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    Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Porchies.

    Time for a new Porch so settle around the tree and toast to a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Blessed Kwanza, a Happy New Year and anything else our Dear Porchies celebrate.

    Took some ZzQuil last night and slept about seven hours. I feel better this morning. Still, there is a tickle in my throat. News had a RT alert and showed the dead fish washing ashore. Birds are getting sick from eating the fish. I'll have to just continue taking my allergy meds and get lots of rest. I have tons to do, including washing my car which I've been unable to do. DOF called and wants to take me out to eat one last time. He no longer drives and I don't want to take him in my filthy car. It's disgusting. I also have to run to Publix for a few groceries and to get the gift certificates for mail lady and newspaper deliverer. I still haven't picked up something for the little boys at the end of the bldg. Good news is that I found out they can have candy so that may help me to find something for them. One friend here has a mother in a facility for people with dementia and she is getting worse. I know how hard this is and I want to pick up a little something for her, flowers or some nice candy. She is the sweetest person and always reaches out to help others. She, Nancy and I have a three-way text ongoing.

    Granni, your chicken pasta sounds good. I haven't eaten pasta in a while. I have some scallops in garlic Alfredo sauce which are just begging to be thrown in with some pasta and a dab of pesto. Mmmmm! Canned chicken and salmon are good to use in cooking. Those rascal kitties. Don't know whether I could deal with kitties on the kitchen counters. Tweety and Sylvester never did try to get up on them. I think it's because they lived outside for the first few years of their kitty lives. Tweety did jump up on the half-wall dividing the entry from the kitchen and got into a basket sitting on it. She would give me the most defiant and satisfied look. Hope you and DH are enjoying all the Christmas lunches.

    Duckie, I have unfinished projects all over the place. I've always been like that. I can't believe how many quilts you make. Rubik's Cubes were as frustrating to me as Sudoku. I just don't have the type of brain to do things like that. I did figure out the great toothpick triangle puzzle. Make four equilateral triangles using only six toothpicks. Figuring it out reveals something very basic about a person. Enjoy your Christmas party.

    Rock, the movie was 1922 about a farmer who murdered his wife. It reminded me a bit of The Telltale Heart by Poe. Difference is that the movie went on and on, yada, yada, yada, as Seinfeld said. SV tired of it and went to sleep. I should have done the same. I did manage a nice nap and am feeling a bit better today (knocking on wood). I love those snowflakes you fold and snip. We made them in school. Such fun to snip and be surprised when you open them up into a beautiful snowflake. Three megatalented Mels: Mel Torme, Mel Blanc and Mel Brooks. Think I've mentioned that Mel Brooks is a very good friend of DSIL's family in LA. I always wanted to meet him. Gordon and you could bake cookies and decorate them with icing snowflakes. You make round sugar cookies and draw the snowflakes on them with white or blue icing and add some clear sparkly sprinkles. Easy peasy and very pretty.

    Star, I have learned not to think about what might have been. Marriage to my ex, a big-time PA, got so toxic at the end that it was a relief to leave. Still, I wish it could have worked out. Divorce is so traumatic, even for grown children. I always thought I'd have family Thanksgivings with my grown kids and any grandkids around my dining room table. I have enjoyed Thanksgiving around DD's table so my dreams have been replaced by a different reality and I try to enjoy the life I have instead of the one I dreampt of all those years. I seek the beauty of the life I have and am grateful for all my blessings. I think people become PA as a coping mechanism or they mimic the examples their parents set for them. I sounds to me that you and DH are making so much effort to have a healthy family life and I pray for that for you.

    Julie, read what I posted to Star. I also pray for you and your family. Amy sounds like such a good person and bless her for trying to raise another woman's child. That poor child has really had it rough but she needs Clinton to step up and stop the PA crap. He may need a lot of help but if he doesn't stop it, this child is headed for trouble. Life is a mess for manipulators, which is what PA's are. One generation of PA's begets another generation unless one of them finally decides what he is doing just isn't working and is making for a toxic situation for everyone. I know you know all this and it must be sooo hard to see it. I pray for you and your family too.

    Spring, I'm laughing at the puppy and kitty. He looks like he's saying, "Oh no, you didn't just bite me!" I really can't afford to move and, after seeing Nancy's move, I just don't think I could do it. By the time you pay the real estate agent and the mover, you've spent more than $20,000. Yikes! I'll probably live here until I leave feet first. I believe that scientists will figure out what to do about the Red Tide and the water managers will figure out how to fix the enriched water runoff situation. Anything which affects tourism and the economy are priorities. Now, if the water managers could just stop arguing and agree on a solution...I have decorated the condo like I see them done by professionals in new condo models. I keep most of the walls and furniture neutral and add color with accents like throw rugs and pillows. The exception is my blue bedroom with the white drapes and quilt. I've never tired of that color but I do buy new things to keep it fresh. The white slip covered sofa in this new pic above is a lot like mine. I have teal throw pillows and a teal area rug. The drapes are white with a teal pattern. I have some beach-like accents, including shells and coral, here and there. Hope you can keep your blue glass away from your adventurous doggies.

    Sun, thanks for posting the link. Your paintings are as beautiful and I enjoyed seeing them. I agree with Spring and think the hibiscus is my favorite but I love them all. The last one is the most interesting and, if it were on my wall, I don't think I could stop looking at it. I've been having pain in the area associated with the pancreas. I'm seeing my doc early next month to get a referral to have a colonoscopy done but I want to get this new symptom cleared up first. Pancreatic cancer is almost never found in its early stages and 75 percent of those who have it die within the first year. I'm not getting ahead of myself here; it could be pancreatitis. I hope you are feeling well.

    Diane, I hope you feel well too and are able to read the posts here. We miss you.

    Barry, we miss you too. I hope you, Richard, Slinky and Lenny are all well.
    OK, I'm off to the showers. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    BTW, I contacted PH and the ads below are something new they are trying out.

    Love, Mikie

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    Thank you for the new porch Mikie, and good morning to you and all our dear porchies. I'm not sure I understand the number for this porch, though...

    I agree with your thoughts on PAs and trying to deal with them. I am married to one myself...no surprise there...he grew up that way, too. But years ago, I drew a line in the sand and made him choose. I didn't know that was what I was doing at the time, and I didn't know anything about the term "PA" but I'm very glad he chose me and things took a 180 degree turn...and we've never looked back. It was as though there was this "slit" in the atmosphere...we joined hands and walked through together and started over. I realize we are some of the lucky...blessed...ones, and it doesn't always turn out this way. And I would never try to talk anyone into staying in an abusive relationship (that's what it is, abuse) but I am really praying for my kids and anyone else who finds themselves in that situation (or knows something "isn't right" but doesn't even realize what's wrong.) They love each other so much, and I know they each love the girls...just need a little "tweaking" in the day to day challenges.

    I still don't think I can deal much with the younger one...but, hey, I'm the grandma, so I don't have to. We'll bring Keira here and just let them have a break from each other once in awhile. She did very well last night, in "keeping her cool." Amy and both girls started to get in the van with me to ride to the school...Clinton took their car so they could ride back with him and I could come on home. Keira likes to sit in the very back, on the passenger side of my van. Well, that's where Miley headed to...on purpose, I'm sure. Instead of reacting, Keira just chose to get in the car with Clinton...I suppose it's a matter of "choosing your battles" and it's something "normal" (as in, biological siblings) deal with all the time. I know Keira doesn't normally "give up" that easily.

    I know there needs to be some "give and take", to a certain extent. Keira does get some privileges that Miley doesn't, due to the age difference (age ten vs. age six.) And, yes, Clinton is on disability...but that doesn't mean Amy is the only one supporting the family...and he does a lot of the "around the house" stuff.

    Anyway, I am much better than I was over the weekend and yesterday. The bucket I was carrying just got tipped from trying to carry too much in it...gotta work on that, lol!

    Take care, everyone...and thanks for guiding me through this "crisis"...
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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again hackety hack. Actually, it isn't the dry cough that is the worst symptom; it's the inability to breathe. I go out to do what I have to do and come home and stay inside. DD in TX said I could come to CO with them and "freeze the RT out of me." They are going on a ski vacation. She was asking whether I have Amazon Prime, which I do. She may have been thinking of paying for it. I told her I already checked and they don't sell iron lungs. We need a Christmas miracle down here.

    I ran into a sweet neighbor at the store. She was a friend of my Mom's. Enjoyed talking with some of my favorite employees at Publix. I got a Poinsettia for my friend here in the hood whose Mom's dementia is so bad. A nice bright red plant should help put a little cheer into an otherwise sad Christmas. Just like all y'all are my Online Family, this friend is part of my FL Family. I got Russell Stover chocolate dollar bills for the boys at the end of the bldg. I'd like to get them a little something else but don't know whether I can get out again or not. I came home and couldn't find my credit card. I asked St. Anthony for a little help and, just as I was dialing Capital One, I spied it lying on the coffee table. I have no memory of even coming into the living room after I got home. Doh!!! I also got several boxes of Russell Stover chocolates and gift cards for mail lady and newspaper delivery person. Sooo...I spent a lot compared to what I usually spend but that's OK; I'm just glad I am able to do it.

    Julie, it's wonderful to read about how you and Den made a turn and have had such a good marriage. I would never tell anyone to stay or leave either. It's something each couple has to work out for themselves. It wasn't just the PA issue with me and my ex; he was a womanizer and wanted to run around with other women. That's a deal breaker. Keira sounds like such a good kid and very mature. It also sounds like she is handling things very well. I didn't say anything about Amy's working. It must have been someone else. Amy also sounds like a sweet and caring person and I think she gets it from you. BTW, what's wrong with the Porch No. ? :rolleyes:

    I am getting a bad headache, another symptom of the RT, so think I'll go take something for it. Wish they would make MJ legal here for everydobby. It's unlikely with all these old codgers who have the Mad Reefer mentality. I envy Barry who can grow his own. Now that's my idea of retirement! Hope all y'all are having a great week.

    Love, Mikie
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    Lol, Mikie...I just thought I must have missed a whole bunch of porches when the number jumped up like that.

    Glad you got out...so nice of you to think of lots of others. Poinsettias are very cheery this time of year. And what kiddo doesn't love candy? ;)

    No, I didn't mean you had spoken about Amy being the only one working...just wanted to clarify that Clinton does lots of other things since he can't work at his physically demanding construction job anymore. He does what he can and then has to "crash and burn" like lots of us. Very different from Amy's ex, who was quite able-bodied, but wouldn't hold down a job. But instead would invite his buddies over while she was at work and they would drink beer and cook steaks on the grill (that he had bought with her money)...I raised a bright girl, but sometimes it doesn't show...

    I've got some bedding hanging on the line. It's so warm here today...around 50 degrees. Should could be trying to do more work, but giving myself a "grace day" to just rest and recuperate from all the traveling and stress.

    Hope everyone is having a good enough day.
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    Hi, Julie,

    I think a grace day is a good idea. I have to take them because, if I don't, I'll crash 'n burn. As it is, I can only do a bit each day that I'm somewhat active. For some time, if I shower and do my hair, I can only manage one other thing. I'm just vegging out now because the shopping about did me in. All I want for Christmas is some NRG. Well, that and the end to the Red Tide. Well, those two things and world peace...

    SV is as lazy as I and is sitting on the sofa up against one of the pillows. What a life he has.

    Thinking I'll try to take a nap. It's back up into the low 80's again and won't cool off til after New Year's day next week. I can't believe how time has just gone by lately at warp speed. That must mean I'm getting really old. When I was a yute, time crawled by.

    Again, hope all y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    The Christmas party went well. We all had a good time and ate ourselves silly. There are 5 of us in the department that all went to high school about the same time. Fortunately, only 2 Rubik's cubes showed up...

    I am looking forward to next week. For the first time in many, many, many years, I'm taking the time between Christmas and New Year's off. For 2 vacation days, I get 10 days off work (including weekends). Unfortunately, I'll still be kind of on call for issues with the labeling application as I'm the primary support, but those issues should be few now that the system is stable.

    Then in January, I'll be starting to study for my next exam. My deadline is the end of February, but my goal is a little earlier. We'll see. It all depends on the upgrade, which will go in either the 14th or the 21st of January. Yes, a Sunday. I'll be working all that day, but my boss will give me time back for it.

    Julie - I'm glad you are decompressing. You've been bombarded by advice from all of us, and I'm glad that you've been able to take it in the spirit it has been intended. It's very easy for all of us to sit back and 'armchair quarterback', as it were.

    Mikie - that's all we can do is keep plugging along. There are days when getting out of bed seems to be the bulk of my ability for the day. And yes, time goes faster and faster and faster the older we get. I mean, just last week it was Easter, right?

    Goal for tonight - finish binding 2 quilts... Maybe if I keep saying it...
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    Hi Kids

    Nice Pic, Mikie Tres elegant. I didn't know what you were talking about when you mentioned
    "The movie.' I have almost no memory of current events anymore. Anyhoo I looked at the
    previous porch. Oh! The movie you and SV watched. "1922". I never heard of it before.
    Read about it on Imdb. A commentator said the same thing you did. Dragged on. Sounds
    too grisly for me. I like refined movies like Meet Me In St. Louis, Dr. Zhivago, and Psycho.

    How long does that Red Tide last anyhoo? Of does it have an uncertain lifetime? For some
    reason when you mentioned it today it reminded me of The Red Shadow in "The Desert Song".
    The hero's alter ego.

    Yes, three talented Mels. Also Torme, Tillis, and Ferrer. Also Melody D'Amore which was
    a big hit for the Ames Brothers in the days of out yute.

    Julie, I think a day off now and then is good for folks; especially for hard workers like you.
    Sounds like your new place is really taking shape, and the pellet stove is doing its job. I
    have the electric heater turned on here. It's 68 outside. Going all the way down to 48 tonight.

    Oh yeah, Rubik's cube. Named for the guy what invented it. I could never master it. Even
    after I got a booklet on how to solve it I got nowhere. Couldn't master the hula hoop either.
    But in the long run, didn't matter at all.

    Well, Gordon should be back from the library soon. Guess I'll go lie down and work on one of
    my puzzle books.

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Just got up from a nap...while Oreo and I slept, the dishwasher ran and a drainboard full of dishes air-dryed. I need to bring in a load of firewood...easier to get in through that shop stall before Den parks his Jeep in there.

    Mikie, SV and Oreo and so many other furbabies live the life of Riley, don't they, lol! And to think that some of them were just living on the streets not so long ago. I think Oreo was found running along a gravel road...maybe someone had dumped her out? She's so sweet, and so smart...I am so glad to have her around.

    Hi Rock! I got a notice that you have posted as I am typing...I love that feature of the boards. 68 degrees! I would be running around in a tank top and shorts, lol! As it is, I still wear flip flops to dash out to feed the cats or hang clothes on the line :p Den's dad always had a puzzle book stashed somewhere...often in more than one place...his chair at the table, his recliner, somewhere in his vehicle, next to the toilet.

    Duckie, I'm glad you had a fun time at the Christmas party. Glad you get some vacation time...smart to plan it bookended by the holidays. Den will be working hard to finish their part of the solar field. Then he and his best employee may be headed for an adventure...nothing in stone yet...but they are needing more linemen in Puerto Rico...

    I appreciate all the input from my family on here...I tend to get carried away, trying to be overprotective of my girls and their babies. I still feel like they all have a long ways to go before I feel confident that Keira is being treated fairly, but no use making myself sick over it. As long as she has a little spunk left, I think she'll be fine. If I see her "giving up" I'll have another break down...err...talk with Amy. I'll never be accused of being the grandma who turns away from a problem (or what I think is one.) :rolleyes: I guess God knew what he was doing when he paired me and Den together, lol! To balance each other out...Den admits if it wasn't for me, things would not have changed with his Dad's situation. And Gpa thanked me multiple times for helping him out...elder abuse is just not tolerable, in my book.

    Anyway, I'm burning daylight...better go get that wood. Den has it split and in the garage...all I have to do is bring it over to the house.

  9. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: Puerto Rico????? That would be an adventure for sure. Who is paying for the work? A local electric company? Poor people have really suffered.

    Mikie. Like all of us are wondering.....exactly how long does Red Tide last? Seems like it's been going on forever. Does it change with the weather or what. In my memory it seems like ever since you started having kidney stone troubles you've been sick....am I correct?

    Duck: Make good use of your time off but enjoy it too.

    Spring: Did your DS and his partner in the filming get a new camera? Is he hoping to get more into TV reporting? What your DD created in the kitchen sounded good.

    Star: I'll be thinking of you camping out. What's the weather like now in your area? Over here it's around 78 or so and then gets down in the 40s at night. I really like this time of year.

    My DS is coming over with the girls on friday as is my DD and my DGD. Of course they LOVE mac n cheese, what kid doesn't.....but this time I'm making it from scratch since my DGS loved it....so I think thursday I'll make the cheesey white sauce then cook the macaroni on friday morning for lunch. I bought a pork roast today and I'm going to do it in my little crock pot on thursday also, making it into pulled pork sandwiches with a bottled sauce on friday. I usually do the cooking right before they come but it gets to be a hassle and I can't enjoy the little ones so decided to do most on the day before.

    I put together a christmasy center piece for my kithen table this morning. Had an old fake silver footed bowl, added a clear glass bowl with fluting, added a taller clear glass container and in that put some red and gold christmas balls. I had some little angel ornaments so added those around, a few candles with the batteries, and finished it with chocolate foil coins which they can have after lunch.

    The two little girls will get to open their presents. Toys plus I bought a pretty christmas outfit for each of them.....hope my son will take some pictures of them wearing them. It's their turn to spend christmas with DILs family.

    I went for a walk this morning, longer than usual for me, then afterwards got into my car to check the mileage.....OMG....all this time I thought I was walking a mile....NOT......so I've added a few more blocks. An old HS friend called me yesterday and went on and on all about her surgeries, her weight (over 100 lbs) and she has to use a walker, has a hernia but the doctors won't operate because of her weight so today she's seeing a nutritionist. Well, that got me to really think how at our age we MUST move. "Use it or lose it".
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Awww, Sun...what a cute idea for a centerpiece! And they get to eat part of it for dessert :) Good idea to do what you can ahead of time...I'm learning to do that, too.

    Den didn't have any details yet...his boss got a request (as did many utility companies, I'm sure) and thought it might be a good thing to do. I'm not sure who pays the bills...might be part of a government project. I researched a bit about the progress in general and it looks like there is still a lot of work to do.

    I see my new PCP again on Friday, to go over the labs she ordered last week. The nurse did call and give me a heads up...most everything was okay, but cholesterol is high...I know I need to buckle down and get better exercise, adjust my diet, etc. You're so right about getting these bodies moving...

    Vitamin D wasn't in yet, but hopefully will be by Friday. And she ordered an echo for tomorrow morning...part of trying to find out why I get so short of breath. I'm sure if this turns out okay, she will focus on the lungs. I told her I do think if I lose some weight that will make a big difference....not good to be an "emotional eater." :(

    Got the wood in and did a walk thru of my parents' mobile home...gotta bite the bullet and get busy in there. Maybe if Den is gone for 30 days I can do a makeover of myself, and get some projects done. Not really looking forward to him being gone the coldest month of the year, but it would be good for him to be in a warmer climate as he gets so cold. Maybe he'll have some more info soon. Best get the clothes off the line before it gets too dark...


    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    So sorry I haven't been around much, but have been extremely busy..will explain later..but hope to return to the board soon.

    The weather has been nice and cold..I'll take cold weather over hot triple digits anytime..I'm just love'n it.

    The fall colors on the trees were beautiful this year..one forgets that we have the most wonderful colors on our trees and shrubs in our area..love watching the birds nibble at the berries on the bushes..

    Once again, it's almost time to start watching my eagles build their nest and start a family..I've been watching the eagles in PA for about two years now..it's amazing to watch the babies hatch and how fabulous the parents are in taking care of them and making sure they have plenty of food.

    Well kids, as some of you may recall, my family has hit a few big bumps in the road this year, but the last part of this year hasn't been much better been ..Vicki was one week away from her 3 month anniversary, and goal, of not having anything go wrong with her partial hip replacement..but in late October, her hip dislocated three times, three days in a row..twice at home and once in the hospital..Dr. Thorpe and his team tried and were successful in putting her dislocated hip back into place twice, but the third time NADA..she was kept in the hospital and, unfortunately, she had to go back into surgery to have a complete hip replacement..she was in the hospital over 2 weeks..this time, it has been more difficult and painful for her..I was really worried about her recovery, not only physically but mentally..she is doing well now..off the walker and using one crutch and will be using a cane in the near future..and then, hopefully, won't need any props to help her get around.

    We are now in the process of moving Vicki out of her apartment for financial reasons and in with her older sister and brother-in-law..she will now be around young people 24/7, and I think that's what she needs..she needs to be with young people and not her mom 24/7, several days a week..she's been alone much too long. My granddaughters are over the moon for their Auntie and are so excited to have her live with them..they love her so much and Vicki loves them, too. LOL..hubby and I will be babysitting Vicki's two cats until she is able to afford to get her own place again..Lordee, I'm praying it's soon! However, the cats will be a blessing for my husband as he has misses our kitty, Jake, so much.

    I must tell you, we have the most wonderful son-in-law in the world..to have his sister-in-law move into his home is such a blessing. Not only that, but he is a wonderful husband and fabulous father..we just love him more than words can say.

    Evan though my girls love each other to pieces, I know there will be a few disagreements between them ending with the stomping out of the room, slamming of doors, tears and "whatevers".....never mind they're in their 40s, nothing changes from childhood to adulthood..it just doesn't happen....and so, life goes on!

    The packing up of Vicki's apartment has been left up to me..Vicki does as much as she can and has been a big help..I put boxes of "stuff" on her bed and she goes through them deciding what she really needs to keep and what to throw out..loooong process but we're getting there..our deadline to be out of here is the 30th of this month. It will be good not to have to travel so much between Orangevale and Pollock Pines..commuting is a must because with my husband having early dementia, he needs looking after as well..

    My brother-in-law passed away about 4 weeks ago due to ALS..been sad for my husband and the rest of the family..my sister passed away earlier this year due to heart failure.

    This has really been an awful year for my family and I'm praying that 2018 will smile down on all of us here on the board and our families..for heaven sake, we all need a break from the stress in our lives!

    After all is said and done and we have Vicki settled, I hope to catch up on all the news here..I miss you all so much..I know so many of you are dealing with, not only health problems, but family problems as well..you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Vicki and I did manage to go out and look at some of the most beautiful and amazing Christmas lights in our neighborhood..wish I had the energy to put lights up, but you all know how that goes! Some of the houses looked like it took the owners weeks to get all the lights and decorations up. I hope everyone who sees them, appreciates the hard work that went into putting the bling on the houses and yards.

    We will be spending Christmas with Lisa, Justin, and our granddaughters, Alaina and Kaitlyn..we will arrive the night before Christmas, spend the better part of Christmas day with them and then head home..I can't drive anymore at night, so we will have to leave pretty early in the afternoon..

    Now that I've written a W&P, I better get busy and get more packing done..thank you all for listening..it means so much to me, more than you will ever know, to be able to come here and just talk..sorta speak..

    A big "hello" to everyone...


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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Judy, dear one...my heart goes out to you and your family. Your experience puts in perspective some of my recent whining. Sounds like you are handling things well, and I'm so glad that Vicki has a place to live...how neat that she'll be surrounded by her nieces and sister and BIL. You can now focus more on your sweet hubby, and hopefully catch up on your rest.

    I'll have to find the eagles again...usually it pops up on my facebook feed.

    We will have a quiet Christmas Day, since our kids were all here the week of Thanksgiving. It's supposed to snow, but if possible, I will go in and have lunch at the nursing home with my dad.

    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas also...and here's to a much better 2018!
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Judy:. We've all MISSED you. So glad you turned up now. I'm so sorry for your DD. All that she went thru and now this. But she'll be happy with her large family around her. How's your DH doing? We worried about the fire up around you.....gosh that's been months, and here we have more fires. You're such a good mother and seem to just go with the flow, no matter what. I look forward to hearing more from you. May you be blessed by a better new year.
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Ones,

    Sorry, guess I forgot some of y'all were asking about how long the Red Tide will last. Unfortunately, no one knows. No one knows for sure what causes it but scientists believe it is the dumping of water from Lake Okeechobee into our river which flows into the Gulf, picking up fertilizer nutrients as it flows through agricultural fields. Paradoxically, the water releases have stopped so there is likely more to the algae overgrowth than that. In addition to the overgrowth of red algae, we get overgrowths of toxic green algae. Red Tide has been around as long as I've lived here for 20 years. I had never heard of it before that. I think my sensitivity has increased and we've had more of it recently.

    I have to find a way to get moving too. I may try working out for a bit in the pool to see whether it increases my symptoms due to exposure to the outside air. I've been inside and am suffering so perhaps the symptoms won't get worse if I'm out; however, if I am just standing outside, I start to cough. Whine, whine, whine! Tomorrow, I have to wash the car before DOF and I go out to eat brunch on Fri. Today is dedicated to sending cards and ordering my meds through the mail. I'll leave the gift card for our mail lady. I also need to dust and clean the baths, NRG permitting.

    Judy, it's soooo good to see you here but I'm so very sorry for all that has happened to you and your family this year. Yes indeed, I hope 2018 is better for you and yours...and for all of us. I'm glad Vicki is doing so well after her hip replacement. Poor kid, she's been through a lot. I'm also glad you have such a great DSIL. I feel that way about both of mine. They are both loving and kind and two of the funniest people I know. It's often laughter that gets us through problems. I hope you can spend more time here. BTW, we have a returning pair of eagles and there is an eagle cam above their nest. It is fascinating to watch them on the eggs and after the eggs hatch.

    Sun, your centerpiece sounds delicious. I know you'll have a good time with the kids and grandkids. Before the kidney stone symptoms started, I was doing better than I had in years. I had lost 30 pounds, was working out three times a week and my labs had steadily improved. Until I had them, I never knew the stones could make one so sick. Between the start of symptoms, the treatments and reaction to the treatments, a year and a half had gone by with my health getting worse and worse. Then, along came the RT and here I am. I'm in survival mode and hoping the RT will leave soon. I think I'll go back to intensive training. It sounds daunting but is actually the easiest thing to do. Read my response below to Julie.

    Julie, the fastest way to get cholesterol under control is to cut back on sugar and get aerobic exercise. When I did the intensive training, mine dropped and my HDL, good cholesterol, increased. Intensive training is simply doing some activity, like cycling or running, even running in place, for three bursts of 20 seconds, going all out. Anyone doing this should clear it with the doc first. One could never keep up this pace for long but for 20 seconds, it's easy. One does the first all-out burst and stops after the 20 seconds to catch one's breath. As soon as that happens, it's time to do the second 20-second burst. Repeat for the third. If you can do these all out bursts three times a week, it should help. That's only three minutes a week, not counting the time in between bursts. I ran in the pool at my targeted heart rate for 30-60 minutes three times a week. It helps my lung function. Targeted heart rate for anyone is easy to calculate. Subtract your age from 220 and then take 80 percent of that. That is the targeted heart rate for endurance. After taking your age from 220, you have your maximum heart rate. You should not exercise beyond that rate for any extended time but it's OK for the bursts. Again, if you decide to do this, ask the doc.

    I'm motivated to get back into working out but most of the time, I'm exhausted by labored breathing with this RT. Even with brown water near the beaches and dead fish piling up last year, tourist dollars came flooding in. I'm not so sure we can sustain tourism if this isn't addressed. The weather has been beautiful and not everyone is affected with the breathing/coughing symptoms but heaps of smelly dead fish steaming on the beaches is a real turnoff. News says lots of birds are getting sick from eating the fish.

    I hope everydobby has a great day. I'm off to read the real newspaper.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    I'd say "good" morning, but so far, it isn't being one. At least not for our servers. We had some kind of massive network issue last night around 10 and we are still mopping up and trying to figure out a root cause. Never a dull moment, I suppose.

    I did finish binding the 2 quilts last night, so my outstanding project count has dropped. I plan to start quilting the Kids Komfort tonight. If I buckle down, I can get it done. Depends if I go to the gym or not though, and/or do another errand that has been pending.

    Can't stay long. Thinking of you all. Have a good day!!
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! Feels like Friday cause that's when I usually go see my dad. But I'm in a bit of a rush...echo at 10:00, then heading over to my dad's town. Will meet my niece at the nursing home to give her the presents for the three little girls. Will pick up a few groceries and call it good. Supposed to be warmish again tomorrow so plan to work in the mobile home...lots of room in the burn pits now, lol!

    Oh no, Duckie! I see you've just posted...not fun at all...hope you can get the problem taken care of. Still, that's great about the quilts :)

    Better hop in the shower and get going.

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just taking a bit of a break. I got a bill paid and my Christmas cards done and mailed. While I was down there, I left our mail lady's gift card in the box. I so seldom write out anything these days that my handwriting is awful. I think some of it is also brain fatigue. It's difficult to get the command for a word to go from my pea brain to my hand. The arthritis doesn't help either. I had a pile of junk mail to put in the recycle bag. I sit and cross out my name and the number on my address so no one can use it to attempt to steal my ID. It's so sad we have to go to such extremes but I'm taking no chances.

    The dishwasher is loaded and running. In only two and one half hours, it will be done. Finally, I looked at the condo assn. financials. We're in the black by $1,400 in our operating budget so, barring anything unusual this last month of the year, we should be able to roll that over into next year's budget. We have a lot of money in our operating and reserve bank accts. and that gives me lots of security. Insurance premiums are set to go up a lot next year so we will continue operating conservatively as usual. I still have a wee bit of paperwork to get to but I'm in good shape right now.

    Publix has had berries on sale lately so I used some strawberries and blackberries with pomegranate arils to mix in with my yogurt and bran buds for lunch. Soooo good. I've been hungry for Brussel sprouts but don't know whether fresh ones are in the store or not. Guess I could use frozen.

    Duckie, I'm sorry to hear about the problem with the servers. Those kinds of problems do me in. I'm glad you are able to do so much. I used to do a lot before these conditions got triggered. Good luck with the servers.

    Julie, if today feels like Friday, you will have two extra 'weekend' days this week. Tomorrow, I'm gonna wash the Highlander and that should be about as much as I'll get done. It's filthy. Friday, I'll get to have brunch with DOF. It will be bittersweet. Stay safe out running around.

    I think I'll tackle the tiles in the guest bath. I wipe them down after each shower but I need to run the little electric brush on the grout every now and then. I'd love it if my NRG would permit me to keep the condo sparkling and organized all the time. I love getting up to a clean home. I'm not obsessive about it but I do like it. Feng Shui is adamant about this, especially around the front entrance. I think Feng Shui would frown on frog poop on the balcony outside my front door.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie

    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    This is an experiment. I'm typing on Gordon's brother's laptop. Gordon took our computer to the
    gal who teaches the origami class. Her hubby fixes computers. Not sure if it's his job or a sideline. Anyh00
    maybe he can get the darn thing whipped into shape. Well, shoot. Where's the key that

    straightens out these lines?

    Gordon doesn't know either. I guess I'll wait till we get our machine back. In the meantime I will be
    reading your posts and sending good wishes your way. :p

    Hugs Rock
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. So how do you like using the laptop? Hope this guy can clean up your computer and getting it working up to speed.

    Julie: I would be very surprised if you DON'T have lung problems. I went thru all that....echo, treadmill (I pretty much flunked that) and some other tests. An hr. Breathing test at the hospital.....parts of that were really hard. Dodged another heart test though because the tech that was to do it got the flu that morning.....good thing, I had read and heard from others that some people have had a heart attack or died from it since they inject something in your veins to see how you do. I had prayed soooo hard that I wouldn't have to go thru it....see...God answers prayers. So when I came back from the cancelled appt. I called my PCP and told him I REFUSED to have it....his reply.....that's OK since the lung test showed COPD. WHAT! He was going to make me go thru it???? I've heard since then that doctors get a cut from every test they order.

    Mikie: Ever thought about wearing a mask and try walking around your condo complex to help build up your energy? And do you have an oxymeter that you can use to check your levels?

    I just got back from my mile walk, several times my oxygen went down to 75.....so I stopped and just tried to deep breathe for a few minutes, then continued. It's not supposed to go below 90. I see the lung doc. Next week so will bring this up, but for the most part checking my oxygen level around the house it's up around 96 which is great. This new inhaler makes such a big difference. I know a fellow artist who also has the same lung condition as I do and she goes to breathing classes at the local hospital. They basically just teach her to breath correctly while doing exercises.
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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Deara ones,

    Just wanted to pop on for a minute, it has been so busy here and our cleaning lady will be here soon. DH may also want to get on in between me and the cleaning ladies. I bought them some candies (choc) and some spiced tea for them both. They work so hard on their business and the daughter is working on her college degree. Her mother still doesn't speak a whole lot of English but she understands enough. I can't complain because the cost of what I pay her is a lot less than if others were doing it.

    Got up super early tonight so we could go to our church to sign the beams or a beam of the new church . Then we got a little tour from our pastor but it is sometimes hard, esp for me to visualize how it will look even after he mentions it and point things out of what will be there when it is finished. It will be so much bigger than our old one. We surely do need it for sure.

    JULIE - You are doing the right things that you mentioned in regards to Miley, Clinton , Keira and poor Amy. Glad you are there to give her advice. Sometimes like now with my DCD she isn't taking anyone's advice and is stuck in what she thinks is the truth but isn't. Of course the instances are completely different. However it is great she is listening to you. When they get to be a certain age they don't always listen and sometimes they never or hardly ever do, like my DCD :)!! Glad you got to go to Miley;s concert. I know she was happy for you to be there as well as her mother. Amy is s saint, poor young lady that she is. Glad she has you to help her.

    Thanks to everyone who replied to me about this situation. We are going to send her a little bit of money for hopefully food and things she needs. However, she is still talking about going to NY or the NE to find herself or something. I told her it will be much worse for her there and no one will be able to help her. Housing also costs so very much more than TX.

    MIKIE - Glad you are doing OK or seems to be a little better I guess. ..When I am away from the Porch for a few days or more I can hardly keep up and read everyone's posts and respond to them correctly. Glad you got your cards and stuff done. I'm done unless someone else sends me a card that I didn't bother with this year. Doing anything at all this year for Christmas? We are going to our sons i Houston and it is supposed to be very cold. They had been talking about precips, ice and maybe snow but not sure that is so now. It would be nice to see pretty snow flurries but DSIL is driving into Houston and don;t want him stuck in icy roads and bad traffic. Thanks for the new PORCH VOLUME !!

    ROCK - Sorry about your computer. Hope you get it back soon. I also do most of my posting on the computer as I can't type real fast on the tablet and sometimes have a bit of a problem getting back to our message board..

    DUCKIE - Sorry about your computer server problems. That would drive me nuts but you know a lot more about it than I do, for sure.

    JUDY - So very sorry for all your problems this year with your DD and the passing of your family members. Glad Vicki is doing better and will be with younger people that will also up her spirits I am sure.God bless you all and may you all receive many blessing this Christmas and throughout the new year to come.

    The cleaning ladies are here so I gotta get off here. Sorry if I missed anyone. Hugz also to SUN, SPRING, ET AL.

    Granni :)
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