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    Come ye in...set yourselves at the fire, drink ginger ale, or warm punch, whichever ye desire. Muffins fresh out of the oven, fried chicken, fresh bread, cream, marble cake and the company of two loving, gentle dogs and a couple of cozy cats and a little sprightly kitten. Oh, there's more than two dogs. I will hv to sit down in my spare time and really look at the picture carefully. So interesting. What a nightmare to dust though.
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    I hv an errand to do, will be back.

    Mikie - I was wondering how snow boots could be desirable, having never had the need to wear those around here, and went to HSN. Changed my mind. So spanking smart and good on the eye. I liked one, maybe an older style, a Fawn coloured plain ankle length suede, with white fur around the opening. And also a deep red one with side zip. Very smart. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Sun - Happy Birthday! My birthday's have always been quiet. Prefer them that way. I can't stand too much excitement these days. I hope your colonoscopy goes well. And the results good.

    Dmc - what exactly is your exam on? I am intrigued and not a little impressed at your diligence. I think gifting.mugs is a great idea. ! I gave one to my nephew when he graduated hotel management. It had a logo and a lid shaped in a college graduation cap, square.

    Julie - Christmas is going to be exciting! Have you picked out presents yet? There is as much fun in picking out presents as in giving them. And if it's kids! Even more so.
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    Happy Birthday Sun !!!

    Love to all.
    Take care
    Catch yas later.
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    Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

    Got up at 4:00 but fell asleep until 8:00 after I had my breakfast. I woke feeling discombobulated and with an ocular migraine. It's cool out, only 65 degrees, and won't get any warmer. It rained heavily during the night and into the morning. Lots of thunder and lightning. One flash struck nearby and startled SV. He's next to me on the sofa making soft little coos. He's irresistible when he does that. I took my garbage down and picked up my mail. UPS delivered my cooker but delivered the glass lid and cookbook to USPS to be delivered. Sho 'nuff, they were in the mailbox package locker. I have an app that usually tells me when something from USPS is delivered but it didn't alert me. BTW, if I were doing it again, I'd buy the 8 qt. cooker. More room.

    I don't know whether the rain and cool temp are breaking up the red tide but the rain keeps the spores from drying out on top of the outbreak and blowing inland. The outbreak was still bad yesterday and made the news again. It was nice to be able to walk down to the mailbox without feeling winded. I got my letter from SS telling me how much I'll be getting next year. Due to the increased cost of Medicare, I'll gain a whopping dollar and change a month. Don't know where I'll spend it all.

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again. Love the cozy little cottage all stocked with food and critters. That one kitty looks funny all sprawled out on his back. SV sleeps like that with the long hair on his undercarriage blowing in the breeze. The boots I liked were white suede with long lamb hair around the top. They had gray and black as well. My snow boots are black suede lined with faux fur. Very warm and comfy. Of course, down here, they sit in the closet. They will probably rot like everything else which doesn't get used.

    Duckie, I'm praying you ace the test. Let us know when you can.

    Rock, yes, love the oxys. This is the only kind of shedding SV does. I hadn't run the vacuum in a few days so there were a number of the little fur balls lying around. I think I loosed the fur when I brush and comb him. Roomba made short work of that. I'll sweep and mop the tiles myself as it takes Roomba longer to vacuum them.

    It's still gray out but the line of thunderstorms has swept inland so I don't think we'll get more rain. I'd love to see the sun come out. It's been soooo dry and I'm glad to see the lawns greening up.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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    I PASSED!!!!!! It was hard because many of the questions were on the next version of the software, which we don't have (yet).

    Spring - the exam was on the software that I am a developer for. Lots of technical stuff that would probably make everyone's eyes glaze over.

    Off to work out at my mom's. Then gonna color my hair and go to a Christmas party. Catch ya all later!
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    Good Saturday morning! Balmy 27 degrees here...I may just wear flip flops to town, lol! Den is working a few hours today...some things he can do by himself...so I am going to go get groceries and visit my dad. I think Den and I are still going back to town this evening for our date.

    Spring, I love this picture! As for Christmas...we already had our gift-giving, etc. when all the kids were here at Thanksgiving. It was actually so nice to have everything ready ahead of the crowds that normally fill the stores in December.

    I have some extra Dollar Tree stockings, so may still put a few things in them and mail to everyone. Gave all the kids new backpacks (they hold more neat stuff than stockings, anyway) in lieu of stockings this year, but I usually have a stocking for everyone...just thought I would wait so they could still have something from me and Grandpa Den on Christmas Day. I know everyone's favorite colors, candies, foods, etc. so it is easy to "personalize" their stockings.

    Amy and Clinton have their Christmas (with his grown kids) on Christmas Eve, and I'm sure we would be invited, but we don't really mind the quietness (especially while still recovering from the last visit, lol.) I've never been out of town on Christmas while my dad is in the nursing home, so we will bring him out to the farm or go in to eat with him.

    Anyway, we still had lots of fun in November.

    Sun, and everyone else who is decluttering...I had a TRUCKLOAD of stuff to throw away yesterday. Mostly boxes, etc. but some things that were just junk, too. Have boxes of papers to sort, hopefully this next week...then will let Keira and Miley take turns shreading them. I've also got all my Christmas decorations dug out and will sort them...and let the girls take some home with them. Might gradually get this place where "my stuff is not controlling me".

    Rock, glad your leg is not broken, but sorry you're not feeling up to snuff. Hope that gets resolved, as best as it can.

    Granni, I know you must be very busy...have fun with all your activities.

    Barry, Diane and everyone...thinking of all of you.

    Duckie, good luck on your exam...

    Star...good to see you pop in...come back whenever energy, etc. allows.

    Mikie, hope your headache is gone and you feel better as the day goes by.

    I need to get in the shower and get a grocery list made. These smoothies are getting the best of me, but I will go the 21 days, just to see how they do. I have to admit, I did not get all three down yesterday, but will give it a better go from now on. Just sort of feels like a brewery or compost pile inside my belly, lol! And I suppose all the air that the blender incorporates into the food adds to the "full, heavy" feeling. Plus, I'm not really sure it is going to help my eyesight enough to avoid surgery...just stubborn enough to keep going, though, lol!

    I'd better get...need to get my Dad's Christmas tree and decorations gathered up so I can fix up his room today. Hope everyone is having a good weekend...

    Here's my Treasures, with part of their piles of goodies (I handed them down from the loft to Grandpa.) Everyone has their own color or design of gift wrap, so I don't even have to put name tags on...and they each had something from their cousins, too.


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    Dear Ones,

    Sorry I have been so absent lately but have been so busy a dn o time . Occasionally I have a little time and DH is on the computer and it is not so easy for me to do on my Tab.

    SW - Thanks fr the lovely Porch.

    JULIE - Tanks for the cute pics of the Treasures opening all their gifts. I know what you mean about loving the quietness too esp after all the hustle bustle. I am so delayed in sending Christmas cards and I have cut down alot. Did send a few to nsg friend. Have spe in the family to send and those who send to me.

    We have a party to go to tonight. already went to one a couple nights ago and it actually snowed. However, the snow melted here almost before it hit the ground but there were some around and some on the roofs the next morning. DH is feeling puny today so hope he goes but I will probably still go with DD and DSIL. He is having some loose stools today which really bugs him. I get them off and on so not a problem. I am more used to it. I might also say he is more of a complainer even though he doesn't think he is :)!! Need to go write some more cards and figure out what I am going to wear in this COLD weather. Don't like it.

    Get to feeling better DUCKIE and MIKIE !!

    So much to do and it seems like I am doing most of it. My brain is fried with so many things. My choir is also in a tizzy(long store - trying to please to many people I think) and may have to try different group that sings now in our time slot if they don't require I go to practices..

    GRANNI :)
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    Thanks for the BD wishes......at my age, who cares!

    Star: I keep forgetting to talk to you about the cortisone shots. I refuse anything around my neck, period. I don't let people even touch it. A few months ago I met a retired pediatrician at an art class. I had been discussing the tremors in my neck and she overheard, told me she had been receiving Botox injections in her neck for over 20 years to help with her tremors but she did say it took an EXPERT to to it. I did a search on it.....it's very expensive and tricky/dangerous. And as to the cortisone shots, apparently they don't last long, and many times don't help at all.

    I use ice and heat and lots of slow stretches. I'm assuming you also suffer from neck trouble?

    My pool guy was out this morning. I had shut the pump off yesterday because there was something wrong. He found an overloaded inner basket filled with leaves from the big windstorm. So at least it's now working good. Then I drove to the local police dept to drop off some toys for a toy drive.

    Julie: Cute picture of the kids. Great shot from the balcony/loft. I don't envy you the work you're doing on the mobil home. I worked an entire month cleaning my mom's out. It was in the dead of summer, no AC, and it was packed!!!! I always said I would never do that to my kids, so that's why I've been working my way thru the house for almost a year.

    Duck: Congratulations!!!

    Spring: Cute painting.....I can almost smell cookies in the oven. Very cozy.

    Mikie: Have fun at the party.

    Rock: Glad to read that Gordon is back to the healthy side of life. Now you stay well!

    For those that like to read, I'm just finishing up a wonderful book by Amor Towles, a Gentleman in Moscow. As I was listening to it I was thinking this would make a good movie, so I did a search....no surprise, it's been bought for just that.

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    Julie - I'm curious, what is that in the long wrapped parcel near Keira? Everyone seems to hv got one like it. I love the colours of the gift wrappers... A happy bunch of people down there!

    Granni - really seems like you're busy...so many things, so many.places to go to. Where are you.performing for Christmas Day? Or Eve. Glad you could drop in.

    Sun - decluttering seems to be an ongoing process. Just relax a while and the house gets filled up. My DH admitted he is a hoarder of food..he buys in bulk even though I tell him, the maid just helps herself to extra if there lots lying around. Oil, detergent, dishwashing liquid, cookies. He said he had such an impoverished childhood, food wise, mostly. If a guest came, he would go without a meal. So he compensates now by stocking up. I'm like that with useless stuff. Mostly pretty things. I've stopped hoarding magazines. And empty containers to keep spices etc..clothes to some extent but it's one of my goals to try and be disciplined about keeping only certain amount of things in the closet. My shoe rack is empty. The newest dog put paid to four or five slippers and is still going at it. A warm woolen bedroom slipper with the Swiss logo one of DHs cousins had given.

    Rock - I hope you get to feeling your chipper self soon.

    Our Communist party alliance seems to be winning while Congress is taking a beating. Two classmates of A levels of DDs school are candidates for their constituency. Both won. Both Congress. Her friend from Grade 5, and thru college in US and now here, her parents were on the campaign trail for weeks, so she had decided to host a party for their crowd, same school, went to college in US and now returned doing their own thing here respectively, while the house was empty, but the friends aunt and uncle came to stay so my DD offered to let the party be held at our flat which was vacated recently. Friend cooked food and took them over supplemented by dumplings bought from outside.
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    Am down The Breakwater with the tribe.
    All the fishing rods are in except for dd's ,who, although she used to kick butt in that area, has just declared that "it's boring!' Ahhh poor DH! He had heard stories that strange things occurred to other people's kids during the "teenage years", but he thought because he'd invested sooo much time into tbese types of activities with our Treasures, that somehow it wouldnt happen to him, us, her, them....
    I do believe however, that it is probably a good idea to hv all of our Treasures be ' bored' and just learn to ' chill' a bit. Without all the tech devices etc.too much brain stimulation.
    Kids these days seem to be wired different. Life is miserable without technology. They cant seem to enjoy life without it, or even think up something to do without it.
    Sounds like an addiction doesnt it?
    I remember being bored as a kid.never killed me.
    Besides. I recently admitted that Ive just re-learnt to adapt and do the same thing...you know, try not to obsess over all the things I should be doing and getting worked up about it while I watched the fishing rods etc.
    I dont know when all that anxiety got a hold of me, but enough is enough and while Im 'stuck' here, Im gonna try and take my own advice, be an example and go with it.
    And Live...
    Or at least try.
    Im living, by being slothed out on a camping recliner chair.
    This is probably more my speed these days anyway.
    You know hows it is though, having to always put stuff off or change plans coz everything revolves round the body and health...i reckon thats probably where the anxiety stems from- not being able to get things done in an orderly/ normal fashion.never mind wanting it done yesterday!

    Sun, yeah.im not going to let anyone mesz with my neck either.
    For a bit tbere, I was Desperate and almost willing to try any thing...but no.
    You are right.way too risky.

    A while ago, before I knew what was wrong with me, my back was in bad shape causing me a lot of pain.
    Dh had heard about this bloke who was getting a lot good feed back.he apparently helped a mate of his with a muscular issue in his neck.
    Anywa y, long story short-against my better judgement I walked in one day and wound up in a wheelchair for a few days as a result. Just lime that, I couldnt walk.
    And it was the most terrifying experience for us.Dh was holding our baby , at the time and saw it all happen...

    So Sun, you are spot on when you say you dont let anyone touch your neck.
    That was my lower back.i imagine the results could be horrendous with the neck.
    My dr called it 'tiger country'.

    Julie, we are having 2 Christmas as well.
    Ma and Pa are coming to our house for (hopefully) easy, stress free bbq lunch.
    Then whe ever Grandma and Grumps get here....
    Great idea colour co-ordinating wrapping paper.will try and remember that for next yr.

    The Chinese sister in law, bil and two Treasures will be in China over Christmas, I am relieved to say coz that'd stress me outvway too much...getting gifts for people used to be a really joyful experience for me.esp if I feel I really got jt right and gave 'the right gift'.ya know? But now after all that drama with the unopened Hamper and gifts that happened before...well, Ive kind lost my gift givi g mojo and get a bit anxious about it all.
    Stupid, I know.
    I cant just not give them sometghi g and then everybody else something.

    Watching a big ship get pulled in by a tug.amazing really.

    Mikie, soooo so sorry you are suffering from tbe tide...do many other people in your hood hv same symptoms.? Good tip about size of pot.yeah, instapot sounds waaay better than instant pot.

    Granni, politics in choir?

    Duck, Good for you!!

    Spring, im a bit of a hoarder too.just threw out a heap of containers I thought I could reuse for spices etc.

    Rock, I,m sorry you are feeling glum.
    I still crack up when I think of your additions in that writing thread.
    ...as hairy as a cheeta!
    And left overs for the dogs...
    Am still chuckling.

    Barry, on the news they had a story, about the marijuana oil possibly be a great help to excema sufferers.
    Interesting times...

    Ok.phones nearly flat.
    Hope you're all feeling much better than yesterday and even better tomorrow.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    Up early but got a lot of sleep. I really need it. I think the air was better yesterday but I still didn't go out. News says the RT is still offshore and goes all the was down to Marco Island so it is spreading. There is a Christmas party in the hood and I'll go over around 3:00. Several of my friends will be there then and probably a lot more friends and neighbors. I'm just gonna wear the new top I got for Thanksgiving and my black leggings. It's cool so I'll wear my lightweight jacket. There will be food at the party so no need to fix dinner. I'm hoping I can find something to fix in the new cooker tomorrow. Can't decide between ribs and pot roast. I really wish I had bought the 8 qt. cooker. It does cakes and custards but is so small at the bottom that my cookware doesn't fit.

    Star, the RT bothers Joe and he has the cough from it. He is smoking again so I don't know whether he can till if it's causing breathing problems. The news always mentions that people are having respiratory problems when the RT is here. I'm trying not to be anxious about not getting things done but I don't think the anxiety ever leaves me and it is depressing. Glad you can relax while the others, 'cept DD, fish.

    Spring, I don't know how people can campaign for election. It looks to be exhausting. One has to be very passionate or ambitious to seek office. I don't hoard food but like to have it on hand. Unfortunately, I'll get sick and not feel up to cooking and end up throwing it out.

    Julie, it looks as though a good time was had by all the kids. It's only 46 here this morning and will only get into the 60's today. Flip flop weather. It rained all day yesterday. It wasn't a headache I had yesterday; it was an ocular migraine. Causes strange things in my vision. Like LSD without have to take it.

    Duckie, congrats on the exam. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas party.

    Granni, I wondered whether you got some of that snow from the same cold front which brought us rain yesterday. I hope you can find just the right singing group and don't have to practice all the time.

    Sun, I no longer celebrate on my birthday but I still am glad to have been born. I think these mortal lives are gifts from God that we can cope with problems and grow in spirit in order to be closer to Him. All of us here are familiar with coping.

    OK, Kids, I'm going to read the paper online until the actual paper arrives. Should be here soon. I can spend a leisurely morning before I have to get ready for the party. Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    It's cold here. But not as cold as Florida. It was 52 when I woke up. On its way to 84. Have
    been busy doing the chores. Fed the live stock (the cat) and harvested the crop (4 tomatoes).
    Am having an Oreo cookie and a glass of milk for breakfast.

    We had loud music last night for four hours or so. Very unusual for this neighborhood. Not
    sure which neighbors were responsible. Way back in the 60's I called the cops about noisy
    neighbors. I was told, "We don't do that anymore. Too many calls." I was tempted to ask
    what they'd do if they got a lot of reports about murder, but as we all know, not smart to kid
    around with the policia.

    It's so cold I put the fan in the corner and brought out the electric heater. Looks just like a
    fan. Warms up fast.

    Mikie, the weather may flip flop, but I don't think it the time to wear flip flops. Hope you have
    fun at the party. Are you going to do any of your party tricks? Does SV still like to lie on
    the lanai even in the cold? Have you made anything in your new cooking vessel?

    Star and Sun, my chiropractor always does that maneuver when he grabs my head with both
    hands and the yanks. I always feel like he's going to snap my spinal cord. I told him that looks
    just like the hold they do in the military to break a neck. He said, "Well, yeah. Pretty similar."

    Star, did you have Tarzan movies in Aussie land when you were a kid? Tarzan had a chimp
    named Cheeta. Five or 6 years ago I read that Cheeta died at the age of 80 But Wikipedia
    indicates that numerous chimps played the role over the years. It also says that repeated
    efforts to get Cheeta a star on Hollywood's walk of fame have not been successful.

    Sun, never hear of Amor Towles. Will go read about him. I did learn that you can buy Under
    Armour football and golf towels on E Bay.

    Springwater, thank you for your kind wishes. I wish I wood get chipper again too. What
    steps are you taking to curtail the destruction of all the slippers in the house by the newest
    dog? I can understand your husband's desire to have lots of food in the house. My father was
    the same way about alcohol. Apparently he didn't get enough as a child.

    Thanks for the cozy pic. I agree; I'd hate to dust that room. Looks like it would be tricky
    to navigate if you were carrying a loaded tray. Lots of stuff to bump into.

    Granni, I admire your traditional sending of cards. I send a handful of E mails, and that's it.
    How much snow do you usually get in your part of Texas? The only snow we get here is in
    the mountains. One of the TV news reporters here gives weather reports from the ski lodges
    every year. He always gets down in the snow and makes an angel. Good to see folks
    who are in touch with their inner child.

    Got some books at the North Hollywood library yesterday. Got a book from an author I've
    been reading for years. He writes courtroom dramas and thrillers. But in this latest one
    he has inserted the paranormal. The publisher might have given us some warning. I'm
    moving on to a different book.

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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. Next time you see the chiro, ASK him if he would do that if he knew you had stenosis!

    Years ago I saw a chiro, trying to help the FM. Honestly he did nothing to help me, and yes, he did that 'neck trick". Most times I would come out in worse pain than when I went into his office. I tried 8 visits then I quit. For me, having stenosis in both neck and low back, slow stretches first thing in the morning seems to help most. By the way, a huge percentage of older people have stenosis, some have pain some don't. I've also got some disc problems, but at this stage in my life everything that I have can be overwhelming when I think of it all.

    Star: Ah yes, the teenage years. I think girls have it worse, which in turn makes it really hard for the parents who suddenly see their little girl has changed into a person they don't know. Have fun fishing/relaxing on the chair and put your mind to: Creating a story, breathing in the sights and sounds, dredging up a happy memory and reliving it.

    That time of ending up in the wheelchair must have been frightening for you and DH. Sooooo many chiro docs are going into "decompression" of the spine. They say it it can help, but you don't hear about the ones who are worse off. My mom had a friend with bad scoliosis, she was already in her late 70s when a chiro talked her into this. The pain from it accelerated so much that she ended up moving to Texas to live with a sister.....we heard she died less than a year later, dont know what from but I do know the tremendous pain that this "well meaning" doctor brought on.

    Spring: I can understand how your DH feels about the food. Most people crave in their later years what they were deprived of when they were young.

    Mikie: How can Joe smoke and then cough from the RT? Has he ever thought about giving it up. Thankfully I NEVER liked smoking, still hate the smell of it. And how much now is a pack of cigarettes? What a waste of $.

    Today is purge day. I was told I could eat a light breakfast....like a fluffy egg. So just had 2 in the microwave along with dry toast. I have containers of chicken broth and black coffee. I don't eat jello and don't drink fruit juices so that's what my day consists of.
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  14. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Howdy, everyone! Went to a friend's house to sew today. We didn't get much sewing done, but we had fun talking. We hadn't seen each other in several weeks. I'm home now and just lit a fire in the bunker fireplace. Very cheery looking.

    We got about 1/4" of snow yesterday. Lots of accidents; mostly people being less-than-cautious. One guy in a pickup truck spun out 180 degrees in front of us (going from behind us the right lane, past us in the left lane) and ended up in the oncoming lane. Very lucky - I missed him and the traffic coming the otherdirection was far enough back to stop without running into him. I have no clue what caused it.

    Star - I'd love to trade places with your DD. Drowning worms is a favorite pass time. Learned how to do it when I was 4. My kids don't have the patience for it either.

    Sun - my parents smoked when I was a kid. I never had a desire to. My mom says she wishes she knew what problems it caused earlier, because she would have quit sooner.

    Granni - my DB lives in SATX and was able to build a very small snowman. Did you get much where you are?

    Mikie - hope your party is fun tonight.

    Rock - It was 28 this morning. Got up to a blistering 36. It's going down to 20 tonight.

    Julie - probably colder where you are....

    Hope everyone is having a good eveing.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Kids,

    Hope all y'all had a nice weekend. It's 42 out this morning, Earlier, people found frost on their windshields. They write messages, take pics and send them to the TV station. They were shown on the news. What did we do before smart phones to entertain ourselves? I turned on the heat yesterday long enough to take my shower and do my hair. I left it on but turned it down so that it wouldn't come on again unless it got really cold. It came on a couple of times during the night. I'm enjoying this cooler weather after suffering through such a sweltering summer. I put on jammie bottoms and have on my big blue softy-wafty robe. Also my softy-wafty socks. I slept soooo well and so long last night. I think the wine at the party helped as well as being warm, wearing socks and snuggling down in bed.

    The party was nice and it was good to see friends and neighbors. We stayed two hours. A woman at the party took pics of Claudia, me and the hostess so Claudia could text them to Nancy. We really miss her. The other Nancy, the hostess' Mom, will be here on the 30th so we will be able to see her then. We miss this Nancy too. There wasn't much in the way of food so I had a snack when I got home. I haven't used the new cooker yet. I'm going to the store and will pick up either a pot roast or some ribs to try in it. Hope they turn out well.

    Rock, as you can see from above, I haven't cooked anything in the new cooker yet but plan to today. SV only goes out for a short time when it's cold out. He comes in looking all bushy. It was warm enough for flip flops by the time I went to the party. I'm laughing about the stock and crops. I'm so thankful I'm not living like folks did years ago, having to do all those farm chores just to have food. SV is the only livestock I have to tend and all my crops come from Publix. Hope all that noise didn't keep you up.

    Sun, I think the RT cough and choking feel different from the coughing from smoking. Joe now always has a wet sounding cough from smoking. He quit for a year but started in again after the hurricane. The aftermath was as stressful as getting ready for it to hit. I smoked a pack a day for years but quit cold turkey back in about '84 or '85. Glad I did. It's likely why I have a bit of COPD. I was choking yesterday afternoon so I'd guess the RT hasn't gone away. I'm thinking of you and hope all goes well and the results are good.

    Duckie, glad you got out to see all those sew 'n sews. Your fire sounds cozy, especially in this cold weather we are having. Sometimes a little snow causes more accidents than big snows. One of the main problems we had in CO was drivers with 4-wheel drive. They overestimate the ability of their vehicles to stop on ice. I saw one loft off of the highway into a meadow. The driver just drove back up onto the road and kept going. That would freak me out. Glad you escaped that potential accident on the road.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just watched the weatherman. It's gonna be hot here for the next week. Low 80s and
    high 70s. No rain either. The big fire in Ventura County is still raging.

    Julie, I loved the overhead shot of the kids on the carpet. I bet you'll have more shots like
    that. In the years to come the kid will say, "Oh, there's a pic from Grandma's house. You
    can always identify them at a glance." Is Den working on the big wiring project now?

    Duckie, I lived 26 years in S. Minnesota and one year way up North, almost to Canada. The
    northern winters were so much fiercer I felt like I was in Siberia. The temp went down
    to about 15 or 20 below at night. Warmed up to about 5-10 degrees during the day. And
    winter lasted a whole month longer.

    The village I was working in was on the shore of one of MN's largest lakes. The whole lake froze
    over, and the ice usually didn't thaw till sometime in May. Uff-da!

    The coldest temperature I can recall from the years when I lived in Minneapolis was 29 below
    zero. I was in a restaurant and there was a thin sheet of frost on the window. Inside the

    Glad to hear you missed a vehicular accident. I wasn't so lucky about half a century ago.
    Slide on new fallen snow right into the path of an oncoming truck. Put a nasty dent into my
    new (to me) used car I had just bought for $500. Ouch! A few years ago I sold my last
    car which I had bought new 28 years earlier. Got $500 for it.

    Mikie, I hope your new cooking utensil lives up to the advertising claims. Gordon did some
    baking yesterday. He made snickerdoodles. Never heard of such till I met him. In moments
    of silliness I sometimes refer to them as Sniggerdoodles.

    Happy Trails, Kids
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Mmmmm, Snickerdoodles! My MIL used to bake them for me because she knew how much I loved them. I always made Pizzelles, the Italian cookies made in a press like waffles. I have an electric pizzelle machine but the prettiest ones are made with hand irons one holds over the stove. It's harder to make them with an electric stove. I may have given away the electric pizzelle iron; I should check. I haven't made them in years. They are very rich but delicious. I like the anise flavored ones. The hand irons will be inherited by my DDs. They are things which stay in the family and are handed down.

    Comcast is increasing the speed of the internet, requiring new modems to handle it. I just ordered a new Netgear modem which handles up to 1.4 gbps. That ought to be fast enough for a while. If Congress gets rid of net neutrality, we may all be paying more for our internet. Or, our favorite websites may be slowed way down by our ISP. I hope this doesn't pass but it likely will. The current speed of my internet is up to 75 mbps and that is fast enough to stream movies.

    I'm running the new dishwasher and it's sooooo quiet. I love that but not the time it takes to run. I have to keep reassuring myself that it's saving water and power by taking its time. I am enjoying the clean organized area under my sink which came about as a result of having it installed. If nothing else in my life is under control, I still have that little area. I have to get dressed to go to Publix but I'm in no hurry. I'll wait til it warms up a bit. Love the weather app on my phone. It just updated and we're having a heat wave--52 degrees. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy another cup of coffee and watch TV shows I recorded. I fell asleep just after 8:00 last evening. I had thought I might be able to skip my allergy med today but I'm still choking. Rats!!!

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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! So sorry I have been absent from class...Den worked about five hours on Saturday, so I went to town to see my dad, get groceries, shop for Christmas presents for my brother's three granddaughters (her mama is doing nursing clinicals where my dad is, so I can leave them with her at Dad's Christmas party on Thursday.) This gal (my nephew's wife) always treated my mom and dad better than anyone in my brother's family...my mom always commented on how nice Whitney was.

    Whitney is going to school full-time, working double shifts at a nursing home on the weekends, while my nephew pretends to look for a job. I think I can honestly say "pretends" because this is the young man who thinks he is smarter than anyone else, and way too overeducated to take "just any old job." Well, I would think putting food on his family's table would be more important than finding the one job that is "worthy" of him, but what do I know? He takes after his mom (my brother's wife who told me a few years ago how much she can't stand me)...she often refers to herself (and her sons followed suit) as an "idiot magnet." I can't help what wonder what my baby brother sees in her, but again...what could I possibly know?

    Anyway, how did I get started on such a negative rant? Oh, shopping for the great-nieces. I asked Whitney if there was any theme or favorites for the girls this year. Yes...Shopkins, Frozen and Mickey Mouse (ages 7, 5 and 2)...easy as pie. I got them each an outfit with their "favorite" on it, then a toy tea cart to share.

    Got home Saturday just in time to unload groceries and head back to town with Den. He needed to get some metal vent pipe so he can hook up his new dust collection system in the shop...this thing is like a huge vacuum and on wheels so it can stay in one place or be wheeled around to the different shop tools (table saw, sander, planer, etc., etc.)

    Yesterday (Sunday) was a sort of lazy day...might have taken too long a nap cause I was awake till after 4:00 this morning. Finally went back to the old/new bedroom so I wouldn't wake Den with my tossing and turning. So...I didn't get up till almost 10:00 am...so wonder I don't function well in the "real world." I did hit my head pretty hard yesterday...was working in the bedroom we just moved into, under the stairway. Moved sideways, forgetting I was under the stairs where the studs are exposed. Whacked the side of my head so hard it buckled my knees...Den came running in and helped me get sat down on the bed. I hate when I do things like that.

    Amy texted early this morning that my dad's roommate had died...I found out on Saturday that this man was in the hospice room at the nursing home, so was expecting this news. Wouldn't have known until I went back to see Dad again, but this man is Amy's pregnant friend's godfather (when I got up I had a message from Jess, too.) With everything going on, Jess hadn't been in to see "Uncle Phil"...he was in the nursing home (and on hospice care) due to CHF...his wife has cancer and couldn't take care of him at home.

    I hope this doesn't affect her too badly, although she sounds pretty torn up right now. I am to take her for a special ultrasound tomorrow, at one of our bigger hospitals...will be gone most of the day. Just a precaution in women who have had multiple C-sections (she's already had three) to make sure everything is okay and the placenta is where it should be, etc. We are thinking they will deliver her baby around the first of the year...she is due Jan. 5.

    So, that's what's been going on. Sorry I can't stay and really visit...need to get outside and bring more firewood into the shop and do some more tossing of "stuff." Den is out working in this cold and wind...he will be so tired tonight.

    Spring, I think you asked what was in the long packages? I got Keira and Miley little throw rugs for their room...Keira likes the Emojis and Miley loves Shopkins. The other kids' long packages were from Amy and family...since they are a "knighthood" family, Lindsey had Amy get them some plastic swords.

    I only have today and Wednesday to get the house put back together. Will be gone with Jess tomorrow and in town most of the day Thursday (Dad's Christmas party) then Friday will go get Keira and Miley to stay with us over the weekend. Miley's Christmas concert is next Tuesday (Keira will have one in the spring...the grades alternate) so I'll go to that too. Lots of traveling in the next several days...not so great for someone who doesn't like to leave home, lol...but I love my kiddos and it won't hurt me that much.

    Lindsey was having some female problems again, but went to a doctor down there to get some labs done...then will still treat homeopathically, if possible. She said the homeopathic remedies had already helped with the hemorrhaging. I'm glad...I don't think I could make that trip right now...she's had some good friends (and David, and his mom) helping her, so that makes me feel better.

    Gotta go...thinking of everyone. Will check in when I can.
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    I read all your newsy stuff but just don;t seem lately to have the time to sit at the computer to get on the PORCH or other places I need enter. I just got off my govt work project of writing cards. That is what DH calls the writing of cards. Trying to get some much stuff done and my money is getting rather low. Good thing SS kicks in in a few days or so.

    JULIE - So sorry to hear the Lindsey is having more female problems, and hemorrhaging. Hope the homeopathic stuff helps her. I know that a lot of people or women are helped with homeopathic remedies but many are not to cheap. I can tell you that from one who knows. You wear me out with all the stuff you are doing and talking about. You also need to do some resting, if that is at all possible. Glad that Lindsey has some help up there in TN.

    SUN- A belated Happy Birthday to you sweetie. I know what you mean about who cares any more and I may be a few years older than you . Hope you had a nice day anyway and got to rest or do something fun.

    Sorry that I have been so absent from class also like JULIE said.

    MIKIE - Sorry about your allergies. I agree with you on the new dishwashers. They are VERY quiet and also the longer cycle and supposedly being more efficient in water usage,

    DUCKIE - NO we didn't have a lot of snow but College Station and some areas got a fair amount to make snowballs, snowmen etc. Everyone gets all excited , days off for some areas and children. They are note equipped to take care of much snow round here no man power with heavy trucks and stuff, not in the budget. Think my daughter in Austin saw some too.

    ROCK - Forgot what you said so please forgive. I ran through these post pretty quickly.

    I did read most of the posts I think but I can't remember much right now. So please forgive if I forgot to mention you. You are all in my thoughts daily.

    Our church choirs have been i a tizzy with changing times for different choirs and it is driving people batter, esp the ones in the choirs or our choir. For many reasons we both have to be at the 10 mass and there is now a different group singing at that time. So I might be singing with the Ascend Band Ensemble if the director will let me. We have one car so we have to go together and DH would not be sitting in the car for 1 hr while I go practice before e has to go set up for the 10 mass. It is not particularly my style but I will give it a try if he says yes. They have guitar which I am sort of used to and a drum plus piano. Not sure if more will be added plus singers. They have a couple of gals now and guys. Others from our Traditional group may be coming over too since that is the only time some of them can sing or go to church. Very bad timing for all these changes. Waiting as we speak to hear form the director but luckily it is the same director who directed my traditional group.

    We sing our Christmas music tomorrow at two places with our small group with lunch in between. Hard to get things done with singing and doing things to help DH and the usual washing, etc.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  20. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    My boss was super-pleased that I passed my exam and sent out a really nice email to the whole department announcing it. He copied the head of HR. It turns out that I get to add "MCP" to my professional signature (Microsoft Certified Professional). It's kind of a big deal. I also found out that if I take two other exams, I can get MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Architect), which is a HUGE deal. I'm debating if I want to do it or not.

    Rock - I think I had gleaned that you grew up in the way-north. It does definitely get colder up there. I recently got a job offer if I wanted to move to Whitefish Bay, WI, but I passed on it. Don't want to move further north than I am!!

    Julie - Gotta watch those head bumps...isn't that your second one recently??

    Mikie - glad your party was nice.

    Sun - Loved your twist in the story. I tried to one-up you, though!!

    Time for my dinner. And hugging the Worfie-cat, who is being a pest. TTYL!!
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