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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    it's time for a new Porch. Since it's cold outside, we will be gathering in this all season room decorated for Christmas. I just noticed links below for websites on various topics. I've written to PH to find out whether these are allowed. Just a heads up. I'll let y'all know when I hear from them. I woke before 4:00 this morning with my head all plugged up so decided to get up. I've not had allergies this bad in ages. It's impossible to tell whether it's RT or some other allergen. I did manage to change the bed linens yesterday and spin the mattress. It always feels so good to get into a clean bed that feels firm to sleep on.

    Joe called last night. He is obsessing about his A/C unit and who is going to pay for it. He had thought his own insurance would but back in 2007, FL laws changed and I believe the assn.'s insurance now covers the outside units. He got a letter from his ins. co. to that effect. The assn.'s insurance has a huge deductible for hurricanes so he and the other residents would end up paying for it. He wants to bring the letter over for me to read it. I told him I don't think I can help with this but he insists on my reading it. He also wants to bring the letter about our big annual meeting for the hood. I haven't read it yet but guess I will. I'm really not up to dealing with this. His fight with his ins. co. has been going on now for three months. It's all he can think about. It's making him nuts; I just don't want him making me nuts.

    Julie, I'm laughing about my handling technical things. I know soooo very little about technical stuff. I wish I knew more. My ex was never a help with these things so it's always been up to me to figure them out. Living alone means I have to do everything myself or hire it out. You're a handy woman and I imagine you could take care of most anything. Yes, addicts lie and use their addiction to justify their behavior. That she could be so smug about what she's doing to her unborn child is horrific. She will not change her behavior until there are unacceptable consequences to her. Losing her children evidently isn't unacceptable. Someday, those children may be very angry that their mom chose drugs over them. I know an addict whose wife was going to leave him if he didn't stop and he did because he loved her and living without her was not an option. He said if she hadn't threatened to leave him, he never would have quit. I hope you enjoy the girls' visit and that David has a nice birthday.

    Duckie, I'm glad you got the placard. It will be wonderful to have when navigating is so painful. I was so very thankful when I had mine because there were times when I was in awful pain. Because I didn't look sick, a woman accosted me in the parking lot about my using a handicap parking spot. I told her she wasn't qualified to judge me or my disability. I walked away, leaving her stunned. People can have all kinds of disabilities which aren't evident to others. No one should judge them.

    Rock, not sure whether you meant that you couldn't find a book at the library that you wanted to take home or whether you lost a book at home. In any case, I believe your place in the Prolific Library Patrons Hall of Fame is safe. That is so sweet of Gordon to bake a cake for the people who work at the library. My new cooker cooks cakes and the book states that they are sooooo moist and good. I think there is a recipe for bundt cake. I don't know whether my bundt cake pan fits in it. I'll have to check.

    Cheshire Cat (we have nick names for many of us here and I hope it's OK), I am so sorry you suffer from what ails so many of us here. Most agree that stress is the worst thing for us so reducing stress is the best thing to try to avoid flares. Just living as healthy a lifestyle as possible is another. Eating healthy foods, exercising within limits, and getting good sleep all help. Because we suffer such different symptoms, I believe we should start with the worst symptoms and try to treat those. Then, move on to the second worst and so on. Because there is no known cure, about all we can do is treat the symptoms and try to eliminate unhealthy choices. FMS often accompanies other illnesses so it may be imperative to treat those conditions as well. Good news is that many of us get better over time or, at least, hold the progression of FMS to a minimum. Good luck with your writing. I hope you will stick around and join our little group here. Having this caring and loving online family has been priceless to me.

    Sun, I'm sorry you have a stomach ache. If I took vinegar, I'd have one. AACCKK!! I've been having pain in the pancreatic area and will be asking my doc about it. It may just be due to my having had my gall bladder removed. I am getting sick of doctors and think I may be moving into the stage of stopping seeing them except my eye doc. I may just be too exhausted right now to think rationally. I'm going to keep all my appts. for now and will decide when I am feeling better.

    Spring, thank you for your kind good wishes for me and my DSIL. I've been through these prolonged periods of being sick and I know it will pass eventually. It's just discouraging and depressing. I'm glad they arrested the club owners. To pack the club beyond capacity is a recipe for disaster. To lock the exits and turn out the lights is also a crime, a serious one. What would have happened had there been a fire? I'm so glad your DS was OK. Bless him for looking out for others. I wish we had ten months of winter too. That's our best time of year.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Wishing everydobby a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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    Awww Mikie. Im sooo sorry this red tide and allergy torment wont let up.
    Enough is enough. Is anything at all being done about it? Imean as far as the reasoning behind the red tide- the cause of it and how to clean it up? Perhaps a little naive of me, but if its also responsible for killing fish...
    I pray theres a solution soon and you get to feeling much better. Its tough enough without the rt too.
    Oh and I noticed the links too. Was careful not to press on them, just in case.
    Reading all the insurance y stuff sounds lime a real headache.any chance you can put it off for a while?

    Julie, so good of you to give them a break. Thats the kind of grand ma I plan to be.

    Rock, so let me get this straight. You guys lost a library book and Gordon decided to bribe them with a cake?
    Good thinking 99, as Maxwell Smart used to say.
    Just kidding. Im sure they know youre good for it and the book will turn up.
    Funny how that sort of thing happens though. Right as you get acknowledged for being regulars.

    Sun, I too would love to see your master piece before it gets handed over for Christmas.
    Ive always believed the best gifts are the hand made variety and wow! You certainly give it your all.
    Hope your neck feels better soon too.
    Also good advice for Cheshire.
    I am a little puzzled about one thing hough.I actually thought msg was banned over there.
    The story is a lot of fun isnt it?

    Spring, I reckon your Dh was just acting out in fear. You were the nearest and easiest to blame and lash out at. You must be proud about the heroic feedback though. Its a shame how quickly people resort to animalistic behaviour like that and with all the stuff flying around, its amazing we didnt see any blood in that clip!

    Duck, good for you on getting a parking tag. I know there are times when I simply cannot get out because I know the walk from the car to the front doors of the supermarket would simply be too much of a struggle. Never mind then tackling the shopping!

    Granni, I too hope the visit with cd goes well.Sbe is still your girl and you, her Mum.
    Who doesnt want their parents to be proud of them?
    I can appreciate what a frustrating experience it would likely be though.

    Barry, our spuds hv shot through! They are seriously growing so fast now, theres not enough soil to hill up around the plants and they are now flowering. I think Id better re educate myself
    Ive bought a heap of poly pipe and a handful of connections. Bit by bit I'll rig up the irrigation so all it'll take is a turn of the tap. Well, thats the plan at least.

    Cheshire, I hv experienced a kind of paralysis down one side.quite often actually. Long story, but yes my dr couldnt actually pin point it. Some of it he tried to relate it to tbe slipped disc in my neck, but it didnt completely explain it away. He tended to pop all the unknowns into the fibro box/ pigeon hole.

    Well guys, my Treasures hv started school holidays again.they start the new school year on the 30th of Jan.

    When I got home from taking my eldest to catch up with Dh ,to go fishing yesterday arvo, i got a call.
    It was from our old neighbor, from where we used to live. I was just about ready to post their Christmas card, but because I didnt actually know their house number, I had held off. As we lived on a corner, they actually lived on a dif street to us.
    Anyway, he announced 'Pat's dead' just like that.
    He said his wife had gkt up that morning, same as every other and cooked breakfast.
    He came into the kitchen to find her on the floor and when he asked her what was wrong, she told him he'd better call the ambulance. She died on the way to hospital.
    Just like that.
    No hints or symptoms. Nothing.
    Everyone expected her to out live everyone-or at least her husband,who has loads of health problems.
    More than likely it was her heart.
    Ive been a wreck since the call.
    He wants us to come to the funeral, so we'll hv to figure it all out soon.
    Its on Thursday .The trip is enough to reak havoc on my body and then physically and emotionally attending the service, then the cemetry and back to the funeral parlor/ chapel after that...
    But it just Has to be done.
    I hv to 'drink some cement and toughen up, as the saying goes.
    Toughen up princess, is the other one that comes to mind.
    But Im sad. She wasnt just a neighbor. She was a dear friend.

    Oh well. I can feel the sooking coming on.
    So best call it a night.
    Catch yas later.
    Sweet dreams.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Joe just left. We discussed the A/C and insurance situation and I think we clarified some things. I am pretty sure it will end up being the responsibility of his bldg.'s insurance but, because of the big hurricane deductible, it will fall on the residents to pay. They have a reserve fund for things not covered by ins. and I told him I think he should use it if I'm right about who is responsible. Thing is the law changed in 2009 and left confusion in its wake. We really need to get a legal opinion for the entire hood. Mgr. should know this but evidently she doesn't. I'm glad we sat and talked it through. We also did our proxies for the annual mtg. He will go but I won't so need to get it sent. I'll send it out with Christmas cards tomorrow. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

    I am so thankful that I got up with enough NRG to pick up the clutter in here and do some laundry. I still have one load to go. I'll wash the tile floors tomorrow. Then, I need to dust and clean the baths and kitchen a bit. Nothing's really dirty, just dusty. Roomba did the carpets and will in the future. That'll have to do it for Christmas. I'm fading fast due to the allergies themselves and the allergy meds. It's beautiful out and I wish I felt up to doing something outside. I started coughing just talking with Joe when he left and I had the door open. Sylvester was so jealous of Joe and he whined the whole time (SV, not Joe). :D I'm feeling a tad nauseated and my stomach hurts. I see a nice big nap in my near future.

    Star, I am so very sorry for the sudden death of your friend and former neighbor. How shocking. It's they way I'd like to go when it's time for me to go Home. I don't think anyone wants to linger in illness. Still, it's so difficult for friends and family. I have made peace with my life and tried not to hang on too tightly to possessions. I think I'm ready emotionally and spiritually but I would like to get the extra stuff cleaned out of the condo so the kids don't have to deal with it.

    The RT is a major problem for SW FL. It is a financial problem when it comes to tourists. Dead fish washing ashore is a real turn off. The smell alone is sickening. Problem is that there are three govt. agencies involved in how we are going to stop the runoff from the big lake inland. The water from that lake travels through agricultural property and picks up nutrients from fertilizer. It is believed that those nutrients feed the RT growth but no one knows for sure. It can also cause overgrowth of a toxic green algae in our waterways. That growth kills oxygen to fish and sea grass where sea life feeds and spawns. So, it's a really big deal. I think that we will eventually get it taken care of but with all the red tape involved, who knows when. Until then, there is little I can do besides treating the symptoms. I am praying for NRG for you so you can enjoy the Treasures' vacation.

    I was planning on cooking the ribs today. I may do that even though my stomach is upset. They are always good the next day. I'm enjoying the new cooker and my new dishwasher. It's actually fun to unload. The stainless inside of the door is gorgeous when it's clean. I am so thankful for these things. I'm hoping everydobby is having a wonderful and blessed weekend.

    Love, Mikie

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    Good afternoon, all! Been out and about all morning. The weather is a balmy, sunny 50 degrees today. Went to bed early last night, and combined with a sleeping pill, got a really good night's sleep (for me). Consequently, feeling pretty good today.

    Anyway, just got back from my weekly trip out to help my DM. Like many of you, she is trying to clear up lots of stuff so as not to leave it for the family to handle after she is gone. Reality sucks sometimes.

    Stopped at a market out by my mom's house on the way back. They had turkeys for $0.59 a pound. Super good price, so I got a small one.

    I was also bad and stopped at the fabric store.... Guess I don't really need to say much more about that.

    Mikie - that's a pretty room. It's almost like a studio apartment! I certainly hope these allergy issues clear up for you soon.

    Star - sorry to hear about your former neighbor. Such a shock. I hope the travel for the funeral, etc. is not too much for you.

    Well, I need to "pull up my big girl panties," put on some music or some such and straighten up the (craft) bunker. I have no idea how it gets to be such a mess!!

    Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Had to pop in to let y'all know how fabulous the ribs are. They only took me about an hour total and the meat fell off the bones. The only ones I have had which are better are DSIL's which he smokes. I didn't think I was hungry but I was. I am loving this new cooker.

    The last of the laundry is drying and I'm pooped. My back is aching so I'm glad my work is almost done. Joe mentioned to me that he thought he was coming down with a cold. I certainly hope my overactive immune system does away with it if he infected me. Clueless! I'll take some Airborne.

    Duckie, you really scored on the turkey. Will you cook it in the Instant Pot? Good for your Mom for cleaning out unwanted things. I guess it's not so much unwanted but unneeded. There is a kind of peace in knowing that I'm not leaving a bunch of stuff for the kids. Even after I clean it out, there will still be a lot. I've told them not to worry about throwing anything out after I'm gone. Bless you for helping your Mom. I would give anything to spend some time with mine.

    I'm watching Love Actually one of my favorite movies. Love it when Hugh Grant is dancing when he thinks no one is watching. Regular programming is off for the holidays and some of the specials are not to my liking. That's when Netflix and Amazon come in handy. I should pick up the book I'm barely reading before I forget what it's about. In any case, I'm gonna put the inner pot in the sink to soak and rest for the remainder of the day. Nancy texted that there is about 12" of snow on the ground up in MI. The dog she is fostering loves going out and eating the snow. He and her cat, Bob, chase each other through her house. I miss Bob. I miss Nancy too. Thank God for texting. Thank God for our Porch here too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry, soooo good to know you are OK. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Come back soon.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry: I'm guessing the depths of depression are hard on you at this time of year. Me too. Come back soon.

    Mikie: ribs sound good to me. Maybe I'll go get some today and try them in my crock pot. Can't hurt.

    OK, here' my finished painting. 30" x 40". This is a painting I started years ago, my SIL said he would like it for their Maui Condo, and they're leaving Dec 31 so I had to get this done. Just finished putting a sealer on it. This sealer I also use as a mixing medium...works great. There's a bit of glare on both sides of the photo though.

    Attached Files:

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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Mikie. Lovely pic. Looks a lot like our rec room. We are planning to
    invite the glee club from Georgia Institute of Technology so they can sing, "I'm a rambling wreck
    from Georgia Tech, etc." Glad to hear you like your new pot and that the ribs were a success.
    I haven't had any good ribs since leaving my folks' home.

    Yes, locking the doors is a crime. Back in the 40s the doors of the Coconut Grove nightclub in
    Boston were locked. Something like 500 people died in the fire due to locked doors. (There was another Coconut Grove nightclub in LA. I used to work across the street from it. All torn
    down now.)

    Locked doors were also the cause of many deaths in the notorious Triangle Shirt factory fire
    back in New York in 1911. I just read for the first time that the last survivor of the fire died
    in 2001. She was 107.

    Barry, hope you have a nice break. Come back when you can.

    Star, Gordon did not bribe the librarian. In this country it is illegal to bribe a librarian. It
    is, however, legal to bribe politicians. Our Supreme Court recently held that: Giving money to politicians is the equivalent of free speech which is guaranteed in the Constitution.

    Anyhoo Gordon has been taking baked goods and garden produce and live plants to the
    library for the ten years we've been going there. One gal belonged to a quilt making group,
    and he gave her a trash bag full of fabric from the days when his mother used to sew at home.
    This was commercial sewing. Kinda like having your own sweat shop in your kitchen.
    The sewing machine is still there. It is 6 feet long. Gordon refuses to get rid of it. Well, he
    has pretty much refused to get rid of all the old stuff nobody uses. (Yes, I know you were just kidding. I, on the other hand, am always perfectly serial.)

    The second big piece of news on this topic is that I found the missing book. Did I say "Ta-da!?
    Yes, I did. We didn't even have to pay a late fee. But in the bag with the books Gordon just
    checked out I found a receipt for $1. On careful inspection I discovered it was a late fee
    paid on a book from another branch; a bio of Larry Fine, one of the 3 stooges. Or "stoogees"
    as my Dad always said. We have no idea who checked out this book or how we got
    a copy of the receipt. Maybe it got tucked into a book we checked out?

    Duckie, Do you have this refrigerator magnet? "You can't buy happiness, but thank goodness
    you can buy fabric." Back in the days when I was still eating turkey (I"m now allergic to it)
    you could get great buys at the LA markets. "Spend $50 on groceries and get a free turkey."
    Or maybe a larger turkey at 29 cents a pound.

    Happy to report I found a wonderful book of short stories. "Ford County" by John Grisham
    who usually writes best selling novels. There are Ford Counties in Kansas and Illinois, but this particular Ford County seems to be in Mississippi. These are longer short stories; around 50-60 pages. BTW, when I was a kid almost everybody knew how to spell Mississippi. It
    went like this:

    M-I crooked letter, crooked letter I crooked letter-crooked letter I humpback humpback I.
    Nowdays I wonder if kids know were the Mississippi is.

    Sun, your post just appeared. Love the painting. Conveys the essence of Hawaii.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Went to the Christmas concert at Church this evening.
    They had a laser light type apparatus that shone itty bitty fluro stars all over the wall.
    Looked great.
    I would like to give some cards out there, but I dont know names yet.
    I probably should, by now, but you know how people are good with faces and not names?
    Well, sad to say, thats not me anymore eigther!
    Ugh. Ah well.perhaps by next Christmas?

    Dh dyed my hair for me today.
    Actually, he even picked the dye out for me.
    Admittedly I was a little worried at first, but then I thought, "how bad could it be?"
    As it turns out, 'chocolate brown' isnt that bad.
    We both had a chuckle as to how he figured that anything with the word 'chocolate' in it couldnt be.

    We hv booked in at the caravan park for Wed night.we'll attend the funeral and then camp in our swags out bush.
    I will be content to stay back and rest/doze while they go for a bit of a hunt in old, familiar territory.
    We will be towing a trailer with our swags and Dh has his 4wheel drive decked out with fold out table, cooker and fridge in the back. We wont be needing power as he also has lights rigged up to run off solar.
    Our eldest is working the whole wk, so he'll be home taking care of all the creatures and gardens.
    He's 16, but we've never left him like that before.

    Dd and I made Christmas muffins to give our new neighbors and to take to the concert.
    It turns out it was good timing with one of our neighbors, at least, because they just had a baby last night.
    If only I knew if boy or girl.Dd didnt think to ask when she took the cakes around.
    We'll be putting a little hamper together for them and it would be helpful to know the sex.

    Mikie, Im glad you were able to shed some light on all the insurance stuff and the ribs did sound delicious!

    Spring, one of the things that hits the news here a fair bit now is 'glassing'. Where people in bars get into a brawl and use their glass to cause severe damage. Do you hear much of that from your son?

    Cheshire, I dunno if you are still hanging about and or still researching, but I got to thinking about your question-what causes a fibro flare up?
    I can only really speak for myself, but often it is in hindsight where I realise 'stress' , physical (pushing myself too hard , making up for lost time etc or emotional stress, (feeling overwhelmed or inadequate ), tends to be the straw to break the camel's back. Not always, but often. And then there's the weather...and cycles.

    Ok.head is thumping.
    Gonna crash.

    Take care everyone- Sun, Julie, Rock, Granni, Duck, Barry, Dianne, Spring, Mikie Everyone
    Catch yas
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    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    I woke at 4:30 after sleeping about eight hours. I'm sleeping more but I don't always have more NRG. I worked around here yesterday and I think, true to pattern, I'm tired today from pushing myself. I know by last evening, I was exhausted and in pain. I watched a silly movie, The Heat, to get my mind off of it. At least, I do have small bursts of NRG so am glad for that. When I got up, I lay down and slept a couple more hours. I remembered I had a couple of bills that needed paying so I went online and paid them in time. I'd hate to have to go back to writing checks and mailing them in, especially with our dicey postal service which, BTW is an oxymoron.

    I am going to look for one of those pens which one uses to write checks. The ink can't be bleached off so thieves can't change the payee and amt. I'd like to be able to send DGS a check on his birthday instead of an Amazon gift card. Speaking of Amazon...I decided to send DD an Instant Pot and went to Amazon to order it. I don't know what happened but the pots were about twice what I paid for mine. I know mine was on sale but figured that price would hold through the shopping season. So, I'm waiting until I can buy one at the same price as I paid. I need to get to Publix to buy gift cards for the mail lady (she is excellent) and the newspaper delivery person who does a good job.

    The news just said a whole slew of sick fish and birds are being affected by moderate amts. of Red Tide just offshore. I was better but am feeling sick from it again. I'm on allergy meds nonstop now. I will also be taking some Airborne because Joe said he was coming down with a cold. He is so clueless and doesn't realize that, when I do get sick, it's a big deal.

    Sun, that painting is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors. Think I've mentioned that I love blue and orange or terra cotta together. It captures the kind of tropical beauty in Hawaii. Your artwork is very unique, not like the trite paintings we have down here. I never see anything like it locally. I love the attention to detail. Did you also change the pic in your avatar? Your DSIL is lucky. BTW, has the gallery sold any more of your paintings? How's your neck? Better, I hope.

    Rock, I think that room appeals to me because I have almost the exact same teal patterned toss pillows on my white slipcovered sofa. My walls are white too. I am more drawn to traditional d├ęcor and blue is my favorite color. Even in a condo, one can create an atmosphere. DGS says my condo "just says 'home'". Cracked me up when he said that. He's a 12 year old boy active and rugged but sensitive to notice how my condo makes him feel. He loves to visit. Of course, the pool and the fishing may have more to do with that. One of my favorite sayings is, "If you think money doesn't buy happiness, you don't know where to shop." Of course, I don't believe money buys real lasting peace and happiness but I certainly enjoy many of my possessions. I'm glad you had your 'Aha Moment' and found the book.

    Star, how sweet of DH to give you chocolate for Christmas. Well, chocolate hair anyway. I have to color my own hair and it's never the right color for the first two weeks. It's time to do it again. It sounds as though you are all set for the camping trip. I hope you have a good time. I used to love to camp out in the mountains in CO. Fighting with glass sounds horrible. I don't understand all the violence in the world. What is making people so angry? I have a suspicion that greed is at the center of it. Too many getting rich and too many being left behind. I don't think violent movies and video games help either. What's in DH's Christmas muffins? I used to make fruit and nut bread which was soooo good. It's nothing like fruitcake. It's very expensive to make but worth it. Enjoy the camping trip.

    I'm off to read the real Sunday newspaper. I'm hungry too so will be eating my second breakfast. I have some blackberries so may mix them in some yogurt with some pom arils. Mmmmm! Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Not a whole a lot of time ti chat right now, like what else is new around here?? I have to get ready to go to church this morning. Wow these porch volumes sure have been zooming by and I seem to be missing so much.. For some reason I woke up so early and couldn't go back to sleep, quite unusual to get up so early even though I am up and down so much during the night anyway but usually can go back till 7:00 am or so in the morning. I guess lots of things going on with DCD, etc. Thee meeting yesterday went fairly well all things considered. She didn't look too bad other than quite thin but not to many heavy people in my family.

    DS has put on a lot more weight than he sound have but growing up all were thin or normal size shall we say. A couple daughters were thinner than normal shall we say. DS picked up DCD from where she has been staying ( a room for people who have nothing or very little). I think they have to be working to stay there. Brought her to his house for sandwich and chatting for a couple of hour.) She is now working full time for a company that probably contracts with the big Bush airport in Houston and is supposed to be getting medical insurance in January sometimes which is at least something. Her memory still probably needs a lot to be desired but we did not talk about that much. I figured that would start a war. We just spoke about trying to get back with the family esp her boys and trying to straighten out her life at least somewhat which is in a mess.

    Didn't go much into her memory loss. She doesn't want to take psych or depression meds as she says they cause her to lose her memory. I think it probably to focus but she doesn't want to think probably about what was right in her real world before but wants things to become clearer that is really in her fantasy world, is my guess. Not sure if I am making myself clear or not. Anywho, as ROCK would say. She isn't going to take the psych meds but is only on antiseizure meds and maybe thyroid or she was on those before. However, she did remember us and I brought some pics and she seemed to remember those in the family too. Sometimes when speaking to her in an email she made no sense at all and didn't seem to sound like she even knew who we were. Somehow her brain has cleared up that way. Maybe is eating and drinking only what is good for her, or TRYING to.

    I gave her a gift card (not to lg) and a gift basket of toiletries I had won recently. She had been talking about moving or trying to get the $ to move and "try something new")in NY for some reason. She came from there when about 3 yrs old. We tried to talk her out of that for many reasons. Who knows if we succeeded. We left on good terms I think. I took a pic of the boys and other DD son ( the cousins ) on Thanksgiving and showed it to her. She told me to send it to her which I did last night. Hope good things come of it.

    JULIE - Are you talking about Susan that you have been trying to mentor. Is she the one pregnant? I am missing so much lately on the Porch. What a mess that is and I am so sorry after everything you have done for her. Sounds almost familiar including the lying.

    Can't stay and have to run to church after brushing my teeth etc. So I need to run now. Hope to get back soon.



    GRANNI :)
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    Hi Kids

    I got a Harry and David food package from my Portland brother. It has some huge apples
    that Sunflower should paint. They are beautiful. Too bad I can no longer chew. But
    Gordon makes an excellent baked (actually microwaved) apple, so that will do fine.

    I looked on the net to see what the weather was like in Portland. The first site listed had
    the temps in Centigrade. Who in blazes thought that was a good idea? Anyway another
    site said temps in the 40s by day and 30s by night.

    I can't remember if I posted this or not. A mind is a terrible thing to lose. I used to send my
    relatives Christmas food packages from Burger's Smokehouse. But after I retired I quit.
    Well, we got a catalogue from them the other day. I thought maybe I'd splurge and buy a
    pound a bacon. Theirs is excellent. I discovered the price has more than doubled. It's
    now up to $22 a pound. Good Night, Irene! There is no food on earth I'd pay that much for.

    Mikie, does your bundt pan fit in the instapotty? Did you know the bundt pan was invented
    by a Minnesotian? Actually I don't think he invented it. He just modified a old pan his
    Norwegian mother had. He was the head of the Nordic Wear company so I guess that helped.

    With regard to fruitcake the only person I ever met who actually loved it was my mother.
    I got her one from that bakery in Texarkana one year. Had the same nasty taste they all do as far as I could tell.

    Star, I am hopeless with faces. Always was. Didn't realize it till I was in my 50s. I always
    thought when people in movies-TV recognized people from videos or photos, it was just part
    of the fictional plot. Same thing I thought about apologies. Just part of the plot. I never
    heard an apology in my parent's home. Anyhoo I read that the medical term for face
    blindness is prosopagnosia.

    Hope your camping trip is a success. If life were a movie your son will be throwing a wild
    party with oodles of guests. Too bad the neighbors new baby isn't a unicorn. All their babies are unisex.

    Duckie, 50 degrees sounds awfully warm for a winter day in Cincinnati. Did you stock up
    at the fabric store, or is it a secret? I wonder if there is a fabrics Anonymous. I went to
    the Jo-Ann fabric store once. Asked the clerk if someone there could sew up something for
    me. Probably would have taken 5 min or less. The reaction was as though I'd asked to hire
    a hit man/woman. Don't know why she was so aghast. Maybe just bored with her job.
    Needed some drama at work.

    Hugs to Barry, Julie, Spring, Sun, GB

    Granni, another case of simultaneous posting. Glad to hear the meeting with DCD went
    so well. Nice of your son to help. It's really frustrating when you can see loved ones
    all messed up, yet they can't see what they need to do. Furthermore they don't want
    any advice.

    Can't give you any help with the prime rib. Have never cooked or eaten one. Far as
    I know Gordon hasn't either. They always look to rare to me.

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  13. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone! I slept fairly well last night, even without any meds to assist.

    Rock - I also have prosopagnosia. In the most severe cases, people cannot recognize themselves in pictures or mirrors. Mine isn't quite that severe. Until 2006, they believed it was a rare condition that only happened to people who suffered a specific kind of brain injury. Now they realize that it is in 5% of the population and is dominant-gene related. One of my kids has it, the other doesn't. But they've determined that the reason they didn't recognize it earlier is that people with it develop coping mechanisms very early in life. As far as the fabric goes, I bought some to make a new coat. And I'm not a fabric hoarder, I'm the curator of an extensive textile collection! Yes, 50 is a little warm, but not unheard of for this time of year in Cincinnati. They're predicting a high near 60 on Tuesday.

    Mikie - I don't think the 15# turkey will fit in my Instant Pot. I'll put it in my big black roaster pan and bake it in the oven. Or, I should confess, my DS will, since he does almost all the cooking. He's starting back to school in a few weeks and will be going to the local culinary institute, which happens to be the best one east of the Mississippi.

    Spring - The greater Cincinnati area was actually the unfortunate home of the third-deadliest nightclub fire in history; in 1977 the Beverly Hills Supper Club burned to the ground. There were too few exits, faulty wiring, bad construction, overcrowding and several other problems discovered in the investigation. My aunt almost went there that night, but by a freak chance ended up unable to go at the last minute.

    Sun - very pretty painting. I'm glad you SIL will get to enjoy it.

    Granni - I pray for your DCD. I hope she is able to get her life straightened out. It is often the curse of medications for mental afflictions that they cause other side effects that make people reluctant to take them. Once upon a time, I was skinny...:oops:

    Star - glad you were able to go enjoy the Christmas concert. Safe travels...

    Well, now that I got my bunker straightened up yesterday, I need to go through and make a list of my outstanding projects and prioritize. I think first are the 3 Kids Komfort quilts. I started piecing one last night; it's about half done (being pieced; then will need to be quilted and bound). The other 2 just need to be bound.
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Sunday morning! We're in for a rainy day, but the temps will be in the 40's. When I got back from taking Miley home last night, Den had lit the old burn pile...we stayed up pretty late to make sure the fire didn't get out of control, but the ground was wet enough and the fields had been plowed, so no real worry.

    Duckie, just saw that you have posted while I've been typing. How nice to have a chef in the house :) I love your description of your fabric stockpile. I have totes full of fabric, and I don't even know how to sew very well, lol!

    Rock, glad you found the missing book. Sounds like the library staff must be very happy to see you and Gordon walk in the door.

    Barry...I understand about taking a break. Come back when you can.

    Mikie, I've decided, upon your advice, to look for the 8 qt....but can't find any on sale right now. I pay several bills online also, or by phone if need be.

    Star, I'm so sorry for the loss of your previous neighbor. Sounds like a good plan, though, to camp in the area of the funeral. I'm sure your family will enjoy seeing familar sights and people.

    Sun, the painting looks perfect! What a talent/gift you have.

    Granni, I'm glad you got to see your DCD. Sounds like it went well, and she is doing better. Hopefully she is on the right track and will stay there.

    No, the pregnant gal is not our Susan...who is back to work and doing fairly well. This gal is one of Amy's friends who turned to drugs when things didn't go well at home (abusive step-father, etc., etc.) Her name is Jessica...she and her husband seemed to be doing great until he got himself back on meth and she followed suit. They are getting divorced and she got pregnant by "we don't know who"...Amy just has a good heart and doesn't want to give up on her friend. But I'm pretty much "done"...too many lies (to me and Amy) and not really trying to get her act together.

    Don't know if I forgot anyone or not. I got up and fixed breakfast, but am going to load the dishwasher and lie back down...it will be noon by then, anyway.

    I picked up the girls on Friday and they were here most of the day yesterday. But Keira's dad wanted to get her to go to his grandma's Christmas dinner at 4:30 pm. He said he would get Keira home today. By that time, I was ready to get Miley home (long story) so I just dropped Keira off at her Nana's and drove another hour and a half to Amy's (they were home from their weekend away...which was really just overnight.)
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: I'm sorry your neighbor passed....lucky for her, that's the way I want to go. My grandmother passed that way, died in the way to hospital in ambulance. My uncle had a massive heart attack while at airport to pick up my aunts who were here for my dad's funeral who had passed two days earlier. As to my dad, must have had a massive heart attack while alone, lay down on the floor, folding his glasses, and that's the way my mom found him. Maybe I'll be blessed to die in my sleep.....just get up from my body and go to heaven.....don't we all wish.

    Sounds like your DH has made a good plan for going there. By the way, such thoughtfulness on your DHs part......I'm clapping for him!!!!!

    Granni: I've heard that often about the bad side effects of drugs for by polar. I pray that she gets in a good place and that God sends good people to help her along her way. Bless your DS

    Mikie: So glad you like my painting. A favorite artist of the 1800s was Martin Johnson Heade. He went to Brazil and painted the jungles......my kind of a life I craved but never happened. WHY can't we make these people around us understand NOT to come around us when they're sick. I hope you don't get what Joe has. There's a cold going around that lasts for weeks.

    https://www.google.com/search?q=martin johnson heade paintings&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#mie=mt,ArtistToArtworks,martin johnson heade paintings,H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVuLUz9U3MC1KKsh7xBjNLfDyxz1hqaBJa05eY_ThUspOttIvyywuTcyJTywqQWJmFpdYlecXZRcLqXGxueaVZJZUCslw8UohTNNgkOLmQnB5ANsiOPJrAAAA

    Rock:. How nice of your DB to send some apples.....yep....cooked apple makes it easy to enjoy. By the way, we had a neighbor when I was growing up, made an AWFUL fruit cake. Just barely enough cake to hold the dried fruit and nuts together. She won an award for it at the county faire though and every year took orders for it. Very expensive and made in the smallest loaf pan available. UGH.....a real stick to the teeth kind. But some fruit cakes with a lot of cake I do like. Especially ones with a little brandy or sherry in it.

    Duck: How LUCKY that your son cooks for you. What are his specials he makes? I used to have closets full of fabric scraps, never seemed to have enough. I made several wall hangings, mainly of shore birds, (sold those on ETSY) and one a three dimensional of Mother Goose for my DD when she was little. I finally, slowly rid myself of the fabric....sad.

    Julie: Thanks for the nice compliment. I feel it's a wonderful gift from God. It gives me such joy when I'm painting....well, most of the time. My life would be so empty if I didn't create daily. I live with pain daily, some days I'm able to paint and I'm so grateful for that and on other bad ones I find something else to do to fill my day. I hate living alone with only a cat.

    I'm sorry reading this about the two girls and Clinton.....really, seriously there are cameras????? If so....not a good sign for that marriage. I know how you must feel.

    A friend was telling me the other day about how her great granddaughter (age 14 mos) crawled thru the huge doggy door and almost made it to the pool before the other grandmother found her. That just freaks me out as it did my friend. The grandfather was supposed to put up some plastic fence netting between the side yard and the pool but OMG....children find a way.

    I had to go outside first thing to pull the pool sweep out and clean a stuck hard berry that comes from the neighbor's tree. GRRRRRR. They have a HUGE podocarpis tree that drops little needle leaves like crazy...always fun.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time to really post now but I checked out SUN's painting and it is so very pretty. Yes, SUN you are very talented and I love the colors and flowers. I know what you mean about having talent and how you feel when you are doing what you love and truly enjoy. I feel the same about my singing, not that I am that great but I love it and didn't have much chance to do it when growing up except with my friend from elementary school and then we moved. Then I had to wait till I had my kids and they were growing up and I sang in church choir. Hope you don't have to pay to much to get rid of those berries clogged in your pool drain.

    Thanks for all you sweet words about my DCD. Hope she will become less confused as time goes by but without the right meds, I don;t know. I know she is still searching for information to prove some of the things she THINKS she has done. I am so thankful she has a job and hope she keeps it.

    JULIE - So sorry about Amy's friend. How awful ad frustrating for you both and the family in general. That is so sad about Miley and Clinton "ganging up" shall we say on poor Keira. Hope they get straightened out soon. That would make my blood boil also. Hope you have a good nap. If I wasn't so busy I should also try and take a nap. Got up way to early this morning. Have to feed DD's kitties today and tomorrow which makes it even busy. They went to see DSIL's parents up in Gainesville, TX.for one and come home tomorrow. DGS has to work the next day so they can't stay longer not that there is much to do up there . His mom can't do to much and his dad does almost everything for her due to her feet problems and possibly leg also.

    Trying to figure out what to do with this VERY small prime rib. DH sawed it and took off 1 rib.Guess I will brown it and then put in over and hope it comes out OK.

    Hi to everydobby. I have a bunch of stuff to do today and tomorrow.. So I need to get off here again. I think we are supposed to have cold and possibly ice and snow on Christmas and we are supposed to go into HOUSTON to see DS and DDIL.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    granni: It's ME that takes apart the pool cleaner and removes the berries. Over the years I've learned to do a lot around here that used to be my DHs job. You do what you have to do.

    I mentioned a favorite artist (Martin Johnson Heade) ....here's a couple of MY copies trying to duplicate his work. The last 3 are my own. The pansies measures 36 x 50 and the foxglove is a dyptich measuring 50 x 60. The largest I've painted is 4 x 5'...... sold that one years ago to the owner of a nail salon in Beverly Hills. The way shops open and close wonder where it is now. This camera doesn't take good pics!

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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun. How scary about the little girl almost making it to the pool. Kids are so quick and sometimes it's harder for grandparents to be quick enough to keep them out of harm's way. Love the last set of pics you posted...

    Granni, I know you're on the go so much. I know you're in pain most of, or all, the time...but you manage to get done what needs to be done.

    I've calmed down a little bit since this morning. And Amy and I texted back and forth several times. I am sure that Clinton loves Keira...maybe not as much as his own granddaughter, but I can relate to that. It's just that when it comes to Miley, he is trying so hard to "do better" than he did with his own kids...including Miley's mother. He thinks he has to make up for the rough years Miley had while still living with her parents. But he doesn't understand that Keira is not "the enemy"...rather, just a ten year old girl with stresses and challenges of her own.

    I truly do want to just smack him sometimes, but need to know when to speak up and when to mind my own business. I told Amy to just let Keira come here anytime she wants...that will give the girls a break from each other. I really don't think I can deal with Miley right now...maybe later on I will feel differently. I do have to drive back tomorrow evening for her Christmas concert...it would break her heart if I didn't go. I don't want to be creating problems that aren't really there...for them or for myself.

    As for Den, he sees through Miley and doesn't want her around, but still tries to treat her like one of the grandkids. She has a "fake cry" that sounds very real...but she demonstrated it to us when Lindsey and Susan were here a couple of months ago. It sounds every bit like she is being hurt, and I can see why her Papa would come running when he hears it. But she showed us that it is fake (turned it on and off, alternating with laughing) and just didn't see anything wrong with doing it. We tried to tell her that it wasn't very nice to do that, but she just thought it was funny...and in her six year old innocence was more than happy to show us how well she could do it.

    I also heard her tell Keira that she was going to kill her, but didn't hear what the reason was...they were sitting quietly at their desks. I asked Miley what she said and told her what it sounded like to me (and to Keira.) She sat right there and totally denied saying that...I asked Keira later why Miley had said those words, and Keira said it was because Miley is too young to go on the movie field trip that the 3rd-5th graders get to go on. Keira is in 4th grade and Miley in 1st.

    But Amy is aware now and thanked me for talking to her. And Keira knows that I'm not going to let Miley get away with things that her Papa allows (although, Keira knows that I will correct/redirect her and Miley both when necessary.)

    I've always tried to treat Miley the same as our actual grandkids, but I'm just tired of this mess. Was it Star or Sun who was talking about what causes flares of these stupid diseases. I agree with the stress and overdoing reasons. I have not been diagnosed with FM, "just" ME/CFS, but have had so much pain this past couple of weeks...dealing with Amy's friend, Jessica...and dealing with Clinton and Miley. I mean pain that makes me walk all hunched over because I hurt so many places.

    Anyway, sorry to vent yet again...I'm such a mess, lol! Just trying to be a good grandma...Amy called me Grandma Bear...yep.

    Headed to bed...take care, everyone!
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  19. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Cant believe how many posts are here already!

    Sun, I agree. Im actually quietly surprised by DH's thoughtfulness re whole trip.he says we'll hv to go up the day before. When I asked why, I def wasnt expecting 'me' to be the reason. No, I wouldnt do very well trying to jam it all into one day.
    All your paintings are gorgeous. It must really feel like such an achievement actually bei g able to start with a blank canvas and see it coming together and then the end product.

    Mikie, ive been looking for instant pots and similar products. I wonder if the prices will drop after Christmas?

    Granni, glad Cd has a job and a roof over her head. Its a pity she doesnt want to stay put for a while. Glad you enjoy your singing too.

    Julie, I went back to find what I thought was a post I mustve missed re Clinton, Miley and Kiera. Couldn't find it , but Im guessing its a similar situation to the one a while back. Over compensation is something a child would never understand. Favourtism -no matter what its clothed in is ugly. A difficult situation that.
    My nephew exprienced similar and he never understood why. His relationship with his mother fell apart as a consequence too, when he got older.sad.
    Clinton seems to be behaving more like a kid, than an adult. Esp if he's not able to step back from the situation.

    Growing up, my sister was fantastic when it came to chucking on the drama.the tears could glow at the drop of a hat. Meanwhile, moi, couldnt even squeeze a tear out. Used to make me wild.she had everyone suckered in. ( now, Im prob too emotional).

    Praying it all improves. Children are precious.

    Rock, good news! The baby is human!
    Not a unisex, unicorn...
    Charlotte Elizabeth.
    I asked him (proud father), will it be Charlie for short? He looked unsure.
    I said , "we do live in Australia ".
    He laughed then as all the possibilities dawned on him and agreed.She will probably be known as Charlie before too long....My dad who is Dutch used to really hate how Aussies butchered a good name.

    Hello also to Spring, Dianne,Barry, Duck and everyone.
    Off to warm up my wheat bag and sit it round my neck.
    This headache needs to go.

    Sweet dreams to all.take care
    Catch yas later
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    The FPOC is down so I'm on the equally filthy Surface notebook. Been up since 1:30 with the Red Tide. I'll be back later.

    Love, Mikie