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    Hi, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. I never want Porchies to come and find one old Porch closed out and no new one started. I like the sign on this one--'Welcome To The Porch.' Guess we're not the only ones who love our Porch.

    Just got back from the dental hygienist and am glad to have that over for another six months. I have no problems and that is always good to know. I see my PCP after New Years and also my dermatologist. I still have to make an appt. to see my gyno, get my mammo and Dexascan and see the gastero to schedule a colonoscopy. It never ends.

    With all these docs, one would think our health in this country would be better than it is. I guess I see these docs so my health doesn't get worse. One of these days in the not too distant future, I'm gonna declare that I've lived long enough and am going to stop getting all these exams. Not ready to do that yet.

    Gonna mosey along now. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, and thanks for the new porch. Glad your dental visit went well. Yes, there's a doctor or specialist for just about anything that could possibly be wrong with us, lol! I won't know how my echo turned out till I see my new PCP next Wednesday...was supposed to go in last week, but her office called and rescheduled. I dread having to try to figure out why I get so short of breath...apparently it's not my heart unless the echo showed something.

    I got the wood moved inside that Den left close to the building...need to go out and feed the cats, clean the pellet stove ashes and take the wood cart back to the garage...just putting it off a bit longer. Lindsey is complaining cause it's 20 degrees in Tennessee...I'm sure that must feel very cold to them, as they have gotten used to the warmer winters already. I just checked and we are up to minus 3 :cool:

    We've been leaving messages since last week for our propane delivery people...one of the drivers just called back to tell me they will fill our tank today. We need it for the boiler (floor hot water heat) and to cook with...would survive if we ran out, but prefer not to let that happen.

    I'd better get busy here...keep getting interrupted with phone calls, etc. Oreo is content to stay curled up on one of her beds or the couch today...she's such a sweet girl and lots of company. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible.
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    Thought the above picture apt for the season..I would love to make a snowman like him..alas, no snow here.

    Mikie - thanks for opening up. So sorry to hear of the lady who is ill again with cancer. It's a pain but good to do all those tests. I watched a programme on TLC called Christmas Cracker. Showed people who are bonkers about Christmas. All Brits. One was a 75 year old man who has been playing Santa Claus for 51 years and he just loves it. Paid a lot of money for his Santa suit and also gives free classes on how to be a good Santa. Lovely lovely man. Bright clear blue eyes, unlined glowing face, radiating a quiet joy and contentment. He said he wants to go on doing it for as long as he is able. I wish we were all like that. Healthy and content, doing what we love.

    How nice to receive those gifts from your family. I too think contributions to a pet cause is great as a gift. On days I don't feel up to it, I get so stressed about gift giving. the energy it takes to go shopping, will they like it or not, etc.

    Julie - how was it sitting in the barn? I can't imagine how cold it is there. I don't think I could stand to go out with temps like that. So thoughtful of Den to try and make your work easier. It's a fortunate woman gets a man like that for a husband.

    I sure hope Amy's friends mom and sister support her.

    Rock - I was laughing at you thinking Christmas was on another day. In the programme I mentioned to Mikie, there is this grandma who keeps buying Christmas balls / ornaments and sticks them on her ceiling. Balls of various designs and shapes. She had 4000 plus and so proud and happy to look at them. In a way, its always Christmas for you and Gordon. Where there is love and caring and absence of negativity, there is Christmas.

    Sun - nice to hear you had a great time. Your DSIL certainly sound like a lovely family. I just remembered this Christmas candle I once bought, holly leaves and berries, all over the body of the candle, a man and a woman on top. It was roughly made but pretty nonetheless.

    Granni - that party sounds grand. Good food. Presents. I love necklaces. Specially versatile ones one can wear to any occasion or just like that.

    Today we spent the whole day at my DHs uncles monk sons inauguration of the monastery he built. All the foreign donors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam were there, as were some dignitaries. Family and Nepalese guests, about 200 people. It's perched on top of a hill and the road to it is almost vertical, rough hewn road, scary. Speeches, lunch, a little entertainment programme. Son had something at his business class so he came later. I do not like this uncle and aunt (monks parents) and my MIL was there too. So I was busy trying to keep out of their space. My MILs DD and her family from Switzerland had come too, they're lovely and my DHs other uncles wife and eldest DD who is a beautiful soul. Still I was waiting for it to end,..one of the Vietnamese guests asked if my DD and DS could pose for her. She took photos. I later asked DD why she wanted photos of them and she said because she liked my Bakhu and because bro's handsome. Lol!
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    Dear Ones,

    There are so many loose ends to tie around here. BRRR, I can't imagine how JULIE deals with that cold weather cause I can't deal with the 41 degrees high today. What makes it worse is that it is VERY damp, and drizzling and that goes right through me.

    DH and I went to the docs for the yearly checkup or whatever you want to call it nowadays. They don't tell you to undress or check the outside of your bodies much anymore. it is blood work and they don't do urinalysis unless you have a problem. They did it this time on my since I have had problems and wanted a check anyway . I have been taking the Cystex Plus off and on now. It would not surprise me if I had interstitial Cystitis. where foods and certain things irritate the bladder.

    As I said before I didn't undress and and tried to show him a little of the rash or irritation on my legs. He didn't look to much and just said he saw dry skin which I do have but I doubt if that is the whole problem. He said to get a second opinion if I wanted at a dermatologist or allergist. Will try taking an antihistimine but not sure that will help me with the itches and blotches under the skin. He said that is not a rash or didnt think so MAYBE eczema but I don;t think so. Guess if it doesn't disappear I will have to go to a dermatologist and if nothing all allergist. I should have know better the way PCP's are these days even though I do like him. They don't want to be bothered with all the specitiest since there are so many and so many diseases and problems they can't keep up.

    Need to go get my mammogram and biodensity to this next year. Oh won't that be fun. Next month we also have periocleaning and a piece of tooth or filling broke off on one of my teeth sometime ago. I am always getting meat or something caught there . Hope the dentist doesn't want me to get a crown or anything expensive and maybe just a refill if that is possible

    SUN - Glad you had a nice Christmas . Wow you are ready to do some more painting it looks like since all your decorations are gone for the year.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us again. Glad your perio is done for the next 3-4 months. Yes, love Christmas but am glad that the hustle is over with. So much to deal with. Maybe after this stupid law suit is settled , in March my rash or whatever you want to call it will go away. Jan 8th we go into the city for me to give my deposition on the suit. I do know that stress and worry can cause some of this stuff too. PCP didn't think it was autoimmune. Of course I didn't tell him ALL the symptoms I have daily. This is all so frustrating. I am sure it will all go down to the very wire when the guy I hit gets what he wants, or at least more than he was already offered ($60,000)

    DH stopped for breakfast afterwards which we usually never do. It as all the stuff we shouldn't eat except the eggs.

    I am not really hungry since we had a big breakfast but I guess I will make some soup for a late lunch.

    JULIE - You are a saint dear one. I can't believe all that you are doing for Amy's friend now. God bless you and Amy and hope her friend gets straightened out and the baby to be also.

    Thinking of everydobby. Sorry I cannot address everyone. Gotta run now , make lunch and do a few other house things and start putting Christmas things away.

    Love to AWL,

    Granni :)
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    Barry. I'm sooooo sorry for the pain....I've had TMJ since years ago I got my mouth glued shut from a dental trainee and got a dislocated jaw....that was the worst pain EVER...lasted over 6 mos. It would feel better then PAIN would hit out of the blue all over my head and jaw.

    My advise is to use warm, moist towels to your jaw. You MUST relax the muscles until it slips back into place. Good time to practice meditation. No chewing, ONLY soft foods for about a week or until the pain has subsided.....even opening your mouth to brush your teeth is bad. I really feel for you.

    I'll be back later.
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    Hey, Hey, Kids! We're the Monkeys. Was listening to their big hit Daydream Believer. I
    believe it's still a good song. Written by John Stuart who was a member of the Kingston Trio.

    I am rapidly going down hill. Woke up from my nap. Was going to go downstairs and get
    something out of the fridge. Picked up a Coke can to recycle. Turned out the durn thing
    wasn't empty. It was full. Since I didn't have a suitable grip it fell and spilled. Apparently I'm so bad now I opened the Coke, never took a sip, and wandered off like the poor folks in the nursing homes.

    Hi, Barry, Good to hear from you. Not so good to hear about the TMJ. Do you or a doc
    know what caused it? I looked it up. Found ten causes listed including such unlikely things
    as poor posture, chewing gum, and arthritis. (Well, unlikely to the uninformed such as I.) I wonder if Too Many Jitters could be a cause. Yes, I agree. It's hard to be computin' the
    doin's of Trumputin.

    Granni, I haven't had an old fashioned big breakfast since we went to IHOP several years
    ago. What kind of soup did you make? I had some of Gordon's vegetable soup with rice and meatballs in it last night. There were some butter beans in the fridge so I tossed them in too.

    I am surprised that the Plaintiff is just now getting around to taking your deposition. I hope
    the case is soon disposed of. I know you do too. Hard to understand why it has dragged on so long.

    Springwater, what is that pic you posted? Is that snowperson made of snow? Carved from ivory? And what is that black ball? A blueberry? An ear piece? I guess you had a good time
    at the opening of the monastery. Anybody famous there? I read the biography of Vanna
    White some years back.

    She used to go to openings of supermarkets or car dealers. Got paid $30,000 to stand
    around and look beautiful; sign autographs, pose with folks for pics, etc. Thanks for
    your keen observation about our Christmas. Nice to hear that your son is good looking.

    Julie, we used to have a propane tank when I was a kid. I guess it was propane. Anyhoo it
    supplied the fuel for the gas stove. It was a huge tank. We kids used it as a step to climb on
    or off the roof. "Up to minus 3 degrees" sounds awfully cold to me. Don't think I could ever
    go back to MN. I hope the docs can do something about that shortness of breath.

    Mikie,did you mosey along? Just saw that episode of Mama's Family where they do a parody
    of Rebecca. "Don't mosey. Rebecca never moseyed." You sure have a busy medical schedule
    ahead. I usually go to the doctor once or twice a year for a checkup. I hope I live till I die with
    never another medical appointment. How likely is that?

    Is there progress being made in getting rid of fallen trees, etc? I have to admire the folks who
    have their house burned down, and still manage to carry on. As Thomas Paine said, "These
    are the times that try men's souls." Actually I think that applies to most times.

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  7. Mikie

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    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    I woke with a bit of TMJ pain myself. It's from having my teeth cleaned and clenching my jaw while I was asleep. I was sooooo tired yesterday when I got home. I wonder whether the hygienist used the cleaning polish with fluoride. I'm allergic to fluoride and that would do it. In any case, I'm glad it's over. Now, on to other appts. Bah! Joe called. He wants to come over today so I can try to print out his boarding pass. I'm taking him to the airport tomorrow so he can fly to NY to see his kids. He'll be back on Sun. and I'll pick him up. He's like me; he doesn't stay long. He's not looking forward to the cold. We really get spoiled down here with the hot temps and sunshine all the time. It's hotter than normal this year.

    Julie, I hope the doc can find out why you are short of breath. I'm like that with the Red Tide and I hate it. The hygienist was choking and coughing yesterday. She didn't realize it is likely the RT causing it. The high intensity training I mentioned earlier helps with heart and lung function but isn't something that should be tried without the doc's OK. You're always doing physical work so it's not like you don't get exercise. Good luck.

    Spring, you always find the cutest pics. Love the little snowperson. I remember building snowmen when I was a kid. We had a big hill in my hood and we kids loved to sled on it. The city would close off the street for us. My school was on top of the hill so I got a workout every day slogging up the hill. Our lives back then were perfectly portrayed in the movie, Christmas Story. The old houses in the movie were just like the ones we lived in and the cars were like the ones our parents drove. Our hood even had a big bully who scared us kids when we walked to school. How exciting to go to the opening of the monastery. Throughout history, religious figures have been the ones keeping written history alive for mankind. Yes, your DS is handsome.

    Granni, my PCP can be a pain but he understands our illnesses so no need to continue to tell him all my symptoms. If it were not for him and the peptide injections, I would be in even sorrier shape than I am now. They haven't cured me but I'm so much better. He always wants a urinalysis because they often show problems before they become obvious. I hope the deposition goes well and this mess is finally over with.

    Barry, I have also overindulged this holiday season. I need to start eating better. I did fix my Brussel sprouts with bacon yesterday and they were all I ate for lunch. Soooo good. Afterward, I cleaned up the kitchen counters and loaded the dishwasher. Every little effort helps. That's all I got done. I think when the hygienist scrapes all the crud off our teeth, it can makes us sick, even if we rinse well. I didn't have much crud because I take such good care of my teeth. I was surprised to read that not taking care of teeth and gums can lead to heart disease and pancreatic cancer. Good grief! I'm laughing at the moles' rolling your chives out of the ground. I guess mine is safe in the little pot out on the lanai. I'm glad SV gets enjoyment out of sniffing it. Hope your tummy feels better and the TMJ goes away. Does MJ help you relax? Pain in the jaw can cause it to tense up and that, in turn, can cause more pain. It's a vicious cycle.

    Sun, hope you can come back to visit a spell.

    Rock, I dropped my plate on the floor and it broke. I had just cut up my bacon wrapped fillet and had to throw it away. Fortunately for SV, I had already cut a little bit off for him. I do those kinds of things on an almost daily basis. It's been worse ever since those supps caused neurological symptoms. There is progress being made here and there. It's almost like the storm never happened except for downed signs and dried out shrubs. I saw one tall palm tree on which all the fronds looked burned; it's wind burn. The light posts which were felled have been put back up in the hood. Had the storm happened earlier in the year, the rains might have made things look better but we didn't get much rain afterward. The storm dumped plenty of rain but we needed some later on. In another year, no one will remember and everything will be back to normal. At least, we didn't lose our homes like those poor folks in the fires. I hope I live til I die too. :rolleyes: Sounds like something Yogi Berra would say.

    I'm off to read the virtual paper. I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi Folks

    Just wrote to my Minnesota brother. He and DW are planning to visit in a couple months.
    They want info about hotels. Very difficult to get any from the net. I search for "hotels
    in the Echo Park area, Los Angeles" and I get ads for cities all over California. Some from
    other states. Gordon found a list on TripAdvisor for the ten best hotels in downtown LA.
    That's not too helpful though. Those places are 2-3 hundred dollars a night. A Coke from
    the in room fridge is probably ten bucks. AACCKK!

    Got an e mail from my sister. She said her boy friend made Christmas dinner and served
    Cornish game hens. I made those game hens once or twice. The first time was not a success.
    I had moved into a beautiful new apt, but the oven needed cleaning. So I cleaned it w/ Pine
    Sol the same day I roasted the game hens. A procedure not recommended by Julia or Martha.

    Mikie, here's the most recent Yogi Berra I heard. "Yogi, what time is it?" Yogi: You mean
    now? Don't know where I read that. Maybe it was here.

    I am reading a book by John Grisham. His first non fiction work. So far it's about a kid
    from a small town who is a baseball phenom. But when he gets to the Major League he
    discovers most of the other newcomers are even more phenomenal. His life falls apart,
    and eventually he is convicted of murder even though not the real killer. Don't know if
    Grisham worked on the case or not. I assume the rest of the book will be about a success-
    ful appeal.

    Picked two tomatoes this morning. Surely that will be the last of them.

    Ha det bra
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    Hello to all, MIA reporting in for the years end and oh so much has happened in 2017. I see we pretty much still have the same gang coming here to visit. I skim the posts occasionally but have just been so so busy all year.

    Started last January when I had my hip surgery that laid me up for 8 weeks didn’t help. Just had a repeat hip MRI that shows I have another hip tendon tear…I go back to the Otho a year to the date of my surgery for follow up. I have a feeling if I want to get rid of the pain I will need yet another surgery. ;-(.

    My oldest daughter got married and had a Key West destination wedding in June, turned out perfect. That involved a few trips back and forth to FL in the spring

    DD#2 graduated college a w degree in medical sonographer, we are so proud of her accomplishment!

    She just got engaged last week to a really nice guy we love. We have til 2019 to prepare for that

    Then the bomb shell surprise news. DD#1 was pregnant!! My first grandchild, a little girl born early. She had to spend time in the NICU but is home now and doing well.

    The other surprise news is that DD#1 and her new hubby moved back home form FL and are living w us. South FL was just too expensive so they hope to live here and save for a down payment for a house.

    I love love love being a Grandmas, the baby is so cute and such a good baby, my house is packed to the gills w the kids stuff and now baby stuff. Keeping this place clean and straightened is impossible . Add in DD#1 had two big dogs and I had two dogs so now 4 total. Now you know why I have been busy but all in a good way.

    Beginning of the year it was a wedding shower, followed by graduation, followed by a move back home for the kids followed by a baby shower followed by a baby followed by an engagement!! Throw in Christmas and a few dogs….you get the picture around here but it’s a pretty one and I am so happy the kids moved home and I get to hold and help w that precious baby.

    Julie so happy you are finally in your new home.

    Barry a mouth guard at night would help w teeth clenching that leads to TMJ

    Rock good to see you kicking around even if you do open pop/soda cans and forget about it

    Spring, cute pictures all the time,

    Granni I agree annual physicals are more about filling in the blanks in the computer to please the insurance companies more than actually examining the patient

    Mikie let Joe know its cold in NY, single to minus zero digit temps, Brrrrrr

    Sun..mouth glued shut? Oh my, hope someone talked w that girl….

    and a big Hello to all the rest, hope your 2018 is really the Best!!

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    Hi, Kids,

    Joe just left. I tried to print out his boarding pass but, like with mine, it printed too light to use. He is checked in and can get one at the desk or kiosk at the airport. Probably the desk. He doesn't like interacting with anything electronic. We couldn't find his trip because he wasn't wearing his glasses and couldn't read what he wrote down himself. Doh!!! He had to call his son to get the confirmation no. He's like a bull in a china shop. He interrupts all the time so it's impossible to converse in any meaningful way. He's like some character in a sitcom on TV. I'm sooooo glad I'm single. I know not all men are like this but, at this stage in my life, any man would likely drive me nuts. I take Joe to the airport at 6:00 in the morning. He usually back seat drives all the way.

    Rock, I've used Travelocity to find hotels without any problems. I think you can search by zip code but not sure. They even have maps so you can see where the hotels are located. Good luck with the search. I like Grisham's books. Haven't read one in a while. Good for you for getting more tomatoes.

    Linda, soooo many good things have happened 'cept the hip. Congratulations on the baby. Lots of new babies with me and my friends. So many cute pics. It's hard to imagine that anyplace would be cheaper than FL unless one lives in Boca. Sounds like DD #2 has all kinds of exiting things happening. I'm so happy for y'all. Hope you can find time to stop back in again soon. Four dogs? Holy cow! One old cat is about all I can handle.

    Speaking of the old cat, he is curled up on the sofa. It's his after lunch nap, not to be confused with his mid-afternoon nap. Then, there's the late afternoon nap...

    Hope all y'all are having a good day. I managed to mop the tiles while Roomba did the carpets. The batteries in the virtual walls are kaput so had to bar entry with coolers on the floor. Seems as though batteries all go at once in electronics. I'm finishing up the laundry so will be done with everything by mid-afternnon. Perhaps I'll join SV in a nap. I need it. No matter how much sleep I'm getting now, I'm exhausted all the time. Good news is that I have the front door open and am not coughing.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our beloved Porchies.

    Love, Mikie

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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Linda: Good to read all your news, soooo much going on with your family. 4 dogs and a baby!!!! Yipes, I would be over the top with anxiety. Good thing you're coping with it.

    Yes, the stupid trainee was taking a mold/impression for a crown , my first ever, and apparently she set her timer for 30 min. Instead of 3. So when she discovered I couldn't open my mouth (I had been sitting patiently waiting because what did I know) she ran for the dentist who came in and had to put his knee on my chest for leverage and used both hands to "pop open" my mouth. I felt a pop and was OK until PAIN hit out of the blue about 3 weeks later. A ENT doc. Took xrays and said it was dislocated and there was nothing he could do. I can't imagine how I managed to continue working except we needed the $ so I soldiered thru. My family wanted me to sue but I just couldn't manage the anxiety of a legal procedure.

    Rock: Why not check for Air B & B's locally, you might be surprised. When I went on that trip in March to SAvannah and Charleston we stayed both times in one and we were very happy. And don't worry about forgetting your coke, I do things like that all the time. And.......I'm sure it's hard waking up from a nap, I know I feel discumbuperated for at least 30 min.

    Barry: I hope your jaw is better today. Here's a fun link for you to watch, a tour of a succulent garden.

    Spring: Sounds like it was a most interesting time at the inauguration, and yes, your son is very handsome as is your daughter beautiful.

    Granni: You might not remember but I think it was about 2 years ago that you kept talking about itching under your skin that no one could see. My guess is you've got a bit of nerve damage that's causing the itching. And......stress will also cause me to itch.

    Mikie: I can just imagine how "annoying" Joe is!!!!!!! I couldn't take that, good thing you've got patience. I almost forgot to tell you about my Amazon tap......it looks like an insignificant black cylinder but AFTER my DD finally got it working, and after I signed up for Amazon Prime, it's amazing. All I have to do is say "Alexa, play......(whatever) and I get music. It works with WIFI in the house and I can move it from room to room. And when I'm finished I just sayAlexa turn off. Then I keep it on a little charging pedestal. Such technology. And since I've now got Prime, I ordered some WC brushes yesterday....free shipping.

    It's such a beautiful day here, and yesterday I bought a marked down silver leafed bush at Lowe's I decided where I needed it so of course that meant yanking out other things then moving them. My garden is my "canvas" and I paint with colored leafed plants. What would I do if I wasn't creating?
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon Dear Ones,

    I have had such a busy day and didn't really do much for myself or what was needed to do except finally starting a wash and then finally in the drier Went to all kinds of places before getting home and fixing lunch then cleaning up then started the wash, then started some split pea soup. Don't make it much but it is so cold out and DH asked for it so I did so today. It is cooking on the stove as we speak and I have a thanksgiving ham bone in there too. It is not a hard recipe but takes awhile to chop the onion,s carrots and celery, etc. Then I made some cornbread from a different mix, gluten free with honey it said. Hope it is good with the soup. I am getting sick of the same old stuff and this crazy diet so I have to eat some fun food once in awhile besides all the yummy stuff we had for Christmas.

    BTW, I remembered to ask my doc yesterday about getting a disability placard so we can park in closer places. Filled it out and brought it down to the County tax office whee I got it to hang in the car or bring with me when needed. Had been thinking about it for a long time but someone else mentioned it. Quite a few times I will probably walk more than I want to anyway as DH has a habit of parking in the back forty so he doesn't get the car scratched up. Some places, like WM seems like they are always crowded.

    MIKIE - Your speaking about SV and all his naps reminds me of DD and her kitties. Seems like they do that most of the day, Wow, Joe must drive you crazy sometimes. Yes, you do have lots of patience. Good for you :)!! How long will he be gone? Haven't even started putting the Christmas stuff away. Picked up a couple boxes of Christmas cards at 1/2 off for next year and a few other things before off toe Sams too. What is the temp now in Fl? Ours has been in the low 40's today which I know has been hot in comparison to JULIE and many others in the country.

    LINDA - How great to hear from you. It sure does sound like you have had a very busy and fun year other than your surgery. How wonderful to have your DD and family move back with you at east temporarily. Also a grand baby sounds fantastic too. Ours are so big and grown up now or most of them. Another wedding to work on too sounds like fun. Hope you come back soon again. Sorry it looks like you will have to have another surgery in the future - bah humbug..

    BARRY - Hope you are feeling a little better. I know this time of the year tends to bring on the blues esp when there is no or little sun like it is here today here where we live.

    SUN - You are so creative and artistic. Your brain must be thinking all or most of the time what you can be doing unlike mine :)!! I'm not even going to ask you what the temp is in CA where you live. It is probably beautiful, sunny and warm :)!! unlike many other places right now. Enjoy yourself. As it is I am very thankful our temps have only in the low 40;s with no snow, or ice yet !!!! We may have some ice this weekend coming up. Yes you are right about stress doing weird things to your body and causing rashes. That wouldn't surprise me either.

    JULIE - I hope you haven't frozen yourselves where you all live. Your temps sounded brutal to me. God bless you and may you have lots of firewood nearby to warm you up.

    THINKING of everydobby inc ROCK, STAR, SPRING, DUCKIE, DIANE et al. Gotta run for now and finish up the soup with the blender and take off any meat that might have been on the bone. DH likes to put a pat of butter in his soup like they did in the olden days. Sometimes I do also. Please excuse my tardiness and absence from the Porch lately. Maybe I can get back in form again after the holidays sometime.

    LOVE to awl,
    Granni :)
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Huh? I'm assuming it's REALLY REALLY cold?
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 2:30 AM. Couldn't sleep. A common occurrence. I guess my sense of humor might be
    asleep. I can't figure out the snake cartoon.

    Sun, I'll have to watch the garden video later. No workee with earphones. The narration is
    in one ear and some music in the other. I never thought of Air B & B for my relatives.
    Thanks for the suggestion. My brother was very explicit that he wanted a hotel, not a motel. Don't know if he thought about this alternative. There have been a couple articles in the
    news about problems with them. One had hidden cameras. "I'm not ready for my close up,
    Mr DeMille.

    I found a whole page of silver leafed plants on Youtube. Do you know the name of yours?
    BTW, John Gary sings a song from an old move called River of Silver on Youtube. It's
    from an old movie with Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan. Movie and song have the same
    title. I read a biography of Ann Sheridan a few years back. She was like Garbo. Didn't
    want any interviews, publicity, etc.

    Mikie, Joe reminds me of Gordon's orchid club friend. He is impossible to have a conversation
    with. He talks all the time. If you say anything he can't hear you so he just keeps talking.
    I found the Travelo site. Many thanks. Will advise sibling. With regard to SV's naps, I
    read many years ago that dogs sleep about 14 hours a day and cats about 2 hours more.
    This is probably why they are seldom employed in jobs that pay by the hour.

    Hi Linda, nice to hear from you. You certainly had an eventful year. Sorry to hear the
    hip problems continue. Congrats to your daughter on her graduation. I had a sonogram
    a couple years ago. Then one year later I had another one. The test was administered by a
    guy from "Persia" (That means Iran nowadays. Persia vanished about 90 years ago.) Any-
    hoo the both tests were given by the same guy.

    Then a few months later my doctor told me I needed a sonogram. I told him I just had one.
    He sent a secretary to find it. And she did. He seemed annoyed and a bit embarrassed, but
    it wasn't any lapse on his part. BTW I think it was Dave Barry who said all those sonograms
    he's seen that show a developing baby just look like wads of gum to him.

    I started a wonderful book in the middle of the night. The blurb said "It's Laura Ingalls Wilder
    for grown ups." I read all the Little House books when I was an adult. I had never heard of
    her before even though one of the places she lived was close to my hometown. Will post
    more about it later. Going back to bed.

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Friday Morning, Kids,

    Well, Joe is safely delivered to the airport. He can be so annoying but he is such a good guy that I can overlook the things he does. He didn't back seat drive so I guess he's more comfortable with my driving. He did interrupt me in the car and I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you because I was speaking." He didn't get it. A lot of things go over his head. I think his mind races a mile a minute and it's all he can do to keep all the input straight. He's always there for me when I need something and I'm always there for him. That gives me great comfort and I'm always glad to help him out.

    I have to take the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster area and pick up my mail. I have a couple of bills I need to pay online. I hate to see my credit card bill. I put my real estate taxes on it. Might as well get the rewards. Lowe's is having an appliance sale and they have some great prices. I'm tempted to get the stainless stove and microwave/vent to finish off the kitchen but will wait for next year. They will have good prices then too on Black Friday. I'm really loving the new DW.

    The condo is clean except for the baths which aren't really dirty. I need to dust everywhere. Think I'll also vacuum the tiles on the lanai so they don't get so dirty. Hopefully, I'll feel up to trimming some of the bushes in the stairwell atrium on Sun. and Mon. I'm gonna try to get two neighbors to take their SUVs and I'll take mine to Lowe's or Home Depot to get new mulch. The hood isn't doing it until they hire new landscapers. I want to put the mulch in front of our bldg. to spruce it up.

    The county has a new small sail boat equipped with sensory panels which can show where the red tide is located. They will be out in it every day, charting it and noting movement. It seems to move from N to S. The experts say it will be with us for at least another month. AACCKK!! I'll be even more exhausted by then. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Sun, I haven't heard of the Amazon Tap. I've looked at the Amazon Dot, the Echo, the Spot and the Show. I've considered one of them. Google has their own version and it is good too. Because I have Amazon, I'll get one of theirs if I decide to get one. The Show is nice. You can bring up videos of recipes and control the steps with your voice. You can also hook up cameras to it to see who is at the door. I'd like something to turn off a lamp which is difficult to get to. One of these days, I'm gonna break my neck. Of course, I could get the Clapper, not to be confused with getting the Clap. :rolleyes: I order all kinds of things from Amazon and never have to worry about ordering the minimum amt. to get free shipping. I also watch all their TV programming. The music is great too. I get all kinds of free, or low priced, books for my Kindle. It's a bargain. Glad you like it.

    Granni, glad you got the placard. They are really handy. I no longer need one and I'm grateful for that. Of course, if I'm having a bad or painful day, I just don't go anywhere. The soup sounds good. I'd like to make some soup with Andouille sausage in the Instant Pot. Joe will be back on Sun. He's too restless to stay in one place for long. When he's here, he is always out walking around and talking with neighbors or going somewhere in his car. He misses his wife. She's been gone five years and he misses her every day. We are getting a cold front coming in and the temps will be in the 70's and even 60's for a week or so. I'm glad. We had a really hot summer and I'm tired of the 80's. It's actually been nice and it doesn't get up into the 80's til about 2:00 in the afternoon. It's been humid, though, so it feels hotter.

    Julie, I've been where the air hurts my face. Skiing in CO is usually nice but a couple of times, we had to come inside after every run to warm up. The snot would freeze on our faces. Sorry, is that TMI? Most of us down here in the jungle aren't bothered by big snakes or alligators but, every now and then, they will show up on people's doorsteps. In CO, we had to watch out for rattlers. There is so much development here and the bears are showing up on people's patios. Now and then, an alligator will take a swim in someone's pool. We've had baby gators in the little pond behind our bldg. but not for years now. Guess I'll take my chances down here where it's warm. I do like to see the snow videos and pics Nancy sends from MI. Hope you're staying warm. BTW, that snake would be more afraid of you than you of him. We like the big black snakes because they keep the rodent population down.

    Rock, I think that about the only jobs open to cats are companion/service cats and light mousekeeping. We have enough big birds of prey and snakes that mice aren't usually a problem for us. I've seen hawks flying by with mice in their talons. Palm rats will climb the palm trees and try to get inside. DOF's bldg. had a problem with them. That's why I was glad to have the soffit repair done after the hurricane. If SV saw a rat, he'd likely run to hide under the bed. He is, however, an excellent companion most of the time. Glad the hotel website was helpful. I can never remember the name of the site advertised on TV. It is supposed to have prices from all the other sites so you can get the best one. I'll be interested in how you like the LI book.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. As always, I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! I'll be back after I do some outside chores...feed the cats, bring in firewood, clean out the pellet stove, etc.

    I removed the cartoon...took up too much space...was just a joke about how cold it is here, but when we went to Belize (where it was much warmer) we had to keep constant watch out for snakes (one was actually crawling on our friends' countertop one day.) Any of our critters like that are definitely hibernating in this weather, lol!

    Hope everyone is doing okay...Mikie, glad you got Joe delivered safely to the airport. Linda, so good to hear from you!
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    I really need to get up and start doing some work around here. Right now DH and I have the startings of a cold . DH got a Pneumonia shot the other day and wondering if that could have triggered it but then again I didn't and my nose is running, sneezing, scratchy throat ,etc. Of course these things happen when it is a long weekend and impossible to get a doc unless you go to Urgent or Emergency care. DH also had a low grade fever last night but none so far but that may come back later on I know, during the day. We are supposed to go to DD's for New Years so right now that is up in the air.

    Wow these Porch volumes are sure flying by. It is hard for e to keep tract. I figured if I didn't post now I might not get on the computer again till today with the weather bad ad DH not feeling great he might want to spend most of the day there .

    Just wanted to tell you not sure what shape we both are in today and so much to do, none of Christmas is down at all , not that I have lots up there to begin with. Enough for me though

    Gotta go get dressed and maybe remove the clothes from the drier from yesterday.

    MIKIE - You didn't tell us your temp in Fl or I didn't see it. Just curious !!!

    Gotta run.

    Love you all,
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Really tired but getting a bit done. I cleaned out the fridge and took it down to the dumpster. I got my mail and the credit card bill wasn't as bad as I had feared. Got my new issue of Southern Living. It has the recipe for Senate Bean Soup which is served in the Senate Cafeteria. It's been around forever and is a favorite. I was just saying I wanted soup. I love ham 'n beans and anything with sausage. I am supposed to go to a party for a neighbor who is visiting tomorrow so will go to the store then. I'm a bit off my feedbag today. If y'all want the recipe, I'll post it for the bean soup. It's on the Senate website so no problem copying it here.

    Good news--at the end of the month, Apple will be replacing batteries in the iPhone 6 models for about $30 instead of about $80. I need to find out how to get it done. This phone is a really good one and a new battery will make it like new. Nancy was glad to hear about that. We are on our phones texting like kids.

    Julie, I don't think it's a problem taking up space like it used to be in the old days before PH upgraded its server. I thought the toons were funny. People living down here make a game of being obnoxious with those living up North in the wintertime. It's only right that the rest of the world can get its revenge. One of the big black snakes was living in the shrubs out front. Ilona was sitting out there in a lawn chair and it raced right across the tops of her feet. There was not time to get grossed out until afterward. Then, she freaked out. The last time I had my teeth cleaned, a small black snake was sunning itself on the sidewalk right outside the door. Once at the endodontist, a little white possum strolled by the window just outside the exam room. A gardner reached in his pocket and hand fed it a treat. We do love our critters down here, even the kind who slither and those which might eat us if given a chance. We keep our places secured; I'd hate to have a snake on my countertop. That's where I draw the line.

    Granni, I'm also not up to par today but am still trying to do what I can. It wasn't encouraging to know the Red Tide will be with us for a while. Our temps are in the 70's right now and will even dip to the 60's as this latest cold front moves in. There is fog in the mornings but the sun dries it up and it's beautiful. I hope you and DH aren't getting sick. I have a zit next to my nose. Yikes! It must be from all the irritation when I blow my nose all day long. I'm glad your little grand kitties like to snooze. Keeps them out of trouble. Rest up and take care of yourselves and maybe the virus, if it is one, will clear up fast. I've always done well with extra Vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea. Now, though, I can't take extra C because it can cause kidney stones. So can spinach and asparagus. Rats!

    I'm in one of those strange modes where I'm lazy but still doing a few things. I work a little and rest a little, yada, yada, yada as Seinfeld used to say. TV stinks right now. I'll be glad to get back to 'normal.'

    Love, Mikie
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock:. Just for the heck of it I did a search for Air B&B around Echo Park, Los Angeles and came up with some nice ones. Here's a link to a cute little guest house. Of course if your DB wants to spend big bucks on a hotel it's HIS $.


    Mikie: If the RT is going to be there for at least a month, why not consider taking SV and yourself on a plane for a couple of weeks to stay with your DD and her DH? If you're elsewhere you might heal faster.

    I'm going for a walk now.....trying to push myself daily.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Sun,

    DD and family are in CO skiing. When I was in TX, everybody was sick with allergies, including me. This is the worst time of the year in the Denver area where my other DD lives. So, I'll just keep taking my allergy meds and stay inside. It doesn't make it much worse when I go out so will try to enjoy our outstanding weather for the next week. After the travel horrors people have been going through, I think staying home is my best bet. I've been lucky two years in a row when flying at Thanksgiving. I don't think things could have gone any smoother. Even then, traveling is a pain. Glad I did it when I felt better and flying was actually a pleasure. Hope you enjoy your walk.

    Love, Mikie