Porch # 1020 is CLOSED. 3rd December 2017

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    08-18-05-cd27b0df9cf6b86766c64bb251043c1c.jpg Come on in.
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    Good Sunday Morning, Porchies,

    I just lost most of my response but was able to salvage my personal responses. I'm sooooo fed up with these problems. :mad: GRRR!!!

    Duckie, thanks for the tip on the recliner for sciatica. It likely works because it keeps hips aligned for those with periformis sciatica. Sleeping on one's side or twisting causes problems. Glad your concert went well.

    Rock, yes, that pic does look 3-D. I've seen some pics and videos from iPhones and they look 3-D as well. I'd try the outdoor sandbox. If it's easier diggings, Miss Kitty might take to it. Can't hurt, might help--my test for just about anything I'm considering. Blues Brothers is a great movie. We enjoyed it over and over as a family movie. When that nun moved without walking, it gave me the creeps, almost like traumatic flashbacks of my days in Catholic school. Yikes!

    Granni, I'm glad your microwave problem was nothing more than a door which wasn't shut. Yes, paradoxically, the short cycle on the new dishwashers uses more power and water than the long cycles. I hope your anniversary celebration was great. I would have been married 54 years on the 15th of this month. I've been single now longer than I was married. Hope you find out what is causing the rash.

    Sun, I like to use the DW for my stainless steel cookware. It comes out nice and clean and polished looking. I seem to use more utensils than dishes and often have to run the DW just to get them clean. They don't look discolored as they did when they came out of the old one. Sorry the printer isn't working. Mine goes on the fritz all the time.

    Spring, yes the red tide is a real health problem. It is only part of the overall problem with our water, the rivers, the estuaries and the Gulf. You are so right--if we took care of problems before they became huge problems, it would save money and suffering in the long run. A dollar spent on prevention saves $6-$10 dollars on remediation. Our approach here is often short sighted with no thoughts about tomorrow. We have malls and shopping areas which are so expensive and up scale but they are not where I shop. Thanks for starting us up again. This could be a mountain cabin in Colorado.

    Jess, I am a moderator but can't remember for sure what happened to our old live chat forums. I think they went away because so few used them. Also, they were difficult to moderate. I hope you will join us here. It's a good group of people.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good??? Sunday morning. Starting my day well with once again receiving not only my Amazon package, but my neighbor's as well. This is the third time it's happened. Each time it has been an Amazon delivery person. Each time, Amazon has promised it won't happen again. This time I feel bad because I didn't pay attention and opened the box before realizing it wasn't mine. I've sealed it back up and I'm now off to do Amazon's job and deliver it. Back later.
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    Ducky, I hope you get a good tip. Better Amazon than the USPS. My pkg. was said to be delivered but it didn't show up in my mail box and no neighbor brought it to me. Either the fill-in mail delivery person didn't deliver it or he delivered it to the wrong box. It's hard to believe one of my close neighbors would keep it.

    I used to start with Good Morning but now I include the day. It helps us keep track of who has been here and when.

    I hope this is your worst problem in life. My motto is not to sweat the small stuff and to try to remember it's all small stuff in the big scheme of life. Not trying to diminish this ongoing problem for you. I'm the first to whine about every little problem I have. And, you're not whining; you're rightly upset because the person isn't doing his or her job. We talk about the incompetence here all the time. It isn't too much to ask that people do what they are paid to do.

    Just watched the CBS Sunday Morning Show. It's really great. It's not a news show; it has segments on food, travel, the arts, etc. They feature things I wouldn't ordinarily know about. Today, they featured Turkish desserts from Istanbul. They have had quilts on too.

    OK, I'm off. Hope everydobby is having a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Ta Hi, Ho Ta Ho, I think my watch in running slow.
    A greeting from an old radio program.

    Things are quiet here. Gordon has taken to bed. Felling poorly. I am the nurse. Just brought
    him a bottle of aspirin. He told me one of his brothers once brought him 2 "aspirin" that were not in a bottle. Turned out they weren't aspirin either. As it says in the the writings of Plato
    or possibly the Farmer's Almanac: There is nothing so simple it cannot be botched up by a well meaning idiot.

    Hi, Spring, thanks for opening the new thread. A beautiful picture. Wouldn't have been
    suitable for my father or his drinking buddies though. They'd likely walk right off a cliff.

    Mikie, I never saw The Blues Brothers. Went to Youtube and watched the mysterious moving
    Nun. She didn't approve of Belushi's language. Ironically on the same Youtube page there
    is a clip from the movie Dragnet in which Kathleen Freeman is cussin' like a sailor on leave.

    Yes, it's always good to have clues about what day it is. Last night I woke up at 5:30 PM.
    Only I thought it was Sunday morning. I am easily confusiated these days. Days! Act-
    ually these last few decades.

    Duckie, yes, those delivery people are generally terribly. They just throw stuff on
    our porch cause they are too lazy to walk up the 5 steps. One of them threw a package
    on the porch when I was standing there. I yelled at him. I would of reported him to
    UPS, but figured he might just do worse things in the future. And our mail person won't
    close the front gate. I was gonna put up a note: Please Close Gate. Gordon said don't.
    She might retaliate.

    Hope everydobby is doing as well as possible.
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    Dear Ones,

    I have been so busy checking out recipes among other things for these stupid round steaks DH bought instead of the usual ones. I just broiled them after marinating them last week and they were still pretty chewy. I have no flour or not the right kid so I am not going to dredge them. I only have two of them. I have a mallet so I am going to pound them a bit in hopes that will help. Then, I will just try searing or pan frying them. I broiled them last week . So will not do so again unless these don;t come out well and next week I will try something different. TOday I will just brown them on the stove and hopefully they will not cook that much. II found a couple of recipes but I do not have the stuff or the time.

    Had a great dinner last night. We rarely an appetizer and a soup and entree and dessert but we did last night, It was yummy. I had a shrimp dish and DH had the Grouper which I don't think I have had before. I had a taste and it was a sweet tasting fish..

    SPRING - Thanks for starting us up again. I think it was you who did. That was a pretty picture you sent too, Doing anything exciting or interesting lately or trying to REST sine ??

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling OK or not to badly from the RT. Hope it was no one in the neighborhood that kept your whatever it was that never made it to your house, sometime ago. That is frustrating when something like that happens. Yes, some of the delivery people can be careless and cause problems for the person who paid for that gift or whoever really needed it. Yes, I do think there was a lot of chatter years ago about no one being in the chat rooms so they got rid of them or it.

    ROCK - Sorry to hear that Gordon isn't feeling well and hope he gets better soon and that you don't catch whatever it is. Gee, hope you didn't get sick when someone tried to give you aspirin and it wasn't what you and he thought it was. Yes, some people can be very dangerous to themselves and to others.

    JULIE - Hope you are resting a bet and feeling a little better.

    DUCKIE - I missed whatever it was that you were upset about. Hang in there girl. I know sometimes things like that really get us riled up and sometimes with good reason. Whining on here might help you to feel a little better although as MIKIE said most of the time it doesn't do much good (complaining that is). However, venting is can be a good thing- helps to get rid of stress sometimes, at least a little bit.

    Hi also to SUN, BARRY and everydobby else I missed. Also those MIA like Linda, Elaine, 1Sweetie and so many more.

    I have to start pounding some round steaks. Hope they taste better than last week.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Wow...text is so fun sometimes. It truly doesn't carry emotions well. I was more frustrated than angry. And I was worried that opening the package might spoil a Christmas gift surprise.

    Rock - Sorry G-Man isn't feeling well. Hope he gets better soon.

    Granni - I was frustrated that for the third time, Amazon delivery people have given me neighbors' packages. Previously, I have realized it before I opened anything, but this morning, I wasn't paying any attention. I don't know these neighbors for much more than just waving, but she was nice about it. I gave Amazon an ear-full.

    Mikie - Hope the RT doesn't get you too badly.

    Spring - thanks for the new porch. I'd love to sit someplace like that. Looks very peaceful. If I had a view like that, a sewing machine and an endless supply of fabric....

    DH took me out to Red Lobster for dinner. I'm stuffed and feeling sleepy now. Hard to concentrate. Hope you all are having a good evening!
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  8. springwater

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    Guess what? I opened the Porch and tried to 'like' my own picture of the mountain cabin porch!
    All the time thinking, wow. So lovely to be there. Blame it on the full moon last night. I was thinking the full moon ain't affecting me tonight, well, it seems to be this morning. Actually not. Feeling quite normal. Ie. Not drained or woozy.

    Rock - I laughed so much at your comment about the pretty porch on the mountain not being right for your father and his buddies. You are so so funny! You don't need to live on steep areas for a drinker to fall off anywhere. When I was 20 and moved here from India, for my job, my brothers and mom were packed off to join me within five months by my moms sister to get away from my father. He was a full blown drunk then and had a mistress( our maid) to boot. So I had to move out from my another relatives house where they were housing me. Got two rooms in a house and within a month my father turned up. We were all happy to see him (he was a very nice person and the funniest when not drinking). But within a month he had started again, and one day I came home from work to find him fallen down into a paddy field outside the house and one leg stuck between the barbed wire above the field. I don't know how he didn't drown. He was too heavy for the boys to lift from that height plus there were passers-by staring and laughing, so we left him there to recover on his own. That I can relate the incident means I've healed from the scars.

    Dmc - we don't hv parcel delivery service here. We hv to get a post box and go and get it from there..we haven't used parcel delivery..once was enough..decades ago. The officers were levying taxes worth 200 % more than the goods..clothes or something unless we skipped them some bribe. One foreigner was there, he got a stereo system from a friend in Thailand and when he heard the duty charges, he told those officers, "send the parcel right back. " and stomped out.We were not known as the most corrupt nation in the world for nothing, those days.

    I guess most people use courier services now. Since there's so much online buying now, maybe the delivery services are better.

    Granni - I hope the steak comes out nice and tender. Yes, it's a pain when you want to make a dish and you find the ingredients aren't there with you. Or you buy ingredients and are unable to make the dish until the supp
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  9. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi friends! Last week was a little crazy, and it carried over into the weekend, lol! Being away from home more than one day a week just wears me out...and I am still recovering from having all the family here. But it's perfectly okay...worth it to see everyone.

    Spring, I see you just popped on...that sounds like something I would do, lol! That must be a wonderful view from that porch.

    Granni, I make round steak a couple of different ways (I have the butcher tenderize it for me at the store.) I cut up the steak and put it in the bottom of a casserole dish. Then add sliced potatoes on top of it. Cover that with cream of mushroom soup or other sauce of your choice. Cover with foil and bake at 325 or 350 till meat is tender.

    Or I dip the meat in beaten egg, then cracker crumbs...sort of "chicken fried steak" style...fry it in oil on top of the stove.

    Duckie, yes, it is very frustrating that people who deliver make so many mistakes. I've accidentally opened envelopes in our mail that belonged to people who live clear across the county. That mistake must have been made at the post office before the carrier even left for the route. We have pretty nice UPS, Fed-Ex, and other truck delivery people, though. Many of them make a point of getting familiar with customers' dogs and other pets...some of the drivers have treats ready for Oreo.

    Mikie, did I remember you saying you watched Godless on Netflix? Den and I finished it last night...oh my! I'm so glad I live in this day and age. We started "Turn" this evening...about a spy during the Revolutionary War.

    Sun, you doing okay? Recovered from your trip?

    Star, hope you are all getting used to your new home. Thanks for the kind words regarding me and my Treasures. When I go back in January or February to watch the kids while Lindsey goes for that treatment in California (yes, I think the Cali trip is back on) I will try to pre prep lots of foods, activities, etc. Hard to keep an eye on all four kiddos and cook at the same time.

    Rock, I hope Gordon feels better very soon. Glad he has such a caring nurse as you.

    Barry, thinking of you and your crew as well.

    I saw my dad a couple of times on Friday. I usually check on him before I go grocery shopping, then bring back whatever he needs before I head home. Friday I had a yearly cardiologist appt. (nothing has changed), plus I was shopping for the ingredients for "vision" smoothies. Trying to get out of cataract surgery, scheduled in April.

    These smoothies have lots of leafy greens, other veggies and fruits and some supplements in them...supposed to be good for eye health. We'll see if it works...either way, it's got to be healthy. But, my stomach is having a rough time digesting some of them (I've learned they go down better if I already have something on my stomach.) I told Amy they make me want to puke...she said, well, at least I will be able to see it good!

    Other than that, I will be continuing to work on the house. Feels sort of nice to have Christmas stuff all done...kind of like it's my New Year already, lol! Hope everyone is doing as well as can be. Thinking of you all~
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  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Yes, I'm OK except for ongoing back, neck, shoulder troubles.....but then that's pretty normal for me. Thanks for asking. And.....it's Christmas time and it's hard for me. I've had shoulder troubles for over a year, and have fought getting a cortisone shot, but think that in a few weeks if it's still hurting as much will try it. I spent all day and night with ice on my shoulder. Hard doing that.....and the elbow stretch thing doesn't work
    For a shoulder. I'm thinking how I could make something that would fit on the shoulder and hold some ice.

    Those green juices are hard to take, they were for me too. I bought a juicer about 6 years ago, figuring I would get really healthy. I think you have to ease into it slowly. I've brought mine out at different times but I guess juicing isn't for me. Could green juices turn things around for your eyes???

    I remember you talking about Amy being godmother to Jessica's child? Am I correct. Drugs are an awful thing. I pray for them all. And especially for this unborn child. Is the father her Xhusband?

    I LOVED Turn.......I got it from the library, so I'm looking forward to another season when it's out on DVD. Did you know there's also a book out about Washington's Spies? Haven't read it though.

    Speaking of books......Barry and Rock........I'm listening to a good one now, recommended by a friend. A Gentleman in Moscow. It's about a count at the time of the Russian Revolution and how he adjusts to living frugally in a hotel. So far so good.

    Barry: You're welcome. I'm going to buy some of the powdered mushrooms since now I know it's so heathy for you too. I went to the small open air market this morning looking for watercress, but the dealer said he hadn't brought any this time. But I did buy two loaves of the good sour dough bread. One with kalamata (not that good) and the other with garlic Parmesan....good but not nearly as good as the asiago cheese one was.

    Spring and Rock: Sorry for the bad memories of your growing up years. My grandfather was pretty bad when he was younger ......would come home drunk and beat the boys, so my mom said. She and her sisters would hide from him as did my grandmother. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth in his aged years.....such a saint...not. He was a real male chauvinist. Ignored me most of the time but put my brother on a pedestal.

    Rock: Hope Gordon feels better. My DS emailed me this morning to say they took my DGD to ER.....really sick from throwing up...flu. So the doctor ran some tests and put back liquids in her and after a few hours they released her. But it's easy for a 3 1/2 year old to get dehydrated. They tried to get her to drink some pedialyte but she refused.....now she's going to have "going back to the hospital" hanging over her if she doesn't do what she's supposed to. He sent pics. Of her in bed, all hooked up to wires, and also when they were taking an ultrasound of her tummy.

    Granni: Sounds like a nice celebration dinner. Congratulations.

    Mikie: I started watching Mr. Holmes......and was surprised to see the little boy from the Durrells of Corfu. He was cute in that movie......I think he's going thru a growing up stage in Durrells. I believe I read he's about 14 now playing a younger part. I wonder how he'll age. Some kids are adorable when they're younger but get a little "not so cute" when older. Look at the redhead boy in Harry Potter.
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Soooo sick from the RT. I coughed yesterday until I thought it would tear a hole in my throat. RT doesn't usually cause long coughing spells like that. Breathing is labored and it's all causing my FMS to flare. Sorry for all this whining but it helps to vent. I've been doing nothing but resting but I have to get busy today no matter what. I am taking my DOF to a doc appt. tomorrow. Then, we will stop at the management office so he can say goodbye to our mgr. I'm really gonna miss him. It's 65 degrees out but will climb to the mid-80's this afternoon. We will drop into the 70's by week's end. I could go for some cooler weather. Maybe it will get rid of the RT. Hope so before it kills me.

    Nancy, Claudia and I have a three way text ongoing so we can keep up with each other. Nancy sent a text at 1:30 this morning and it woke me up. Don't know what she was thinking. I always wondered why she slept so late when she lived here. Now I know. She's up half the night. That's fine but she needs to be more thoughtful. I texted her back and said I was shutting off the phone. I hope she gets the hint. I was getting nonstop phishing robo calls about needing to call them back so I could give them more info about my software and the licensing key. When that didn't work, they called to say the software had a red flag and that I have a virus. I did dial the number and some guy answered. He had a foreign accent. I hung up. That may have ended the calls but I blocked the number. I once called the FBI about a phishing call and they took the phone number but said it's usually impossible to track them because they rout the calls through several different countries.

    Rock, I hope Gordon is feeling better. I'm laughing at the term, 'well meaning idiot.' On TV, they said that Russia goes after Americans to try to compromise them. They refer to them as, 'useful idiots.' We had a lot of alcoholics in our family but I didn't have to grow up around any of them, thank God.

    Granni, I'm still thinking of getting one of those all-in-one cookers. They do pressure cooking which makes meat so tender it falls apart. BTW, DD has one of those induction cook tops which boils water almost instantly. She said it's fine if you want to boil water but she hasn't been able to make candy with it. I have a simple range with the glass top. I'll be replacing it next year. Hope the meat got tender.

    Duckie, no wonder you were frustrated. Sometimes, Amazon hands packages off to the USPS for final delivery. Our mail lady is wonderful but, on her day off, different guys will fill in and they always mess up the delivery. We have banks of mailboxes with similar addresses. On her day off, we are all swapping mail with neighbors. I once opened a bank statement of a neighbor's. It was the same bank I use and I didn't bother to read the address. She didn't care but I now look before opening.

    I'm gonna go and hope I don't lose this. I'll continue responding to all y'all in another message.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Damnit, I just lost my responses to several more Porchies. I type one character and the whole page disappears and is blank. I don't get it. This is a totally new aggravation than what caused me to call this a FPOC in the first place. I just got an error message that said the problem was the JavaScript console in the server. Is that me or the website here? Duckie, got any answers?

    Spring, we had a lot of drinkers in our family too. We have a lot of corruption here but it isn't as blatant. The corrupters and the corruptees try to hid it. Fortunately, the press usually gets to the bottom of it eventually. This full moon is a supermoon. I didn't get to see it rise because it was cloudy last night. It's high in the sky now but I'll try to go out to watch it set behind the palm trees and townhouses across the street. This moon is called a cold moon. Last month's was a beaver moon. I think the Native Americans names them.

    Julie, how kind of you to help Amy's friend. Did she not get prenatal care because she feared the doc's finding out she was using? She could lose custody of all the kids in that case. It's soooo sad when babies are born addicted. In any case, bless you for helping her. The news carried a story about a cat named Oreo who is a hero. He got between a toddler and a rattle snake and stood his ground to protect the little girl. He got bit but is recovering after he saw the vet. Brave little kitty. When DD got the mumps as a child, one of our kitties got in bed with her and refused to leave except to eat and go potty. The name, Oreo, got my attention. I was thinking of your sweet Oreo. BTW, you can buy supplements with the eye vitamins in them.

    Sun, I'm so sorry for that pain in your shoulder. You might try Spring's method of asking God to fill you with His healing white light and focus it on your shoulder. It has really helped me. You are right about some of those child actors' growing up not to be so attractive. I had a friend in HS who was big, awkward and not especially feminine looking. She was good natured about it and made jokes about it herself. She showed me a pic of her as a young child. She was beautiful and won beauty pageants. Go figure.

    We have talked a lot about drinking. News had a segment on a little opossum here that broke into a liquor store. It knocked a bottle of booze off the shelf and broke it. It drank all the spilled liquor and was found drunk on the floor the next morning. It was recovering at a shelter before being put back out into the wild. I can only imagine its telling the rest of the wild animals that it had been to rehab and was recovering. It couldn't have been a twelve-step program because it was too drunk to walk twelve steps. Like the drunk who was pulled over by the cop. The cop asked him why he was driving drunk. He said he was in no condition to walk. Bada bing!!!

    I'm going to post this and hope for the best. Hoping all y'all have a great pain-free day and have tons of NRG.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good Monday morning!

    Julie - Funny story about opening the neighbor's mail...my DH's first and middle names are the same as our next door neighbor's first and last names. One time the mail carrier put the neighbor's mail in our box by accident and it didn't dawn on me that it wasn't ours. It was close to tax time and it was obviously a tax document, so I opened it. OOPS.

    Sun - A suggestion for ice for your shoulder - get some dish towels wet and put them flat in the freezer. Once frozen, they will be "shapable" (ok...I made that word up) and you can put them over your shoulder.

    Mikie - Without seeing the error or the source code I'm afraid I can't be much help on the Javascript problem. I do know what Javascript is, though!!! I once had a really bad cough that I thought I was going to have to go to the Emergency Room for, but I suddenly had the idea to get into the shower and breathe the steam. It helped a lot and I was finally able to go back to bed. Maybe helpful for your cough?? I'm just full of suggestions this morning, huh???

    Spring - I guess I was super lucky as a kid and was never exposed to abuse or drunken parents. My aunt (DM's sister) had several bad marriages. During my time in the fire service, I actually had to make an ambulance run on her when her husband beat her up. Not fun.

    Rock - You beat me to "the next line." Now I'll have to think of something else. :)

    I suppose I ought to do some work...
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 8M amd 51 frhtrrd, I mean 51 degrees here. I was trying to type with my gloves on.
    Not workee so well. These are ambidextrous gloves. Can be worn on either hand.
    Thanks for all the get well wishes for Gordon. He still has a fever, but it's gone down. Was
    in bed all day yesterday. Right now he's watching the news before going back to bed.

    Duckie, I think "shapable" is an excellent word. You could also try malleable which means
    "can be taken to the mall". Director and writer Billy Wilder almost always wrote his scripts
    with a partner. Usually Charles Bracket; later I. A. L. Diamond. The reason he has so many initials is 'cause he was originally from that part of E. Europe that is always being invaded and countries change their name. Current name seems to be Moldova which sounds like a name from an operette.

    Mikie, unlike Duckie I never heard of Java Script. But Java is coffee and a script is what
    Billy Wilder and partner used to write while drinking lots of coffee. Ergo Java Script
    must refer to funny writing. Yes? Never hear of a beaver mooning either. I remember some guys did it in "Grease" while the band was playing Blue Moon. I used to have a cat named Oreo. Can't remember what happened to her. I think my wife got her in the divorce. Back in the 70s.

    Hope you feel better and your FPOC stars behaving better.

    Sunflower, I never heard of juice benefitting the eyes. Although when I was a kid we were
    frequently told to eat carrots because they were good for the eyes as they had lots of
    vitamin A. We never use our juicer for anything except carrots and apples (together). There
    used to be an infomercial by a guy with squinty eyes who would tell you what plants to juice
    for various medical problems. I always wondered if the FCC or the Food and Drug Administration
    got after him for practicing medicine w/o a license.

    Any news on your DGD? Hope she wasn't too traumatized by her hospital visit.

    Julie, your recipe for round steak and potatoes sounds like the kind of recipe I like. No
    more than 3 or 4 ingredients. But I can't cook anything anymore. If it's on the stove or
    in the oven I forget about it. Can still heat up stuff in the microwave though. Only 2
    night ago I heated up some frozen petite pois.

    Yes, must be very difficult for Amy to have a friend on drugs. I can understand how people
    in pain get addicted to drugs. I don't understand people who start for other reason such as
    'It's so cool'. One of my former roommates at college had to have a leg amputated. He
    wound up addicted to drugs and alcohol. Gordon and went to see him in Seattle some years back. It was terribly depressing. He had been an art teacher at a University, but it all fell

    Springwater, it seems reasonable to me that you would like the picture you posted. Maybe
    in some future life you will be a buyer for an art gallery or a museum. Better yet, maybe an
    artist yourself. You could be famous for your paintings of spring and waterscapes.

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    The FPOC just did a Windows 10 update. It took two hours! Now it won't load pages. Sooopo frustrating. I'm on the hated Surface. Even it was having problems loading Forum pages. I will have to come back to respond to y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I would 'like' your post - but that would mean I like you having trouble. So I won't like your post! :D
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hmmmm, I restarted the FPOC for the fourth time and it seems finally to be working (knocking on wood). I may uninstall the Vipre virus protection software I bought and installed when I got it. That is the only thing I can think of which causes such slow operating speeds when it starts. Don't know why it freezes up so much. If all else fails, I could take it to Best Buy to have a geek put it back to factory stds. I hate dealing with them because they have a god complex. Used to be only doctors had that. I'm wondering whether PH might have had a hiccup too because the error message box is the one which pops up when the website is having problems. Also, the Surface couldn't load pages here. I'm gonna post this. I tried earlier and it just froze up. GRRRR!! :mad::mad::mad:
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So far, so good. The usual thing is that I have to go through this a few times before the FPOC starts performing like it should in the first place.

    Duckie, I thank you for not liking my post while I was miserable. Thanks for the tip on the steam. It might help. The RT cough is different from colds but steam is steam. I have a humidifier but once when I used it, it produced some corrosion on my gun. So far today, the allergy meds are keeping the coughing to a minimum.

    Rock, I wonder whether ambidextrous gloves work on hands which are not ambidextrous. Think I've mentioned that when I had to have surgery to repair my snapped bicep tendon on my right arm, I had to learn to write with my left so I could work. I got pretty good at it but was glad to have use in my right arm/hand again. A cousin was born ambidextrous and he astounded everyone when he'd write on the blackboard with one hand and switch to the other with no change in his penmanship. Using one's nondominant hand causes changes in the brain's wiring. Suppose to be good for us but it messed up my monovision contacts. Had to retrain my brain so I could see with them. If Gordon's watching the news, he may feel even sicker. AACCKK!!

    I'm doing laundry. Never got to it after I returned from TX. Fortunately I have more NRG today. I was starting to think I'd never feel decent again. I'm decent only and not good but I'll take what I can get. I've washed a top to wear tomorrow to take DOF for his appt. Nothing dressy, just better than the usual rags I wear around home.
    Gonna post this to see what happens.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Please forgive me for not addressing everyone personally. I read a bunch of posts but it is already late and can't stay on to long. Also, not sure I can remember what everyone said :)!!

    SPRING, SUN and MIKIE - Luckily I did not have any relative that hit the bottle a lot or enough to make them do crazy things or collapse. Not a good thing. My parents rarely drank and my dad would probably have liked to have more wine at times especially when he was feeling badly.. However, Mom used to get tipsy smelling the bar rag (we used to kid her about that). She was definately not a big drinker and was a little lady, short and small boned. Usually when my aunt and uncle and cousins came over they (the grown ups) had a cocktail of sorts. All were hard workers, some originally from Europe.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling bad from the RT. Hope you start feeling better soon. Just do a little washing a little bit at a time. You should not have to rush.and take your time. The steam sounds like a good idea.

    SUN - Sorry you are still hurting on your neck and shoulders. That is what hurts me alot too.

    ROCK - No way I or anyone else could type with gloves on so not to worry. Sorry your hands are so cold. I know mine are most of the time too,, and feet also. Sometime tomorrow it is about to get COLD again. Hope GORDON gets to feeling better soon.

    DUCKIE - That is frustrating when your package gets into someone elses hands or just disappears. Most of the time mine have been pretty good but a few times I had to really check to on a package. Sometimes things are not wrapped to well wither although most of the suppliers I deal with are pretty good most of the time.

    DIANE - Hope you and Kevin are doing well and those kitties too. Thinking of you.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Forgot to mention I watched a special on PBS on Victor Borge, one of the greatest comedians and painists of all time. He was soooo funny without being dirty or using fowl language. It was fun to see.

    Granni, I love it that the Porch has been so busy lately but it does make it hard to keep up, especially when one is busy. The last load is in the washer now. I'll change the bed tomorrow. I think the RT is better today. It looks like rain any minute and I hope that disperses the RT. Come back when you can stay.

    So far, this last boot set the FPOC on the right course (again, knocking on wood). I was shopping on line and it was loading pages as fast as I could ask.

    Gonna get going. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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