PORCH 1021 IS NOW OCLOSED (12/6/17)

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    Hi, Kids,

    I didn't get here earlier. When I got up, I had a headache and upset stomach. Now, I have diarrhea. Good grief! Don't know why but I'm on the sofa feeling out of sorts. We were on the go yesterday all morning and I might have overdone it. Got a text from DOF to thank me again for driving yesterday and saying we got a lot done. I was happy to be able to spend more time with him and told him that. I'm really gonna miss him.

    For all y'all who have asked about the all-in-one cooker--it's a stand alone 6 qt. pot which one plugs in. It can be used as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a steamer and does all kinds of things, evidently even bakes cakes. It takes up less counter space than my slow cooker and I like that. I paid $80 for it on Amazon. It's the Insta Pot. It seems to be a favorite brand but there are all kinds of brands out there. It arrives tomorrow. I think I'll try a pot roast in it. I always loved making those in my pressure cooker. I think it will even braise/brown the meat before pressure cooking it. I've always browned it in the over after pressure cooking it. Pressure cooked meat has an unattractive gray color. AACCKK!! It also comes in an 8 qt. size. That would be handy for anyone who likes to can.

    Julie, thanks for the recipes. Lots of ingredients. That's probably what makes them good. I'm sorry Den is so troubled about the solar project. Sounds like lots of hurry up and wait. I hope if you clean out the old house, you can wear some kind of mask or respirator to keep from breathing in any mold. As always, take it easy and don't overdo. That's easy to do once we get going.

    Rock, hope you are feeling better. Come back when you can.

    Spring, I'm laughing about DH's feeding the dogs eggs. Sposda be good for them. Oh how we spoil our pets. Hope what I posted above answers your questions about the cooker.

    Star, glad you are getting a new modem. I have to get a new one to handle the increased speed our ISP is implementing. Speed is always good but this is the third one I've had to buy. Still, it's cheaper than leasing one from Comcast. I just have to see which ones they guarantee will work. Another order to Amazon. I haven't heard about burns with the cookers. Are they burning the food or the people who use them?

    I was gonna shower and do my hair today but it will have to wait til I'm feeling better than this. I'm waiting for the temps to drop from this cold front coming our way to wash and wax my car and to do the yard work. It's in the mid-80's. Too hot to do any strenuous work outside. My biggest accomplishment this week was a pedicure. Makes my feet look so much better. They are always on display with wearing flip flops. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie...thanks for seeing that we needed a new porch. I hadn't even noticed. Sorry you're feeling extra punk today, but hope resting will help.

    No worries about the stuff I'm moving. It's in my parents' mobile home, not the old house. I just haven't had the energy or emotions to get rid of my parents things (or incorporate more of their stuff in with ours) so it has just been sitting over there. But if I give or throw away some things, then rearrange what is left...there will be lots of room to store lumber, etc.

    We don't go into the old house anymore, although will someday need to make a decision about what to do with it. Just so expensive to have someone tear it down (we don't have the time or energy ourselves) and can't just burn it due to it's location to the garage, etc. So it just sits...but not really hurting anything, except to be an eye sore. Some day...
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    Hi, Julie,

    Glad to hear you won't be working where there is mold. It was difficult to clean out Mom's things but she only had one room in my condo. The worst was cleaning out her whole condo before she moved in with me. Fortunately, another neighbor's kids just bought a condo down here and needed everything. In exchange for cleaning Mom's condo out, they took what they wanted. I know it was hard for Mom. I've decided that if I ever have to move and get rid of things, I'll not get too tripped up over it even if it's hard. After the possibility of losing everything in the hurricane, I've learned that it's just stuff. Stuff I love, but just stuff all the same.

    I've asked our mgr. to send the pressure wash guy out to do our balcony and sidewalks. He brings his own water in a tank truck and I like that. Our sidewalks turn green during our hot, rainy, humid summers. Just got a $75 repair bill. Evidently there was a wee bit of damage from the storm to the soffits under our eaves. So far, the storm damage has been a whopping total of $325. Not bad. Everything still looks sad. We are sprinkling but I think the wind burned things. Everything has a dry dirty look. There are still branches all over town needing to be hauled off and trees needing to be trimmed. There are light poles still down, one here in the hood. Street signs are down all over too. I takes so much time to recover. I haven't seen anything about Puerto Rico on the news in ages. I can't complain when I think about those poor people.

    Well, Kiddo, I'm outta here. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Gang.
    Good to hear from you Star! I love the posts from down under. As for chipper, not feeling too chipper at all... Good for you with the cherry toms. I plan on growing some this coming year. I haven't had a fresh one since last year when we grew them. Just grew eggplants and peppers this year, and a few Cannabis plants. Hard to keep up with the garden these days -- bloody overwhelming at times.:( Bugger it all! Rabbits: love to eat them.:rolleyes:

    Hmmmm. the print on all the posts has suddenly turned tiny. Reset. No workee.

    Sun, I had a variegated - leaved lavender for a while, but no longer. We only have two old lavenders left, and I think that they will be replaced. Rosemary is growing well, as are thymes, oreganos, marjoram, mint, lemon balm, etc. May your garden prosper.

    Spring, persimmons are too sweet for you? Hmmm. I don't know what to say. I am lost for words. o_O

    Julie, the smoothies! Can't you just eat the foods involved rather than juicing them? And where the heck are you going to find blackcurrants? I've never, ever seen them in the States. Just saying... As for goji berries (which I love--but no longer eat), I've read that they have toxins in them so should be used sparingly, if at all. I hated giving them up, but then they aren't half dear --$$$$.

    Mikie, so sorry you are un well. Well I guess we all are to some extent. The weather here is dismal. Foggy grey sky, '40s outside. At least we have no fires up here -- too wet and damp. Horrible in SoCal with those beastly Santa Ana winds howling.

    Rock, sorry you are chilling out. Am glad Gordon is feeling better. Of course you can eat nuts and apples. P-nut butter, almond butter, applesauce, baked apple, and on and on.

    This tiny font is driving me crazy -- I'm up to 6, and still see little bitty ants crawling over the page. So I'm calling it a day, and praying for some sun.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Hey, 7 seems to be working, LOL!

    Love and Blesssings to All in this time of chaos in the govt. Ah, Democracy, where are you when we need you?

    Barry (AKA Barry)
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    Hi Barry! I can see you now, lol! I used to be able to set the font and type before I even started writing a post. Now, I have to type a few letters, then highlight them and set the font, etc. Then it stays where I want it....confusing to me.

    I haven't found blackcurrants yet, so just substituted grapes and strawberries. And I started to make the kiwi one today, but just had a "feeling" that I might have a reaction. So I won't be using them or the mango...will just do something else, instead. And I couldn't find bilberries, but found some capsules at the health food store, so took a dose of that with the bilberry smoothie.

    As far as just eating the foods...I'm sure that would be fine. But these are in addition to regular meals, so it's just easier for me to do the smoothies. And I have a Ninja which makes quick work of making them.

    I may order some Kombachu starter, but will see how far I get into this process first. Interesting to learn new things. For instance, I had only tried avocado once before...gag! So, I was dreading those smoothies...but must have had a perfectly ripe one this time, and it wasn't really too bad. So, that smoothie stays in the lineup, lol!

    I'll have to research the goji berries. The smoothies with them only call for a small amount...man, I don't need to be adding bad stuff.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi...better get back to work.
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    Julie: If this doesn't do the trick on the eyes, at least you're getting a heck of a lot of healthy fruits. Are you used to consuming so many fruits? OMG.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados. Try to eat one a day. Thankfully they are down to 2 for a buck today at Sprouts so I bought 4 and have 6 ripe ones in the frig already.

    Barry: I'm sorry you're feeling punk today. Like you said, I think everyone of us has something to deal with every day. I do hope you're feeling better. Did you read that I'm listening to a pretty good book, "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles. About the life of a count and how his life has changed, living in an old hotel.

    Got a good report yesterday from my gyno.....so next up is my colonoscopy on monday.....first ever. I had a dream about it last night.....I must be thinking of all the water I have to drink and in my dream and forgot to drink the water.

    I was talking to my son today about the fires in So. Calif. Not only a huge one around Ventura but now around Brentwood. He said they've closed the freeway next to The Getty Villa. Where I live there hasn't been any wind and the temp is on the cool side, this morning down in the 40s. I finally turned on the heat to warm up the house to 65. Even my cat was wandering around crying. I found her later under my bed. Don't know what she didn't head for her nice warm nest on the LR chair or her little bed next to sunshine.
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    Hi Sun! Glad you got a good report from the gyno. I'm glad I had a colonoscopy last spring. Surgeon removed a polyp, and I think that (along with the D & C) helped most of my stomach pain.

    I know how weird it must sound, to not eat avocadoes...the one I tried years ago must not have been ripe or something. The one I ate a bite of today didn't really have a taste that I could describe...but I know they are really good for you.

    No, I'm not used to so much fresh/raw fruits and veggies...trying to not overwhelm my intestinal tract too much, lol! But if I eat even just some toast before I have a smoothie, I get along well.

    Hope your DGD is doing better. Speaking of the fires...Lindsey's healer had to evacuate due to the smoke.

    Back to the grind. Just turned off the pellet stove so it could cool down and I can clean out the ashes.
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Got an e mail from my Minnesota brother. He says, "Two days ago
    it hit 60 degrees. Today we won't get above freezing.. Everything is normal." Doesn't sound
    normal to me. Anyway he and his wife are coming for a visit in mid April. They haven't been
    here for something like 40 years. I remember when they were recent college grads staying
    with me and falling asleep on the sofa. They were kinda scrunched together, but for some reason they didn't mind. Gordon and I have been back to MN several times over the years. Stayed with them. My sister in law is a sister to the novelist Tami Hoag. (Pronounced with a long O.) I remember when Tami wrote romance novels before she switched to best sellers. Don't think I ever met her. Hard to keep track when there are so many sisters in the family.

    Mikie, I read up on the Instapot. It replaces 7 "gadjets". Not for me. I've never used any of
    those pots. I wonder why they use the word "gadjets". As opposed to cookers or pots. I
    read some customer reviews. One poster wrote she couldn't make pasta sauce in it, but
    she loved it any way. Hmmm?

    Barry, never heard of variegated lavender. Gordon has some lavender plants, but
    they don't vary. They just remain plain old lavender. Glad to see you got your font
    working. I used to play that in church. "Come Thou font of every blessing."

    You're right. I can and do eat peanut butter. Along with Oreo cookies. Too treats from
    childhood that I still enjoy. Pretty cold at your place. It's 75 here.

    Julie, have you tried avocado dip? Delicious with chips and easy to make. Some folks add
    tomato chunks. Have you had any snow yet? I can't imagine how all that electrical work
    is going to get done if it snows. How many different smoothies have you made?

    Sunflower, I haven't seen any news about the fires. I lived in Ventura for 3-4 years. Gordon
    told me last night there was lots of fire damage there as well as the smaller towns nearby:
    Santa Paula and Ojai. (That last one is pronounced "Oh-High", folks.) I once had an insur-
    ance claim in Ojai at Paul Newman's favorite restaurant. A car smashed into a wall. Not only
    damaged the wall but broke lots of bottled wine that was stored next to the wall.

    Time for me to lie down with a book and a cold drink. No need for a loaf of bread and a
    jug of wine.

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    Mikie - You cannot use an insta pot for canning, regardless of the size. For canning, you need to be able to precicely control the pressure, which you cannot do with an insta pot. I, however, love mine for making Navy beans and chili and such. Meats done in it do come out super tender, but yes, a very dull color.

    Barry - sorry you're not feeling up-to-snuff. I saw some of the persimmons you recommended at the store the other day, but they looked like they were growing a fur coat, so I took a pass on them.

    Julie - I never did like avacadoes. Never liked the taste or the texture.

    Sun - The prep is the worst part of the colonoscopy! Glad the poke-and-prod went well.

    Rock - 60's one day and freezing the next? Welcome to the mid-west! We were at 28 when I got up this morning. Got up to 43. Only going up to 33 tomorrow, and going down to 19 tomorrow night.

    I'm busy studying for a certification exam which I am taking Saturday. I'm cautiously optimistic about my chances. I certainly hope I pass, because if I do, I'll get reimbursed the $165 smackers I put out for it. If not.....

    Well, Worfie is being a total pest and is trying to type for me, so I have to go now.
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    My DD called me today to tell me her MIL has been diagnosed with bone cancer.....totally out of the blue except for elevated markers in her blood, no symptoms. So I guess she'll now see a bone cancer specialist in Los Angeles, but don't know what will happen. Cancer seems to strike everywhere.

    Star: I understand how it feels not to have your family understand, sympathize or whatever......it hurts. Over the years I learned to toughen myself regarding it. And so glad you're contributing to our little story!

    OK, I've never heard of an instapot so had to look it up. REally not for me, ever. When I cooked rice I just learned to add 2/3 water to l/3 rice and it was done in 15 min.....don't eat rice anymore though or for that matter pasta. Don't make yogurt, only stir fry chicken, don't eat beef or pork and when I eat shrimp I also stir fry, done in about 3 min. As for me.....give me 15 min. I can make any meal by stir frying a variety of veggies and adding some chicken, or maybe leftover salmon.

    Rock: I'm with you.....it's really cold in the mornings.

    I think I've now narrowed my shoulder problem down to a bicep tendon.....today I discovered a large "popeye" muscle!!!!! Where did that pop out from? I certainly didn't lift weights for it. And it's hard to lift my arm to even paint.....this old body seems to be falling apart.
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    Hello -

    Today people are going for elections. No vehicle s allowed to ply. I begged off citing not being able go walk to our booth. The DH, DD and DS went.

    It's near where DH middle uncle stays. They had lunch there. Aunt sent back some pulau. (Rice cooked in raisins, cashew, clarified butter and spiced with cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves. And some potato pickle and beans.

    Yesterday I got out and was able to run a bunch of errands. Got my warm stockings. And socks. And a couple of spices...a back scratcher..I hv two but I don't know where one went..and one is kinda soft..it's soothing to be able to scratch an itchy spot otherwise unreachable...

    I also bought Oreos to crumble and put into ice cream..someone at a gathering had mentioned it tastes good.

    Rock -/I had no idea they made Oreos when you were a kid. Our city got them about fifteen years back. When supermarkets were just being introduced. I thought they were a new invention. There was one main one but that was downtown.

    I hope you regain your energy..seems to me you hv been feeling better these past few years than not. Is Gordon a little better? My friend that went to China on vacation came back and promptly got the flu. A virulent strain is making its rounds.

    Sun - so sorry to hear about DDs MIL. I hope they find s cure for this disease. About time.

    dmc - I can't even think about taking any kind of exam. I feel lucky if i get thru a day without forgetting something. Good luck with that.

    Barry - your post looked like those eye test boards with alphabets at the eye doctor. When I found I needed glasses in grade 7, it seemed like the end of the world. I was young, fragile mind, and vain. Didn't help the kids used to call kids with glasses four eyes. If there's something good about growing old - er, it's not caring what others think of your looks.

    Mikie - that's nice about the pedicure. I doubt a pedicure would improve my feet much. Both DD and I hv funny feet in that they can look just about presentable on rare occasions but mostly not. Probably why I envy some women their beautiful feet in barely there sandals.

    19-06-38-Iman-Ali-Feet-106569.jpg.cf.jpg purty feet

    Julie - I hope Lyndseys healers house was unharmed. I used to go to this healer whose DD was in Memphis. They had a big forest fire there one or two years ago. She was on the phone constantly as the fire approached and suddenly the fire headed towards the DDs house made a turn and got deflected. Unfortunately the DD and her lil girl lost a friend and her lil girl in the same wildfire in another part of town. Who.knows about the future. Is anyone safe?

    My Chinese friend told me to take goji berries for something. I even forgot what. Probably stomach. I don't know where to find them. Anyway the stomach problems are no longer there. But everyone seemed to hv some advise re intestinal troubles. One was having bottle gourd juice. Mostly everyone here has gastric problems because of stress and drinking too much tea. So the fresh juice sellers hv bottle gourd juice high on their selling list. Also, taking aloe vera has become a kind of fad now.

    Luckily, it seems to be a plant that actually works. Our former help turned driver used go suffer heart burns and gastric issues. And the fatigue and depression which arises with chronic ailments. He even got himself operated on, the doctors told him to do an operation but found nothing inside. And the heartburns and symptoms continued. Then someone told him about aloe vera, he grew them in our garden and used to munch on a few leaves every morning. Combined with yoga breathing exercises. His ailment which he had for almost ten years, healed. Heartburn, irritation, and fatigue all gone. He took a plant with him to his house he built and grew them there.

    Star - sorry to hear about your DM. You seem to hv coped well and turned out great but I guess something like that leaves scars. A parent is someone we look to support. It must hv been so frightening to hv to watch her go through that. Strange about opposite winter summer. I've been meaning to visit the Story thread but haven't had the time.

    Something strange happened. Some months ago my Chinese friend had arranged a ladies lunch at the hotel of our once upon a time co worker ..X..when we were younger. I was 22 then. She a little older. She married wealthy. X hadn't joined the lunch, and we were halfway into our meal when she dropped in to see how things were going. When she sat next to me, I was assailed by a horrible feeling of dread and pins and needles and palpitations which stayed with me throughout. Obviously I couldn't mention it to her but I included her in my regular prayers thereafter.

    Later, I told my Chinese friend about it and asked her if X was all right. She said X is fine. She is so busy running her various hotels that I must hv been feeling her stress. I was afraid of her having been psychically attacked. Whenever friend discussed the lunch and people I would tell her i felt the horrible energy. The other day I spoke to my Chinese friend and she mentioned that X had gone to India to accompany her sister for a check up and did one of her own as an after thought. She was discovered to hv breast cancer. I asked a healer friend..and she said there's a lot of jealousy against that friend and it could hv contributed but it was karmic. Like in Africa, stuff like intentional sending of negative energy happens. I was relieved it wasn't that. But I can't fathom why I felt so bad. I can't normally tell if someone is physically ill. My healer friend said her aura had a bad tear and it could be a negative energy had got in at that time but it wasn't there now. Relieved.

    I'm sometimes able to pick up vibes of bad energy, spirits in another and sometimes illness. My help was astounded when she came in and I asked her if she was ill. She was having a headache and the beginnings of a cold but it didn't show. And once I asked her if she had been to a temple. She said..no. But they had had a prayer ceremony where she stays and eaten blessed food. Prasad. She asked me how I knew. Her aura was bright glowing white about five inches wide and there was the outline of another figure behind her, the shoulders and head, white in colour. I've seen them at the Centre behind people who are meditating.

    My pistachio chicken I made yesterday turned out a success. I had pistachios someone gave and was bored of making the normal chicken with the ready-made spice It was a bit of a hassle to make, so many ingredients. But I was gratified DH and kids tucked into it enthusiastically. I don't think my orange chicken was appreciated as much. Since there's so less choice of meat to cook, I've decided I will try to make them in as different ways as possible. I had got these cookbooks at a big discount. I feel good they will be put to use.

    God bless.
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    Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    It's December 7th, "A date which will live in infamy." I wasn't born yet in 1941 but my Mom has told me about how that day affected people in America. I've also seen movies and documentaries about the attack. History moves forward in analog fashion but some dates stand out as turning points. I know 9/11 brought Pearl Harbor all back for my Mom. My hope is that someday we will mark turning points toward peace and not war.

    Funny thing happened yesterday. Guy downstairs called to ask whether I knew why he had hot water in the kitchen but not the bathroom where he was trying to fill the tub for a soak. He said the water heater was working. I hadn't a clue and neither did Joe. Joe suggested he turn off the water to the heater in case there was a leak somewhere. When I called back later, my neighbor sheepishly told me he turned on the cold water to the tub and not the hot water. I laughed and said I do stuff like that all the time--old age. He said he goes to the mailbox and uses the remote for his car and wonders why the little door on the mailbox doesn't open. Doh!!! At least, we can laugh about it.

    I was mistaken; my Insta Pot will arrive tomorrow. I am anxious to try it. I don't understand why the info said there is a canning rack included because, as Duckie mentioned, pressure cookers should not be used for canning. They do make pressure canners one can use. I canned things years ago but wouldn't do it now. Of course, the Insta Pot can be used in other modes than a pressure cooker. When I canned, I didn't use pressure. I had a big pot with a rack and it used boiling water. I don't know whether the Insta Pot boils water or not. Don't see why not. Perhaps it can be used for canning without pressure. In any case, it's a moot point since I'll likely be using it to cook meat under pressure and make soup in the slow cooker mode. It was the chef in the cooking segment who was so enthusiastic about the cooker which convinced me. It wasn't an ad. I guess we'll see. In any case, it wasn't that expensive so, if I don't like it, I won't have lost a ton of $$ and it will take up less storage space than my slow cooker which I'll donate.

    Barry, sorry you aren't feeling too chipper. I hope you feel better today. I got up feeling better than yesterday but it's too soon to tell whether it will last. I often have to have a recovery day after running errands the day before. As wet as it is here in the summertime, we get wild fires. I just read they closed the 405 Freeway. Yikes! I pray they get the fires under control. CA, TX, FL and Peurto Rico have suffered enough this year. Do the bunnies ever eat the MJ? I've never seen high bunnies. News featured a guy who stopped to pick up a bunny along side the road as the fire was rapidly approaching. Bless him. As bad as it is to lose all those homes, it is devastating for the wildlife. Hope you feel better and the weather improves. Tomorrow, we are sposda get some cooler air. Can't wait.

    Julie, have you ever tried making guacamole? I just chop onions finely and add diced tomatoes, a bit of chili powder and some cilantro to my avocados and it is delicious and nutritious. Great for chips. Blackberries have been on sale at Publix and they are delicious. I mix them in my mixed-berry yogurt with some bran buds and have a delicious high-fiber dish. No wonder you are a Mom to your kids and others. You grew up taking care of your bros. How goes the cleaning out of the mobile home? Good luck with it.

    Sun, I'm glad you got a good report from the gyno. I have to make an appt. for my colonoscopy. Joe will take me. I am going to see his gastro because my old one is not on my ins. plan. I also have to make an appt. for my gyno and dermatologist. I've been putting off making the appts. When I feel lousy, I just don't want to have to be bothered. I'm so sorry about your DD's MIL. I hope there is treatment which will get rid of the cancer. I know nothing about bone cancer. Sounds as though all you need to fix meals is a fry pan or wok. I love my rice/veggie steamer. I can cook rice and make rice pudding in it the next day. Mmmm! Strange to hear it's cold there. I thought the Santa Ana Winds were keeping it hot.

    Duckie, I wish you luck with the exam. Thanks for the info on the cooker. I don't can anymore and didn't use a pressure cooker when I did. I'll likely use it more as a slow cooker than anything else. I love homemade soup. I also love pot roast but it has to be pressure cooked so it falls apart. The slow cooker I have now cooks too slowly on low and too fast on high and I'm hoping the new cooker will be better. If it is an improvement on my slow cooker, it will have been worth it.

    Spring, sounds as though we were both running errands yesterday. I'm glad you found so many things to buy. It's amazing to me that I can't find things which should be simple and abundant. I often have to go online or on a mission to get them. My feet only look acceptable with my nails painted neatly. They could never be considered attractive. Still, I wear flip flops all the time so they have to be kept up. I was at the shoe store with my Mom when I was little. A teenager was trying on high heels for prom. When she removed her socks, her toe nails were painted red. I thought that was soooo glamourous and I've painted mine ever since. When first DD was born, the doc and nurses were commenting on how nice my toe nails looked. I don't remember how I managed to do them considering my girth toward the end of the pregnancy. I guess where there's a will...

    Star, I'll have to check the burns online. I know that anything which builds up steam can burn when the lid is removed. Otherwise, I can't imagine how one gets burned from a cooking pot. People used to burn themselves removing the lids on their pressure cookers. This cooker has a lid which locks until the pressure is at a safe level to remove it but steam can still come pouring out. Even my slow cooker lets out really hot steam when I remove the lid and I have to be careful. Yikes! I hope your weather improves. I know how it can affect our symptoms. It's a bit too hot here. It's fine for swimming or the beach but I need it cooler to wax my car and do some yard work.

    Rock, I hope you and Gordon are both feeling well. The Red Tide is still with us and the news continues to show dead fish. At high levels, the RT takes the oxygen from the water and the fish can't breathe. The RT spores in the air make it difficult for some humans to breathe. I hope they figure out what causes it and find a way to get rid of it for my sake and the sake of all the fishies in the deep blue sea, not to mention Sponge Bob Square Pants and his buddies. Is the fire anyplace near you or Sun? I hope not.

    OK, Kids, I'm gonna go read the online paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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    I cant control my font or much at all from my phone, so hopefully you guys can tweak from your end.
    I really miss the auto correct from the last phone too.though I hate to mention it.

    Mikie, i was referring to burns to people with the one pot wonder.some really bad ones.
    Hope you're feeling better now.such an awful way to be.

    Sun, i asked my doc about cortisone shots to the neck and they dont like to do it.
    They dont even really like doing shoulders.

    Barry, rabbits fetch a rediculous price in the shops now.
    No.we will be keeping the ferrets far from any pet rabbit we get.
    Sorry you're not feeling chipper, but at least you can have a laugh - or at least I did , about your adventures with font!
    Oh yeah. I also read somewhere about goji berries being toxic or something. I think barley greens or spirulina or something similar was also a so called super food that actually Isn't.

    Julie, sounds like growing up was tough for you.having to play Mum, when you were the child.
    I believe you said your Mum had emotional probs due to child hood?
    Did she used to shut down?
    My Mum used to hv nervous break downs and spend a fair bit of time in hospitals having a break from us kids...such is life.
    We all do the best we can with what wd have.dont we?
    Sounds like you are a good support for Den.its awful when t he brain doesnt shut down.

    Duck, im sure youll do just fine with the test.
    I expect to hear news back on how you aced it!

    Spring, good for you on getting all those errands done!

    Rock, its rediculous, but its Cold here! Raining, wet and cold!.
    And its Summer.can hardly believe it.
    Now, i admit I dont like it too hot, but this extreme weather - very hot or very cold runs amok with my body.

    Granni, how hv you been lately? Did you grt to the bottom of the lupus type symptoms? Hope its all cleared up.
    Well, youngest went fishing today with DH.he caught his first Big one.a massive skate.looks so much like a sting ray.and between them about 13 sized snapper.
    Trouble is,no one besides myself and the cat want to eat them.
    If they think Im gonna polish off that many, they've got another thing coming...
    Hmm.tomorrow Ill be removing the cooked fish from the bone and preparing a mornay or pasta bake of some sort.

    Sorry guys.i can only see two lines of text as my keyboard has become gi-normous as the tin lids say.( thats what Dh calls kids...get it? Kids-tinlids...yeah well, bit like 'pass the dead horse', meaning sauce...over here (you guys call it ketchup, I believe).

    On that note, Ill bid you all a good night and sweet dreams.
    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Mikie, I just googled the instant pot and so many variations came up.
    Amazing all they profess to do.
    I am very eager to hear about your adventures with it.
    If ya dont mind sharing, that is.
    Theres a 6 in1, 7 in 1, 8 in 1 and a 9 in 1...
    Can we get a ten? Anyone?.
    Yes and what you payed is quite good considering when these cookers first cane out, itd set you back almost a grand.
    Hope you're feeling better.

    Last night I went and visited the home bound board and the 'one liner' thread/ story...
    Well, I've gotta say ,it had me in stitches! Funniest thing in a long time!
    Thank you all so much for the laughter. Was great.

    Better try and sleep, I guess.
    Sweet dreams.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Star,

    I had never heard of these cookers til I saw that chef talking about how it had simplified his life. I am sick of my old slow cooker which doesn't work right and thought, why not give it a try. Also, I've missed my pressure cooker ever since I got rid of it. It was very old and falling apart so I decided not to replace it. I had used one my whole life and my Mom used one before me. I remember the old days before pressure cookers had safety valves that they would explode. I'll be able to use the new cooker to replace my slow cooker and replace the pressure cooker I had gotten rid of. I doubt I'll use it for rice because I love making rice in my little steamer but I might try it just to see. Can't imagine baking a cake in it but it might be fun to try. If it works, it seems it would be better than heating the big oven. I'll share my results with y'all.

    I looked at the story thread when it first started but haven't since. We did this once or twice before years ago. Yesterday, I wasn't up to doing much of anything, especially thinking and being creative.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! So nice to see so many posts.

    Mikie, I hope you like your Instant Pot...I have been looking at them for awhile, but just haven't gotten around to picking one up yet. Have wondered if the 6 qt. would work okay for us or if I should get the bigger one. I saw that "water bath" canning is fine in one. There is a blogger "Side-Tracked- Sara" who is doing instant pot recipes all this month, I think.

    Your poor neighbor and his water faucets. Reminds me of when I was in my dad's town later one evening and wanted to stop for gas before I came home. I couldn't get the gas cap off! I even called Den and asked him what I should do, but he didn't know what to tell me (it doesn't lock or anything, was just "stuck." I had enough fuel to get home, and forgot about it until I went to get gas the next time...I had been turning the cap the wrong direction! How does one suddenly forget such a thing? I must have been really tired...have never done it again.

    Star, the transitions from season to season is so frustrating sometimes. Have you set any of your plants out yet? Lots of gardeners here save plastic gallon milk jugs...cut off the bottom and place the jug over a plant. They leave the screw cap on, but can remove it to give the plant ventilation. I admire that you can get on here with your phone...if I don't have an actual computer, I barely post at all, lol!

    Yes, my poor mom had a very tramatic childhood. I think she married in order, partly, to escape an alcoholic father and abusive brother. My poor grandma was stuck there...working to provide for all of them. Mom took to her bed whenever life got to be too much, but was hospitalized several times, too. She was in bed when we went to school and in bed when we got home. I remember a couple times when I had planned ahead to bring a friend over...Mom did get up and even had snacks ready.

    Most of the family avoided being around her (us) but I got to go visit my grandparents (a couple hours away) in the summer (the ones where Den lived in the frat house across the street.) People have said they can't figure out how I grew up to be so responsible and "normal", considering my upbringing...sad, but funny at the same time. I'm just glad I was/am able to take care of my parents in their last years, and put all the bad stuff behind us. I know people think I am crazy, in a way, but I just do what feels right for me. If it was emotionally unhealthy for me to be around them, I would have cut ties...so I understand when others are in a different situation. I even understand that my brothers can't deal with things, but it's hard doing it all by myself.

    Rock, Sun, Barry...I am going to find different ways to use avocadoes. I never realized they were supposed to be soft enough to spread, lol! I really need to get out more, huh? Mikie, your guacamole recipe sounds easy and delicious.

    Rock, no snow yet, but it is pretty cold today. Den doesn't think he will make the deadline, but knows it's not his fault...I hope there are some milder days this month to help them make progress.

    Sun, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's MIL. Have you been eating lots of spinach ;)

    Spring, I admire that you are trying so many new recipes. We eat mostly beef and chicken...pork, only once in a great while (usually sub turkey, as in bacon or sausage, etc.) Wish I could fix fish, but haven't had much luck with any recipes.

    Duckie, good luck on your exam...I have a feeling you will do great.

    Granni, hope you are doing well. Happy for the new appliances and hope all is working great now.

    It is 17 degrees here...such a change from a few days ago. I woke up early (just after 6:00 am) but sort of dozed for another half hour or so, then decided to go ahead and get the day started. Den had the wood furnace going great before he left for work, and I hear the little pellets of the pellet stove plinking as they fall into place...the pellet stove has a little auger that keeps the pellets moving, as needed.

    I do think a wood stove would have kept this area warmer, but more mess and more firewood to have on hand. We can store 50 of the 40lb. bags of pellets inside and it takes very little effort to add a bag whenever necessary, maybe once a day. And the "clearance" around the pellet stove is much less than it would have been for a wood burner, so we have a rocking chair nearby. We laughed at the kids when everyone was here...that chair by the stove was hardly ever empty.

    So, I'd best get busy...no, Mikie, I haven't even started on the mobile home yet...still wading through the house we live in. I think if I hadn't had to be gone three days last week, I would have made more progress. But that wears me out to the point that I can't think, even if I had the energy to do things.

    I just started feeling the benefit of going to the faraway chiro...was able to go to bed last night and actually fall asleep pretty quickly. Usually my neck is hurting and I toss and turn. Seems like it takes a few days for me to notice improvements after I go to him...or maybe it's all these fruits and veggies I've been flooding into my body?

    Take care, everyone!
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A big HELLO to everyone.

    Just wanted to thank one and all for your concern regarding my recent
    48 - 72 hr virus. Had a bit of chill/fever (100.1) but aspirin made it all
    better. It's good to know that everyone on the board feel that they are
    family and are concern with each other.

    I felt that I needed to get out on Monday so I went to my class but didn't want
    to attempt the craft for the week (cut out of a Christmas tree - (cheesey) so I
    just sat and listen to the conversations. It's a small class with about 10 other
    seniors. They mostly speak the Mandarin dialect (Cantonese here) but it's nice
    hear Chinese spoken even it I don't understand. Our teacher is younger and
    VERY patient. The only project that I really like was the Chinese Lantern we
    made last year for the New Year. Hope we do another one this coming year.

    Again, thank you all for your concern.

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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    So good to hear from you, Gordon! Yep...we are family, for sure. Glad to know that you are feeling better. I can imagine the comfort of hearing a familiar language. When we would do mission work in Belize, I couldn't understand the Ketchi or Mayan languages, but it was just nice to hear people singing or speaking.

    Please give our love to Rock...hey, Rock...hope you're doing ok.

    Back to work...I'll fill all y'all in on my spontaneous project for today after I get done ;)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again, crashity crash. I'm thankful I had the NRG to shower and do my hair and go shopping at Publix. They had Meow Mix on BOGO so stocked up for SV. It keeps a long time. I got two different kinds and will mix them. He's good about eating whatever is in his bowl. He's out snoozing on a chair on the lanai. I had to rebag everything at the car. I don't know what's happened to bagger training. They don't seem to grasp the concept of a thermal bag for cold things and regular dry bags. Last time, the kid put my dishwashing detergent in the thermal bag. Then, he didn't have room for the cold stuff. Doh!!! It's hot 'n humid out. Sposda rain tonight and tomorrow. Then, the temps are sposda drop drastically. I can't wait. We need the rain too. We are in a La Niña cycle which means hotter temps and hotter water in the Gulf and oceans. That means more hurricanes and stronger ones. It's also to blame for the drought and heat in CA. I want El Niño back. Nancy just sent me a pic of the snow on the ground in MI. Can't say I'd rather have that either. I'm like Goldilocks; I want it jussst right.

    Julie, I just realized it is Instant Pot. I've been calling it, Insta Pot. I actually like my name better. I am seeing all kinds of recipes for them. I got the cookbook to start. That chef on TV did ribs in his in an hour and they were falling off the bone. I'd love that. I read online the experiences people have had with them and most were really enthusiastic. One woman went out and bought another one. The Instant Pot got really good reviews. I'd think you would want an eight quart size, especially when you're cooking for the whole gang. I've always had trouble remembering how things turn to open and close. GM put the gas caps under the license plates back in the day. The license plate was on a springy hinge. One guy was at the gas station walking all around his new car and couldn't figure out how to put gas in it. I'm glad I don't have another place to clean out. I can't even seem to clean this little condo up. I do need to wash and was the car and do some yard work. I'll have to work one day and crash the next. Sounds to me as though you've taken all your life's experiences to become the caring, loving person you are.

    Gordon, always so glad to see you here. Yes, we do care about one another and I consider us family. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope Rock isn't getting sick. Did he show you those maddenly intricate Origami projects I found online? I think the lanterns are delightful for Christmas. I'm in awe of your patience in folding and creating things. When I was in Europe, I spoke enough French and German to survive but, oh how wonderful it was to hear English spoken. When I was in San Francisco in Chinatown, I loved hearing Chinese spoken. I don't know what dialect it was but it sounded different than any language I've ever heard. I like learning about other cultures and their language, art, food and traditions.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm off to do nothing. I'm watching HSN just to get away from the news. As soon as I'm off of here, I'll watch a couple of programs I've recorded. Hope y'all are enjoying your Thursday.

    Love, Mikie

    Ooh, ooh, HSN is showing 'exotic' Bearpaw boots. I might not mind being in the snow if I could wear these.
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All! My font is fixed! Richard fixed it, needless to say.

    Rock, I've heard that the fires are so bad in SoCal. I believe they may evacuate Ojai. I've been there several times (long ago) to hear Krishnamurti give some talks.

    Spring: Pistachio chicken sounds strange and good. I sure would like a taste of it! Spring, I started with spectacles when I was seven yrs. old. For some reason I was never bullied about them...o_O. Seems like everyone else was...

    Mikie, do you go shopping every day? :eek:. How do you manage? I've been nowhere for about a month now. Hate to go to town, but will pop into the shop and look at the produce. So expensive! I'm going to try to grow more veggies this coming year. Only a few MJ's; and no, the bunnies and deer pretty much leave them alone. Maybe the deer that takes a small nip gets the staggers.;)

    Star, rabbit in the shops is an insane price bracket here too. What happened to "breeding like rabbits" I wonder. Also the price of tongue has become outrageous. :( My favourite cut of cow too. It's COLD where you live? Do you live on a mountain top or summink? Can't imagine Australia being cold in the almost summer. Rather queer, methinks. Hey, why go fishing if you ain't going to eat what you catch? In England I was raised on herring and sprats, cod and sole. I love skate wings cooked in butter, but first have to get the skate. Hard to do.

    Julie, the first avocado I ate was sickening. Of course I didn't know that it wasn't ripe! I talked later to the greengrocer and he told me what to do. Loved them ever since. I read that a seedless avocado is being developed.

    Gordon, glad you are feeling better. Give my love to Rock.

    Love to All,
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