly Parton song. Loved her during the 80s. Loved her attitude too. A smile as wide as the Nile an reached her eyes.

    Dmc - that's unnerving. A heckler while trying to perform. Glad it went good.

    My DDs undergraduate college friend from this city who is now doing her Master's in another uni in America had donated to Malalas Fund. DD was showing me her utube where Malala on TV called her up to chat as a sign of appreciation. Not a huge amount..$ 20 or thereabouts. They were excited about it for weeks before, because friend had been notified. That friend.is such a sweetie, and has a huge St Bernard she loves.

    I had.lots of fresh .raw chicken so I took out a recipe and.made a.wild.attempt.to cook Orange chicken. We had lots of oranges too. So I thought to use both. Recipe needed cheese as well and yoghurt which I found out after I started juicing the oranges. So made do with milk in which I put some lemon.

    I was wondering what the heck am.I making as I went along. And.hoped it was edible. After making.the marinade I read one has to keep it for four hours. My part time.help was there and it would hv been funny not to feed her chicken which she already had seen.me preparing. so I got the bright idea of making a few pieces for her and setting.the rest. She liked it. I hope.the others do too.

    God bless
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    Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another good night's sleep and it's a good thing because I went into a major flare last evening. I always have pain but I forget just how bad FMS pain can be. I guess it's due to red tide, allergies in TX, stress of travel and the excitement of seeing family. I took some acetaminophen and put my TENS unit on the shoulder/arm where the pain was especially bad. It's the arm I fell on and the one which hurts and goes numb sometimes. I felt so bad because I wanted to put the things back under the sink but just didn't have the NRG to do it and was in too much pain to get down on my knees. Sometimes, we just have to go to bed, take our meds and do our best to distract ourselves from our pain. I distracted myself by watching the new Netflix series, Godless. It's a Western with way too much violence. It was a good distraction though.

    This morning, I have to take DOF to his dental appt. Afterward, he wants to eat breakfast out. For me, it will be brunch. I've already had my breakfast. I don't know what I'll wear. I hope to find something a bit better than the rags I hang out in at home. When Joe and I go out to eat we always joke. He says, "I put on a shirt with a collar for you." I always say, "And I put on earrings for you." I had planned on paying a couple of bills online yesterday and made a point of remembering them this morning. When I picked up the bills to pay, I found my tax bill. Yikes! I paid it online with my credit card so I'd get the discount for paying early. I squeaked by with one day to spare. I'm so lucky to live here where taxes are low and I'm Homesteaded with three exemptions.

    I forgot to mention something funny that happened in TX. DGS is a total delight but he's like all other boys his age--he's in a world of his own. He has this bearded dragon like reptile which he feeds crickets. The crickets are kept fresh in their own little container. DD went up to his room and he had left the container open. The crickets migrated down the hall toward my room. She was running around picking them up horrified that they might get in my bed. Fortunately, I had shut the door to keep the dog out and the crickets didn't get in. I was laughing; they are just crickets. Now, if they were spiders, it might freak me out.

    Barry, I saw your question regarding "New Posts." It is my understanding that they only show up as new the first time you sign in after they are posted. If this isn't the case for you, you can e-mail TechSupport@ProHealth.com. Hopefully they can answer your questions. I hope you, Richard and the fur kids are all doing well.

    Julie, thanks for getting us up and going again. I love this all-season room. I also love the porch swings. I only got my DW on Mon. so haven't used it yet. It's just me and, when I don't cook, I don't have much in the way of dishes. Right now, I'm still gnawing on that rotisserie chicken I got at Publix. Yes, the whole family is a riot and we laughed soooo much. I just wish the CO kids could have been there. It's funny about the homage you pay to the birds. I had a hanging asparagus plant on the balcony of my old condo in CO. I went to water it and a bird flew out. I quit watering it because it was a mama bird with eggs she built in a nest in the plant. When I moved, I brought it with me and it sits in a basket on top of an armoire. It's beautiful in its dried form. I'll be joining you in the laundry club as soon as this flare allows.

    Spring, so good to see you here. I hope you can come back and stay a bit.

    So far, my pain is at an acceptable level. I hope it stays there for the remainder of the day. I'm itching to finish cleaning out under the sink. I have way too many cleaners under there. None of the stainless cleaners work on the new fingerprint free finish on the fridge and DW. DD has the same finish on her fridge and showed me what she uses. I think they carry it at BB&B. I'll check if this flare allows after we eat out. I did get the new contact paper installed under the sink and it looks so nice and fresh. I have a little plastic bin for all those smaller things to help prevent clutter under there. Decluttering is my new mission in life.

    Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning, Fellow Porchers

    Thanks for opening a new thread, Julie. A beautiful picture you found, but I am not sure
    how practical it is. Those walls would have to be really sturdy to support a sofa with people
    on it. Especially if they were enthusiastically swinging.

    I read about making sourdough starter years ago when I was reading some frontier book.
    Can't remember the details. The easiest way is to walk to the nearest cabin and get some
    of theirs. Like getting a torch from a fire to start you own fire. Can't remember how our
    own bread maker worked. It's been at least 14 years since we used it.

    Sun, we had lots of back and knee cases when I was in the "accident business". You're right.
    Repeat surgeries are often needed. One of the gals in the office had a husband who had
    several back surgeries. He was young; very cheerful. Said he always felt better after
    surgery. Maybe his age was the key factor. Hope you have a good day. Thinking about any
    new pictures?

    Spring, I would be leary of swinging on those sofas too. Have you heard the song Sitting On
    The Front Porch Swing? A beautiful song you can find on Youtube. Sung by Dolly Parton
    and two other country stars.

    Mikie, glad to hear the new dishwater has been installed. I trust there was less fanfare than
    installing a President. Nice of you to take DOF to the dentist. As for breakfast afterwards,
    he must be very confident the dentist isn't going to do much.

    Oh, you were absolutely right about our remote control. The problem was the batteries.
    But I didn't think it could be because Gordon bought a package of batteries and installed
    new ones just 2 weeks earlier. Turns out the batteries are crap make in China.

    Dunno if I posted this before or not. Anyhoo when I lived in Las Vegas I had a coworker
    who was married to a gal who worked in the same office as my wife. So we got together
    now and then. Their apt. looked like a 1960's hippie boutique. Well, it was the 60s.
    Candles and posters and peacock fathers everywhere. She was especially fond of contact paper.

    One night we went over to play cards and she showed us her latest project. She had covered
    every key on the typewriter with contact paper. Well, I thought, good thing they don't
    have a piano.

    Hugs Barry, Duckie, Star, Granni, GB.

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    Mikie: I think you need to do some cooking or baking today so you can try out your new DW! I'm chuckling......he puts on a shirt with a collar when he goes out and you add earrings. I stopped wearing my pierced earrings.....one hole was really hard to get an earring in and my head and hands shake, so I gave the all to my DGD including my diamond studs for when she's older. Oh well, that's the way life goes.

    Rock: Here's something for you to reminisce about. The music got to me after awhile so I just turned it off. The pic of the the TV repair man reminded me about my uncle John. He was a shy man, hard for him to talk, so because he repaired TVs for a living he would immediately run out to the car for his tools and work on our TV.


    Spring: Lovely earrings! I don't think you mentioned what your DD graduated with a degree in. I know your DH has a business and I'm just assuming she has a degree in business management?

    I was watching a segment on TV last night about Prince Harry's engagement to that beautiful actress. She was proposed to AFTER she made the "engagement chicken". So they explained about this roasted chicken that apparently was covered with lemon juice and herbs. I understand that other women have said they made this chicken for their boyfriend and they all got a proposal!!!!

    Barry: I'm listening to Peter Mayle's "A year in Provence" again....loving it so much that I play each CD twice while I'm working. His life sounded so wonderful.....like a dream I would like to live. How's your garden growing???? I yanked out some very large OLD purple Sea Lavender statice yesterday. Just too out of hand with dead leaves underneath. Guess I'll go buy some fresh little plants today and put them in here and there. It's such a dependable plant!

    Yesterday I got out my stepladder and attacked the shelves high up in the garage, pulling down old christmas ornaments. EEEEGADS......cricket droppings everywhere.....eeeeeeewwwwwww! Today I'm going to start listing some of the antique ones on etsy. I had forgotten all I had up there.

    And this afternoon I have a follow apt. With my lung doc. The inhaler he gave me to try seems to work better than the other two I had been using......and checking with insurance it's a much better price for me to pay. $67 as opposed to $274.
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    Julie - Making sourdough starter is tremendously easy. Take 1 cup of flour (bread flour is best, but all-purpose will work; just don't use self-rising), 1 cup of water and 2 Tbs of sugar. Stir them together thoroughly. Put in a large-ish container and set it aside (I keep mine on top of the fridge). Let nature do the rest. There is a chance that you will "catch" a bad-tasting yeast. If so, throw your starter out and make new. When you want to make bread (wait at least 2 days), stir in another 1 C flour, 1 C water, 2 Tbs of sugar, then use half the mixture in your bread. Put the rest away again. You can keep your starter going perpetually. The longer you keep it, the better it gets.

    I don't remember who posted about being able to eat sourdough bread without problems. It is because the fermentation process of sourdough completely changes the protein structure in the wheat (and also improving the nutritional value!!). It is something we've lost with fast-acting yeast and is part of why we have so many wheat and gluten intolerant people in our society these days.

    Here's the link to our "mini-concert", or at least the part of it we published: https://www.facebook.com/steven.sto...notif_id=1511974754603328&notif_t=like_tagged
    Edit: Rats, looks like permissions are messed up on this. I'll see if I can get a better link. Boo.

    Not much time to post anything else. Hope everyone is doing well!
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    Sun, Thank you!!! "Here Today, Gone tomorrow and So It Goes" is wonderful! I remember
    all that stuff. And some of it is pretty recent. Just think. The modern world has more change
    in a year than the Middle Ages had in a century. Oh, you're right about that droning, repetious sound; awful. I turned it off too.

    Duckie, I went to Facebook, but they wouldn't let me listen 'cause I'm not a member.
    Maybe I'll get another chance to hear you or your group. I always wanted to a singer
    and dancer. Had no ability in either category.

    Gordon's gone to Costco. I already fed the cat. Will go check on the tomato patch. The
    weather man says it will be in the 70s all week.

    Did you guys see the big news today? There were 5 or 6 stories on my home page all about
    the same topic. Matt Lauer was let go. I read he was making 25 milion a year. Yikes! That's
    a lot of money to read the news and chit chat. As overpaid as a pro athlete. I am pleased
    to report that during my many years of employment I never once had to feel guilty about
    being overpaid.

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    Wow Porchies, These volumes sure are flying by and I have been busily doing other things or mind someplace else. I don;t remember what others have said or most people so please excuse me. I am in the midst of some decorating but not to much really but enough to get me off any schedule I might have. Plus DH wanted me to go shopping with him today do a little looking and then HEB grocery for a few things. Picked up a cute little rooster for our front yard. Not a real one though.

    Also trying to have a conversation with DCD and try and set up a date to visit her as she thinks sometime next year she wants to start fresh in NY God only knows why or where or what she will do. I don't think she has many answers but more confusion for me. Not sure if she remembers living in NY ( actually LI) but left when about 3 I think she was. Hope she doesn't try and contact my brother who lives in LI. She is a total confused mess and she doesn't care for some reason to get back together somewhat with the kids. She told me that the children is a sensitive subject and doesn't want to talk about it. of course it is sensitive and I shouldn't ask her so many questions period I know but I am her mom. I probably confuse her even more. We hope to possibly meet and eat lunch at Dear Son's home . He will bring her there, if she will agree to that. I am afraid a restaurant may not work if we end up in a shouting match of something. What a mess. Enough of that for now. She had asked to see us originally due to the holidays and not sure if it was partially because she needs some $ or what.

    We have been waiting this afternoon for delivery of s stainless steel oven and microwave from Sears as they had a really good sale. We have had them for years even if they are going out of business. Others make their appliances. They told us from 2 - 5 I think and it is now 4. Not sure if they will come after 5 or they will call or what. I threw chicken in a crockpot since I figured they would be dismantling the oven.

    JULIE - Girl you wear me out just reading!! Please rest and try and take care of yourself.

    MIKIE - Glad you are doing a little better with the RT.

    BARRY - So sorry you are feeling so yucky and weak. I know it is absolutely no fun for sure !!

    Gotta run and do a few things.

    Love you ALL !!
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again with a new Water Pik. DOF and I had a delicious Mexican style breakfast at a small restaurant here which specializes in everything's being very fresh, like farm to table. I had the Chickiechanga which cracked me up. Love puns on menus. It was very good but I had to bring half of it home. I couldn't finish it all. After I let DOF off, I went to BB&B in search of the stainless cleaner. As I was heading to the register, I noticed Water Piks on closeout for $49.99. I had a 20 percent off coupon so am very happy about that. Mine was so old and the compressors inside them don't last forever. It was barely cranking along. It didn't have much pressure. I also scored a new kitty placemat for under SV's food and water dishes. It's smaller and a definite upgrade from what he had. Somehow, I think animals appreciate the nice things we do for them even when it doesn't affect their food.

    My computer decided to go on the fritz just after typing the above paragraph. It disappeared. I pulled the plug and removed the battery. When I started it up again, it said it was doing a BIOS update and something about repairing itself. When I finally got it up and running, the paragraph was back, like magic. I was tired and have been watching TV but I did manage to use the new polish to clean the fridge. I also replaced the center board under the sink which I had removed so the installer could get under there. When I saw his size, I was glad I did. It also made it easier to put the new contact paper down. I got sweaty and tired just doing that little bit of work.

    Spring, when I first read your post, you hadn't come back to edit and add. Those earrings are beautiful. They would go with everything. Pearls and diamonds are timeless. I got that little silver earring tree which sits on the bedside table. It holds the earrings I wear most often. I like hoops or chunky gold ones. I wore silver hoops today because the denim jacket I wore has silver tone zippers on the pockets. Your chicken sounds good. DSIL's Mom stirs brown sugar and honey into orange juice to make her sauce. It's soooo good.

    Rock, glad you found the problem with the remote. I've found that turning things off and on or replacing batteries solves most problems. I'm very low tech. Those swings are probably fastened with big bolts through the ceiling joists. No worries (famous last words). Can't say I'm a big fan of contact paper but it's excellent for the bottom of vanities or under the sink. It's sturdier than paper and can be easily cleaned. The white with gray veins in it means it doesn't show any stains. It it does get stained, it's easily replaced. I'm being very kind to these old cupboards because they are cheap builder grade. Haven't had decent cupboards since I left the family home after the divorce and started living in condos. Some of the neighbors have had new ones installed but it's expensive. Some have completely redone their kitchens and baths but they sink more money into the projects than they will ever get out. If I could afford it, I would but not with the idea of an investment. I'd just enjoy it while I'm here. I've replaced the hardware on my cupboards and they look surprisingly nice considering what they are. Smoke and mirrors. I once read about a company which printed, "Do not discuss your salary or let others see your check," on its employees' check stubs. One guy wrote, "Don't worry. I'm just as ashamed of it as you are." on it and sent it to the home office.

    Sun, Sweetie, I don't know how to break this to you but I don't think there will be much demand on Etsy for antique cricket droppings. Bada Bing!!! I'm sorry; I couldn't resist. You've been busy, as usual. I also have yard work out front but am not up to it yet. I have to wash my car first. It's filthy. I told DOF not to lean on it because he had on his "dressy" shorts and tropical shirt. I can still get my pierced earrings in but my hands shake when I try to close some of my necklace clasps. Lucky DGD to pre-inherit your earrings. I'm so happy for Harry and Meghan. I've always thought she is so beautiful on Suits. Never thought we'd see a bi-racial divorced American marrying into the Royal Family. Times have changed. In this case, for the better. I'll make sure I never roast a chicken with lemon and herbs. I don't want someone asking me to marry him; however, I doubt there is much chance of that happening. I'm glad the new inhaler is helping you. I didn't refill my asthma inhaler because it's so expensive. Congress seriously needs to do something about the cost of prescriptions in this country.

    Duckie, I look forward to seeimg the video of your concert. Thanks for posting the sourdough starter recipe for those who want to use it. Hope you can stop back soon.

    Granni, I am continuing to pray for your family, including this DD. I can only imagine how hard it is for her to try to navigate through life with her confusion. I can also only imagine how difficult this has been for you and the whole family. Please know you all are in my heart and prayers. How nice that you are getting a new stainless range and microwave. That is what I'll be getting next your during the Black Friday sales event. Can't wait to have all the appliances in the kitchen match. Unfortunately, the RT is back and I'm feeling it. Water around Sanibel is a rust color from it. When it's bad, it can be seen from space. No wonder the aliens haven't tried to colonize us. They don't want this poor old messed up planet we have ruined. Hope the installation goes well.

    Barry, so glad to see you back. Was afraid we'd have to send out a search party for you. DD said she loves persimmons. Says she has found them in the market in Dec. I'm hoping to find some which are affordable. If I went through all those contortions trying to get the persimmons, I'd be in a lot of pain and ready to drop. That's probably why they taste so good--all that work getting them. Lucky birds to get the rest. I also have sensory overload and big noisy crowds give me panic attacks. BBC News is the best. I also like PBS news. Unfortunately when the news is always bad, it doesn't make much difference. It was heaven to get away from it over the holiday. Actually, my condo is never completely sparkling clean. I can never get it clean before it's dirty again. I don't sweat it but wish I had the NRG to keep it decent, you know, just so the health dept. doesn't shut me down. Actually, it's never filthy or even dirty but I can't keep it as clean as I'd like. Now, I have to wash the car and do work in the yard. I feel like a slug when I see how much others here get done. Hope you enjoyed your sandwich.

    News says an arrest has been made in the serial murder case in Tampa. Gun he had matches the one used in the killings. That's some GOOD news. Bad news is that CDC says we're in for a bad flu season and the flu shot is only 10 percent effective against it. I have to wonder what all those shots are doing to people's immune systems. I can't tolerate them so no decision to make. OK, gang. I've written W&P here so will be off. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Home...but exhausted, as expected. Barry, yes, it's a long drive...but this is no ordinary chiro. My regular guy does the usual "snap, crackle, pop", but this one (a good friend of my regular one) does different things. Sort of like accupressure, maybe? But more advanced, if that makes any sense. Anyway, he did a bunch of muscle testing then the treatment. I'm hoping to feel a great improvement in the pain and numbness within a day or two.

    Heading on to bed...took my time getting home and made several stops...including a nap in the van in the parking lot of a gas station. Will try to check in tomorrow when my brain fog has lifted a bit.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    Good grief. SV woke me at 4:00 and I got up. I'm back in flare mode so lay down on the sofa and fell into a deep sleep. I woke feeling awful and in pain. I think the RT is back full force, based on my symptoms. Don't know whether I'll feel better until it leaves. In the meantime, I'm resting all I can. It upsets SV when we don't do our usual rituals in the morning. I still have some things to put away under the sink and I have to put the little antique legal letter file cabinet back in the entry hall. Whenever I get new appliances, I have to move it out of the way. Now and then, I move it to clean behind. SV's hair collects behind it into little balls on the floor. If this keeps up, it'll be a long time before I have need to run the new DW. My dinner last night was an apple, a slice of cheese and a few nuts.

    Julie, I just lost my response to you and don't feel up to retyping it. I'll be back later.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    No time to post much now. DH is waiting for me outside to pick up some leaves he has blown. Had some sciatica problems yesterday I think and I had to help him in the house. Hope it continues to get better as we have plans for this weekend, a KC Christmas party and a 56th anniversary dinner for us by ourselves. He just came in and said he did it himself and it was OK as he took care not to bend a certain way. I know the feeling although my pain is like most of the time but not the shooting pain type .

    JULIE - Wish we had a special chiro like that around ere. If we do it is most likely not to cheap. Hang in there girl and hope you feel better soon. You have really been doing so much especially with those kiddos coming for Thanksgiving and an early Christmas, plus trying to get the house together with the new addition. Try and REST deara one.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are back in the funks and not eating to much either. That"s not good at least not for a long period. You probably need extra rest too but I know also not doing anything isn't good either. Doing as you have is good doing a few little things in between resting keeps you from getting to stiff and achy also. Or should I say it can make it worse with everything else.

    Didn't have a great nights sleep, not that I haven't in some time at least not straight through. Getting our new appliances was quite an experience yesterday. When they weren't here by 5-5:30 we figured they would bring it the next day. However, they called close to 7 I think t was saying they were on their way. These poor young Hispanics sure were working hard. Due to the black friday sale they were overloaded, hence our very late delivery. They had two more to do after us he said. The microwave as also a little bit small in one spot trying to get it in. So he had a to saw our cabinet opening in some spots in two places. Well it looks good. Now we have to get it working. The guy almost set the clock but due to something he didn't finish it. It just gets to the time on the clock and blinks but cannot finish the procedure. Hence you can't cook on it either yet. It also doesn't have a CLEAR button which confused me. I have had many microwaves and usually can get them started. Also, the light on the microwave will not shut off. DH called and a tech will be coming out tomorrow morning. The oven seems to be OK so far (knock on wood). It sure does look pretty though. Looks like after reading the book and looking at the buttons that this one also does convection cooking.

    Enough of this crazyiness. I have to go and get started on some more decorating, not that I am doing a whole lot, believe me, No big tree again this year, just a table top and a few other Christmas decorations. Don't think I will be sending out that many cards, No Christmas letter for sure..

    Gotta run for now. Thinking of everydobby.

    Granni :)
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I saw my lung doc yesterday. He talked me into a 7 day dose of prednisone because he still hears wheezing and thinks I have some inflammation. I've had that forever so sure hoping this will knock it out. ......making me feel like I've been reborn!!!! I've got a partially torn rotator cuff (I know exactly the exercise I was doing last May 2016 that did the damage). and he said this might really help the pain too. That would be great since by evening I'm wearing ice on my shoulder.

    I was telling him that this new inhaler he prescribed is GREAT. I can keep my oxygen level around 94 as opposed to 84 previously when I'm out for a walk. It's a fairly new steroid inhaler, only about 4 years old, so they don't know the long term damage it might do. But breathing hard, even when walking around the house, is pretty hard.

    Mikie: It's good you're now planning on new appliances next year. Keep your condo looking spiffy, you may down the road decide to sell and move close to your DD and DGS. This red tide seems to be greatly affecting your health for months. You might want to do a search all this year and figure up how many days have been good and how many where you're sick. Just a thought.

    By the way, yesterday as I was sweeping over l/2 cup cricket droppings into the dustpan, I for a moment thought about tossing them into a plant for fertilizer!!!! Don't think there's a market for selling them though! LOL

    OMG......I just did a search.......cricket droppings CAN be used as fertilizer.

    Barry....you mushroom lover......this is for you

    https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171109100409.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed: sciencedaily/health_medicine/diseases_and_conditions (Diseases and Conditions News -- ScienceDaily)

    The other day we were discussing bread dough and I remembered I used a little potato flakes added to the pizza dough which gives it a really good flavor to the crust. I'm going to experience with gluten free bread. And interesting that the reason I can tolerate sour dough because of the molecular breakdown of the wheat. Now I can hardly wait to get to the open air market on sunday to buy another loaf of their wonderful bread.
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I dunno what the temperature is, but Gordon just got back from running errands. Says it's so
    hot out there. I'm wearing gloves and a thermal shirt. Par for the course. Or Star Wars: the Force. Picked more tomatoes. Are you tired of tomato reports? I could do farm reports.
    Used to hear them on the radio when I was a kid. Wheat and corn are up. Sow bellies are down.

    Sun, I never heard of cricket droppings before. Do they drop their G's? I know some modern kids drop their jeans. I hope the prednisone helps. My mother took it about 40 years ago.
    Had bad side effects. Course I don't know how long she took it. Nice to know the new inhaler works.

    Granni, I hope they get your microwave working today. Are you testing your new oven
    today? I am a big fan of convection ovens.

    For Mikie and all our cat lovers. The latest Daedalus catalogue has a book called Crafting
    With Cat Hair. Yes, you can make things outta cat hair: tote bags,finger puppets and picture
    frames (it says). When I read that I had to paws and shake my head. Your dinner last night
    sounds very good. Also nutritious. Too bad I can't chew nuts or apples.

    Julie, do you have a delayed response to chiro treatment? I always feel younger and springier
    when the doc gets done. Which reminds me. My monthly appointment is tomorrow.

    Mikie, with regard to aliens coming to earth, I got an e mail years ago that said: Alert!
    The Hale Telescope has announced that an alien spaceship is expected to land on Earth
    Friday. It is believed their mission is to abduct all the good looking men. Don't worry
    though. You're safe.

    I hope you feel better soon. Science should invent an aerosol to kill the Red Tide. Of course it's a given that an even worse problem would result from the spray.

    Barry, I picked and ate ten tomatoes this morning. If it were practical, I would mail you some.
    We have a tall skinny plant without thorns that Gordon calls a euphorbia. But it doesn't look
    like the euphorbia pictures I found on the net. As for colletia, isn't that the name of a French
    author? What is the good Richard up to?

    Gotta go, it's time for an afternoon nap. Although sometimes I just end up reading. Have
    several new books from the local library.

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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Just got back from final rehearsal before the concert tomorrow. After that, I have a break from singing for a while. Maybe can concentrate on sewing.

    Speaking of sewing, my DH wore the shirt I finished a couple of weeks ago to work today. He got compliments from all the ladies.

    I'm on call for jury duty starting next week. My boss was on for the last 2 weeks and never got called, and another coworker from my office was on the 2 weeks before that. She also never went in.

    It's just about my bed time now, so I'l sign off. Thinking of you all...
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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Dmc - I went to your FB ..I couldn't hear any orchestra but the pictures were great. Who is Steve? Is he your DH? Are you the lady in the photos?

    Rock - lol about the email re aliens. I doubt our good-looking would count as their good-looking, tho. You sure eat healthy. So many tomatoes and not too spicy.

    Barry - I love the colour purple. That particular shade. I used go like our hills and fields even in winter when they became brown. I was imagining Euphorbia as a plant on steroids.

    Julie - I hope you are seeing the benefits of the faraway chiro. Hmm. Sounds like a good name for a slice of life book.

    Granni - good to know you are careful with your back. My SIL had back troubles once (no longer) IE. My deceased brothers wife. I try and be careful with my own back. Those Hispanics sure are working like crazy. I respect such.

    Mikie - there is no Red Tide here but I get the stiff shoulder, arm thing sometimes. Mostly when I get up. It's accompanied by ringing in the ears so I go to work using white light and my own stuff. It does go away.

    • My orange chicken turned out so so. I used the leftovers in a chowmein I made yesterday. That and the cabbage coconut curry I had made with it. Gave me a smug satisfaction that nothing went to waste. I like when there are no scraps leftover to toss to the birds. The dogs don't like veggies so much on their own.i don't like keeping things in the fridge for more than a day.

    Yesterday was the first really cold evening. I wanted to wear a thick jacket. Because the cold was getting to the bones. I feel encumbered going about chores in a thick garment. And hate washing the thick jackets, coats, sweaters. They take so much water.

    DDs friend runs an orphanage aways away a little out of town proper. She had asked for donations of old carpets for her orphanage. So DD and I went over what we had in stock. And chose two. A bigger one and a smaller one. I sunned some smaller rugs to put in our bedrooms now that it is so cold. Again, the washing these is a headache because of the dogs.

    Two of our dogs were excited to go into our storeroom where our old rugs from our carpet selling days are stored. They were chasing each other round and round and flying over carpet stacked up and then got up onto the carpet pile and were having a wrestling match. My DD said they finally got their wrestling ring.

    The son went with his cousins DH side to see Justice League at the cinema because the nephew wanted to watch and the kids aunt made a trip of it inviting some others. DH said it was good to see his nephew n niece. It's playing at a spanky new complex with shopping mall and restaurants so it's a nice trip. It's called Labim Hall. This is a utube

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Hope this FPOC is finally working again. It was soooo frustrating yesterday. It will work fine and then start acting up. Cable box is acting up again too. The good news is that I ran the dishwasher last evening and everything came out so nice and clean. It took about two hours to run. If one wants a 'fast' cycle, one can choose the 'one hour' cycle. Good grief! I never used the heat cycle with my old one but the guy who installed it said it's better to use the heat cycle and the rinse aid. It keeps the stainless tub interior clean and looking new. As little as I run it, I will use the heat cycle. Made my silverware look better too.

    Thanks, everydobby, for all your good wishes regarding the red tide menace. Since no one knows for sure what causes it, no one knows what to do about it. Our river and delta are sick, affecting the sea grass and oysters there. We aren't supposed to eat shell fish taken from the area. Most scientists believe that it's the nutrients washed off the sugar cane fields which cause the problems. There are plans to reduce flow from Lake O but the various 'experts' disagree on how to reduce the flow. The Army Corps of Engineers has already messed up the river so I don't put much belief in them. It's very dry here now so I don't think there will be giant releases from the lake and, hopefully, the RT will go away.

    Julie, I hope the chiro helped you. It's about 30 miles up the coast to the pain doc I used to see when my FMS was first triggered. He didn't do much except prescribe morphine but I needed it then. Glad I no longer do, even when I'm in a painful flare. Thirty miles isn't too far to go for help. Hope you can stop in again.

    Granni, when my sciatica was so bad, the doc said not to do anything which wasn't the same on both sides--not to pull to one side, not to cross my legs, etc. I'll feel a twinge of it now and then. Yes, I've been doing things and resting in between. It took three days to get the stuff put back under the sink. I had to put the board back in the middle and I just couldn't get down underneath it and screw the braces back in. I put that in when there was a leak under the sink and it caused one side to swell out. I had to shim the hinge but it still left a 1/4" gap in the middle. The white board behind where the doors come together makes it look like it should be like that. I did the same for Julie's cabinets after she had a leak. Did you press the 'Start' button after the guy set the clock? I have to do that on both my microwave and range. My oven is a convection but I haven't noticed a big decrease in bake/roast time. I replaced my fridge and DW because they were no longer functioning properly. I'll replace the old microwave and range next year to get all my appliances to match. Hope you enjoy them. I love nothing more than to get new appliances. Happy anniversary.

    Sun, I am soooo happy that the new inhaler is helping and I hope the steroid shot will help even more. Those shoulder exercises are tricky. My tech hurt me with one exercise but it healed. I still have shoulder pain now and then but the little TENS unit helps. I'm also glad you can eat the sour dough bread without problems. Wish I liked it better. I wonder whether the frog poop I sweet up would help fertilize plants. Our little lizards live in the potted plants and probably fertilize them. Don't think I'll keep track of how many days I feel lousy. It would likely just depress me. I'm used to going with the flow and doing what I can depending on how I feel. I rest up if I have something I absolutely have to do, like when I took DOF to the dentist. I'm taking him to the dermatologist on the 5th. Hoping you feel better and better.

    Rock, when I used to drive from CO to NE to visit my Mom, I knew I was getting close when the radio started featuring farm reports. I always enjoyed the drive. Driving in rural areas with farms is so peaceful. I had to drive rural areas to visit DD when she was in college. We have some beautiful rural areas inland and much of it is horse country, especially up around Ocala. There are even a few low hills there which remind me of hill country in TX. Funny e-mail about the aliens. I also liked the paws pun. There was someone in Boulder who would use people's pet hair to knit things. SV's is very soft but I've just been wasting it by throwing it away. After I brush and comb him, I always show him how much hair I got out of his pelt. He's always interested in seeing it. Glad you're still getting tomatoes.

    Duckie, I've been permanently excused from jury duty due to inability to sit long periods of time. Glad your DH likes his shirt and got compliments on it. Hope you can stop back in.

    Spring, I'm laughing about the dogs romping and playing on the rugs. Cool weather always brings out the playful side in our pets. SV goes out when it's cool and comes back in looking all bushy and he wants to romp. I clap my hands and chase him around. I used to make roasts when I cooked for the family and would use the leftovers to make chop suey. We liked the leftover dish better than the original one. That mall looks so nice. Malls here are closing due to lack of traffic and sales. I don't know what the kids today are doing if not hanging out at malls. I think they are mostly just sitting around texting their friends who are right there in the room. I get the ringing in my ears when the RT is especially bad. The arm/shoulder which is painful is the one I hurt when I fell a couple of months ago. I think the doc was right when he said it could take a year for it to heal completely. I also use the white light and purple light to heal and protect, thanks to you.
    I've been editing and adding. It's a good thing. The screen just went blank and when I came back to it, part of my response was gone, the part which hadn't been automatically saved. The RT symptoms are especially bad this morning so I'm gonna go. I hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie

    Photos of discolored water from red tide and fish killed by it.


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  19. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Am reclining in bed as my back hurts to sit again.gets like that every so often.is more of a nuisance than anything else I guess.n.the rest of the tribe dont get it.they are all in the lounge watching a movie. Im sure they think Im just trying to get away, but what do ya do, when the truth isnt good enough?
    We had a storm rip through here a few days ago and buckets of rain came down very heavy, over about 2 days.loads of lightening and thunder that crackled and banged and shook the foundations, I'm sure.
    One loud bang made me think it was the power lines over head and now I'm wondering if it actually was, seeing as our modem blew and because we are nbn, not only does that mean wifi, but land line and tv set top box and remote.crazy to hv all this hooked up and relying on one source!
    Dont you think?
    Anyway, seeing as my mobile is being used as a hot-spot ( my data used for other devices), Ill hv to wait before I can check out you tube and the singing etc.
    New modem is on its way.
    Just glad none of our Treasures laptops were plugged in at the time.

    Julie, 3 hrs! Really? He must be an Amazing chiro!
    I get those same symptoms as you and Sun and hv a slipped disc.most of my neck pain, which radiates to head and shoulders is caused by it.get ripper headaches too, but no way am I choosing surgery.sounds way too risky.i used to get quite frightened with the paralysis, but now that I know why, Im ok.I guess.
    Funny that you hv a reminder for all the bird house guests.
    I really loved how prepared you were for your Treasures' visit.
    You go to great lengths and I feel very privileged to get a sneak peak with the pics you posted.Thank you.
    I almost felt like making bread myself!
    Well, could almost smell it baking, at least.
    It made me smile to read your Dad's comment too.about grand pa making an appearance.

    Mikie, funny that you mentioned black friday sales.
    This is the first yr we've heard of them- getting emails inviting us to many an online sale.
    I kept racking my brain, trying to figure it out.surely the sale wasnt a morbid reminder of the terrible fires we had a few yrs back? Na.no one ckuld pull something like that off...
    So its American. And now Australia has jumped on that band wagon too? To make a buck.
    Can you tell me where the name originated?
    Your dgs and my youngest ds would be good mates I reckon, what with the escaping mini beasts and reptiles and all.he showed me a cicada yest- a bit too up close and personal for my liking!

    Sun, great to read that your breathing is improved but sorry about the shoulder, I think it was.
    I must google cricket droppings.im intrigued.
    We get loads of crickets here, but they must only come out when it gets really hot and then vanish when the temp drops again.

    Spring, ugh.all the extra washing with the jackets and the rugs.i feel ya.
    Am deciding if and when we put the mats and rugs out.it seems theres so much more mud and dirt getting traipsed in here, at this house.i wonder if they'll survive.
    Or should I cut my losses and sell?

    Barry, ds caught me slipping into unconsciousness as he asked me for a new pet rabbit.cheeky sod.
    He knew exactly what he was doing!
    He has his gecko habitat awaiting a guest and is busy researching rabbits now.other son is trying to wear me down too.i thought we were past the guinea pig stage!
    Oooh.his ferrit is a mama.she has 2 babies.one white and the other a pole cat beauty.

    Rock, our tomatoes are loving this wierd weather weve been having.humid one day, rain the next, followed by a scorcher.mind you, everyone in the neighbourhood is giving their mowers a fair thrashing too.
    Dh tried to make me give up on tomatoes because of all the lectins, is it?

    Duck, jury duty hey.they must be working there way through your office.funny that.
    Ill hv to check out your singing show when we get back online properly.

    Di, how are you doing? At peace I hope and getting plenty of lovin from those cats of yours.hope Kev is well.

    Granni, a new stove...lemon chicken anyone? Just kidding!
    I bet you'd be flat out too with all your Christmas carols and what not.
    Sad to read about cd.reminds me of my dad.bitter sweet memories/ feelings there.
    He was actually getting quite hostile so I wont hv anything to do with him now.at least not while our Treasures could be at risk.makes it tough trying to do the right thing.

    As per usual, I cant really see how much Ive written.
    I sure hope I havent missed anyone.when Im reading along, I know exactly how I'd like to respond, but then remembering is altogether quitea dif story.

    Take care all
    Catch yas later
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Star,

    We must have been posting at the same time. I'll answer in a new post because I'm afraid I might lose the W&P post above. Do you have surge protectors for your computers, phone chargers, etc.? We have a lot of big electrical storms in the summer and we lose power. When it comes back on, it can surge and damage whatever is plugged in. Your Treasures remind me of the little boy on The Durrells On Corfu on PBS. He keeps all kinds of critters too. Yes, I expect DGS would love hanging out with the Treasures. He's so kind and sweet with animals. Black Friday is so named because it's the time of the year when retailers go from being in the red to being in the black with sales revenue. I'd think they could have come up with a more positive sounding name too. In any case, there are some amazing deals to be had. Lowe's marks their appliances down more than at any other time of the year so I plan my purchases accordingly. I try not to fall under the spell of great prices for things I don't really need. Fortunately, some stores keep the sale prices a week or two. Even so, Lowe's was busy with only two people in the appliance dept.

    I hope you are feeling better. BTW, it isn't that family doesn't believe you. It's common for families to be in denial because it's too scary to think Mom might really be sick. It's how they cope but it sucks for you. Since our whole family suffers from FMS or other conditions, they are understanding. Also, I didn't get really sick until my Treasures were grown. You are a hero for raising your kids with such disabling symptoms. Put on your imaginary cape and strike a power pose.

    Love, Mikie

    This image was with the red tide pics but it doesn't look real. I'm thinking it might make a good abstract painting.

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