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    Spring: What a pretty room! Very much So. Calif. Look. And I love the wood flooring around the tile. I'm sitting looking at it, thinking of who and how cleans the windows on top after it rains. I have practically all glass in my house and Ive come to that point where it's hard for me to even clean one window or door. Thanks for starting it.

    Star: I think you've gotten very good advise from everyone. I can't add anything else. By the way, I refuse to sit anyplace like that. I'll stand in the back or walk around, and if someone doesn't like it, too bad. I can't believe how long it went on. And about your DD....put it out of your mind, period. She'll eventually grow up and settle down, but in the meantime if you let it bother you, she's won.

    Mikie: You should start calling Joe, Papa H, and when he asks you why tell him he needs to grow his beard out a little more and enter the contest.

    Julie: Thanks for sharing all of that. Such good advise you've given Star. We can't do anything about our family growing up, but we sure can determined how we're going to react to the hand dealt us and decide how to live better.

    Rock: Nothing to admire really about going thru a colonoscopy. While I was drinking that stuff, I kept telling me to just tough it up since there are millions are having to do the same thing. I put it off for years, refusing every time it was brought up, even after my DH died from colon cancer. I had to reschedule 3 times so really, I did this to satisfy my kids who kept bugging me.

    Star: I would certainly QUESTION the doctor as to WHY. If you don't have a history and nothing showed up. My SIL has a good friend who has to go thru this every 6 mos because his dad died from it and he has a lot of colon troubles himself.

    I had been debating about giving away a large string of those little fairy lights, had them in my car for the thrift store, then I saw last night that more neighbors are putting up lights. So old Scrooge here has dug them out and I'm going to string them in the bushes along the walkway this morning. So while outside a neighbor came by with his little dog, asked if I was the artist who lived in this house. He actually was referring to all my garden sculpture scattered around in front, said he had admired my yard for the past 25 years. That made my day!
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    Spring, thanks for the new porch...what a pretty sight. I wonder, like Sun, how all those windows get cleaned...

    Sun, so you have a wonderful reputation...how neat! 25 years is a long time to have a "secret admirer"...so glad he said something to you.

    I put a few lights up along the roof line of the patio...mostly for when all the grandkids were here...glad they were awake when the Tennessee treasures pulled in after dark. The only ones who might even see it now are our closest Amish neighbors. So I do turn them on once in awhile :)

    Star, hope you get a chance to go back and read my reply to you on the last volume...too long to move over here, but wanted you to know I understand...as do most parents of teenage girls.

    I had a smoothie earlier (am just doing the ones that I know won't upset my stomach) then brought in a load of firewood. Lindsey called and talked for quite awhile (I usually just text her if I have a question, etc....and let her do the calling whenever she has time to talk.) Heating up some lunch then plan to go through some boxes of papers, etc.

    My hairdresser called yesterday to ask if I could come tomorrow morning instead of Monday (she is probably rearranging her schedule since she's having a hysterectomy on Tuesday), which will work good because I will already be in town at my new PCP. I switched because it takes so long to get into the other clinic where I had been going for years....want to get some labs done and talk to her about my shortness of breath (cardiologist office wants me to start on a diuretic in case of fluid build up somewhere, but I don't want to go that route yet, if ever.) Then I will have just enough time to get to the town where my dad lives...his Christmas party is at 2:00 pm.

    Busy day, but okay with me to get as much done as possible in one swoop.

    Gotta go...take care, everyone!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again. What an unusual room. I love it. You always find the best pics.

    Sun, I don't know why the doc wanted me to get a colonoscopy only three years after the last one where no new polyps were found. I think I might have mentioned it might be because of my age now. I hate it and will ask whether I can go five or six years next time. My biological father died of colon cancer and I'm sure that factors in too. How nice that your neighbor paid you such a sweet compliment. Your yard sculpture obviously gives others pleasure.

    Star, I hope you do have a chance to read our responses to you on the last Porch. We've had some experience with teenage girls and I think our posts will help you navigate the minefield of raising a teenager. I think reading them will also help you feel a whole lot better.

    Julie, I haven't even put up my Christmas wreath. Just not motivated. I'm barely motivated to get up off the sofa. Soooo exhausted. Whine, whine, whine! Glad your new appt. will work out for you and hope your hairdresser comes through the surgery well. Just sent up a little prayer.

    Speaking of prayers--I had asked on the last Porch for prayers for PH employees who are working near the fire. I pray for all in harm's way in CA and have a special place in my heart for those who work to help us here and provide this wonderful space.

    I am sick with this sinus headache and the ringing in my ears. Damn thee, Red Tide!

    Hope all y'all are doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: Your shortness of breath makes me think back to when mine first started about 4 years ago. My PCP said it was probably asthma so then he gave me an inhaler which did nothing. Then my friend said to use my oxymeter when walking. OMG....at times my HR was up to 180 BPM and I was really out of breath. So went back and thru all the tests at the hospital and clinic for heart and lungs. Turned out I have COPD, Bronchiectisis. With all the stuff you've inhaled over the years, especially in the house the kids fled from you just might have lung problems. I'm on a new inhaler, Breo, which has worked wonders. I no longer think will I have enough breath to go for a walk or whatever.

    I was on a diruretic years ago...made me feel awful......super drained of energy. Then I read a book about retaining water, etc. You have to drink enough water to make the body start releasing the water. Check how much you're drinking.

    Mikie: Have you used your sinus rinse kit? Sorry you're hurting. As to the ringing in ears, tinnitus may have come to you to reside like it did me. I've had the ringing for over 7-8 years and I just don't even pay attention anymore. Turn on some loud music.
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    Mikie, if it wasn't for Keira, I might not even had my tree up when everyone was here. But she was in a helpful mood that day (got to catch these girlies when they think something is THEIR idea, lol.)

    Thanks for the reminder to pray for the Prohealth employees. I forgot to answer about Lindsey's friend in that valley (can't remember the name)...she is in Oregon, staying with her parents until the air quality clears up a bit.

    Mikie, your reaction to the RT is similar to Lindsey and family's whenever they are around mold...and why they had to leave the old house. I'm so sorry it seems to have stretched out even longer for you this time. Of course, the junk the hurricane probably blew in doesn't help you, either. Praying for you, Dear Lady.

    Editting as I see Sun was just on. I'm wondering too, about some lung problems. Both my parents are/were COPD sufferers...
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    For anyone who is curious about our little town's solar field...here is the link to the live feed. My hubby is the one who is usually working around the white trucks...the city crew and the solar field guys are all on site, working around each other. I can tell who Den is whenever I see his Papa Smurf white beard, lol!

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    Cool! Will this be set up all the time to watch for vandalism? Most of the schools in So. Calif have gotten these panels. It's set up as a parking structure so cars can park under them.
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    not sure if it will be a full time thing after the solar field is completed or not. they are going to put a fence around the whole thing...it is being built next to the future sports field complex. The buildings in the background are part of our county fairgrounds. I don't know if this company does this every time they build one of these or not...but I think in our case it is a PR thing to let people know what's going on.
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    Hey all

    Yes, I thought that sun room was striking!

    I'm looking at the glass windows and ceilings and wondering how it's gonna be kept clean. Also the scene outside the window looks a little like a picture. Kind of perfect. I'm thinking this belongs to a really rich person who can afford hiring people to clean every so days because you would need professional step ladders and a professional to do that job.

    Star - don't worry about your DD and her moods. Most people go thru that with their kids and wonder if they're the only ones. No. They aren't. Teenagers are prone to outbursts because of hormones. Some lucky ones escape. Those who get elected head boy girl in school because they're so calm all the time but thats the minority 2 %, I'm thinking. The rest go thru the usual growing pains. Maybe she will even feel sorry for her behaviour after her bout is over. One can tell by your posts how much you love your kids and try for their sake. Believe in yourself.We all do.

    Dmc - congrats on your passing! Another accomplishment for you. I'm thinking when you're not sick, you are on the go all the time.

    Granni - good to see you pop in inspite of being so run off your feet with all the stuff needs doing. Do you and your DD sometimes attend Mass together?

    Mikie - maybe they're ordering polyp tests again sooner than you want because of the health issues you are having...low energy, breathing, general run down ness, the weakened immune system to things in the air etc? I am so surprised you are getting sick a lot because you seem to be a strong active lady with a strong mind. I.mean you were well enough to run for the Board Presidency..which isn't a small thing entailing a lot of administrative duties. And then all the health issues.

    I hope you feel better soon. Better enough to get things done, go out with your friends and all.

    I'm sorry about all those in harm's way in the CA. Fires..I caught a bit of it.in the news. I pray for Prohealth and everyone else. Thank you for reaching out to them and giving us the info. You are a dear dear one. I googled pot roast, the images had me drooling...I may break with rules and get a side of goat, (we don't hv beef nor lamb here in shops), and try out. The family would love a change. I think I might roast some veggies for myself. Never done that except for potatoes. Ideas , ideas.

    I love the cold weather here. Just enjoying and getting things done which I feel too lazy to do in hot weather.

    Julie - your DH is such a hard-working kind man. He is a valuable member of your community. You.must be so proud of him and the kiddies and DGKiddies to have him for a relative. Not to mention how handy to have someone like that at home! My DH knows squat. As do I. What a pair we make!

    I'm sorry for the difficult emotionally wrenching times you have been thru. I'm realising it brings out the fighter in persons who go thru stuff like that when very young. Makes them strong. A good thing but how wonderful if everyone was allowed the sunshine years childhood is meant to be. Jess's story makes my heart ache. Her sweet lil one coming into a world of uncertainties. Maybe the Angels will hold him\ her and make sure all the love that is due to all of God's children comes her \ his way.

    Rock - the tin tea set exists now only in my mind in the form of memories. Best place for it, me thinks since no rust nor dent can tarnish their beauty and the feelings of utter joy I got out of those moments. When I think of that day, those moments, I can relive small details. The furniture was dark chocolate wood as were the doors with glass panels in them. Dad had gotten new satin light pink curtains to hide the glass. To get to the outdoor kitchen we had to walk in through the master bedroom. Or take a big turn around the house. No one did. Our landlord had these monstrous big Victorian size cupboards and similar chest bureau in the tiny living room out on the verandah. My mum was smiling with amusement at me, because I was pacing up and down while Dad wrapped the gifts, in another room, there were a couple of hair clips too, for each family member and our landlords son to give me. Each wrapped carefully by Dad who was enjoying every moment of it as I did. There were small tea cakes along with bread, and tea which the local boxywallah brought around in his tin chest he held on his head. No birthday cake, I guess there was no budget for that. But I'm gathering we had as much fun as my kids did when I arranged largish kiddie birthday parties for them with a feast, new clothes and expensive gifts.

    The uber driver had me cracking up. I remember in India we used to get pigs sausages. They were a Chinese speciality. You bit into one and all the fat with the spices came oozing out. I think they are expensive. Something like what caviar is to the west. And just as difficult to get hold of.

    The Communist party has won majority votes. Even my DD voted that way even though our family has been Congress loyalists till now. Her grandfather DHs uncle showed her the voting sample slip and told her, mark this and this. But she hid and marked the way she likes. No one tells DD what to do. She said all the roads that were broadened by taking back land encroached on for decades by illegal landowners and the man who organized and gave the city 24 hours uninterrupted electricity again(going on for decades) by doing away with electricity thieves and streamlining the electric distribution belong to the Communist parties so her vote was going to them.
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for the photo site, Sun. National Geographic is like Life magazine. Always great photos
    in both. Very nice of your neighbor to compliment your garden sculptures. Maybe you should
    drape the fairy lights on them. Or would it be better on the trees and bushes? Maybe in another
    10 or 20 years you'll get another compliment. Might even be from the same guy.

    Julie, the video you posted wouldn't play on my obstreperous computer. I went to Youtube and was able to see 2 still pictures. Looks kinda like the world's longest greenhouse.

    Springwater, another great pic. Gordon took a look and said, 'You'd need a big staff to keep
    all that glass clean." I was here earlier today, but couldn't see the pic you posted or even
    members' avatars.

    Mikie, The Red Tide along with a sinus headache and ringing in the ears and exhaustionizatin
    are too much for any one person. Alas, I know of no remedy. I hope you get a good night's sleep. Explain to SV you need lots of rest. Do not wake me up!

    Just got the annual Christmas e mail from an old college roommate. He sent pics of the family.
    He looks pretty much like I do. A feeble old Norwegian. But actually he's much healthier.

    I got a huge book of short stories from the library. Over 700 pages. Weighs about as much as
    an anvil. The stories were written over a period of 8 decades. There were a couple of good
    stories, but I had read them before. I think America's best story writers are from days gone
    by: Ring Lardner, Robert Benchley, Edna Ferber, James Thurber, and Tom Bodett. The
    last name is the guy who used to do the Motel 6 Ads. We'll leave the light on for you.

    Gordon is in the kitchen. Dicing some sort of Chinese sausage and veggies dish. Not sure
    what he's making. It's not for me. I'm still eating the snickerdoodles. (Couldn't think
    of the name. Had to look it up.) Uff-da!

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    Thanks everyone for all the input.
    Unfortunately not too many people admit to having problems with their Treasures during the teenage years.
    My sister only recently opened up a bit about her lot- now that theyre all out of home.
    I guess its only natural to worry that its a reflection of the way we raise them.

    Dd used to chuck mega tantrums when she was little, so perhaps this is an extension of some sort?
    However, in the past, even if she was annoyed, she was pretty in tune and empathetic.

    I did read everyone's posts and I really appreciate the effort and time you all put in.
    No.my Treasures arent being abused.(unless you count not getting the latest gadget handed to them on a platter).
    ( they did get a smack on the butt when very naughty, when little, which is probably abuse these days).
    My apologies Julie, if you felt I was disrespecting you in any way. Wasnt my intention at all.

    Guess I was just thinking out loud in a way and so, so tired and sore.
    Your comments got me to thinking.
    I was thinking about how dd disrespects me and how I would never dare to even raise my voice at my parents, or any elder for that matter, but I would prefer to hear her heart and let her hv the freedom to vent, (to a point).
    Than hv her shut up inside and feel alone etc.

    Yes Mikie, I guess I'd best buckle up 'cause Im in for the long haul...

    Thanks every one for all the advice and reassuring me that this is Normal.

    And Sun, yes I do normally hv to have room to pace or stretch or something , up the back. Not just sit.
    I struggle sitting in Church and at least there, theres a little standing to break it up and vice versa-a bit of sitting to give the standing a break.

    I think this is a big learning curve for all of us in this house and no.we will not be revolving around any one person.
    We are a family and a team and I guess its all a part of growing up.

    Best get goingtake care everyone.
    Catch yas later
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    Goodness, Star...please don't worry...I didn't once think you were being disrespectful to me. My mom was abusive to me and my brothers, but it is so very obvious how much you love and take such good care of your children. I was being a bit sarcastic as I remembered things from my childhood, but was sort of "thinking aloud" as well. Yes, my girls probably thought they were being abused when they couldn't have certain things or do certain things ("But, Mom...everyone else is!")

    One time Amy's boyfriend brought her and a friend of hers back home...this was before Amy had her driver's license...and I could tell they had been drinking. I normally never had to worry about that, but this boy (the "rebel" she actually married and who is Keira's daddy) must have encouraged the girls. I was so mad...I took his cell phone (he was on our plan) and grounded Amy from seeing him for two weeks. And I told her friend that I expected a call from her mom by the next day, telling me that this girl had told her mom what had happened.

    Oh my goodness...you would have thought I was the worse mother in the whole world...but I don't think that situation ever came up again.

    Anyway, I just saw this and wanted to make sure that you knew I understood. Going to try to get to bed earlier tonight...busy day tomorrow.

    Take care, everyone!
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    Good Thursday Morning. Dear Porchies,

    I don't know what is happening but last night, I got nine hours of good sleep. It may have been the Klonopin I put under my tongue before turning in about 8:00 in the evening. I took it for the tinnitus but it helped me to sleep. I'd hate to go back to taking it all the time again. It took a year for me to wean off of it. In any case, I hope the sleep will help me to feel better. I also hope the RT breaks up and leaves. RT is an algae and my reaction is very similar to exposure to toxic mold. Thank you all for your support through this.

    I finally got my appts. made except one and I couldn't get through. It just kept sending me through the menu loop over and over like I was in the Twilight Zone. Is this a sign from the Universe that I should stop seeing doctors altogether? Some days I feel like that. I also got our bldg. scheduled for pressure washing for the balcony, stairs and sidewalks. He can't do it til Jan. 5th. Barb and her nonstop complaining kids will be here by then. Her SIL is the worst and he'll be complaining the most. Right after the hurricane, he called the mgr. and read her the riot act. Lovely people!

    My new modem should have arrived yesterday. I'm going to go to the mailbox to make sure it did. I hate installing new components in my system. What could go wrong! I got a Netgear because that's what I have now and it installed fairly easily. Norton is advertising a new one which they claim is hack proof. Update: they new modem arrived and I called Comcast and they said the installation was successful. Only problem is that I couldn't get internet even directly with the Ethernet cable from the modem to my computer. They uninstalled it a reinstalled my old modem. I still can't get internet through my router. The tech in some unknown country said it's a wire problem and set an appt. with a tech to come to my home. I cancelled it. It can't be a wire; the modem is working fine. I can't get the router to work no matter what I do. So don't know whether I'll be online until I get this straightened out. Right now, I'm fit to be tied so need to get away from it for a while.

    I'll check out the pics. I also wish I had the health and resources to see amazing places. I'm just grateful I got to travel some before I got sick. I don't use the sinus rinse; I use a nasal spray. Unless the water used in the rinse is purified, one can get sick from it. One guy got Legionaires Disease from tainted tap water. Yikes! Once the RT is gone and it warms up here, I will get myself to the pool to work out. That will help the breathing. The Klonopin helps with the ringing in my ears. I'm glad your new inhaler is helping you breathe.

    Julie, first there was the nanny cam and now there is the hubby cam. I'm sure it's really interesting to see the progress on the solar project. Our utility co. is under fire for continuing to build gas powered generating facilities when the sun shines all the time here. A big ranch inland was bought and developed for housing and it uses solar power. Good for them. I believe in the future, electricity will be generated from very small elements with no pollution. Scientists are working on it. The farmland around the project is so pretty. Reminds me of rural areas in CO and NE. It always brings a sense of calm when I see farms. Looks windy and I hope it doesn't make Den sick.

    Star, my second daughter was rebellious and gave me tons of problems when she was a teenager. She did what she wanted and lied to us. She even got arrested at one point for loitering at a 7Eleven store. We had to go to court. We spoiled our girls with things but always tried to impart good values and let them know we loved them. Parents only have so much control over what their kids do if the kids are hell bent on doing what they want. At that point, the consequences of their actions may be what makes them stop. I talked to DD to let her know that being arrested may lead to her not getting good jobs, going into the service or ever holding office. That was a wake up call for her. I don't tell you this to scare or discourage you. DD started taking school seriously, graduated and went on to graduate from college. She is a loving, responsible person who is raising a great kid. He is now to the age where he can be a handful and she often apologizes to me for how she acted. So don't give up. Even the most rebellious kids can grow up to be real joys. I love the saying: Insanity runs in families; you get if from your kids.

    Rock, I've never tried Chinese sausage. I love sweet Italian sausage and Brats. Also Jimmy Dean. There are some I don't like, like Polish sausage and pepperoni. Mmmmm, I am hungry for a sausage pizza. How nice you keep up with your college friend after all these years. I don't keep up with anyone from my past. I don't read short stories. If I like a story, I don't want it to end after so short a time. I don't like books which are too long. True to my Goldilocks heart, I like stories which are jussst right. I have been reading some kind of spy/thriller novel but obviously it's not thrilling enough because it's just sitting in the Kindle untouched. I've been too tired to want to read. I've depended on TV to get my mind off how lousy I feel. Distraction is my go to treatment. Glad you got your computer to cooperated. Mine has a mind of its own but it working fine right now (knocking on wood).
    Gonna walk to the mailbox and read my virtual newspaper. I'm hoping to get to the mailbox early so I don't see anyone on the way. I look like the wrath of God when He's having a bad day.

    Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I BOIL the water first, then cool it to use in my sinus rinse kit. It says to do that to avoid furthering problems. Done this for years since the doctor first told me to go buy a kit for ongoing sinus troubles. I used to use a nasal spray but it makes your nasal passage swell up, and used often enough you can't breathe without it.....been there done that and it's awful. I had to wean myself off them. Once we were having a party and a guest came to me asking if I had a nasal spray he could use.....he was hooked and forgot his and couldn't breathe. Luckily I still had so just gave it to him.

    By the way, did you know that MSG the hidden ingredient in soooooo many foods, including Jimmy Dean sausage can bring on the ringing in the ears. When a product says flavorings, its' MSG in it also. I don't ever buy prepared packaged foods because of all the chemicals. Try eliminating ALL processed foods for 2 weeks, keep a diary, and see how you feel. It may also be contributing to your severe reaction to RT. Here's a link for you to read.


    Star: One thing I thought of this morning about your situation in your family re: all the FM suffering you go thru. My DH didn't acknowledge that I had this problem, even refused to read up on all the things I go thru because of it, and therefore my kids also learned not to have sympathy for me. After my DD got married, she married a guy who zero sympathy for anyone. Then........she developed so many troubles, related to adrenal fatigue and thyroid. He refused to feel sorry for her so she's had to go this alone. Her kids have the attitude....."mom's always tired, mom's always sick"......soooooo.....what goes around comes around.

    What I'm trying to say to you is you and your DH have to develop a united front.....also meaning he has to acknowledge to your kids that yes, mom hurts and we ALL have to be more caring and understanding.

    I painted yesterday! Trying to rework a large painting that I didn't finish years ago. My SIL saw it a few months ago and asked if he could have it for their Maui condo....so hope to get it done today so it will be dry for christmas. But....standing at the easel so long yesterday I've got a terrible crick in my neck this morning. Whine whine whine, it's always something.
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    Good Morning, Old friends

    Here in S. California it's a sunny day with no clouds in the sky. What color is the sky? Sky
    Blue of course. 63 degrees on its way up to 79. Same prediction for tomorrow. I remember
    a Christmas when it was 90 degrees. That was many decades ago.

    Started the day with a mug of Egg Nog. Added no booze; just nutmeg. Some TV chefs recommend that you toss out all your spices after 2 (some say 3) years and buy fresh. Our nutmeg jar has been with us since we moved to this house 7 years ago. Is almost empty. The spice still has flavor. Nobody knows how long we had it before we moved. Nutmeg comes
    from the Spice Islands. The rest of the drink comes from the Nog River next door.

    Sunflower, yup, MSG is still with us. Some poster from the past put up a list of terms that
    can mean MSG without actually using the term. E.g., yeast extract or hydrolized protein.
    That's great that you're painting again. A shame when the pleasure of creating is diluted by
    the pain of our health problems. Post a picture please when the work is completed.

    Mikie, I'm sorry to hear that you look like the wrath of God. I bet it's not really not that bad.
    Maybe more like The Wrath of Khan? I don't really keep up with old friends. I wrote to
    several people after leaving college, but within 2 years they had all stopped writing. Paul just writes once a year: at Christmas.

    Can't tell you what Chinese sausage tastes like, 'cause I never tried it. Gordon mixed it up with
    rice and some green vegetable. Dried mustard greens maybe. He cooks in four cuisines. Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and American. When he was a kid his family always referred to ketchup as 'Merican Sauce.

    Good luck finding a good read. Have you tried the books of Maeve Binchy or Jan Karon?

    Gonna go back to bed and read. I had angina last night. All gone when I woke up. I am not
    concerned. Had it several times when I was a young man. I would get an exam with an EKG.
    The doctors always told me that my heart was fine. Probably just some temporary stress.
    Now, if my heart isn't fine, well, that's pretty much to be expected. Nothing to be upset about.

    Ah. Gordon just made some chicken salad. Very tasty. Reminds me of a riddle I found in a
    mystery book written by a retired physics Professor. She posed the question: Why did the
    chicken cross the Mobius Strip. Answer: to get to the same side.

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    Just got back from a luncheon in honor of one of my coworkers who is retiring. I felt honored to be on her rather exclusive invitee list. Later, it's off to my second visit with the Fibro specialist. I'll be glad to report that the meds for the migraines is definitely working.

    Mikie - I have had tinnitis for the better part of 25 or 30 years...long enough that I can't remember what it's like not to have it.

    Sun - I loved the NatGeo pictures. I downloaded a bunch of them to use as wallpapers on my computer, then had to fight with my computer to convince it that I had rights to do stuff with the files. I love technology. Happy painting, and I look forward to seeing the results. I wish I could get my sewing mojo back on track. Got derailed by the last exam, and now it looks like I'll be starting work on another two...had a chat with my boss during my bi-weekly status meeting. He is in favor of my pursuing higher certification, so looks like I'll be doing that starting soon.

    Well, I have to go run a really long process on one of the machines before I go. Best get to it.
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    Dear Ones,

    So much happening now and I will be glad when it is all over with - wonderful Christmas and this coming Sat. We are supposed to meet with DCD. Our DS is going to get her from a homeless shelter of sorts. Don't know that much about it but he hopes to get her and then pick her up and bring her to his home so we can talk some. She mentioned lunch but a restaurant would not be the place where people were going to meet again for the first time, esp when she supposedly doesn't remember much. Much of what is in her head is fantast of some kind or she has taken from the life of someone else. She doesn't even remember when a few years ago DS brought her to a hospital to get checked out and she left a few days later with some psych pills which she now refuses to take. She says things about her past that were definately ot true like she was a vet and an undercover officer ( a retired one at that. ) Wonder how long we can get together without yelling or getting into an argument . I sure will try not to but she has this thing in her head that is not normal and she doesnpt think clearly at all.

    It is all so sad and I am hoping for a miracle but am not to sure that will happen. we haven;t seen each other for so many years and she wants to go to NY I am not sure why, away from the children which I think she may have altogether forgotten. I am wondering if I should show her the pic of the boys at Thanksgiving this year.. She was born there and left when she was about 3 or so. Hope she doesn't forget about the meeting like she did many years ago when she tried to meet with us when she did remember us. She said she has the wrong day. A bunch of he family were more or less stood up. Her memory is also very bad . Don't know how she supposedly keeps the jobs she says she has, She says it is at the airport but that is all I know and not sure that is true. We will see. Please pray for her and us. it will just be DS and DH and myself. As soon as I mention something she doesn't like she goes ballistic, like her kids. Not sure if she even remembers them. I know the boys are all very hurt even if they didn't say much including the oldest one which might even be hurt the worst. He has no drive or confidence, etc.

    Gotta go for now. #Have been so busy and also have had trouble getting on the computer. DH has been on t alot esp in the morning and then I am busy and it is to cold to do much outside too.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling better with the RT. I read some of the post but not very well. You guys and gals have been typing up a storm and I have had the hardest time trying to get on and follow you, Hows your weather? Ours has been rather chilly lately after we had a could of warmish days. I know it is warm enough for Julie. It may hit 60s today if we are lucky. It was 40s and 50's this morning and that is to cold for me. Don't even know how to dress and what to put on.

    ROCK - Gordon can cook for me at any time. I am tired of cooking and trying to cook for our stupid diets. Drives me nuts. However have been doing a lot of cheating with the parties we've been going to. Going to another tonight, a wine tasting, not that they give you that much wine each time.

    JULIE - I understand all that you were talking about with the drinking and driving and other things the kids did in those days and still do now and what we as moms had to go through. Most my problem came from my DCD as a teenager. She wouldn't come home some nights and stayed at boyfriends house and sometimes didn't show up for work. Good for you for trying to nip it in the bud. We did too but not sure any of what we said or did helped much, Treated her the same as the other4.

    Thinking of everydobby. I can't believe how fast these porch volumes have been flying by - much to fast for me then I can;t catch up- yikes, Will be gone tomorrow with the dec. group and ASat with DCD and not sure when I will get back here.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Been a most frustrating day. I finally got my router working with my old modem. Tomorrow, I'll try to get the new modem activated again. That last goofy guy messed everything up so I had him reactivate the old modem which I knew worked. Then, it didn't work with the old router. Good grief! What a pain. I pulled the power on both and let them boot up again. Finally, it worked. Hope they can activate the new modem and that it works with the old router. At least, I know they both work. As Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day."

    It's 70 degrees out and a beautiful sunny day. I haven't been out except early to get the modem at the mailbox. It was invigorating to walk in the cold air. I still have some RT symptoms and am exhausted. I took a nap but am still soooo tired, even after sleeping so long last night. I have so much to do and no NRG to do it.

    Sun, I like JD sausage but haven't eaten it in ages. I don't eat much in the way of prepared food. I don't use nasal spray much but, when I have a sinus headache, it clears it up fast. It's a good idea to boil your water when you use your sinus gizmo. Glad you were painting but I'm sorry it gave you neck pain. I hope it's better.

    Granni, I always keep you, your DD and the rest of your family in my prayers. Unless DD takes her meds, she probably isn't going to make much sense. About all you can do is let her talk and let her know you love her. It's so sad that she doesn't seem to remember her children. I'm so very sorry. I know what you mean about not knowing what to wear. I have on my hoodie and yoga pants. The heat came on this morning just to keep it at 70 in here.

    Duckie, good luck at the doc's. I'm glad your migraine med is working.

    Rock, I have some egg nog in the fridge. DD gave me some live nutmeg but I don't know where I put it. I need to get one of those tiny shredders. Evidently it's much more potent than what one gets in a bottle. I have read Maeve Binchy but not the other author. I like thrillers and spy novels. Mobius strips is one of those concepts which drive me nuts especially now when my poor pea brain is soooo tired. Thinking in two dimensions is more than I can deal with, maybe three but not if it's twisted.

    OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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